Thanksgiving 2016 Prize Breakdown: Wildlife Sanctuary and BBQ Pig

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Turkey Hunting season in Springfield!  Gather the masses to track down the elusive Bigclaw!

This event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of The Most Dangerous Game you’ll have to earn indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

Let’s take a look at the details of the third and fourth prizes.  What they do and how you unlock them..


The third prize you’ll unlock is the Wildlife Sanctuary.. (which is easily the best prize of the event..unless you’re crazy about bonus %)


Here are some more details behind it…

How You Unlock It: The Most Dangerous Game Pt. 3…Round Up Wild Animals- Collect 190 indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat Task length: 3hrs each
Homer- Earns 5indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat, 35xp
Lisa- Earns 5indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat, 35xp
Flanders- Earns 5indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat, 35xp
Cletus- Earns 5indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat, 35xp
Apu- Earns 5indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat, 35xp
Moe- Earns 5indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat, 35xp
Grant Connor- Earns 8indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat, 55xp
Buck McCoy- Earns 8indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat, 55xp

Size: 12×9
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Tree-Hugging +100
What Does It Do?: Just a decoration.  But Grant Connor may use it with one of his tasks, and Homer and Big Claw use it for one up the upcoming animations with the event.  It’s also always animated, waterfall runs.

Prize four is the BBQ Pig...(the best prize of the event for those worried about bonus %)


How You Unlock It: The Most Dangerous Game Pt. 4
Draw Bigclaw Out of Hiding- Collect 120 indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat Task length: 3hrs each
Here’s Who You Can Send:
Homer- Earns 5indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat, 35xp
Flanders- Earns 5indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat, 35xp
Apu- Earns 5indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat, 35xp
Moe- Earns 5indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat, 35xp
Grant Connor- Earns 8indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat, 55xp
Buck McCoy- Earns 8indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat, 55xp

Size: 2×1
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Gluttony +10
Bouns %: 2.5% on all cash and XP.  Yes, this is one of those premium items they’re offering as a free prize.  So it’s a free item that’ll award a bonus %.
What Does It Do: Just a decoration.  But the bonus % is nice, so try to find room for it if you can in your Springfield

Once you’ve unlocked the BBQ Pig you’ll see this message popup:


For every 3-5 of the Wild Animals you tap…


Big Claw will appear in your town.  Tap him three times to earn more pelts!  (careful he runs fast once you’ve tapped him)

And that completes the details of third and fourth Most Dangerous Game Prizes!

What are your thoughts on the prizes?  Have you unlocked them yet?  Where have you placed the new decorations in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

43 responses to “Thanksgiving 2016 Prize Breakdown: Wildlife Sanctuary and BBQ Pig

  1. I miss being able to tap the snakes, bunnies, and, especially the turkeys (I especially liked their gobble, gobble sound).

  2. Has anyone else noticed a drop in their Righteousness rating? I’ve had a 5-star rating for over a year and a half, but today my Righteousness is down to 2½ stars! None of my neighbors have vandalized me, nor have I done any vandalizing myself…unless tapping wild animals in my town counts as a crime?

    • Place training walls behind your buildings. They will boost your rightness rating, but won’t be visible

    • That just happens randomly sometimes (unless you’re under level 60, in which case it could have happened because the requirement went up). Just as a few more training walls or spooky walls to your town…with enough of them, you’ll never see it drop again.

    • Sent figures into prison (Tony etc.) or let them do something criminal… should help 😉
      Don’t forget your officers to fight crime…

    • Yes, my rating has dropped too – any thoughts on the cause?

      Ta muchly,

    • I just hit level 155. I’ve had tons of training walls in my town and haven’t had to worry about it for ages…yes, I just added more to get my rating back up, but it took nearly 20 more walls to get there, and I was just wondering what caused it.

  3. I’ve completed the task and Recieved big law as a reward. I’ve realised if u continue to tap him every so many hours u recieve, cash, donuts and SF height stuff like medicine etc.

  4. Went to buy Dewey Largo and Lotto N Liquor but alas he has disappeared from my game. Ugh oh well sprinkles saves I guess .

    • Could mean he’ll be part of a deal soon.

