Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E14 Principal Charming

Hello lonely people,

There are plenty fish in the sea, the right one is out there, you just have to stop being so picky, you need to have faith and need to love yourself first. Any of this sound familiar? Well it’s mostly untrue :p  so let me Set You Up with a distraction:

“Principal Charming”

Homer plays Stupid Cupid and Skinner falls for the wrong girl


This episode aired February 14th 1991 (Valentine’s Day). S2 E14, the 27th episode of The Simpsons.

FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING: Hans Moleman (outside of the Tracy Ullman show), Groundskeeper Willie, Spinster City Apartments (exterior), Sit-N-Spin (Springfield Revolving Restaurant), and the DMV.

There are also items that appeared for the first time that Could come into TSTO in the future maybe. OH THE POSSIBILITIES:

Possible Decorations: Car shaped like a Bowling Pin. And (use for tasks) roundabout/playground spinning wheel.

Possible Skins: Vacation photo (vacation outfits) Homer, Marge, Patty, and Selma. Exercise Outfit Marge, Dating scene (drunk) Barney, BBQ-bib Barney, Space Mutant (Movie Version is more menacing than the one in our game),  Bell Tower facade (or decoration) for Springfield Elementary (maybe for a Senior Ding Dong event). There are also multiple outfits for Patty and Selma but the Sweatsuit (Springfield U.) Selma makes me wonder if we’ll get a Springfield University event.


Possible NPC/animated when tapped decoration: crude stick-figure (graffiti) girl that when tapped Patty’s head appears (above the shoulders) and winks? (If EA ever gets rid of the vandalism affecting Righteous points – there could be a Graffiti event).

Other Possible Events: stupid cupid – dating scene event (for valentines day)? Maybe the same event with hints of who-to-date-who via Homer’s robot-like Sonar info (like Stonecutter’s cryptic scrolls)? Or an Unusual proposal/wedding mini-event?

I’ll actually like to use this time to propose a communication feature for TSTO (no not a direct/instant messaging) more of an ability to place Letters of the alphabet (outside of using decorations to form letters) and I bring this up for this episode since Bart and Skinner used chemicals to spell things out in the school yard. (Though the concept may come with a dreaded new grinding currency).


Characters and Things I didn’t mention because I personally have no interest in them joining the game Don’t Mention It: Stanley and Martha and their wedding attendees, most DMV people (many familiar don’t mention it folks there but I still want Ms. Albright), students I haven’t mentioned in previous posts, Sit-N-Rotate workers and attendees, Possible jumper, background prison inmates and police, theater goers, Movie characters, football players and referee, jewelry clerk, complete stranger and Ms. Finch (power plant employee). Also the House of Tires Billboard and Laramies Sign.

some Highlights:

image-2 image-3

Some other things to think about:

Homer mentions the Bowling Hall of Fame in St. Louis, Missouri, which was there at the time but it moved out of there in 2008. Why was Marge exercising in the kitchen? Did Greasy Joe’s Bottomless Bar-B-Q Pit go out of business (considering we never see the actual building)? Springfield Elementary has an award winning play-field, (again) award winning play-field?

Moe seemed shaken when he finds out he was yelling at “Principal Skinner” why? Was Moe a former student of his? (it has nothing to do with Stonecutter rank since Moe is #21 and Seymour is #600).The waiter at the Sit-N-Spin also identifies “Principal Skinner” and Skinner identifies the 30 year old waiter from the class of 71; Since Homer had Mr. Dondelinger in 1974, did Skinner work there (high school) and went to S.Elementary afterwards. How old is Seymour? More importantly perhaps is why did he fall head over hills over Patty and we never heard anymore about it?

Patty is two minutes younger than Selma. Patty not only dates but (mouth) kisses Skinner, I must assume she wasn’t aware of her attractions to girls (but maybe this became more clear to her during this episode). I find it funny that Homer didn’t stupidly pick (coworker) Ms. Finch to date (straight) Selma, since (as the story goes) his choice winds-up dating Patty instead. I hope if the series ends with Patty and Selma finding love, (I wish) it turns out that this (one time) Ms. Finch joke turns out to be Patty’s true love.

Moving onto the DMV. Barney is seen at the DMV with a kid on his shoulders (is Barney doing a babysitting gig, whose kid is that?). Weirdest thing is Hans Moleman with a drivers license as “Ralph Melish” (born 8-2-(19)21), My fan fiction theory is that after he left Mayoral office he changed his name to get out of the spotlight, got a job as a taxi/truck or some other driver job (which is his livelihood as he claimed in the episode) but as time went by he changed his name back to “Hans Moleman” to get the celebrity/political pull to get his license renewed… Or something like that. :p


My Pointless Opinion:  This episode to me is forgettable, even Willie’s first appearance felt awkwardly forgettable. The episode is alright upon rewatching (still has it’s giggle moments). But I found myself drifting and the writers knew people would do this and added more background things at times. The episode itself in the scheme of things feels out of place. And the school’s bell tower is weird, but they did establish it in the episode before they got the use out of it, same as the photo of the trip to the Bowling Hall of Fame (so I give the writer/director credit there). The best part for me was probably Homer’s sonar system – he thinks Carl was too handsome and Smithers is a con for being a jerk and so on. 🙂 Another positive about this episode was to get to know Patty and Selma more and actually having sympathy for their characters.

