Christmas 2016 is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well that was fast….it’s Live!

And yes there’s snow in Springfield!



Currently Live on Android (looks like Android users got their wish) AND iOS AND Kindle.  You may have to do a Tapped Out Search in the Store (and then tap on it for more info), to see the update.  I did.

It’s also a MASSIVE update…remember every item in the game has to be reloaded to show it covered in show.  So make sure you’re on WiFi and have some time…it goes up to 1227.2MB on my Android.  It’s HUGE.

Starts off with some auto dialogue from Bart and Lisa.  Followed by a 6s task for Lisa and 6s task for 5 Springfielders.  This is followed by a task to place a free sign and a 6s task for Homer.  And that’s followed by a 6s task for Cletus.  Which is followed still by more 6s tasks.  This time for Willie.  Followed by a task to build Springfield Henge (Free), and a task to hand in an offering.  Once you build (6s) Springfield Henge you’ll launch the Event Hub…

Back with more as I go through it. Ok guys more details below the fold (Note: I’m still updating this post as I go, so continue to check back and refresh this post until the titles says updated and complete It’s complete now).  My apologies for it taking as long as it did.  These late hitting updates kill me when it comes to pulling the info, then picking up the Tiny Addict and getting her ready for bed.  Thanks for patiently understanding 🙂

And now for the info…and a disclaimer to those wanting to sit this one out…

First the disclaimer…I know this isn’t the Christmas Update many of us anticipated this year.  It’s a little “off” for what we typically get this time of the year. And I know some of you have commented that this update would have been better suited for a THOH Update.  I get it.  Believe me I get it.

However, I would ask those of you already saying you’re not playing this one to give it a chance.  The Simpsons are known for attacking anyone and a humorous way that we all enjoy.  This is just one of those moments.  Heck in the first couple of lines of the dialogue Bart indicates to Lisa that he’s supposed to “Stone her to death” because she’s Buddhist.  Not exactly PC culture…

So I would say to those of you upset about this update.  Give it a chance.  From what I can see in the files there are some funny twists and turns..and a few battles for Christianity to win out in this one.  So give it a chance, it’s only day one. You never know you might really want a prize coming later one.

And the bright side?  This is probably one of the shortest Winter Events (let’s face it this isn’t Christmas, although they call it XMAS 2016 in the files) we’ve ever seen.  With only 2 Acts and it’s set to end before New Years (Spoiler there’s potentially some New Year items waiting as well…).  So give it a chance, laugh at the dialogue (including Homer’s Bacon Fest…I know most of us can get on-board with that..mmm bacon) and remember this is a game.  It’s a game about a show that picks on everyone and everything.  So let’s see what the next 4 weeks bring…and then it’s onto the next thing!

Also it’s important to note that A LOT of this update is based on Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons.  That’s where a lot of the premise for this update came it’s not just EA.  It does tie in with what the Simpsons will be doing on Sunday.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…onto the finer details.

As always lets start with the stuff you get for free….in the first few parts of the event.  As mentioned above the event kicks off, as per usual, with a series of 6s tasks for various characters.  During that time you’ll earn two free items:

2016-12-06-19-33-17Pagan Winter Carnival Sign- Free, 1×7 in size

2016-12-06-19-42-26Springfield Henge- Free, 11×11 in size.  Building this is what will get the event to trigger in your game.

A little later in the questline you’ll unlock the Lumber Mill, another free Building..

2016-12-06-20-02-43Lumber Mill- Free, 8×8 in size. 4hr Build This controls crafting.

Now let’s jump to what’s in the store…

So far it’s slim pickins for long time players that have pretty much everything.  Only two new premium items are offered…and loads of returning stuff.  Here’s what’s available:

New stuff..

Flander’s Frozen Car- 50 Donuts, Adds 2.25% bonus on all cash and XP

oldtreespirit_avatarOld Tree Spirit- 100 Donuts. Adds 3% Bonus on all cash and XP. Earns 160 sidebar_xmas2016_antlers/4hrs

Returning stuff…

In addition to all of then items that returning last week during the Early Christmas…you have

unlock_lingbouvierLing Bouvier- 110 Donuts, Full Character.  Will help with the event. (she earns Currency). Should I Buy

unlock_patchespoorvioletPatches and Poor Violet- 100 Donuts.  Like Sherri and Terri, two characters but act as one.  Also help with the winter event (earn currency).

As some of you have noted this event is only two Acts.  That’s it!  Act 1 ends December 18th and Act 2 ends December 30th.  So for those of you hoping they’d finish the event out BEFORE the New Year, you’ve got your wish.  This is a short one!


