TSTO 101 Winter 2016: Gnome Business

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The snow is falling in Springfield, which can only mean Winter has arrived in our pocket-sized towns!  And what better way to celebrate the Winter holidays than with a super creepy Gnome?

As we hypothesized prior to the event, the Gnome in Your Home early Christmas present from EA escapes from his box and you’re tasked with finding him. Finding and then clearing the Gnome can generate some much needed event currency every four hours.  So lets break down this creepy little guy and everything you need to know to put him back in his box.


Before we get into the posting details, I’ve done a quick video for those of you who are visual learners.  It breaks it down real quick for you….

For those of you having trouble with the embedded version you can view it here.

Forgive the slightly hushed voice, I did this quickly about midnight last night…I was tired.

And now for those of you who prefer the written version..or just like both…


So let’s talk about this creepy little guy…

How Often Does the Gnome “Break Out” Of His Box?

The Gnome will spring from his box and hide in your Springfield once every 4 hours.

How Do I Know When He’ll Appear Next?

If you tap on the Gnome Box when it’s closed you’ll bring up the Gnome Game Screen (also accessible via the Event Hub), from there it’ll show you the countdown till the Gnome appears again.


Once The Gnome Appears, How Do I Find Him? 


If the Gnome is set to appear in Springfield (and you get the notification that he’s loose) and you see that his box is empty, he’s then loose in Springfield.  To find him you can either tap on the Gnome Box to bring up the Gnome in your Home Game screen and from there hit “Do It”


Or when the Gnome is loose in Springfield a little Radar icon will appear in the top right corner of your screen (next to the Daily Task Box), that looks like this..


Simply tap that Radar icon to launch the Gnome Radar.


Once you’ve brought up the Gnome Radar, you’ll see this icon on your screen…


Simply scroll around your Springfield following the arrows on the Radar to locate your Gnome…

2016-12-06-19-52-36 2016-12-06-19-52-45 2016-12-06-19-52-57

Once located you’ll see him lying down in the street (or sidewalk) like this..


A couple of things to note…

  1. If it takes a while to locate your Gnome the Radar Screen might go off.  If you no longer see the directional arrows with the Radar bring it back up the same way you got it initially. (either by tapping the Gnome box or tapping the icon in the top right corner)  If you watch the video above, this happened to me and I brought it right back up.
  2. There seems to be a glitch with some of your towns and the Gnome game.  The game is telling you the Gnome is loose but you can’t get the radar to appear.  If this is happening to you, try going to Krustyland and back or visiting a friend and back to your main Springfield. For several of you this fixed the issue.

So I’ve Found the Gnome, Now What?


Once you tap on the “sleeping” Gnome the game itself will launch.  You’ll have 20 seconds to clear the Gnome and put him back in his box. So basically tap him like crazy.  He’ll run, but just keep tapping…

ico_xmas2016_gnomeinyourhome_rewardpopup_gnomeKeep tapping until you see him disappear into his hat….


That’s how you know you’ve  been successful at catching him.

What Do I get If I Catch Him?


Your payouts will vary per level, but you’ll get Guilt Dust, Catnip and Figurines.

The Guilt Dust is used to Level up your Gnome game, more on that in a minute.

What Happens If I Lose?

You still get a payout, just not as much…


What Is Guilt Dust?


Guilt Dust is the currency you use to Level Up the Gnome Game.

What’s the Deal With Leveling Up?

So there are 15 Gnome game levels.  For each Level you increase your game the higher the payouts will be.  So if your game is at Level 15 your payout will be higher than Level 10.

What’s the Cost to Level Up?

Each level is 85 ico_cur_xmas2016_guiltdust_lg higher than the previous level, starting with a base of 85.  So to go from level 1 to level 2 costs 170ico_cur_xmas2016_guiltdust_lg, from level 2 to level 3 255ico_cur_xmas2016_guiltdust_lg, 3 to 4 340ico_cur_xmas2016_guiltdust_lg and so on….

What’s the Payout for each Level? 