*the following pointless opinions do not reflect those of the admin of the site nor anyone that may link this to their social media pages or walls or whatevers. Totbox is single so if you want to date, leave your name and number and a brief message as to why you deserve a shot (actually on second thought don’t do that, because you shouldn’t share stuff like that in a public form and Totbox is incredibly picky and will probably die alone but that’s ok, sometimes people are happier alone than being stuck in a relationship that may feel like a prison sentence). I (Totbox) want to wish everyone a happy and healthy dating relationship and marriage :p

Do you forget this episode? What was your favorite moment? Any of the Possibilities that you Really do/don’t like? Are you still in the lonely dating scene or have you found your Prince/Princess? Besides the smoking indoors, was that a relatable DMV experiance? Have you proposed or been proposed to (care to share)? Did you pickup on the few mini-classic-movie-spoofs? Can you imagine a world without people being set up (by family or friends)? Sound off in the comments and have a charming journey back to your current space/time 🙂

30 responses to “Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E14 Principal Charming

  1. Nice work Totbox!

    In some way the game already has a communication system in place… It’s called TSTOAddicts 😃

    I found this site while trying to find a way to get more neighbours. So the majority, if not all, of my neighbours also found their way here. Whether or not they still comment/read/lurk on these invaluable pages I have no way of knowing – 31 are names I know from here &/or tapped out uk but there may be a lot more whose SF names and the names under which they comment are different…

  2. Why didn’t Patty just send Selma on the date? I guess the same reason horror film characters go in the basement – the film needs a 2 hour run-time (not ten minutes)!

    • 🙂 I think your right, mainly for the sake of storytelling, but Selma bizzarely had no appeal to Skinner. Also Selma pushed Patty into it (in my mind out of love of her sisters happiness over her own, and Patty doesn’t have that same instinct -sorta).

  3. I will date you Totbox 😀 ♡

    • 😳 well I am flattered and that looks great on paper, but I believe that I living in the U.S.A. and you in Europe is something of a long distance situation 😜

    • If Totbox is not interested, I’d just like to point out that I’m single again. And while I too am across the pond in Canada, I am still part of the Commonwealth. While my ex was a long distance relationship, and distance was the reason behind the break up; I’d be willing to give long distance another go.

  4. I always find a mistake after it gets posted and this is effecting me 😜 last sentence in Possible NPCs. effecting* not affecting 🤕

    • What do you mean? Your sentence, “If EA ever gets rid of the vandalism affecting Righteous points…” is correct. Affecting (verb) –to have an impact upon.

      • It was a typo -I meant Effecting*

        Yes as we know the Vandalism (when the game isn’t in event mode) Effects the Rightious points (the stars in the Conform-o-meter) people wished that to be removed – so we don’t have to worry when accedently tapping Moe’s Tavern, Police station, Springfield Elementary etc.

        And further more I’d like a Spray paint/ graffiti (mini)event.

        • The point that LeafLitter was making (correctly) was that “affecting” was correct in the first place. “Vandalism affects righteousness” is the grammatically correct way to say it.

          • D’oh stupid English language. Did I say it was a typo, I meant it was intentional, yeah that’s the ticket 😜

  5. I’d agree that this episode is kind of forgettable. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any memorable quotes. I do like Homer’s sonar, though. Does he have it any other episodes? Or does anyone else? Principal Skinner maybe?

  6. Good job, Totbox. I want the bowling pin car. 🙂

  7. Your letter request reminded me of something I have wanted for a LOOOONG time and that is a non-unique billboard(s) feature. They could cost a lot – but they would be worth it – to put your own images or text onto them! They would be some helpful for jokes, adverts, references to favourite billboards from the show or a billboard for a unique area of town! I would love that
    Are you listening or rEAding this EA? I would go crazy if you did it.

    • I have been thinking about making a post about it as a large topic, but haven’t gotten around to it, maybe Patric or someone could do a better job tackling the subject.

    • I don’t think that they would ever do that, because they couldn’t control what people might post on it, whether it was profanity, or hate speech, or whatever. I know that FarmVille did allow you to do something kind of like that, but FarmVille wasn’t connected to a 27(?)-year beloved franchise owned by another entity.

      • I agree pictures would be off the table and when it comes to letters: it would take up land space, and people already make messages with decor (true, the tedious work would less likely be used for hate messaging or whatever) but I think it would be a small percentage and people can always delete offensive users.

        I just want to spell out what the Throwback of the week is 😜

      • I totally see what you are saying – that’s annoying!
        Maybe just the chance the put words onto the billboard and then there is a huge list of stuff that won’t be allowed.
        Kind of annoys me that people would be so rude to put stuff like hate words or swear words onto them and not use them to the best advantage

  8. since we’re all looking for event possibilities, how about “The Six Husbands of Selma Terwilliger-Hutz-McClure-Stu-Simpson-D’Amico (née Bouvier)”. more like a mini-event since most of the husbands are already in the game, the only additions would be wedding chapels of various types and some honeymoon getaways.

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