    • When regular items disappear from the store, it usually means they’re going to be offered as a deal shortly. (This is something EA started doing fairly recently, to minimize complaints from people who but something at full price one day, only to find that it went on sale the next day.)

    • He’s going to be a Black Friday deal.

      • That’s great new, he’s next to buy on my list 🙂🙂🙂 hope I don’t miss him, if it’s only for an hour 🤔

    • You will get 60 back, I guess.
      It will be payable at Friday at 7 am and pm for one hour each. 😉

  5. Thanks so much Alissa. I’ll either have to assume I had counted off as #3/3 when he became permanent, or I may have to wait until late tonight/tommorrow before my 3/3 starts over. For Heather that is looking for the Robot…I think this is the armor that Homer is wearing when he starts fighting Big Claw. If this is what you were looking for, the armor goes away after the final fight. Also good to know about the animation on the pig…I was saving doughnuts at the time, glad I spared the expense!

    Big thanks & a Happy Thanksgiving to all the team that makes the best site on all things Simpsons & Tapped Out!

  6. Piggy aint coming back…

  7. I had no idea the BBQ Pig was a premium item, or that was even a pig (my game on Kindle doesn’t allow me to zoom in like I could when I played on my phone).
    I thought it was a woodland creature or a Big (lobster) Claw.
    I’d love to be able to get a turkey to run around my Springfield like others have. I hope they allow the option to get one.
    I have Homer working on the third task, so I’m just about finished with this mini event.

  8. Hi, I got to the end of this challenge but the robot never appeared. Is there something I need to do, it’s been a few days now and not sure if it’s a glitch in the game or something else we need to do. Any ideas thanks

    • The robot is tied into something else according to cheat websites… so keep playing through Cyber Monday. But keep in mind- EA can always change things!

      • OK cool, thanks for help. Much appreciated. Just wasn’t sure as I didn’t see any message as to what was going to happened.

  9. My apologies if this has already been mentioned:

    My wife noticed that the doughnut rebate for the Mutant Plant is also the cost of the NPC. Granted, you have to have the 45 doughnuts to purchase but you will get them all back. Basically, a free NPC.

    • Yup. Likely because it was a free prize at once point as well..

      • Wait, so it is the more Apple-looking one? That was the one that was a prize. I just want to clarify that it isn’t the green pear-type one. That one was premium for 45 donuts at the end of the Terwillinger Event.

        • I honestly don’t know. I don’t see it in my store. My assumption is it’s the red one, not the green one. Because I didn’t purchase the green one, but I have the red one, and it’s not appearing in my store.

  10. Pretty decent mini event. My Homer is now on his third task after tapping all the critters. I hope the Christmas event will be better than Halloween!

  11. Now that I’ve got Bigclaw, I seemed to remember he’ll pop up 3 times a day? I don’t know if that applies once you’re no longer tapping for pelts & he becomes a permanent item. Since then I tapped him twice, he went running & if he gave me anything I didn’t see it or get any popups. Since then I’ve tried tapping on him & nada. I’ve got a problem w/screen sensitivity (need a hammer hehe) so I don’t know if it’s me, or I just have to wait longer. If anyone figures out how the timing & gifting works better, I love any clues 🙂

    • Once unlocked he’ll remain in your town forever. However, you can tap him 3 times/day for cash/xp and the chance for pharmaceuticals for SH. After you’ve tapped him 3 times in one day, he’ll remain in Springfield but you won’t be able to tap him.

    • Same here…

    • I have tapped on him many times too. Got nothing. Not sure what’s going on.

      • Hi I found he does that when you first get him. But once I finished challenges he became permanent and now can tap on him once a day for( three taps ) and get a prize. I then found once I finished the next challenge for the robot nothing happened and never got him. So not sure if glitch in game or if something else u need to do.

  12. Am bored, when’s Christmas lol

  13. The roasted pig seems to still oink oink when tapped. He is being roasted alive. And when you scroll near the pig, you can hear the sound of roasting.

  14. Game day special. Enjoy some roasted pigskin, while you watch them toss the pigskin! 🐷🏈

  15. LOVE these prizes! I’m adding them all to my woodland areas next to Lake Springfield. They look GREAT and thanks EA for the premium item!

  16. The BBQ Pig is animated when tapped. It was on my wish list of premium things I wanted. I’m glad I didn’t purchase it earlier. I love it when they give us free premium items.

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