Should I Spend Donuts On Springfield Hunting Supplies and Grant Connor?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Turkey Hunting season in Springfield!  Gather the masses to track down the elusive Bigclaw!  And of course it wouldn’t be an event (big or small) in Springfield with out new premium items in our stores, just tempting us to spend sprinkles on them!

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything that looks as awesome as this because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Grant Connor and the Springfield Hunting Supplies Store to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this big game hunter to your Springfield…

charactersets_grantconnor springfield_hunting_supplies

Decoration/Building: Springfield Hunting Supplies
Character: Grant Connor
Donut Price: 135 Dounts
Earns: $200,22xp/8hrs
Size: 5×9
 Consumerism +20

Leaves Stores November 30th

-Comes with a questline
-Some hilarious visual tasks
-Hunting Supplies Store will be used, and it’s animated when in use (doors open and a raccoon runs out.  As well as the upper lights turn on)
-Grant Connor will help earn Pelts for the Event Prizes
-Completes the Sporty Tough Guy Collection, Earning $1,000 20xp for Completion

-Grant does not earn double the Pelts as a freemium character.  Instead he only earns 3 more.  Freemium Characters (Homer, Apu, Moe, etc) earn 5 indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat and Grant Connor earns 8 indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat

Final Thought
I like this one.  It’s a decent price (135 donuts) for a character/building combo.  He’s involved with the event, has some fun animated tasks, and will use a bunch of buildings/decorations no other characters will. I think it’s a good Premium Buy.  Of course, I realize that the content and intention of Grant Connor isn’t for everyone, BUT I think if you purchase him and read his questline you’ll get a kick out of him.  And you’ll see that he’s not what you think…

If you’re looking for a premium character from this event, Grant Connor is a good buy.  He’ll help with the event progress, and he’s a fun character.  Plus he’s a reasonable price.
However, that all being said..there are still Black Friday Deals on the horizon.  So you’ll have to weigh your options and determine if there’s something else you’ve been dying to get your hands on if donuts are tight.  (I will tell you that Duffman (the Addicts most popular premium character) is not part of the Black Friday deals.  In fact there are very few characters that are part of the deals)

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do.  And I can tell you as a premium player, I already picked this combo up.  Mine as well get my donuts worth with the event help.   But whatever you decide just remember this will be leaving our games soon, so make your final decision before it leaves our games on November 30th..and of course since he helps with the event the sooner you get him the better…

And here’s a look at Grant’s Tasks…

Grant Connor’s Permanent Tasks

grantconnor_make_a_snack_active_1_image_2 grantconnor_make_a_snack_active_1_image_21 grantconnor_victory_pose_image_17grantconnor_hunt_to_extinction_active_image_32

Task Length Earns Location
Make a Snack 1hrs $105,26xp Outdoor/visual
Shop for Supplies 4hrs $260, 70xp Springfield Hunting Supplies
Be Manly 8hrs $420,105xp Springfield Hunting Supplies
Hunt to Extinction 12hrs $600,150xp Outdoor/visual
Live off the Land 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Any of the Camping Buildings

Camping Buildings Are: Lincoln’s Cabin, Springfield Sign, Springfield Falls, Springfield National Park, Old Faithless, Bear Cave, Kamp Krusty,
Exotic Pond, Ancient Ornamental Pond, Forest Cave, Hot Springs, Carl’s Dad Caverns, Fever Cabin & Virgil’s Cabin

What are your thoughts on Grant Connor?  Will you be picking him up or have you already?  Where have you placed the Hunting Supply sore in your Springfield? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

71 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Springfield Hunting Supplies and Grant Connor?

  1. I’m on the fence on this one. For those who has him, is it visual when he uses any of the camping buildings? From tasks summary above, it does not appear so but would like to confirm. Thanks.

  2. I was going to pass. But now that I see the list of buildings that he’ll use, I’m going to go ahead and get him.

  3. Still considering buying.
    If I were going for MIV (maximum ironic value), I would flank the wildlife sanctuary with the hunting supplies and the slaughter house.