Here’s a look at the currency for Act 1:

indicator_xmas2016_antlersAntlers- Prize Currency.  Collect Antlers to unlock the Act 1 prizes

indicator_xmas2016_runestonesRunestones- Crafting Currency.  Collect Runestones to Craft the available prizes.

indicator_xmas2016_catnipCatnip- Currency you earn by sending characters on tasks.  Turn in Catnip at Springhenge to earn more Antlers/Runestones and other prizes.

indicator_xmas2016_carvedfigurineFigurines- Just like Catnip, Figurines are a currency you earn by sending characters on tasks.  Turn in Figurines at Springhenge to earn more Antlers/Runestones and other prizes.

Act 1 Prizes

Here are the prizes for Act 1…

Goat God Statute- 4,850 indicator_xmas2016_antlers (This is a prize from the upcoming episode…)

ico_xmas2016_runestones_pack1Pile of Runestones- 11,350 indicator_xmas2016_antlers. 100 stones, used for crafting

$5 Antler Rental- 22,750 indicator_xmas2016_antlers

New God Mr. Burns- 35,800 indicator_xmas2016_antlers (Skin for Burns)

ico_xmas2016_runestones_pack2Goblet of Runestones- 42, 300indicator_xmas2016_antlers. 250 Runestones, used for Crafting.

ico_priz_xmas2016_cultflyingsaucer_lgCult Flying Saucer- 52, 050 indicator_xmas2016_antlers

unlock_theparsonThe Parson- 68,350 indicator_xmas2016_antlers Full character, leader of the Presbylutheran faith in Springfield

And yes for those wondering there IS a Bonus way to earn donuts after you’ve unlocked all of the prizes.  For every 5,100indicator_xmas2016_antlers you collect after The Parson you’ll have your chance at 1, 2 or 3 donuts.


Crafting takes place at the Lumber Mill.  You’ll unlock the Mill for FREE once you’ve completed Logging In. 


Once again you’ll have to level up to unlock more crafting prizes.  And the items will be around for the entire event (all 23+ days of it).  This time there’s only 10 Levels.

As always I’ll have a full breakdown in the crafting post…BUT here’s a quick look at the prizes:

Level 1
ico_priz_xmas2016_carnivalflag01_lgCarnival Banner 1- 120 indicator_xmas2016_runestones . Awards 100 indicator_xmas2016_antlers on placement

ico_priz_xmas2016_smallpagantent_lgSmall Pagan Tent- 210 indicator_xmas2016_runestones. Awards 229indicator_xmas2016_antlers on placement.

Level 2
ico_priz_xmas2016_mediummushroom_lgLarge Mushrooms- 60indicator_xmas2016_runestones.

ico_priz_xmas2016_chickencoop_lgChicken Coop- 105indicator_xmas2016_runestones

Level 3
ico_priz_xmas2016_goatheadstatue_lgGoat Head Statue- 180 indicator_xmas2016_runestones

ico_priz_xmas2016_haycart_lgHay Cart- 225indicator_xmas2016_runestones

Level 4
Large Pagan Tent- 450indicator_xmas2016_runestones

Pagan Cauldron- 120indicator_xmas2016_runestones

Level 5
ico_priz_xmas2016_carnivalflag02_lgCarnival Banner 2- 120 indicator_xmas2016_runestones

ico_priz_xmas2016_phonehenge_lgPhone-Henge Kiosk- 750 indicator_xmas2016_runestones

Level 6
ico_priz_xmas2016_giantmushroom_lgGiant Mushrooms- 200 indicator_xmas2016_runestones

ico_priz_xmas2016_brazier_lgBrazier- 75 indicator_xmas2016_runestones

Level 7
ico_priz_xmas2016_twostoreyouthouse_lgTwo-Story Outhouse- 125 indicator_xmas2016_runestones

ico_priz_xmas2016_paganhall_lgPagan Hall- 950 indicator_xmas2016_runestones

Level 8
ico_priz_xmas2016_carnivalflag03_lgCarnival Banner 3- 120indicator_xmas2016_runestones

ico_priz_xmas2016_windmill_lgWindmill- 400indicator_xmas2016_runestones

Level 9
ico_priz_xmas2016_firismurdertree_lgFur is Murder Christmas Tree- 250indicator_xmas2016_runestones

ico_priz_xmas2016_medievaltent_lgMedieval Tent- 200indicator_xmas2016_runestones

Level 10
ico_priz_xmas2016_dunkthemonk_lgDunk the Monk- 1,250indicator_xmas2016_runestones

Earning Currency…


For Act 1 you’ll see Pagans pop up in Springfield.  Tap them to earn Antlers AND Runestones.

