10/5 In-Game Update: Patches Galore! (Hideaway Bonus % & Monster Timer FIXED)

NOTE: it looks like the has FINALLY hit the UK Kindle stores…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note…a short while ago EA released a server side patch in our games.  This patch..RESTORES THE BONUS % FOR THE BEACH HIDEAWAYS!  Yes, now it’s back to paying the 20% per hideaway (if fully upgraded).

This patch has also, it appears, corrected the Monster Timer Glitch.  Thank goodness because it was getting old!

I’m checking to see if anything else change, those were the two I noticed right away.

So thank you EA for fixing the issues quickly.  Although it’s frustrating they were there to begin with….

But in the end…I guess my angry socks worked 😉



329 responses to “10/5 In-Game Update: Patches Galore! (Hideaway Bonus % & Monster Timer FIXED)

  1. When I went to play this afternoon I was logged out. When I logged in I received a message saying that there was an error processing my log in. It has been going on for hours now!!!


  2. The TSTO did an update Oct 24th. Now my game keeps shutting down or freezing up on my android tablet. Noticed I have only flying monsters no walking ones. Don’t mind that but am tired of game freezing up or just shutting down. Anyone else having problems.


    • The walking ones are gone now..just flying ones appear, that’s for everyone.

      As far as freezing…try hard closing TSTO, clearing your cache, uninstalling TSTO, restarting your device and then reinstalling TSTO. Often that helps. (as long as you have an EA/Origin Account created to back up your game)


  3. So I started my game today, saw Gil advertising the new Holloween deal and then the screen went black. I tried shutting down, reinstalling and just waiting but nothing is happening. Any advice on this one?


  4. Christopher Letendre

    For some reason, on my game right now I can’t seem to be able to tap the flying monsters. It lets me tap the walking ones and it used to let me tap the flying ones but now it doesn’t. Any thoughts or suggestions?


  5. I’m having problems trying to get my game to load. It gets past the login screen then the spinning donut freezes and there’s no progress whatsoever. I get this with both my iPhone and my kindle fire, plus I’ve tried at my sisters house, so it’s not a problem on my end. 😭 This is so infuriating, I haven’t been able to log in all day. Anyone have an idea what’s wrong? 😣


    • Edit: I have just been able to sign into my brothers account on my kindle fire, yet my account is still not working 😭😭


    • I’m having the same problem on my android phone. I tried the fixes EA suggested but they didn’t help. I hope this issue gets straightened out soon.


      • After 3 days EA have finally ‘solved’ the problem by rolling back my game a few days before it struck, only now I’m down a level, extremely behind on the Halloween act 1, missing a character I purchased, suffering from tapped out withdrawals and have to wait a couple of hours for everything to settle back down before playing again AND have been informed that the game will catch up with itself and suffer from the same problem. 😭😭


        • I’m glad you’re able to play again, but it’s sad that you’ve been set back and nothing’s really been fixed. Did they tell you what caused the problem? I’ve been going back and forth with customer service the past couple days waiting on a fix. Maybe this problem is widespread enough where EA will have to provide a real solution.


          • I have since gotten ea to ring me, cause I really really want my character back 😢 But I was told that this is a known issue and that technical support are trying to fix it. They flat out refused to give me my character back as of yet, because they weren’t sure that it wouldn’t fix itself. He then told me that they normally fix the problem within 5-7 working days and that if I’m still missing my character, or suffering more problems then I should contact them on Monday.
            I really hope you get your game sorted out soon, cause I really really wouldn’t be sane if I was still in your situation 😢


  6. Is anyone having a problem where it says you are logged out but then your password is invalid? I’ve tried clearing the cache, uninstall and reinstalling on both my tablet and my phone…. Nothing. Anyone resale having this problem?


  7. Seems like my problem with the feral monsters (small monsters) not running up to my MAG office has been partially fixed by this update. They are now showing up again but after a long wait, not immediately like earlier in the event.

    I found I could get them to start showing up sooner if I go into edit mode, grey out buildings, and searching behind all my buildings. (They are very hard to see and you probably won’t notice any that aren’t moving. The clouds don’t help at all). Once I find one I exit edit mode and tap it. That seems to get them to start showing up at the MAG office quicker.

    Hope that helps out anyone else who is sitting there waiting in vain for feral monsters to show up.


  8. Deborah Smith Horne

    How do u get this patch??


  9. Those socks are awesome.


  10. Do you get the full 20% bonus after upgrade if you purchase the beach hideaway now after the patch?


  11. I’ve not been able to connect to my game for close to 18 hours! I’m on a kindle and i tap to open, and it says sync – then just drops me out. Anyone else? I’ve contacted ea…..


    • Oh dear god – i had to delete the game from my kindle and reload it – scary!!! But it worked – now i’ve got to catch up – i’m a day behind! reall scary halloween stuff! lol.


  12. I have contacted EA 5 times about the monster spawn rate 😠 they are hopeless.


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