  4. I wait to spend my hard earned donuts.
    The christmas is coming soon. So i think to spend my donuts then.

    Greetings from the netherlands

  5. Did anyone else mushroom office buildings suddenly light up? 2/3 of mine lit up tonight, which has never happened before that I’m aware of.

  6. Got the combo right away, want to add it to an out door area I want to redo in my town. Enjoying this mini event more than the last one. Glad it last just the two weeks.

  7. I bought him right away. I am an unapologetic hunter so it’s a must buy for me. The building is great too.
    To any of my anti hunting/ gun friends,if I have any, you really can buy him in peace. Like most gun/hunting bits in the Simpsons he is a stereotype. He should reenforce your opinions on the matter. He in no way promotes hunting or guns. It’s just how you look at it. I choose to ignore the dialogue and just enjoy the addition to my Springfield.

  8. Hmm I was a no for this one until my bubble was burst about Black Friday. Been saving up my donuts for a while to grab a few characters. Looks like I’ll have to rethink this one. Thanks for the info.

    • I’m just like you with working hard to buy up a good few player/building combos, but hearing that there wont be many if any I had to have a peep to see if I am passing up a good opportunity. Maybe I’ll just save hard for another year and see what happens.

  9. I just unlocked the option to buy Buck McCoy with a 50 donut refund. If donuts are tight. That’s a character/building combo for only 100 donuts after rebate. If you could only have one, which of the two do you like better considering the donut cost is similar?

    • Really hard choice. In terms of price I would go for Buck McCoy, he has some hilarious tasks and is a fun character but so is Grant Connor.
      I would go with Buck

    • Personally I really like them both. If you can only go with one then I would say pick which ever speaks to your more.

    • One difference between Buck and Grant – as Alissa outlined in the post – is that Grant can use many buildings and decorations as his camping site. If any of them have dormant ‘illuminations’ he’ll flip the on switch. That’s a really nice feature and we only have two other characters (Googoplex guy and Babysitter Bandit) that can visit many different buildings for the visual effect.

    • Thanks. I think I’ll get Grant for now and hold off on Buck for now. I’ll see how many donuts I can save up before the event ends and maybe buy him as well, depending on what else is offered.

  10. Not into hunting in real life, but have no major issues with it in the game. Cracked and checked a spoiler site – can take or leave any of the Black Friday stuff, so I picked this up. The building is absolutely gorgeous and I added a little dirt path through the forested area to it – as though it’s on the edge of a provincial park, just as you enter.

  11. Just curious Alissa, about being tight on donuts. What are you picturing in your mind as tight ? I just need a number as a reference point. I tend to be a donut hoarder and always feel like donuts are tight. Lol.

    • I’d say if you just have enough to by the item, than you’re tight on donuts.

      Beyond that it varies for everyone. Just like being tight on cash. Two different people could have two different views. If you have $20 in your pocket one person might think they’re strapped for cash while another person might think, “sweet $20 what can I buy?”

    • I personally consider my donuts to be tight if I have less than 300. Hope that helps.

    • If there’s a premium character or item you wanted to buy like Duff Man, I’d make sure I maintain at least the amount of donuts I have to buy him if there’s an offer. So for me 200 donuts or below will be tight for me.

  12. Which characters are part of the Black Friday deals? If no one interests me there, I might pick up Connor instead.

    • Google “The Simpsons tapped out the most dangerous game” and you should find spoiler sites that will give you an idea as to what might be coming for Black Friday. I didn’t see a whole lot of anything I am super interested in.

    • Dewey Largo, Santa’s Little Helper, Don Vittorio, Gino Terwilliger, plus Springfield Gorge/Daredevil Bart skin.

      • I hope Zutroy comes back for Christmas. And I’m still waiting on Brandine!

      • Nothing exciting there, i was hoping for Disco Stu or a couple of others I had my eye on, but this is EA we’re talking about here! But Connor is a good look in, i kinda have a player/building rule of it’s 100 doeys its a no brainer!

