Should I Spend Donuts On Baby Gerald, White Witch Burns or King Winter?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s snowing in our pocket-size Springfields!  Yes that magical time of the year when our towns are blanketed with snow and there are LOADS of items from Winters past to spend those sprinkles on!

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything that looks awesome because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Baby Gerald, White Witch Burns or King Winter (and his cave) to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these throwbacks to your Springfield…

unlock_babygerald unlock_mrburns_whitewitch King Winter (2) kingwinterscave_menu


Character: Baby Gerald
Cost: 100 donuts
Previous Post: Baby Gerald
My Opinion On It Now: So he’s a bit over priced, BUT it’s Baby Gerald.  He’s such a classic Simpsons character, how could you not have him in your town?  Not to mention he has some fun tasks.  Grab this one if you don’t already have him. Final thought: Buy. 


Leaves Stores December 24th…

Character/Skin: White Witch Burns
Donut Cost: 60 Donuts.
Should I Buy Posts: White Witch Burns
My Opinion On them Now:  So it’s a hilarious skin for Mr. Burns.  BUT Mr. Burns has a ton of costumes in this game.  So, it’s not a bad buy…but it’s a meh buy in my opinion.  If you don’t have any premium skins for Burns pick it up, otherwise think about how often you’ll actually use it and decide if it’s worth it for you.  Final Though: Meh, likely a pass. 

kingwinterscave_menu unlock_kingwinter

Leaves Stores December 24th…

Character/Decoration Combo: King Winter and His Cave
Donut Cost: 175 Donuts, with a 75 Donut Rebate. Net 100 Donuts
Should I Buy Posts: King Winter
Bonus %: Earns a 4.5% bonus on all cash and XP (Cave)
My Opinion On them Now: So not only did they lower the cost, with the rebate, but they bumped up the bonus %.  And you guys know that a character/deco (or building) combo for 100 donuts I’ll tell you to buy all day.  Buy this one. Final thought: Buy. 

And there you have it my friends, the breakdown on the returning premium items to hit our stores.What are your thoughts on the Baby Gerald, White Witch Burns and King Winter?  Do you own any of them already?  Will you be purchasing them this year?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


39 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Baby Gerald, White Witch Burns or King Winter?

  1. Are they available thru the 24th? Or they’re gone by the 24th? Because I don’t see them anymore. Kinda frustrating.


  2. Maybe EA needs to offer better deals / better % on those Freemiums they’re reselling to noobs (or risk a lot of “meh” not spending Donuts) …

    I think this voucher idea should be permanent with Tasks that earn them (it would encourage all to Tap more often)


  3. I’ve had White Witch Burns since he first came out, and although I don’t get to use him as often as I’d like, I adore this skin and the two main visual tasks. I’m a HUGE Narnia fan, so this was a must buy for me and I’ve never regretted it. (I also have the other two items already).


  4. White Witch Burns is my favorite skin for him (besides the Stonecutters). I bought it last year for my other 2 games, & as soon it was offered again, I snatched it up quick!


  5. Picked up King Winter right away. Already have Gerald from last year (does he pay premium now? Haven’t checked).
    On the fence about White Witch Burns. When he’s not in the railyard, he’s in his gorilla vest, so I don’t really see the point in a new skin for him. He and Homer have the most skins and they both have several premiums already, so I’m always hesitant about buying another one for either of them.
    That being said, if EA ever releases a Donut Head Homer from Treehouse of Horror IV, I will instantly buy it no matter how much it costs, never remove it from Homer and always make him do outside tasks. Come on EA! Do it for me, please!


  6. If I win Ebenezer Burns in the holiday mystery boxes that came out this morning, I’m gonna be bummed about sending the donuts on White Witch Burns, because I mostly bought that just to give Burns a premium skin.


  7. I’ve just noticed two items paying XP bonus that didn’t used to. The Giant Outdoor Fireplace is paying 1%, and the Ice Sculpture Couch Gag is paying 0.5%. I only noticed the former because it’s one of the possible “Mystery Presents” introduced today. Strangely, since I pulled my fireplace out of storage it no longer appears on the list of prizes.


  8. I just bought on impulse the ducking chair before the should I buy post, hope I don’t regret it! Do we need to do side quests now such as Millhouse and Bart going to the ball pit or can they wait? Thanks.


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