Halloween Removal Is Live in the App Stores

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in to let you know, if you didn’t already know, the Halloween Removal update is now live in your App Stores!

Download now if you’re looking to remove Halloween from your device…

For now there’s nothing new in game..but that doesn’t mean something won’t be coming soon.  As always there’s a little teaser to get us talking…


My guess is we’ll see Thanksgiving either tomorrow or Thursday, and in about 2 weeks or so we’ll see the Christmas Event.  But again, that’s just me guessing…

If you DO NOT wish to remove Halloween right now, still working on those prizes or another round of bonuts, just make sure your auto-update is off and keep playing.  Don’t download the update until you’re forced to.

But remember…my word of caution…you’re playing on borrowed time!  At any time EA can say “ok time to force the update”…which means you’ll lose any and all progress you were working on.  So proceed with caution….

In the meantime enjoy the brightness of Springfield…at least until the snow hits!

Thoughts on what’s coming next? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

139 responses to “Halloween Removal Is Live in the App Stores

  1. Living in Phoenix, my town of Springfield is about the only time I see snow. I’m ready.

  2. Are any Kindle users having issues? The past few days every time I try to open TO it will load/sync before closing. Thought with the update it might fix whatever is wrong, but still going on.

  3. Is anyone having trouble with TO on Kindle? It has been hard closing on the load screen for me the past couple days. Assumed it was a glitch with THoH ending, but even with the update it’s still being wonky.

    • Hi,i play the simpsons tapped out on my kindle also but have not been able to update the game as it is not yet in the apps store. Apart from that – the game is playing ok.

  4. Trying to sneak in another round of bonuts……….

  5. I’m very confused…. I’ve been able to update on Amazon and Google Play app stores, but, on the iTunes app store, it still says “Open,” not “Upgrade.” Normally, that wouldn’t confuse me (I’d just figure it hadn’t hit for Apple, but the icon *has* changed from the Halloween one to the regular one. How can it be that the icon would have changed without the update having hit? Could this be related to the fact that I haven’t been able to update to the latest iOS yet? (I’m still waiting for the go-ahead from my company to do that.) I really prefer playing on my iPad, because it had the biggest screen.

    So, has anyone in the iOSsphere been able to update yet? Should I just do an uninstall/reinstall (which I’d rather not do if I don’t have to)?

    • Try shutting down your padular device completely, then checking updates again. And if that fails, do a search for Simpsons Tapped Out, sometimes that jogs the cache.

      • Did the search…that’s what I was referring to when I said it came up with the icon changed but no upgrade option, only “Open.” But I took your advice to restart my device….unfortunately, didn’t change anything.

        Guess I’ll go with the uninstall/reinstall at this point, but thanks for the suggestion, anyway! 🙂

        • Uninstall/reinstall took for-ever, but it worked. Still don’t know why the update button never appeared for me, but I’m willing to bet I would have gotten a message about not having enough space, so I probably would have had to do an uninstall/reinstall anyway.

          Thanks for the replies Patric, Ella, and RT! 🙂

    • SANDRA- I’m on iOS (Europe). Update was in store. I updated with no problem. It said “update” with the regular splas screen…💜X

    • My iPhone and iPad both updated fine Sandra, and I’ve not installed the latest IOS on either device yet.

    • If it says “open” then it’s already done the upgrade.

      • Yep…just noticed that they did an “Auto” on the iWorld. Interesting. EA is getting slicker and slicker with cutting off these events.

        • Didn’t “auto” for my iPad…until I did the uninstall/reinstall, it was still opening as the Halloween version.

      • Nope, it hadn’t…when I tapped Open, it still loaded the Halloween version.

        But, when I did an uninstall/reinstall, that fixed the problem (although it took about 15 minutes or more to finish installing, which is why I hate doing that.

  6. Bring it on, its a game I don’t like big intervals, thanksgiving, black Friday, Christmas, hit me!!!! Lol

  7. Does anyone know what quests will expire when the halloween update is removed?

  8. I got everything I needed and then updated. Hopefully thanksgiving will just be something simple, I could do with a break.

  9. Quick question. Is Wiggum’s wife in the game? I haven’t played for the entirety of the time the game has been out, so I was just wondering if she was in some event that I missed or something?

  10. Can’t wait for the snow to hit! Snowy Springfield looked amazing last year (first time I saw it)!

    In case you couldn’t tell, I really like snow 🙂

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      Would it be correct to presume that you neither own nor need to own a Snow Blower?

      • That would be incorrect. No snow blower, but a good ol’ snow shovel will suffice! (Gets more exercise for me too!) Hopefully it’ll be a white winter this year! (Didn’t get much snow last year 🙁 )

        • I hope you don’t live in Massachusetts, or, if you do, that you want to come shovel my snow, because I’d be perfectly happy to get nothing more than the occasional dusting ever again!

          • Ugh, yes, I totally agree, Sandra!

            I’ve moved from the north of MA to the south of MA, & it seems a tiny bit better down here, but…I still live near the ocean, which often seems to keep a lot of snow away…but when it doesn’t…omfg, it’s SO miserable! Grateful I’m currently in an apartment complex that is actually on top of maintenance issues, that’s for sure! lol

            I’m quite happy with lots of snow in my Springfield, and slightly-more-than-dustings of snow in RealLife. 😉 Just enough to cover all the grass and put a pretty layer on the bare trees. 😀

            • Agreed. As long as it’s an amount that doesn’t require any shoveling, I’m okay with it. Fortunately, virtual snow never requires shoveling! 🙂

  11. Bug alert – alot of my trees are still appearing as dead trees, even though they should not be. Anyone else have this issue?

