Where Did THAT Come From- Grant Connor, Camping Tent, & Wildlife Sanctuary

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

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In this post I will be going over the Origin of Grant Connor, The Camping Tent, and the Wildlife SanctuaryWhy are they in our games? What do they have to do with this Outdoor Themed Turkey Day Mini Event? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

Grant Connor came into our games during a quick lil Turkey Day Event (The Most Dangerous Game) as the one part of a Premium Combo option.


The Wildlife Sanctuary and the Camping Tent came into the game as part of the Prizes you could earn by just playing the game. 




Now to take a peek at the episode that brought them to us.
Season 15, Episode 5: The Fat and the Furriest

It’s Mothers Day at the Simpsons and Homer is trying to find the perfect gift for Marge after realizing they all made her the same crappy…. errrr… home made cups with “Mommy” on them. Homer ends up going to Sprawl Mart and purchasing the Kitchen Carnival. This can’t go wrong, right?

Wrong. Once again Homer has purchased a gift for Marge for Himself. Lol. He ends up making what I can only describe as a massive Cotton Candy Caramel Covered Deep Fried Ball. Homer being who he is, ends up taking the massive Sugary Ball EVERYWHERE he goes… even brings it to bed with him. After a while that Sugary Ball starts to have way too many items stick to it… like Ants, Birds, Cats, Band-aids, Flanders’ Kids… did I mention Band-aids? EWWWWWWWW.


Marge has had enough, time for the Sugary Ball to go. Homer sadly takes it to the dump to say his last goodbyes and dispose of his sweet sugary friend. Just after he tosses it into the dump, he is hit across the face. As he sways to see just what knocked him out, he looks up to the angry face of a pretty big Brown Grizzly Bear. Luckily Homer survived the encounter and stumbled through his front in his shredded clothing. Marge isn’t quite sure what happened and told Homer it is more than she can “Bear”. This sets Homer off and he runs to his room.

Following his encounter, Homer finds out that no matter what trauma he went through… he is laughed at as a joke when Brockman shows the encounter for all to see on his lil clip, Kent’s Cowards. It looks like Homer was so scared, shaken, sniveling, and crying during the attack that the Bear got bored or annoyed he wasn’t running away and giving chase… gave up and wandered away. And will you look at this, it seems that all of this was caught on camera by none other than Grant Connor. Apparently the local hunter often gets cameras and guns confused… one time, tragically… at a wedding.


Homer becomes the butt of everyone’s joke due to all this. Bart is harassed at school by the Bullies for his dad being too wimpy. Smithers even uses Mr. Burns giant stuffed Polar Bear to traumatize Homer more for the amusement of Mr. Burns and all the other Factory Workers. It seems even at home he just can’t escape Bears. Stuffed Bears, Bear books, Gummi Bears, Bear Cereal, Bear Laundry Detergent… AAAAAHHHH!!!! Homer just can’t seem to get away from Bears.

Abe tells him he has to find this Bear and fight it. That will be the only way he can get over his fears. There is only one thing Homer can do, go to Grant Connors for help. Homer heads to Grant Connor’s Place to talk to him. From the looks of Grant’s Living Room, I think he might just know a way to help.


Grant explains to Homer he does have a way to track down the Bear… with a locator that will pick up the signal of the electronic tag that he stuck in the Bear’s ear. Same technology they use to keep tags on Gary Busey. (That man is CRAY CRAY. Lol.) Watching Connor explain to Homer how to protect himself, you can see even more strangeness to Connor. He drinks out of a Penguin, is surrounded by a lot of dead stuffed animals being used as furniture, and even eats what looks like frozen butterflies.

Homer is determined to confront the Bear. He goes so far as to create some “suit of armor” (most likely out of items all belonging to Flanders) so he has something to protect himself when he does. Marge refuses to let Homer go through with this, he will get hurt, but of course Homer sneaks off to go do it anyway. He, Bart, Lenny, and Carl head to the Wilderness to find that Bear. Unfortunately for Homer, Lenny and Carl borrowed the batteries in the tracker so they could listen to some cool tunes on the radio instead. So while Lenny, Carl, and Bart are at the campsite dancing around, Homer is at the lake being attacked by the Bear… again.

Marge in the meantime has enlisted the help of Grant Connor to find Homer and stop him. They roll up in Connor’s Jeep just in time to find out the Bear has already taken Homer and dragged him off to it’s cave. Grant promises Marge he will find Homer and rescue him before the Bear eats him. This, of course, makes Grant hungry for a lil snack. Nothing like fresh Eagle to hit the spot, right?


Back at the Bear Cave, Homer is getting prepared to do one last battle before the Bear kills him… but he quickly realizes that the locator attached to the Bear’s ear is actually hurting it. It blasts the animal with shocking volts over and over. Homer wants to see for himself just how painful it could be… yup… painful… but just to be sure… better try it again… STILL PAIN! Homer now understands why the Bear is so upset. Homer. It really isn’t all that mean or evil, it was just in pain. The Bear shows its appreciation by licking Homer. The two then become best friends… and promptly raid campsites for food and goodies. Unfortunately, it looks like Grant Connor has caught up to them and nearly misses the Bear with his shot.

Homer and the Bear take off to try and escape Grant. Cut to the Campsite of the Hibbert’s, including a nice Camping Tent. The family is gathered around the campfire enjoying a meal and listening to the radio. Of course the Broadcast is about Homer and the Bear… who just so happen to be sneaking up on the campsite at that same exact time.


Homer and the Bear hide in the bushes while Homer tries to figure out a way to save the Bear. He opens a map to reveal the Wildlife Sanctuary in the middle of all the Kill Zones. Homer sets to get the Bear to the Wildlife Sanctuary. Grant Connor and the others on their trail though. Grant is well aware where they are headed and is intent on stopping them before the Bear can get to the Sanctuary.


Homer and the Bear are now on the outskirts of the Wildlife Sanctuary, but something does not feel right. Homer tosses a pine cone out into the open, to see it quickly shot to pieces by several hunters hiding in the surrounding bushes.


Homer desperately tries to figure out a way to get past all the hunters, including Grant Connor who just joined them. Homer’s plan was to put the Bear in his “Armor” and trick them to believing it is Homer sneakily making his way to the Sanctuary. The Bear seems to be making it, but Connor realizes it is the Bear and hollers for everyone to open fire. Somehow, I am sure to everyone’s shock and amazement, Homer’s suit actually protects the Bear from the onslaught of bullets and the Bear makes it into the Sanctuary.


FINALLY, the Bear is protected from man… but I guess didn’t plan on the Elephant now attacking him in the Sanctuary. Circle of life.


There you have it, an episode about a Bear attack that gives us at least 3 new items for our silly lil games.

Did you splurge on Grant Connor? If so, what do you think of him? Did you unlock either of the Prizes yet? Did you remember this episode? Craving a big giant fried ball of caramely sugary gooey-ness? Let us know.


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