Episode 3- Thanksgiving (Nov 2016)

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In this month’s episode we’ll discuss the recent Thanksgiving (Hunting) Event, talk about what we’d like to see in a Christmas Event, discuss what this season of being thankful and giving means to us and of course test the Addicts knowledge with a fun foodie quiz! Join us for all the fun!

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Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So ask your questions, give us your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments below..and we’ll read what we can live! 🙂

Show Notes:

Play along with our quiz this week…

Here’s the image from the Food Wife episode (which I called the Food Mom a couple of times in the video, sorry about that.  It’s from Season 23 Episode 5 if you’d like to go back and watch it)

Here’s the link to Tot’s Throwback Post about The Call of the Simpsons, where a bunch of stuff from this episode is from, Season 1 Epsiode 7

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89 responses to “Episode 3- Thanksgiving (Nov 2016)

  1. I will buy the north pole Monorail station if it’s offered again 🇬🇧 😃

  2. Any zombie monkey pirates expected at Christmas? 😯

  3. Wonderful charity Pat! I’ll be sure to spread the word about it!

  4. Wookie you just swore are we allow to swear on this website

  5. Oooh Alissa does spoilers! 😘

  6. UK have black Friday and people are crazy to do it also what cyber Monday

  7. How tall are u guys

  8. Turkey are awesome and they are clever

  9. Do you guys have bread sauce on turkey…..
    you’re making me hungry

    🇬🇧 😃

  10. First time viewer here. Really enjoying it. Thanks!

  11. I asked for turkeys and I got a monkey and a cow! 😁

  12. Ca-moo-flaged

  13. Lol

  14. I bought the springs because it looked cheap for the multiplier bonus
    🇬🇧 😃

  15. SHOOT i just remembered that addicts live was today. I have to go but I want to say hi

  16. What are you drinking ? 🇬🇧 😃

  17. I’d like to see the boys best turkey impression…😎

  18. Not fair …..
    I only heard of Gordon Ramsey

    🇬🇧 😃

  19. It annony bourdain

  20. I got the song freedom by pharell Williams and warriors by imagine dragons stuck in my head

  21. Hi Alissa
    Hi Patric
    Hi Wookiee

    Not really TSTO related but it is Addicts related… 😃

    What is:
    Your favourite family Christmas tradition? And
    Your favourite Christmas memory?

  22. Wookie why do get 4 hour of sleep and I love history km studying it in school

  23. Just seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Fins them and I really disliked it – should have left it at Deathly Hallows.
    Any of you like Harry Potter? Going to see Fantastic Beasts? Got to go now but will catch up later

  24. I got the song freedom by pharell Williams stuck in my head and Patrick the Halloween event was rubbish

  25. It’s 5pm here and raining

  26. I think the celebrity is Anthony bourdain

  27. Please say hello to all my neighbours….I only updated this morning

    🇬🇧 😃

  28. Do you get “Wiltshire cured ham” in America?

    😃 🇬🇧

  29. I’m here 😀

  30. Yes adoct live but u didn’t really give us a post warning like before

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