    • It’s part of the Fall look. (or they actually are dead trees..which is it’s own tree)

      • Oh – never placed dead trees in my springfield so must be fall look. Any info on this fall look anywhere and what chnages it has?
        Was looking forward to getting my normal trees back after the Halloween event ended :p

        • They’ll stay fall like until after Christmas. Well at Christmas they’ll lose their leaves for the snow…for the most part. Or they’ll become covered in snow. Once Christmas is over (likely in January) everything will go back to normal.

        • They’ll be bare for a while…next, we’ll be heading into the winter holidays event, with snow and lots of even barer trees. You’ll probably need to wait until closer to spring to see the “normal” trees, just like in real life here in the northern part of the U.S..

  12. I’ve got a 6 donut challenge to make kids trick or treat. I disabled all updates so I can get those donuts before I switch back

  13. No NPCS. 🙁
    No tremors decorations. 🙁
    No happy. 🙁

    • Give it time. Sometimes I’ve seen them wait a day or two before adding the ability to buy the events NPCs. I would personally like a flying rat dog thing!

    • Don’t worry just yet, sometimes they wait a day or two before they let you buy the past events NPCs and things. I am personally looking forward to a flying rat dog thing! lol

  14. So glad my bright colors are back and the water is blue again…yippee skippy!

  15. Was there a takedown bundle offered? Can we buy a monster etc?

  16. Wait, so if I don’t update the game I will lose my account? Im confused please explain

    • No. You’ll lose progress on the prize you were looking to unlock when they force the update. You won’t lose your game though.

      • Oh ok, so lets say a buy a dead tree I’ll keep it but if Im saving for annother haunted stable and I don’t have enough time I will lose the obols ad they will update it. Got it, thank you Alissa

  17. Btw, it’s about noon where I live… don’t know if this site is in a different time zone or, everyone else is.

  18. Should I hurry and spend my obols or, can I use them after the event is over? I still don’t have enough room to add what I want with those. If I can’t use the construction yard anymore then I suppose I’ll cram my town for now. Anyone know how it goes? Thanks.

  19. Not in my app store yet.

  20. I’d love it if the 4x Springfield Heights payout came back during the downtime. So close, yet still so far away from the 1 Billion.

  21. I know you guys will be extremely busy, but is there any chance of doing a Avengers Academy Addicts site?

    • Likely not. I do own the domains for it. But I just don’t have the time. I’m open to doing forums like we do for Disney Magic Kingdoms, but I’d need someone else to run it. At DMK we have Dapimp who runs the forums…

      • Is DMK like Tapped Out or like Family Guy? I hated crafting in Family Guy and deleted it. Looking for another game like Tapped Out for down time.

        • Magic Kindgoms is very similar, it’s a good hybrid of both. I played it (run have been so busy the last few months I had to stop)..Wookiee plays it.


        • I do Sims Freeplay in the very little between event time I have.

          • I used to like Sims Freeplay until the “death” update. I had modeled all my Sims after family members and it made me so sad to have them die. And it took so long to collect orbs. I ended up deleting that game too 🙁

            • The freakin’ dreams and life quests !! I accidentally started that quest and regretted it !!! Had my whole town set up the way I liked it (I had 35 red headed ladies) and now they all age !

              • Yes that’s the one! 🙁 it’s so hard to find a good game. I just downloaded Smurfs Village – it reminds me of my childhood! 🙂 Always loved the Smurfs. We’ll see how long that keeps my interest.

                I think my problem is I compare everything to Tapped Out and I haven’t found another game like it. I’ve played since Halloween 2012 and I love this game!

              • Can yo make red headed Smurfs????

              • Throttling those Smurfs in Homer style might do the trick 😈

              • sorry I never got back to you. I play this game on and off. I haven’t been able to change their hats from white to red (or any other color if that’s what you mean). I think only Pappa Smurf is red

              • No, not hat color, hair color!

              • oh! I haven’t done that yet 🙂

              • And I also stopped playing because I started the Magic Quest. I was on my way to getting the white Owl but on the very last feather I ran out of time. I didn’t think it was right that they put time limits but you don’t have get all the crafts you need.

    • They are busy enough with this site. They all deserve quality time with their families.
      Why don’t you set up a game site yourself? Or Google for such a site?

  22. I’ve found something new I think! Normally when there’s a daily challenge, after you’ e selected all the nessesary(not spelled correct, i know) caracters, say 5, you had to tap all of the other caracters seperatly to send them on the task. Just a minute ago I’ve got a sort of menu, in which I could sent all the caracters who are able to preform the task on the task. So without tapping in the left-upper corner to select them one by one, the menu listed them all. I like this!!

    By the way: this year I’m prepared for black Friday… hoping for some good deals..

  23. Ok, I paid for the cobblestone road and now it’s free! Really pissed. Is there any recourse?

  24. Come on EA, I need four more hours to get another round of Bonuts. Hold off til then!

  25. Not yet in europe for android

  26. What do you think that presidential teaser means Alissa? A mini-event? But how will they fit that in with Thanksgiving before Christmas?

  27. Do you know if there is going to be an NPC from the Halloween event to buy with donuts? I wanted one of them flying rats.

  28. Wow. No rat-wolf in the store. What a let-down.

  29. “A recount of the presidential election?”

    Presidential election goodies??

  30. Black Friday deals this year?

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