Halloween 2016 and the Conform-O-Meter

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Halloween Event released a bunch of new items into our Springfields.  Everything from spooky groves to haunted shipwrecks to monster couches to creepy castles!  So let’s take a look at how these new and items impact our Conform-O-Meter…

The Conform-O-Meter is an important part of Tapped-Out because it provides you with a bonus boost in your cash and  XP from everything you collect in the game.  When you achieve a 5-Star Town (it’s max rating) you will receive a 5% bonus on all money and XP collected in your town.  If you missed the previous Conform-O-Meter posts check here for the basics and here for how many points you’ll need to reach 5 stars.

While the Halloween event brought no changes to the Conform-O-Meter requirements, it did bring a bunch of buildings and decorations.  So let’s take a look at how all of the new “goodies” impact our rating:


Item Cost Category Points
Construction Yard Free Consumerism 10
Despair Heights Sign Free Vanity 100
MAG Office Free Vanity 200
Medieval Rich House Free Indolence 10


Item Cost Category Points
Bell Tower Prize Vanity 200
Burns Family Crypt Prize Vanity 200
Count Burns’ Castle Prize Indolence 10
Covered Bridge Prize Vanity 200
Dark Carriage Prize Vanity 100
Large Mausoleum Prize Vanity 200
Mad Doctor’s Castle Prize Indolence 10
Medieval Cathedral Prize Vanity 200
Medieval Gate Prize Vanity 100
Meteor Egg Prize Vanity 100
Monster Couch Prize Vanity 100
Wolf Rock Prize Tree-Hugging 100
Town Square Prize/50 Donuts Vanity 200


Item Cost Category Points
Bramble Hedge Craftable Tree-Hugging 1
Castle Wall Craftable Vanity 10
Catacombs Craftable Vanity 200
Dead Tree Craftable Tree-Hugging 80
Flying Bats Craftable Vanity 5
Forest Cave Craftable Tree-Hugging 100
Forest Grove Craftable Tree-Hugging 100
Gargoyle Wall Craftable Vanity 5
Hanging Streetlamp Craftable Vanity 5
Haunted Stables Craftable Vanity 200
Hay Cart Craftable Vanity 200
Iron Wall Craftable Vanity 5
Mortician Carriage Craftable Vanity 100
Pyre Craftable Vanity 5
Ruins Craftable Vanity 200
Shipwreck Craftable Vanity 200
Spooky Brambles Craftable Tree-Hugging 5
Spooky Cabin Craftable Tree-Hugging 10
Spooky Grove Craftable Tree-Hugging 5
Spooky House Craftable Indolence 10
Vampire Casket Craftable Vanity 100


Item Cost Category Points
Jack-o-Lantern $135 Vanity 90
Pumpkin Patch $450 Tree-Hugging 110


Item Cost Category Points
Spooky Wall 1 Donut Vanity 10
Cemetery Plot 100 Donuts Vanity 150
Froggy Swamp 100 Donuts Tree-Hugging 200
Nightmare Pile 100 Donuts Vanity 1,000
Zombie Sandwich 100 Donuts Vanity 100
Shinning Hotel 110 Dounts Indolence 20
Gingerbread House 140 Donuts Indolence 10
Battle Dome 150 Donuts Obedience 20
Drive-In Theater 150 Donuts Consumerism 10
Scary Dock 170 Donuts Vanity 200
Windmill 30 Donuts Vanity 500
Shinning Maze 50 Donuts Vanity 100
Wailing Wall 50 Donuts Vanity 500
Pet Cemetery 70 Donuts Vanity 100
The Island of Dr. Hibbert 70 Donuts Vanity 400
Nightmare Willie 75 Donuts Vanity 400
Springfield Cemetery 75 Donuts Vanity 100
Bad Dream House 85 Donuts Indolence 10
Halloween Party Wall 20 Donuts Consumerism 10
Hellementary School 90 Donuts Obedience 20
House on Scary Hill 90 Donuts Indolence 20
Cauldron Mystery Box Vanity 200
Ancient Burial Ground Premium Bundle Vanity 400
Burns Coffin Premium Bundle Vanity 50
Donut Torture Device Premium Bundle Obedience 10
Gate to Nowhere Premium Bundle Obedience 10
Ghost Pirate Airship Premium Bundle Vanity 2,500
Ghost Zapper Premium Bundle Obedience 600
Hover-Copter Premium Bundle Obedience 10
Lightup Elder God Premium Bundle Consumerism 5
Tentacle Tree Premium Bundle Tree-Hugging 10
Wavy-arm Elder God Premium Bundle Obedience 10

