Season 28 Premiere Episode Tie-In Round 2: Items and Details

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So it’s after 8/7 Central (meaning it’s after 8pm here on the East Coast of the US)..and the Season 28 premiere of The Simpsons is on now! (it all makes sense now..)  In addition to the premiere airing, round 2 of the Episode Tie-In prizes have been released…

Let’s take a look at round 2…


So when you log into your game you’ll see this dialogue popup (As long as you’ve completed the first four parts of Battle of the Brands)…

Lenny: These new donuts are great!  There’s “fresh rebranded” flavor in every bite.
Carl: They’re snackable, munchable, swallowable and a bunch of other “Ables” that i’ll make up later!
Homer: Damn my voracious donut envy!  Gimmie one!
Squeaky Voiced Teen: Sorry sir, the price has gone up again.  Just like college tuition, if something is more expensive, it makes people want it more.
Homer: As a Springfield College grad, I say that’s stupid!  Now gimmie-gimmie!!

And that will launch you into the final two parts of the prize track…

Here’s a look at the prizes…

ico_priz_seasonpremiere2016_newlardladmetallic_mdNew Lard Lard Statue- Another facade for the New Lard Lad.

ico_priz_seasonpremiere2016_springfieldbowl_lgSpringfield Bowl- 10×16 in size

And here’s a look at the questline to unlock them (since it’s only two parts…)

Battle of the Brands Pt. 5
Auto start

Make Homer Beg for Gift Cards- 3hrs, Earns 1ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm, 35xp
Collect Gift Cards- x30. 3hrs, Freemium earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm Premium earns 2 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm.  And here’s a list of who you can send:
Laiird Ladd- Earns 2 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Homer- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Apu- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Lisa- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Moe- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Quimby- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Cletus- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm

Completed quest unlocks the New Lard Lad Statue Facade..


Battle of the Brands Pt. 6
Auto start

Collect Gift Cards- x36. 3hrs, Freemium earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm Premium earns 2 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm.  And here’s a list of who you can send:
Laiird Ladd- Earns 2 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Homer- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Apu- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Lisa- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Flanders- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Quimby- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Burns- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm

Completed task unlocks the Springfield Bowl..


The Springfield Bowl comes with an additional questline…we’ll break it down in another post…

And there you have it my friends…the quick details behind tonight’s update to the update.

What are your thoughts on the two mystery items?  Excited for them? Did you enjoy the Season Premiere?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

54 responses to “Season 28 Premiere Episode Tie-In Round 2: Items and Details

  1. I like that the Springfield Bowl has tasks for various characters set at different time intervals. Some characters have a 1hr, 2hr, 4hr…10hr or 24hr task. I have Clockwork Bart telling a scary skeleton story for 2hrs before beginning crafting for the Monorail.
    It’s too bad it doesn’t go on the Ornate Pier. I still have little which fits there aesthetically speaking. The Springfield Bowl would’ve been perfect. I’m not ready to spend 150 donuts on the Opera House.

  2. All of that talk about donuts, and no free donuts. That’s a little disappointing.

  3. New lard lad statue building earned but next quest didn’t auto start and the gift card icon in the corner is even gone as if the event is done. Anyone else’s game glitch out like this as well? I don’t want to miss out on the final building and skin. What’s going on?

  4. Not sure I’m going to like the new Lard Lad statue. From the pic it kinda looks bleh. But I’ll have to wait to see when I unlock it.

  5. I definatly like these mini events. They play out like a short comic book. Im using all the prizes in SH, they kinda have an upscale kind of feel. The SPFD Bowl is perfect for SH. Im gonna see if i can figure a way to use the rocks for Wild West to make my own little Red Rocks Amphitheatre. (If you dont know about Red Rocks, look it up. Its in Colorado). All in all im happy with this tie-in. I, again, would love new land in SH to unleash the design potential in these new prizes.

  6. Whoop-de-freakin’-do,anither freakin’ skin for freakin’ Burns, the Freakin’ Man of a Freakin’ Thousand Freakin’ Costumes.

  7. Springfield bowl looks lovely

  8. Glad new season has started (and the usual “new episode” haters coming out of hibernation), only thing i was surprised about was how little the lard lad character had to do with the episode tonight. with the tie-in was expecting lard lad to be major plot point…from a tie-in stand point i understand the promotion (to generate interest and awareness of new season for tapped out players), from fan perspective surprised they made a character out of somebody who had literally seconds of air time and will likely never be seen again, when there are so many other classic characters who are not yet part of the game.

  9. Can’t complain about free stuff. Hope Springfield Bowl earns $$$. =]

  10. Loved the couch gag, would be great to see some Adventure Time skins in the game! The Springfield Bowl was a great idea and I loved watching all the different acts, and I especially loved it when Maude and Edna visited Ned!

    But was Springfield fixed after all? Or is it still a dump with bumpy roads and burnt-out buildings!? 😛

  11. I play on an iPhone and every time I open the app, it has to re-download and I have to provide my age, accept the terms and login again. Anyone else having this issue?