paganmom_act1_tap_image_11 pagandaughter_act1_tap_image_10 pagandad_act1_tap_image_10

For every Pagan you tap in YOUR Springfield you’ll earn 10 indicator_xmas2016_antlers and 2 indicator_xmas2016_runestones

Currency Tasks

You’ll be able to complete 4hr tasks for Act 1 at Cletus’ Farm and Willie’s Shack.  Each will earn you one of the currencies that you hand in at Spinghenge to earn more Antlers and Runestones. (Think Monorail Event/Weekly Tasks with Blueprints)


Here’s the task list for Cletus’ Farm, which earns Catnip (ico_cur_xmas2016_catnip_lg):
4hr Task.  Earns 15ico_cur_xmas2016_catnip_lg Freemium and 25ico_cur_xmas2016_catnip_lg Premium. Can send:
Crazy Cat Lady
Ling Bouvier

Here’s the task list for Willie’s Shack, which earns Figurines  (ico_cur_xmas2016_carvedfigurine_lg):
4hr Task. Earns 15 ico_cur_xmas2016_carvedfigurine_lg Freemium and 25 ico_cur_xmas2016_carvedfigurine_lg Premium.  Can send:
Patches and Poor Violet


You’re collecting all that Catnip ico_cur_xmas2016_catnip_lg and Figurines ico_cur_xmas2016_carvedfigurine_lg to hand in at Springhenge.  Handing in these items will earn you more Antlers, to unlock more prizes.  Also, each day there will be a set number to hand in for that day, handing in that number will unlock a bonus prize for you.


So for Day 1 (day) complete 4 hand ins to unlock the Day 1 Bonus..more Runestones, for crafting.

As you can see when you have enough to hand in you’ll see a checkmark next to that list.

This is very much like the Monorail Event and Blueprint, etc, hand ins.

Once you’ve completed your hand ins for that days bonus, you’ll still be able to hand in items to collect more Antlers to unlock prizes….


BUT…just like the Monorail Event, there is a cap on the number of Antlers you can earn per day from Springhenge.

Gnome in Your Home

Like we’ve predicted that pesky little Gnome has come to life and it’s your job to tap on him to send him back to his box…


Tapping on the Gnome during the mini game (which I’ll breakdown in it’s own post), will earn you more currency.  And upgrading the box will earn even more currency.

Every 4hr the Gnome will break out of his box and it’ll be up to you to find him.  But don’t worry you’ll have a compass to guide you…


Just follow the direction of the Gnome Compass in the top right corner and it will lead you to the Gnome.


Once you find him tap on him until he disappears…


You’ll have 20 seconds (i think that’s what it said) to clear him from Springfield and earn bonus currency!

Neighbor Actions

Once you’ve unlocked the Gnome in Your Home in your Springfield you’ll be able to find him in a neighbors town.  This will allow you to earn bonus currency!

However, you can only find him ONCE PER DAY via a neighbor’s town.

In addition to the Gnome in one neighbor’s town, you’ll be able to tap three Pagans in a neighbor’s town. 90 actions/day.


Each Pagan you tap in a neighbor’s town will earn you 5indicator_xmas2016_antlers and 2 indicator_xmas2016_runestones. Neighbor actions, to tap Pagans, unlock during Pagan Paradise Pt. 2.


And that’s it my friends!  The quick rundown…or not so quick, this post too a while to complete…of the 2016 Winter Event!

We’ll be back in the next few days with full breakdowns of everything you see above.  And yes before you ask, we’ll have the following posts up soon…
-Act 1 Calendar
-Turbo Tappin’ Act 1 (Walkthrough)
-Should I Buy Posts
-Crafting Breakdown
-Gnome Breakdown
-Springhenge Breakdown
-And more!

It’ll all be coming to you over the next few days…

This is a fairly simple one.  Something short and easy.  Keeps us entertained, but allows us all to spend time with our families and friends over the holiday season.

Share your thoughts in the comments below…


613 responses to “Christmas 2016 is Live! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Hi, I crossed the threshold of antlers to earn the Parson while in a neighbor’s town (while tapping pegans) & now he is not in my town! It shows I earned him, but he is no where to be found. Very frustrating. Any ideas or suggestions?

  2. In the daily bonus part, where you hand in 4 lots in exchange for antlers, I’ve got as far as day 12 and received the runestones reward- however, there’s a final day 13 reward (it’s gold coloured) but my timer says “new prizes in 21 hours”.

    Does this mean that I’ll miss out on the day 13 prize because it’ll disappear before I can unlock it?

  3. Why is it that turning in catnip and carvings at Springfield henge is so heavy on spending carvings? I currently have over 1400 catnip but I can’t make carvings fast enough to be able to get antlers!