The payout increases by 2 with each level for Catnip (indicator_xmas2016_catnip)  and Figurines (indicator_xmas2016_carvedfigurine), starting with a base of 32.  But the Guilt Dust (ico_cur_xmas2016_guiltdust_lg) always pays out 80, no matter what level you’re on.  So level 1 pays 32 indicator_xmas2016_catnip, 32 indicator_xmas2016_carvedfigurine and 80 ico_cur_xmas2016_guiltdust_lg.  Level 2 pays  34 indicator_xmas2016_catnip, 34 indicator_xmas2016_carvedfigurine and 80 ico_cur_xmas2016_guiltdust_lg.  Level 3  36 indicator_xmas2016_catnip, 36 indicator_xmas2016_carvedfigurine and 80 ico_cur_xmas2016_guiltdust_lg..and so on.  Until you reach level 15 which pays out  60 indicator_xmas2016_catnip, 60 indicator_xmas2016_carvedfigurine and 80 ico_cur_xmas2016_guiltdust_lg.

And of course who can forget the creepy noises the Gnome makes….

And that my friends breaks down the details of the Gnome in your Home Game.  A fun, albeit slightly creepy, addition to the 2016 Winter Event.

What are your thoughts on the Gnome game?  Do you find it creepy or are you enjoying yourself with it?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!



123 responses to “TSTO 101 Winter 2016: Gnome Business

  1. Has anyone noticed how if you click on the Gnome this year, he just disappears and you end up with an empty box? I can’t find him in my town and he isn’t coming back of his own accord; I miss the grouchy little guy. 🙁

    • It’s been like that since last year. You have to find him in your town. Find him he’ll go back in the box

      • Merry Christmas (almost!) Alissa. I did think of that and I have looked for the little scamp but after two weeks, I still can’t find him! Oh well… maybe he is off helping Santa!

    • I have the same problem🤔 I dimmed everything in my town and he is nowhere to be found. Storing the box and replacing it, it is still an empty open box.

      • Yep, that is the same for me – turned all buildings and trees off and still can’t find him. Stored the box, hoping he would be back in when I took it out again but it is still empty.

  2. I don’t have the gifts tab. Am I missing something?

  3. What happens once you get the home to 15? I won’t make it past 14, i need like 20 more dust to 14

  4. How do you see how much of the bonus cash you have towards the bonus items? Gnome is dropping the cash, no idea how much i have?

  5. Has anyone fully upgraded the gnome yet? I was wondering if anything special happens with it once it is besides just getting more resources.

  6. I was little bit courios about the Gnome home upgrades. I was not sure if the box is changing with the upgrades. It seems to me that yes, but… the box is not changing with upgrades. That was little bit creapy for me.

  7. My gnome radar is not showing and I haven’t been able to play the gnome game for a day now. What can I do to fix the glitch?

    • It’s in the post… and I quote…
      A couple of things to note…

      There seems to be a glitch with some of your towns and the Gnome game. The game is telling you the Gnome is loose but you can’t get the radar to appear. If this is happening to you, try going to Krustyland and back or visiting a friend and back to your main Springfield. For several of you this fixed the issue.

  8. Does anyone have a solution to the gnome glitch for those of us who haven’t reached the level with Krustyland yet?

    • Just re-read the post. I’ll try visiting a friend.

      And the gnome is definitely creepy, especially those notifications that randomly sound off – “Have you been a bad baby?” *Shudder*
      Still a fun feature for the event though.

  9. How do I find the gnome in a neighbor’s Springfield? Does the game alert me or do I have to look for it?

    • If you haven’t done it at all yet, go to any neighbor (including Other Springfield) and tap on the green radar thing in the upper-right. From there, it works just as it does in your own town.

      Once you’ve done it once, you’ll get an audio (and visual?) notice that you should do it once it’s been 24 hours after the last time you did it.

  10. Thanks for the suggestion, kamingusu. Going to Krustyland solve my problem with the gnome game!

  11. Thank you! This was really helpful! My gnome has been m.i.a for the last 3 days.. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice hoping he’d eventually just show back up. Finally, i went to krustyland (like you said) and it fixed it! Woo hoo! I was getting so behind in collecting my Christmas loot! Thank you again!!!

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