Should I Spend Donuts On the Fever Bundle, Blocko Store, Ski Lift (& Stupid Sexy Flanders) or the Ski Chalet?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s snowing in our pocket-size Springfields!  Yes that magical time of the year when our towns are blanketed with snow and there are LOADS of items from Winters past to spend those sprinkles on!

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything that looks awesome because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should Fever Bundle, Blocko Store, Ski Lift (& Stupid Sexy Flanders) or the Ski Chalet to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these throwbacks to your Springfield…

ico_stor_single_feverbundle blocko building skilift_menu unlock_ned_stupidsexyflanders skichalet_menu



Leaves December 15th…

Bundle/Items: Fever Cabin, Fever Snowman Burns, Fever Snowman Homer
Cost: 25 donuts
Previous Post: Fever Bundle
My Opinion On It Now: Cheapest price it has been for those three items (except when they were initially released, and they were free), but in the end they’re just decorations.  No cash/xp or bonus % earned with any of the items.  So it’s one of those, if you like them and think they’d fit nicely in your Springfield grab them.  Otherwise..pass.  Overall rating…Meh.

blocko building

Leaves Stores December 16th…

Building: Blocko Store
Donut Cost: 30 Donuts.
Should I Buy Posts: Blocko Store
My Opinion On them Now:  Inexpensive price for a highly sought building.  While it’s made a comeback a few times as premium, this is one of the cheapest donut prices I’ve seen for it.  The Blocko Store was originally part of the East 2014 Event and was a very hard to win prize in one of the Egg Boxes. It does earn income and has a nice design, so if you’re in the market for a fun building pick this one up.  It’s a reasonable price and there’s a task there for Chalmers (2hr permanent task).  Overall rating…Good Buy

skilift_menu unlock_ned_stupidsexyflanders

Leaves Stores December 16th…

Character/Decoration Combo: Stupid Sexy Flanders (Skin) and the Ski Lift
Donut Cost: 150 Donuts, with a 40 Donut Rebate.  So net 110 Donuts
Should I Buy Posts: Ski Lift
Bonus %: Earns a 4% bonus on all cash and XP (Ski Lift)
My Opinion On them Now:  I liked it then and I like it now.  Fun combo, especially this time of the year.  Flanders has some funny tasks and the lift looks nice in Springfield.  In the summer the snow melts on the lift and it becomes a green hill.  If you have the donuts and you’ve been looking for a premium skin for Flanders grab this combo.  Otherwise pass.  Overall rating…Ok.


Leaves Stores December 16th

Building: Ski Chalet
Donut Cost: 80 Donuts
Previous Posts: Ski Chalet (Craftable 2015)
My Opinion On them Now:  I wasn’t a huge fan when it was free, although I do have one in my Springfield and I certainly think 80 donuts is WAY overpriced for a building.  Sure it looks nice as part of a ski resort area..but 80 donuts?! In my mind this one is a pass.  Overall rating…Pass.

And there you have it my friends, the breakdown on the returning premium items to hit our stores.What are your thoughts on the Fever Bundle, ski items and the Blocko Store?  Do you own any of them already?  Will you be purchasing them this year?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

50 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On the Fever Bundle, Blocko Store, Ski Lift (& Stupid Sexy Flanders) or the Ski Chalet?

  1. The only thing I don’t have is the ski lift, and I’m still rather torn on whether I should buy it. I have skins that pay premium for Flanders, so that’s not really a selling point. I won’t have anywhere to put it until they release what might be the last strip of land to the north, and then I could put it perpendicular to those mountains and maybe try to do a whole range of mountains with other expensive items. But who knows when that land will be unlocked. I dunno. Wish I had all month to buy other stuff and then decide 😝

  2. Hi guys, I need some help please! I still need a premium skin for Flanders so I’m quite tempted to buy either the Santa bundle or the ski lift bundle. Just wondered which you thought might be better? Santa is an incredible deal (I don’t have Santa Homer either, though I do have his premium fat homer skin) but then the ski lift is an interesting addition and I could use the skin year round. Thoughts?!

    • I guess it depends on how much you think you’ll want to use a Santa skin year round. (Also, in case you care, Homer’s Santa skin didn’t pay premium, but I know it’s Ned’s that you were more interested in anyway…)

    • I’m personally not a huge fan of the Stupid Sexy Flanders skin, not because it’s not a great character skin or questline (it is), but because it both the 4 hour and 12 hour tasks require Homer, and I like all my characters and skins to have the basic 1, 4, 8, 12 and 24 hour individual tasks. Personally, I would go for Santa Flanders, who has some nice outdoor animations, but it’s really up to you.

      • I wish I had known that before I purchased it…I might have passed on it. But the ski lift its kind of a nice deco, and it gave me a chance to pull a couple of my chalets out of storage, at least.

  3. Does anyone still have the offer for the Festive Burns Mansion, Compound, Sanjay’s House, etc? I thought this one was sticking around until the 21st, but it has disappeared from the store. I really wanted to pick these up…

  4. Yep, you’ve convinced me on the ski lift. I was probably going to buy it anyway to partially alleviate my devastation at missing Springfield Gorge, but this was swayed me.