  12. Is anybody else having trouble with this quest? I was done till part 3, and when I opened my game today the quest was back to part 1. The original LardLad facade is still in my Springfield but I had tomstart the quest from scratch and now I have two of those buildings going. Any tips on how to fix it?

    • This happened to me as well. I went to bed last night having begun the 2nd part of the tie-in after the episode aired and when I opened up my game this morning it’s reset back to the beginning of the whole thing even though I still have the 1st 3 buildings. Tried storing them and then putting them back into the game but it didn’t help.

  13. The episode was a bit meh. It did still have several cool moments, and the opening was pretty great. As for retro LL, did I blink and miss it??

  14. I wasn’t thrilled with the episode, it was boring to me. The tie in was very minimal. I did like the Adventure Time in the beginning and that was about it.

  15. So does Springfield Bowl come with new skin for Burns? Can Bowl only be placed on grass?

  16. Loved the “Adventure Time” opening !!

  17. Huh, not much of Laird Lad in the episode. 🙁

  18. Hmm…this is the first time I will just store a prize. I already have 2 Lard Lads thanks to the mystery boxes, so I can do without this eyesore in my town. The Springfeild Bowl looks cool though, except Money bags Monty is the only skin my Burns uses.

  19. My FX Now isn’t working, can’t see the episode

  20. I got a brand new kindle fire 8, 6th gen today, and it isn’t compatible with tsto! Ahhhhhh!! I’m sure it will be, eventually… But I was very unhappy to find out I can’t play my favourite game on my new toy.
    Anyone else have this going on? Its simply not in the app store at all.
    Fortunately I have an android phone…. With a much smaller screen…. Grumble grumble…

  21. I’m still waiting for the simpsons episode to play. Stupid football game delayed the scheduled time. It’s 9:10 est and it’s still not on. Grrrrrrr

  22. Did anybody else find it ironic and weird that this episode talked about Homer and Lenny making Arnold Palmers with the super soaker a and as I’m watching I’m reading on twitter that Arnold Palmer died today.

  23. Lets go Blue Jays!

  24. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    It’s only 5:57 pm here on the west coast 😂😂😂

  25. Oh look. Another skin for Mr. Burns. Just what we wanted.
    I’m on the West coast so haven’t seen the episode yet. I’ll probably watch it tomorrow. I know it sounds silly but eight is just too late for me to stay up. Of course, my alarm rings at 3:40 in the morning.

  26. I’ve set all my characters on a 12 hour tasks, so will have to wait until tomorrow. Oh bummer!!!!

  27. Oh man, I hope there’s a task there for Crazy Cat Lady!! As soon as I saw that I was all want want want!!

  28. This was a good reminder as to why I stopped watching years ago. Very glad to get the Springfield Bowl. The “new look” Lard Lad will probably go into storage. Now I have to think long and hard about the retro LL.

  29. Aww shucks! I thought I was finally going to get a Lard Lad.. well I am, just an ugly looking one. I wish there was a way to obtain the original facade, maybe I will have to shell out the donuts for the retro one after all. At least it comes with a character, on the other hand my sprinkle covered stock pile will be loooow for Halloween. :/

    • if I could share, I would give you the extra one in my storage, won from a mystery box. I wish EA could make that happen.

      • 🙂 That would be awesome!! I’ve been playing for a while (lev 108) now, and I’ve always heard how people have gotten multiples via the secret box. No such luck for me, only tons of those “ants” signs.

    • I have 2 in storage…a sidewalk sale or swap meet would be cool if EA could make it happen

    • Original lard lad is in the mystery box. Buying two or three of those might be worth your time, and it’s way less donuts.

    • You’ll probably end up with one from a mystery box on the daily challenges. I wish EA would let us sell them back for 30 donuts or so.

      • I’d be happy with 10 donuts each. I use mystery boxes to improve my bonus %, so as a side-effect i’ve got 113 lard lads in storage. On the other hand, Channel 6 has more eyes on springfield than the NSA 🙂


  30. Great episode and great episode tie-in.

    Loved the last scene with Homer and Lisa in particular.

    • Eh it was ok…i’m indifferent about it. The tie-in was fun, but the episode (at least to me) was meh. But maybe I need to watch it again lol

      • I would settle for just being able to watch it once😞. Y’all are really lucky. Oh well this weekend I caught Bart After Dark which always makes me smile. Thanks for the quick post. Just have to figure out where to put it 🤔…..💜X

      • I’ll wait til Wookiee’s recap to post the things I liked about it, so as to not spoil it for the West Coasters or those who haven’t seen it yet. It wasn’t a strong plot, but it had several funny clips or moments in rapid succession. Ironically, the main star of the episode and his childhood memories were my least favourite, but I really liked seeing all the other kids and plant workers.

      • P.S. glad you made it out of the corn maze.

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