What were your thoughts on the Halloween Event?  Which buildings/items did you win/earn?  How’s your conform-o-meter doing?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

17 responses to “Halloween 2016 and the Conform-O-Meter

  1. Ugh, the Spooky Groves only give 5 Tree Hugging? What a waste of space. I made a bunch of them. Into storage they go.

  2. Great job on this blog as per always. Thank you Alissa. Off topic I FINALLY GOT THE FORTRESS OF CHOCLITUDE. Now I can die happy.

  3. I am really sad we didn’t get one of the small monsters as npc. I’d hoped for one all through the event. Usually I don’t go for npcs, but in that case I would have.

  4. Please try to make these posts before the event ends next time, it would help a lot to spend those last craftable coins in the best way possible

    • Well for starters, I write what I have time to write when it’s the most important to write it. I do have a life outside of this blog that is significantly more important to me than this site. My family and my friends all come before anything I do on this site. As it’s always been.
      I get the conform-o-meter info is important to know. That’s why I detailed it all on the crafting posts weeks ago.
      I always do Conform-O-Meter Posts when the event is over. As one big wrap up..because throughout the entire event (as i do with all events) I’ve indicated what went with what on the specific post relating to them.
      So, if you were concerned about what to craft it may have been wise to check the crafting post. As that broke down each and every item. What it did, how big it was, if you should craft it and oh yes…what it’s conform-o-meter impact would be.


      In all honesty, I was debating writing this post at all because every item was already covered in one way or another on various individual posts about them. The information has been on this site for weeks as it pertains to crafting…you just have to read the posts. (or use the search tool) 😉

      • Oh MG – thanks for the vast info that you are willing and able dig up, and for all that you so generously provide to us. As you professional addicts always tell us, the decisions regarding how we readers utilize our resources, aka the “best way possible”, is 100% our, and only our, free choice and based only on what we feel we most want to do in our virtual Springfield-towns. Alissa, your site is a wonderful gift that is an everyday enhancemant to my enjoyment of TSTO.

      • I’m so impressed with the amount of material you guys post and the thoughtfulness with which you post it. I’m glad you told this clown to cram it because who is really complaining about a free fan blog?

        I swear, the things that people find issue with.

        Sincere thanks to all of you for your hard work and dedication!

    • 1)This blog is not Alissa’s job, she does it out of the goodness of her heart.
      2)We are not Alissa’s boss…refer to point one.
      3)Alissa goes above and beyond to provide us with timely info that we sometimes don’t bother to read and then pester her about later.
      4)Alissa has the patience of a Saint.
      5) We don’t say it often enough…Thanks Alissa!

      • As someone who works behind the scenes to help Alissa, when she asks for it…You ALL need to look at 3-5, and especially 5.

        • I am constantly on this game and she is usually about ten minutes behind me with the event posts! I usually can’t wait but if I get stuck I just wait four hours (I too have a job). Often I am a day behind anyway as I play on a Kindle. Great job Addicts and thanks for all you do!

    • Or you could make your own decisions without needing to be told what to buy by the Addicts..

    • I’d like to pose an opposing request. We don’t need posts. We don’t need a faster timeline. We don’t need to spellcheck. We just need to enjoy the game. The Addict Hosts give us the forum to come together, which is really special.

      So in that spirit, I would like the Hosts to spend lots of time with their friends and family. Not stress about “requests” (i.e. rereading). Enjoy playing Tapped Out!, like we do.

      Thanks for errything!

  5. I’m on four and half stars rating because I need to max out gluttony, hopefully some things will come along to increase that soon, or I’ll just save donuts for Uter etc after getting Gone Fission.

    • The Khlav Kalash stand (in Decorations) costs $760, is small, and adds to your Gluttony rating. Get a bunch of those and hide them behind things.

  6. Calvin Smelliott

    Glad to be moving on to the Christmas update!

  7. alex - aabcampos2

    Just to help, not to criticize:
    Halloween Party Wall = 20, not 90 Donuts


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