  5. I’m super bummed I can’t get a second ski lift. I would have never even known if it weren’t for this post.

  6. I eagerly await your SIB on the Gil deal. 170 donuts is a LOT but I kind of want to get it anyway just because this event is causing sooooo much controversy and maybe the items special to this event will never, ever come back

    • Good point! Also, those of us who enjoy this sort of thing should support it with our wallets.
      Hmmmm, I may have just talked myself into it. I was debating because I can’t find a single image of Ba’al that looks like their weird sphinx thing, and I have no idea where I should put it in my increasingly full town, but now I think I have to go buy it…

  7. I never liked the ski chalet either so what I did was put it next to the pancake restaurant which looks similar and it looks like a double building now.

  8. Already have Burns Fever Snowman and Homer Fever Snowman. Why they are available for me to purchase this year again? Those aren’t unique?

  9. Please add chrismas raccoon! <3

  10. The snowmen are 10 each of you already have the cabin

    • This isn’t normally like me, but I’m more than a little annoyed that they offered me the Fever Cabin by itself, which I bought, only to release the Fever Bundle for less such a short time later.

  11. Stupid sexy Flanders!
    Yup…had to 🙂

  12. By the looks of it this morning. Should have waited. “Now who’s laugh-ing, Now who’s laugh-ing” –pagan chant. 🙂

  13. Annnnnd there goes all my doughnuts..

  14. Has anyone had problems with the singing stones? Mine do sing but when you tap on homer to do the task mine stays at 0/8 constantly. Then I couldn’t log into the Simpson. How do you find the elf? I no longer have the magnifier to show me where to go to find the elf? Help!!!!

  15. …and just like that I’m outta doughnuts.

  16. Like the new format, Alissa! 🙂

    At the net price, Stupid Sexy Flanders and his ski resort finally won me over. Plus, it gave me a reason, finally, to take out a couple of the four oversized chalets I’ve had stuffed in my inventory. But this new tableau now occupies the various least bit of land I had left along the mountains…I thought there would be more, because the land I bought was only about $165,000, and I thought some of the newer land sold for over a million. Have they really just been noisily mostly adding land to the east? I mean, I guess it makes sense and it’s easier…

  17. Stupid Sexy Flanders! *shakes fist*

    • ThatOneWeirdTapper

      Feels like i’m wearing nothin’ at all!

      • Homer: OK, don’t panic. Remember what the instructor said.
        Instructor: If you ever get into trouble, all you need to do is…
        Flanders: Feels like I’m wearing nothin’ at all! Nothin’ at all! Nothin’ at all!
        Homer: Stupid sexy Flanders!

        Still makes me laugh after all these years 🙂

  18. Josephine Kick@$$

    I think I’m more excited at the returning items available, than I am of the event … (hangs head) SO looking forward to act 2😀😀
    I pretty much got them all😊

  19. Stupid Sexy Flanders was an immediate buy even with my sad amount of freemium donuts.

  20. I just bought the fever cabin and each item has .25% bonus, .75% overall, kind of a good deal considering I bought them thinking no bonus was associated with these items. I think the cabin is cool, takes you back to the episode

  21. Had to look twice when i saw Blocko Store’s price. Always like seeing it in my neighbors towns. But never wanted to drop 80 donuts or so or whatever it was offered before in the past. But for 30? Heck yeah.

  22. Hey hey, should probably say that each of the 3 items on the Fever Bundle carries a 0.25% Bonus, so a total of 0.75% Bonus. Not a bad buy for 25 donuts

  23. I already had everything except the ski lift and I’ve wanted it since it came out, so it was an easy buy to finally add it to my Springfield.

  24. I’d have to check but I think the fever snowmen now award a small bonus %. I have one of each that I got for free when they were first introduced. I recently nuked my Springfield and one of the first things I did was place all my bonus% multipliers so I could keep earning decent income while I redesigned. I am pretty sure I pulled them out of storage due to a bonus%. I could be mistaken though.

  25. I wonder if they’ll release Wayne Gretzky as a playable character on tsto. That’d be sick. Lol

    • As my room is a shrine to The Simpsons, Batman, and Wayne Gretzky; nothing would give me greater joy than having the Great One roaming my Springfield with Fruit-Bat-Man.

      As I’ve stated in numerous comments since 2013, Gretzky is the reason why my username is my name followed by 99.

      • I seriously hope they will find some way to do it, but I have a feeling it’ll cost EA a fortune to obtain a license to use Gretzky……unless they decide to call the character: The Great One. Lol.

        They already gave us Stephen Hawking, so I thought maybe they could give us Gretzky…

  26. If you need a further incentive about the ski lift, it looks very nice on the right side of Mt. Springfield. Put the Hungry Hun nearby, a few ski chalets, pave with some cobblestone roads, and you have a nice little Bavarian ski resort.

  27. I was waiting for the Stupid Sexy Flanders Ski Lift. I wanted it for a couple of years now.

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