Satyr Willie: Tasks and How To Get Him

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So Act 2 of the Winter Event hit our Pocket-Sized Springfields in the early morning hours on Sunday, and with it arrived a whole new questline to work our way through. AND an all new skin for Willie!

Let’s take a quick look at how you unlock this new skin for Willie, as I know some of you are having some difficulty unlocking him, and the tasks he comes with…


How Do I Get Satyr Willie?

So Satyr Willie is a FREE skin that unlocks via the Act 2 questline. You either complete: Like a B.O.S  and A Happy Meal, which has two 6s tasks, or Yule Love It! Pts 3 and 4, again two 6s tasks, and then you’ll unlock him.

I’ve Completed Those Tasks, No Satyr Willie.  Where Is He?

First, double check your task book and see what’s open there.  You really won’t be able to progress in the questline without Satyr Willie.  So check to see what icons are in your Task Book and what tasks are still open.
If you’ve checked the Task Book and you’re sure you’ve finished the tasks…check Willie.  Tap on Willie and toggle left/right to see if the Skin is there…

2016-12-19-22-17-00 2016-12-19-22-17-05

Finally, if you’ve checked both the task book and Willie’s costumes currently available…check your inventory, your full inventory, to see if it was placed there by mistake.

If all else fails, contact EA.

You should have him, and you’ll need him to progress through Act 2.  So be sure if you can’t find him you contact EA to let them know you did not receive him.

Satyr Willie’s Permanent Tasks

willie_satyr_eat_heartily_image_11 willie_satyr_play_the_flute_active_image_3 willie_satyr_eat_heartily_image_23

Task Length Earns Location
Play the Flute 1hr $70, 17xp Outside/Visual
Eat Heartily 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Do Some Self Hoof Care 8hrs $275, 70xp Willie’s Shack
Toss Some Cabers 8hrs $275, 70xp Willie’s Shack
Worship Dionysus 12hrs $420, 100xp Willie’s Shack
Carve Wooden Figurines 24hrs $600, 150xp Willie’s Shack

And there you have it my friends.  Some quick info about how to get Satyr Willie, what to do if you didn’t get him & what his tasks are.

Thoughts on Satyr Willie? Were you able to unlock him?  Is he missing for you? Thoughts on his tasks? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

28 responses to “Satyr Willie: Tasks and How To Get Him

  1. I can’t use the toss some cabers job. It says it requires *null

  2. Luck with getting willies new skin. I’ve completed all the required tasks, checked my inventory & no satyr willie! Kind of stuck now!

  3. You have to update the gnome box first…. I didnt realise this!

  4. Satyr Willie has been a lol fest (for me)
    I’ve been cackling thru this whole Winter Event
    I’m fine if next year it’s Hanukah / Kwanzaa
    (I’d be bored if it was Xmas again & again)
    I wish Krustyland got something New 😉

  5. alex - aabcampos2

    His 4hrs task “Eat Heartily” needs “Devil Snowman” decoration. (act2 first prize)

    If you don’t win “Devil Snowman” or it’s in your inventory you can’t use his 4hrs task.

  6. I still have the 6 second learn about Christmas task with the characters. I have finished the act one quest line. Does anyone else currently have this issue? It doesn’t seem to be going away.

    • Issue? It’s a blessing. I’ve been sitting and getting some nice cash from everyone with it. I don’t know why it’s there or when it’ll go away, but it’s not hindering anything, so I think it’s pretty neat.

      • It’s hindering me from flying through the task lists and sending everyone on 8hr tasks quickly. I don’t mind it being there but when it’s set as one of those “priority tasks” where your list constantly scrolls at the top instead of starting at the same hourly task that you sent the previous character on it gets extremely time consuming and annoying.

        • If it’s a priority task in Yellow. then you haven’t completed the amount of springfielders to finish the task. I finished the task and it is just part of the regular task in the list. So go in and finish off by sending more to complete it.

  7. They didn’t even think to animate his caber toss? For shame…

  8. Who writes the dialogue for this game? Does EA get help from the writers of the show? Having Willie say that the Book of Shadows was published by “an English dude” seems really un-Willie-like. Can’t say I’ve ever heard his character say dude in the show. Do Scots say dude?

    Just seems completely out of character.

    • I agree. It is written by some of the “lesser” writers from the show, that do double duty. That line was pretty lazy…

      • Seems like a running theme with this event in general. It feels like everything was just lazily lumped together. I don’t mind the Pagan theme so much but if trying something new equates to this level of quality then I really hope they stick to traditional Christmas next year.

        Hopefully whatever they have planned for the would-be 3rd Act explains where all their attention was focused because this has been the most underwhelming event so far for me. It seemed like they started the year strong with the Casino event and it’s just a gradual decline in fun and quality since.

        • LOL…maybe YOU should write our “Year-End-Recap” post. I have been tasked to do so, and realize that in many cases, the year did kind of fizzle. I may have to chart that…”the Fizzle-O-Meter”

        • I really don’t want another “traditional” christmas, i don’t really see that many new options for that, they should do hannukah next year – center it around Krusty, at least it would be something new instead of santa/elf costume for everyone and another xmas tree.

          • Chanukah in 2017 starts Tuesday evening Dec 12 and ends the evening of Dec 20. So it could would quite well in to the winter/christmas segment of the game
            Krusty needs more activity in the game over all since their doing nothing with Krustyland.

  9. I have had a quest that required satyr Willie for a few days, so I was glad to see this post. After reading it I found that I was stuck on “happy meal” and had to send homer to binge on chicken fingers. Which is what he was and has been doing, but Sent by clicking on moe’s tavern, the 3 hour job. So I sped him up, clicked him and found he had a 6 sec. Job to binge on chicken fingers. I Sent him to do that and satyr Willie unlocked.
    In case anyone else is stuck there, check that. 😊

  10. On act 1 the 13 day award never opened for me or my neighbors no one has it. Is there a reason for this?

    • There was no special day 13 award. It was simply a continuation of the runes or donuts awards (as in Act 1.) EA did create confusion with that different day 13 icon, causing a lot of tappers to ask this question here and on other TSTO forums.

  11. I honestly feel like EA has added some minor characters/skins but the character development and visual tasks are AMAZING! Best I have seen in a while.
    The Narnia reference made me laugh 😂

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