No Business Like Gnome Business…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

While we wait for something…anything…to hit our beloved Springfield’s let’s talk about something Christmassy.  Something seasonal. Something that embodies the magic of the season…

Or let’s just talk about this darn Elf Gnome that everyone keeps bringing up.

There have been a lot of discussions in the comments over the last day or two about the free Gnome in Your Home and the product that inspired it, Elf on the Shelf.  Many of you are commenting about how you use the Elf in your own home.  While others are commenting about how creepy the original Elf…and even more so the  But why is it here?  What’s the purpose?

Let’s explore and hypothesize a little Christmas magic, shall we?


So what some of you may realize, but many more likely don’t, the Gnome in Your Home is actually linked to an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.  In about a week and a half, Sunday Dec. 11th, “The Night After Krust-Mas” episode will air (this year’s holiday inspired episode).  In it, much like the dialogue in our own games…Homer and Marge get little Riley Maggie her own Gnome in Your Home.  And, similar to a lot of your thoughts, Marge is creeped out by it.


But why would EA release an episode tie-in inspired item, a week and a half before the episode airs? Heck “The Night After Krust-Mas” isn’t even the next episode to air of The Simpsons, an all-new (non holiday) episode is airing on Sunday the 4th.

Now let’s take something else some of you may have observed…the Gnome in Your Home Box randomly opens…


Yes, that’s right.  At various points of the day (and night) when you log into TSTO you may notice your Gnome box wide open as the Gnome escapes and runs amok in your carefully crafted Springfield.  (ok so no one has actually spotted the Gnome running amok, but we’ve gotta have some imagination, right?)

So what does this mean?  Why would the box open if you don’t see the Gnome running around?  Where does he go?  And admit it…it creeps you out just a little bit knowing the creepy little Gnome is on the loose in your Springfield and you can’t see him, doesn’t it?

Here’s my theory….

The Gnome is going to play an important part of the 2016 Holiday update, which is why EA released it a week and a half before the episode airs. The Gnome is going to play some role in all of this, perhaps a mischievous role.  Where we’ll spend 6 weeks trying to get the town under control from the damaged the disgruntled Gnome played in town….

Or maybe he’s a nice Gnome.  One that will help us save Christmas, and ultimately lead us to Santa.  Hopefully arriving in our towns as a playable character.


I just have this feeling that this crazy, creepy Gnome is going to play a big part in this year’s Christmas Event.

I also have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more than just Christmas this year.  As “The Night Before Krust-mas” episode, as detailed by EW in this article, will see the return of Rabbi K.  Albeit in Krusty’s head..but he’s still coming back..for more than just “meh”.  I think that the return of Rabbi K, AND the fact that it’s in a holiday episode (one where Krusty explores another faith mind you) would be the PERFECT opportunity for EA to introduce some of those Hanukkah inspired items that Wookiee’s  (and many of you) been pining for.

So there you have it my friends, a little speculation on what the release of this tiny little Gnome could mean for the Christmas 2016 Event.   Of course I could be wrong in all of this…and the Gnome could literally mean nothing in the scheme of things.  But hey…what’s the harm in a little speculation amongst friends?

What are your thoughts about the Gnome?  Think he’s a good Gnome or a bad Gnome?  Think he’ll actually play a part in this year’s Event?  Or is he just a rabbit EA gave us to chase down the proverbial TSTO Rabbit Hole?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

225 responses to “No Business Like Gnome Business…

  1. How does the gnome box work? I tapped on him and the box is open. Do you have to find him?

  2. Jewelsparkles2013

    I just touched the gnome box and he vanished. Any idea where he goes now that the event is over??

  3. I’m pissed off, I devoted my time on the stupid gnome I only needed about 400 more cash on order to open up the 2,000 prize and stupid EA stopped it and changed over to a new quest. I thought the gnome was for good considering there was no ending time on it I’m so pissed. No wonder why most of my neighbors quit playing. They put up with this bull.

    • The Mystery Boxes had a timer on them. The Timer ended at 0800 GMT 1/3. They did have an ending time.

    • lucyscommnsense

      I agree that it wasn’t very clear about when the gnome would finish because the gift boxes arrived long after he did so I didn’t know they’d finish at the same time. I thought the gnome was cute but besides him this Christmas was the most disappointing TO event EVER!

  4. I keep spending to upgrade my gnome box, but it’s not actually upgrading…..

    • You mean it’s not giving you slightly more currency for catching the gnome and upgrading its level number? That’s all that upgrading dies with this…it’s not like in other events, where upgrading changes the item’s appearance and/or the tap radius…

  5. It says my gnome is out of the box. But its still in the box. Who cann fix this?

  6. The elf never leaves his box in my updated version. I have deleted and reinstalled and it continues to be the same. How can I fix?????

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