Two Things About Winter Act 1 Ending and Act 2 Starting (Day 13 & Catnip/Figurines)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in on this snowy NJ day to address a couple of concerns we’re seeing over and over and over and over again in the comments..

How Do I Unlock Day 13, If Act 1 Ends Tomorrow?!
You’ll unlock Day 13 tomorow, just like you’ll unlock Day 14 the next day and Day 15 the day after that.  I know you only see 13 days visible at the moment, but there are over 20 days to these daily turn ins so relax.  🙂  Oh and day 13…there isn’t really a bonus prize there.  That image is just a place holder.  So tomorrow don’t freak out that you didn’t unlock anything special…just Runestones and Donuts.  Those are the prizes…

Will Catnip and Figurines Carry Over?

As I said in a couple other posts and comments, I don’t know.  I’m not 100% sure, and I won’t be until I’ve got in game confirmation. HOWEVER…based on some graphics and guide panel changes in the files it does appear that they will not.    Panels like this…


But again..I’m not 100% sure.  Personally, I’m playing as if they aren’t.  Act 1 was super easy, I finished it on Tuesday, so I know no matter what Act 2 throws at us I should be ok.  So I’m spending what i’ve got, except for Runestones (the purple ones for crafting), since Runsetones will carry over.

Hope this helps guys!  Sorry I wasn’t able to post this sooner, I’ve been out most of the day and spending the rest getting some things ready for Christmas.  So I’ve been all over the place today…


51 responses to “Two Things About Winter Act 1 Ending and Act 2 Starting (Day 13 & Catnip/Figurines)

  1. Can you tell me what the counter is that appears at the top of the screen when the elf is released and you have to try and catch it. For me it tends to stop at around 9 or 10 but has been as low as 5. Doesn’t seem to effect the reward you get either……


  2. Thanks for the info!

    I was planning on saving everything to get a jump on Act 2, but after seeing this I traded in for 36 bonuts. That would have been kind of a bummer to lose.


  3. I wish I had come here and checked what you’d said about catnip and figurines. I kept mine thinking they would’ve been useful, could’ve got another 3 bonuts 😦
    Any idea what the guilt dust is for?


  4. I’m glad this question was answered! I was wondering if there was some kind of prize for Day 13th. Thank you!


  5. Thanks for this post I was holding on to my catnip and figurines till I read this post so they would have gone to waste and would have missed out on abot 20 bonuts.


  6. Well, lesson learned…always listen to Alissa! (Hope Riley learns that lesson early, lol!) I was betting that catnip and figurines would carry over, a la the casino event, but I lost that bet. But, as I said in a previous comments, I won’t complain about all of the catnip and figurines that I had stored and could have traded in for antlers, since I knew I was taking a gamble not listening to Alissa! Fortunately, I played to the middle ground and did cash some in last night.

    Unfortunately, this article came out too late for me to see it in time, but I’d rather that you have a happy and low-stress Christmas season, Alissa, than that you worry about getting an article out sooner. People need to remember that everything you do on this site is on a volunteer basis…you don’t owe us anything!!!

    Now, when will the SIB on the Wiccans be out? 😉 😉


  7. I’m really, really glad Act I *was* super-easy because we had to move in with my father-in-law on an emergency (and hopefully, temporary) basis and we were without internet for 3 weeks. I managed to get all of the prizes and one round of bonuts before Act I ended. 🙂


  8. That ‘Day 13’ thing was misleading. From the image it looked like it was going to be a decoration trophy or prize for getting all the daily bonuses. Seems weird they had had a placeholder image for something they weren’t going to use at all, since the daily counter reset to 1 rather than going up to 20+. The pagan numbers seem rather low, btw, at only 15. Has that happened before? Usually there are around 40 event things to tap, right?


  9. Looks like we don’t get that 13 item from the pagan temple.
    Was anyone able to actually get it?


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