Episode 4- Holiday Extravaganza (Dec 2016)

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No matter how, or when, you’re viewing thanks for watching and we hope you have fun!

In this month’s episode we’ll discuss the recent Winter Event, reminisce about episodes of Simpsons holidays past, talk about some SPOILERS for future updates and more!  Plus there will be festive singing and dancing, as it is our holiday extravaganza episode! Join us for all the fun!

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Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So ask your questions, give us your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments below..and we’ll read what we can live! 🙂

Show Notes:

SPOILERS in the video around the 44 minute mark.

Safe to return around the 56:14 mark.



129 responses to “Episode 4- Holiday Extravaganza (Dec 2016)

  1. What an interesting `eye opener` to watch this! It is a pleasure to put a face and personality to what was just a name on a blog site that I read every day in every detail…

    Patric, I was around in the early days when the TSTO blog community disrupted. My impression of who everyone was came from written words only, and when you joined this site I was curious as to why. Now I know. You ALL forgave to move on to create harmony. I am 60`ish and connect to your positive vibrations spot on now that I see you and listen to you. Snap! – the difference between bites and bytes of words, and a real human being. Perhaps if more people watched this video there would be fewer posts that “Made Mom Cry”… But then again, you would not have reason to post rants, which are your greatest readings. Great overheated radiator poll last week to serve the purpose. Well done!

    Alissa, there are only so many words in the dictionary that can be used here and that really limits our expressions, appreciation, and respect for you and everything you do for our game… Dedicated, Patient, Respectful, Helpful, Courteous, Kind, Loving, Firm When Necessary and just a good Bro we all love… This is just a silly little game, but without you, we would not play it well. Cheers to you and yours this Holiday Season!… Forgive…

    Thanks… `Mom`

    • It is an amazing journey…for sure. I have to say that the greatest gift I have received from this past year, is renewing my friendship with Alissa. She is an amazing person, who deserves 95% of the credit for this site being what it has become. My role, will always be that of the “crankyoldguy” but now, as a peacekeeper who has learned a lot from the simple acts of contrition and forgiveness. I will get Crankier in coming weeks and months, as well as getting pushier with our work in Buyijja, but will do most of that on my crankyoldguy.com blog (where it belongs).

      Thanks so much for the kind words.

  2. Margaretha Palarczyk

    You all seem to be so nice and you look so cute with the hats. I had really fun watching you. Keep just going on like that and happy holidays to you! <3

  3. For the record, the Elf on the Shelf is only ~slightly~ less creepy than the Gnome in your home!

  4. Sorry Alissa, the elf on a shelf is creepy!

  5. Another fun show… its always nice to see Mom, Cranky Old Guy, and Jungle Cruise Santa in their natural habitats. Happy Holidays to you all!

  6. 1. You didn’t answer my questions 😢
    2. Would you class Home Alone as a Christmas movie if you don’t class Love Actually? Because Home Alone doesn’t have a Christmas plot it just is set in Christmas time. Either way it is a great film.
    3. I love the song ‘Mary did you know?’ and don’t find it sad.

  7. Santa’s Village Bundle is a steal ! The Santa Village alone was at 200 doughnuts at one point. Plus who doesn’t want Santa Homer flying over your Springfield.

  8. Was shaving and couldn’t shoot out a question! 🙁

    Got my ‘Keep Springfield Weird’ t-shirt in the mail yesterday, woo hoo!!

  9. So Patric was making some good comments about shelbyville possibly being above Springfield Heights. When I got the monorail tunnels, if you put them on the mountain range, but not in the Springfield heights area, it says ‘unlock both sides of the mountain first to place that there!’ So I definitely thinks this eludes to the area being opened up for Shelbyville in the future.

  10. I’m always working when you guys do this, wah. At least I can watch the video later but I’d like to participate live! I’ll tell you when all of my Saturdays off are and next time you can schedule it around me! 😛😛😛😛😛

    I checked my grammar, grammar police! lolol

  11. Someone stole my burrito™

    People needed to express their disappointment and have a place to do it. I don’t necessarily think people were looking for answers or for you ADDICTS moderators to have the answers.

    Do you think EA would understand the degree of disappointment felt by the fans of this game if they were not allowed to express themselves? I think they do now, because of exactly what happened here and the Forums “that you all hate but I see as useful in a different way.”

    I think they got the message because people were allowed to express themselves. And that’s really all there is to it.

    • In no way do I feel that people should not get to express their opinion about an update. However…the comments swayed into attacks on individuals and individual beliefs. BOTH sides tried to use this as a “GET OVER IT” bully pulpit. And by the 300th time you had read the exact same sentiments phrased in a slightly different way, it just got old and divisive.

      This site has always been about the game. Politics are avoided…and religion is even more divisive than politics (or intertwine horribly in the current day). This just isn’t the place. It’s why I did the two “I agree” posts. It gave people a chance to click their persuasion, without us having to read and parse every single reply for abuse, snarkiness, or partisan politics.

      But…TO YOUR POINT…Yes…I am guessing EA must have received the message that this one needed a tweak or two before release.

      • Someone stole my burrito™

        I get it. There’s a point when it turns personal and isn’t about speaking to the frustration and disappointment anymore. And watching your video you guys are at the point of just telling everyone to get past it, and I agree, but I just wanted to make sure that you understand the importance of having a place to have a voice ( until it gets ugly and needs to be moderated ).

  12. “If all the worlds a stage I want better lighting”, is a phrase I’ve been using for years. Pat, I’m all about production values and suggest better lighting for you. Besides that minor “flaw?” Great episode!!!

  13. Plow king!

    🎄 🎅 🇬🇧 😃

  14. When bunny going be in addict live or come back

  15. Why is She of little faith so low rated?! It’s an amazing episode, total classic 😀

  16. I had it on my calendar and I still missed it!!!!
    I didn’t see anything earlier, so I thought maybe it wasn’t happening today.

  17. There is a carol about rain…

    It’s Rudolph the Red knows rain dear

    • Needs a comma after rain. 😉 😘

      The grammar police never rest, lol! 😜

      Oh, and does that make Rudolph a communist?

      (Think maybe I gotta go run and hide somewhere now…)

      • The original joke that I heard many, many years ago, involves an American woman arguing with a Russian man as to whether it is raining or sleeting and her husband says to her: Rudolph the red knows rain, dear.

        So yes, Rudolph was a communist – at least in the joke

      • Well he does help distribute gifts evenly across the world, regardless of class. So maybe he is a Marxist.

      • I think in the original joke Rudolph the Red was a Viking. Could be wrong, but that’s how I remember it. Two Vikings having a fight over whether it was raining or snowing…pretty silly, but at 8 years old, it seemed hilarious.

  18. That was great as always 🎄 🇬🇧 😃

  19. Santa Homer is awesome! Where did you get him?

    • Interesting. As with most of his appearances, God has 5 fingers per hand in this scene as well. But I never noticed JC has 4 fingers like everyone else.

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