  13. I can’t finish his quest line because I can’t get the springfield hospital quest to appear. I’m at level 55 and I’ve tried putting away characters and nothing works. Any suggestions?

  14. If the spoiler site I read is correct then there isn’t much for Black Friday I’ll be interested in, that makes me very sad. 🙁 So I bought Grant and I also splurged on other things for this event.

    Does anyone know if those two new trees will still be available after this event is over? I’m wondering if I need to stock up on them.

  15. I appreciate the details on what Grant Connor can do. I didn’t realize how useful he’d be when I bought him (I buy all PC characters).

  16. I think you should revisit the previous prizes Should I Buy. The Hot Springs with refund is a better buy than the Jet Bike. The bear and cave is also cheaper with refund.

    • That information only pertains to this current offer with the rebate. In 6 months from now if they come back without the rebate that information is irrelevant.

  17. The raccoon made me buy it.

  18. Nope not for me, no hunters in my Springfield!

    • > no hunters in my Springfield!

      Some men hunt for sport, others hunt for food… Mr Burns. Hunter. Also hunter of men if you count the THOH episodes.

      Homer, Moe, Barney. All took Bart hunting.

      Homer, Ned. Bounty hunting duo.

      Homer, Lenny, Carl, Barney. Members of Homer’s Hunting Club, a replacement for Moe’s Tavern. Homer hunts for turkey for Thanksgiving.

      You have a lot of hunters in your no-hunters Springfield.

      • Your crazy friend has never heard of the Food Chain: In nature, one creature invariably eats another to survive!

        • Just ask this scientician!

        • I understand the need to hunt for food. But if hunting is for sports and fun, I am disgusted by that idea. I am even against fishing if the intent is not for food. Those big game hunters hunt for trophies. I bet if there is some underground hunting of humans they would definitely join since what is there left to hunt if you have obtained a lion head. Maybe some of them do hang a human head in their dark basement.

      • None of them have active hunting visual tasks that are permanent

  19. Is it possible to put in the pros and cons or in the general information about a character whether it is voiced or not? That is usually a deciding factor whether I buy or not. Love the site!!

  20. I’ve been trying to decide on whether or not to pull the trigger and buy him. I only have 268 donuts and want to wait on black Friday and Christmas, but he does seem like a good one to have.

  21. If I had the donuts, I think I’d pick this combo.

  22. Hi
    Anyone knows if this items will return in the future? For example for the 4th of July or for the next thanksgiving like the st valentines items that came back every year?

    • No one knows what EA plans to do in the future…except EA.

      • So…is better to buy the Springfield fall with the bonus or the hunting shop (character building)?

        • Apples and oranges, hard to say. What I would say is in *most* cases a character/building combo wins out,…… *but* that is a good price for Springfield Falls. If you haven’t (and strapped for cash) I would suggest invest some donuts and do some farming.

          • I tend to agree because I saw that the items offered for st valentines 4th of July and thanksgiving are offered every year so I may plan the donut spending from year to year if I saw something desired/wanted

        • In my early years of playing, I will not buy either of them. I will focus on getting the best percentage I can get with the least donuts. Generally it will be 40 donuts for 2 percent purchases. Only after I have a comfortable percentage and cash, did I start to buy other premium characters and decorations.

          • Yes me too but I noted that the price is the same amount of the rebate of the price so if I spend 45 and I have a refund of 45 donuts the price is free. I never buy unusefull things like NPC but I get in the past for free the snow monster and recently they add the 5jobs for that character so if there is an NPC for free I buy it and let it in storage so if in the future they add jobs I have a premium character

          • Sorry I replied to the wrong comment!😮😔

  23. I’m not a hunter and I don’t like being anywhere near a gun. I do however realize it’s a cartoon.
    He’s OK. I don’t remember him so looking forward to the where did that cone from.

  24. Penguin! Nice! 😀

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