Weekend Plans, Best Simpsons Episodes

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So I think it’s safe to say there will be no Christmas update until early next week.  And while it both stinks, because so many of us were looking forward to SNOW, and seems completely out of character for EA, since they’ve been releasing rapid fire updates with little to no break in between for the last year plus, it’s a good thing.

Hear me out.  While I know we’re all Addicts, let’s keep in mind that this is an extremly busy time of the year for many of us.  We can all take the weekend to get up those holiday decorations, get together with family, catch up on some household chores…you know all those things we’ll all likely ignore once the update hits.

And hey, maybe if you spend some time doing those things prior to the update your family won’t be so ticked off when you ignore them for the next six weeks. 😉

Need something else to do over the weekend?  Something to keep that Simpsons “tick” down in your life?  Why not binge watch the best. show. ever. on either FXX, Simpsons World or any other provider (or DVD/streaming) in your area!  Remember there are a few more days left of the 600 Marathon on FXX (right now they’re on season 18..so still a lot of Simpsons to go).  So let not your heart be troubled…there are all kinds of ways to curb that Simpsons itch while we’re waiting for this dang update to hit.

So which episodes should you watch?  Looking for a guide on some of the best episodes to binge watch over the weekend? (as if most of you Addicts didn’t already know)  Let’s breakdown what the internet is calling the 25 best episodes of The Simpsons, in a new list released just prior to the FXX 600 Marathon starting…


So recently I came across this article on The Guardian titled The Simpsons Thanksgiving marathon: the 25 best episodes to gorge on and in it they gave kind of a different list of the best episodes than what I’ve seen before. While some of the episodes make every top 10-25 list, some are different (and the order certainly is different).  So let’s see what they’ve got and see what y’all think of their list…

In reverse order, from 25 to 1…

25. Clown in the Dumps (S26, E1)
For those that don’t remember, this is the episode where they spent several months teasing that “a major character” would die.  In the end it was Krusty’s Dad, Rabbi K, that passed away.  And this was the episode that dealt with Krusty’s dealing with his fathers death.  

24. Trash of the Titans (S9, E22)
A favorite around here, as our Monorail Event featured characters and elements from this episode…Ray Patterson anyone?

23. 22 Short Films About Springfield (S7, E21)
22 1 minute stories about various characters…including the only look into Bumblebee Man’s home life.

22. Treehouse of Horror VII (S8, E1)
Don’t Blame Me I voted for Kodos…need I say more? 

21. Homer vs the 18th Amendment (S8, E18)
Prohibition hits Springfield…and Homer fills Bowling Balls with booze.  What’s not to love?

20. Bart the Fink (S7, E15)
Bart inadvertently turns Krusty in for tax Fraud, which could only result in Krusty faking his own death.

19. Mother Simpson (S7, E8)
The first appearance of Mona, and we learn why she had been gone for so long.

18. Mr Plow (S4, E9)
Call Mr Plow, Mr Plow. That name again is Mr Plow

17. Sideshow Bob Roberts (S6, E5)
Sideshow Bob runs for Mayor of Springfield against Diamond Joe Quimby.

16. Flaming Moe’s (S3, E10)
Homer invents a new drink, using a “secret ingredient” and gives the recipe to Moe. And that’s where the fun and craziness of the Simpsons shows up. 

15. El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer (S8, E9)
Another favorite of the Addicts here, as the Chili Cookoff Event was based on this epsiode.  

14. Deep Space Homer (S5, E15)
Another great episode, where Homer travels to space.  And yet another 2016 event was based off of this episode. 

13. I Love Lisa (S4, E15)
This is a great Valentine’s Day episode where Ralph goes out on a date with Lisa, after she was the only one to give him a Valentine.  

12. Homer the Great (S6, E12)
Stonecutters…need I say more?

11. A Milhouse Divided (S8, E6)
This is the episode where poor Milhouse’s parents decide to get a divorce.  This is also the episode that inspired many of Luanns hilarious tasks in TSTO.

10. Bart Gets an F (S2, E1)
A great episode that Totbox broke down in great detail here.

9. Lisa the Iconoclast (S7, E16)
Lisa learns the truth about Jebediah Springfield…and together Homer and Lisa take on the town. 

8. In Marge We Trust (S8, E22)
In this episode Marge replaces Rev. Lovejoy as the town’s moral adviser. 

7. Lisa the Vegetarian (S7, E5)
The episode that started Lisa’s 20 year Vegetarian streak…

6. You Only Move Twice (S8, E2)
The introduction of Hank Scorpio in The Simpsons world…

5. Grade School Confidential (S8, E19)
Ah the episode where Skinner and Mrs. K start their relationship..

4. Homer’s Enemy (S8, E23)
Frank Grimes is the center of this episode..and the reason he’s electrocuting himself in pocket-sized Springfields all across the interwebs. 

3. Much Apu About Nothing (S7, E23)
Apu tries to become more American..including sporting a Mets Jersey and Cowboy house. 

2. Marge vs the Monorail (S4, E12)
Monorail. Monorail. Monorail.

1. Homer the Heretic (S4, E3)
Homer skips Church, and there’s a cameo by God.  What more could you ask for?

Remember to check out The Guardian’s article to see their reasoning for each episode..and why it made their Top 25.

What are your thoughts on this Top 25 list?  What would your list look like? Thoughts on Homer the Heretic being the number 1 episode?  What are your weekend plans?  Catching up on family/home life, or will you be binge watching the Best. Show. Ever. all weekend?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


35 responses to “Weekend Plans, Best Simpsons Episodes

  1. Greetings from Quebec…

    Personally, one of my favorite episode is not on the related list : “Treehouse of Horror VI” : Homer 3D
    It was so original and funny…

    For the second place, I do agree with Chris for the Homer’s Barbershop Quartet (Season 5 episode1 broadcated in 1993)


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Robert Maldonado

    “Homer At The Bat”. Season 3 episode 17. How can this not be included? Ken Griffey’s grotesquely swollen jaw! Talking softball was my favorite.


  3. Definitely the fact the we can discuss and debate any top 25 list and see both sides is a testament to how good of a show it really is. Even my least fave episode prob has someone saying they love it and can give a pretty decent reason why. Ps- Cape Feare is still my favorite Sideshow Bob episode from The Thompsons, I mean The Simpsons


  4. I really like Homer’s Barbershop Quartet, another early one!


  5. I took this whole week off just because, and have left my tv dedicated to the Simpsons Marathon. I still other things but when I’m home eating, sleeping, or just relaxing, my tv if on the Simpsons. I said all that because I want to mention, I think I’m starting to blur the border between the real world and the Simpsons and was wondering if I should be concerned.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Too many favourite episodes to pick from but ‘Mother Simpson’ and ‘Homer at the Bat’ are two of the best examples of why this is THE best TV show ever.
    I don’t mind telling you I cried buckets at the end of ‘Mother Simpson’, it is so heart breaking.


  7. Hello I have been Here a few weeks and I was wondering do you have set times you put up a new post . thank you


  8. One of my favorites is when Burns cancels the dental plan, Lisa needs braces, and Homer becomes Union president.


  9. Has it been fully confirmed we won’t get the event until next week? Just no sign of it coming within the next days? Either way, I’m pretty “alright” spending my time in the 2 TinyCo apps based off of other popular properties that shall not be named on this site. I would like a little snow, though!


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