    • PUNTS – I think most people are experiencing something similar, be it one or the other. For me it is the other way around. My catnips are in short supply. Yesterday I gleaned from this site that one can swap out a collection per day. I swapped out a catnip one hoping to get a wooden one. No such freakin luck. The system just asked me for even more of them😂. It’s random, in so far as EA has randomly programmed you to get more of one item than the other. I’m cool with it now as I have the Parson already & I’m looking forward to Act 2

  4. Still no gnomes … ? How do I get to finish my box upgrades. Or have I maxed out my leveling up until act 2 ??? Uuuggghhhh. Help.

  5. ¥#%?&$@!!!!
    Confirm Donut got knocked off. Woke up 2:00am, 5 minutes ’till,time for my Gnome and renew catnip and carvings, perusing the store for NEW items and just bought LING.
    110 donuts spent that I didn’t want to.
    Life could be worse, could’a bought one of those Express Tickets that’s good only for the Event.
    Already got the Parson, so,I’m just biding time. Still have a little Quick Thoughts $$$$, can always spend that and ‘real’ money if my remaining 285 donuts falls short.
    Check your confirm donut spend.!!
    Or don’t play ar 2:19am.

  6. When I tap pagans in my neighbors’ towns, I’m topping out at probably around 30 actions where I get 5 antlers and 2 runestones. Anything I do after that I get 1 antler, 0 runestones. Is this happening for anyone else?

    • I found that the first 10 neighbours I get 5 antlers and the 2 runestones then the next 5 neighbours I get 1 antler and 0 runestones just like you. after that i just get cash and experience. So I found that there is no point going though all of my friends to get event currency. I will do my first 15 then the next day I will do the second set of 15 and so on.
      Rather lame in my opinion to have to spend so much time searching for pagans in neighbours to get so little in return.
      Really, they should just lower the amount earned and allow you to get tehm from all ones friends, BUT, as there is always a BUT. People with few friends would lose out. So, I guess the way they are doing it equalizes the currency collection.

      • In an event where you have to look all over for things to tap on I’d never have the patience. I get frustrated after 10

    • That’s what’s supposed to happen. 🙂

      • That’s not what it says in the rundown.

        In addition to the Gnome in one neighbor’s town, you’ll be able to tap three Pagans in a neighbor’s town. 90 actions/day.
        Each Pagan you tap in a neighbor’s town will earn you 5 antlers and 2 runestones.

        For me, that payout ends after 10 neighbors / 30 actions.

        • Ah, I see. My mistake. 10 neighbors does seem too few…. Since the event started there have been a ton of comments from folks who pretty much all are getting currency from around 17 (or 15-17) towns.

          It’s definitely not 90 taps, though….that was most likely just a copy and paste error from a previous event post.

  7. I’ve updated and have been playing since the updated started but I don’t have people to get the antlers. The only ly way I’m able to get them is by sending people to Willie’s shack and cletus’ or the gnome. I don’t have any other way to collect anything. Not even from neighbors 🙁

  8. My new god burns isn’t showing up (possibly because I was in a neighbour’s town when I reached the prize) and I haven’t gotten any related quests either. Is this a glitch?

  9. The neibours tapping has come down to one of each. They don’t give 5 and 2(at least in my town)

  10. My New God Burns isn’t showing up in his menu or my storage. Any ideas?

  11. Anyone know why tapping the singing stones doesn’t work? I thought I see something in amother past but I can’t find it. Also, do we get a gnome box as a decoration?

  12. My gnome finder is gone!! And I can’t find the damn thing anywhere?!?!?! Help!

  13. So where do I send my issues? I’ve been trying to figure out the runestones and here I read about a lumbermill that I never got and pagans that have yet to show up. I have a Stonehenge and have been working towards antlers and I kept wondering about why they’re giving me runestones that I can’t do anything with. I have logged out and back in, visited krustyland, and rebooted my devices and still no lumbermill or pagans what’s the issue? The game didn’t even say there was an update this time I had to go to the play store to find it and discover it started the day before.

  14. before the update christmas skins for buildings were available. now i cant find them. are they still there somewhere?

  15. Regarding Springfield Henge: Should I turn in Small offerings to get four a day or, just like with the monorail, only hand-in Large tributes? Thanks in advance for a reply!

  16. I’m really loving those singing stones.

  17. Singing Stones? Anyone got the correct order?

  18. I need some help it says the gnome is loose but I go to his box and he is still in it and the compass isn’t showing up, what should I do?

  19. Hello fello addicts! It’s nice seeing the game get these interesting updates. I know I am enjoying it. Thanks for the awesome posts addicts!

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