Should I Obtain? Complete Gift Voucher Prize Guide


Let us begin with a reminder that ALL of our “Should I Buy” guides are merely to be used as tools to make up your own minds as to whether an item is worth your time in ROT (Return On Tapping) ratio.  It is the OPINION of the writer (me), and nothing more. You, the player, always have the Free Will to ignore said opinions and obtain (I hesitate to use the word “purchase” as these are Freemium offerings that you win randomly). anything your little heart desires. Because let’s be honest…these posts are ALL about your happiness and contentment. Right?

I’m actually going to make this EAsy.  There is a LOT of stuff…but, as you will see, there are only a handful of gems in between loads of potential clutter.  So, let’s dig in!
As laid out in the previous post, the Gift Vouchers are redeemed in three potential segments, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Not surprisingly, the best stuff is in the Platinum segment, and the more “cluttery” stuff in the Silver.  Gold is always gold…nice, but certainly not platinum!

And again, a reminder that EA did the segmentation. I had nothing to do with it. So if you think that the “Tropical Island” should be Gold instead of Silver, take it up with EA. Although…I agree that it just sits there…looking all island-y. Tempting you during bad weather to escape to the sunny climes of a tropical island…but, I digress…

The Chart Below shows ALL of the Prizes in their appropriate categories.
Those in BOLD are the ones that I think are the best buy for their segment.
(Click graph to see full size)

As this part of the update is really pretty much just a Randomizer attached to an algorithm that knows what you already have…the list below is really just a rating system of what is being offered...but, it is RANDOM…so you are barely picking.

The bad news? This is the wHell all over…but, with a donut penalty for long-time players.  The good news?  I have almost all of this stuff…and there was a REASON I don’t have what I don’t have. So…I’m not sweating it.  I hope you all have the same attitude.  But, on to my picks…

Expanded Description of my Picks
Stepping back from the list, it’s EAsy to see why EA broke the presents into three categories.  Almost all of the stuff in the SILVER CATEGORY could be labeled as “Nice decorations if you have the Space.” Because, make no doubt about it, most of these are buildings with very little to offer, except diversity in neighborhood planning and decoration.

BEFORE YOU ASK…I’m not going to get into the earning/multiplier stuff here. For the most part, very few of the prizes earn multiplier percentages. Most are just decorations or skins.

Tapped Out Festivus CBG.png

  • Christmas Clams $50 a Pound – Meh…funny name.
  • Leftorium Express- Ned had a store. This isn’t a store.
  • Picture on a Rembrandt – Small…but has a great history.
  • Tropical Island- One of my picks, because it DOES add some color and warmth to an otherwise strangely bland ocean in the game.
  • Plow King’s Plow- even if you don’t have the Plow King, it is one of the more unique vehicles in Sprinfield.
  • Virgil’s Cabin- Really underwhelming.
  • Abercrombie & Rich- Funny name…kind of lame followthrough.
    Springfield Animal Shelter – Strangely out of place. But, maybe a funny added option for your Cat-A-Pult if you have one.
  • Wooly Bully – A freemium building that was “meh” at the time…and only gets more “meh” with time.
    Helter Shelter- I have it. But, because I find the name disturbing.
  • Fort Sensible-while it is for the most part, just a large decoration, I love mine, and have it near a “Fun Center” that includes a maze and the “Escalator to Nowhere”
  • Ebenezer Burns Skin- OK. I maybe SHOULD have bolded this one, except that Burns is now really getting thick with skins for the Christmas season.  I have this one…but never use it because the other ones are funnier.
  • Fetivus Comic Book Guy Skin- I LOVE the concept of Festivus.  It was a hilarious bit on Seinfeld, and CBG deserves something unique and funny.
    Christmas Raccoon- Nah.  We have the real thing here in my back yard. They are messy little devils.

Tapped Out Mr. Plow.png

  • Spruce Caboose- love it…have it…but not for everyone.
  • Sequel Stop – Makes a funny sound effect…and that’s about it.
  • Chocolate Shoppe – cool building…and good blerpy sound effect
  • Victor’s Secret- I have it, but forget it’s even in my game. Why? It’s a secret.
  • Springfield Skating Rink- I remember being happy when I won this before. Has  nice sound effect…that makes me smile.
  • Springfield Mall- Not a fan. Malls in general are a blight. But, this one is pink, and weirdly out of proportion compared to other buildings.
  • Plow King Skin– Gotta have it. Only because it is from one of my favorite episodes.
  • Mr. Plow Skin– Gotta Have it. The Plow King without Mr. Plow?  UNTHINKABLE!
  • Mrs. Sinclair- I’m not going to lie. The creepy, sadistic tone of the orphanage and Mrs. Sinclair would fit into a Dickens novel, or 1984.

Sophie.pngMr. Costington.png
Platinum Packages

  • Bear Cave- Don’t get me wrong. This is a very cute decoration. But, it IS a decoration. Does earn a 0.75% multiplier.
  • Costington’s (and Mr. Costington)- I LOVE this guy. He is one of those characters that can “Out-Cranky” even me. A full character and a building. It’s enough to make one bluster!
  • Springfield Orphanage-this one is creepy. The sound effect makes my heart stop…
  • Buckingham Pay-Less Motel- Really weird. I have it in my Vegas Springfield…but it is pretty “meh”
  • Wall E. Weasel’s- Not worth the work to get it.
  • Slide Factory – This is just weird. I didn’t care for it when I got it, and still don’t. NOT a Platinum-worthy package in my opinion.
  • North Pole Monorail Station- If you love the Monorail…and don’t have this station…GET IT.
  • Efcot Center- Underwhemling.
  • Sophie Krustofsky- I love this little girl. Krusty needs her around to keep him on the up and up. Full Character. She’s sweet.
  • The Yes Guy- Say no to the yes guy. I do like his weirdly old-fashioned “Yeeeeeeeeessssss” way of talking, just like Frank Nelson and Jack Benny.  But he grows tired after a bit of running around nervously.

Again…these are my opinions. And you know the old joke…”Opinions are just like elbows…they help you move both ways.”  OK. Not so much a joke, as dodging the real joke which doesn’t use an elbow as the body part metaphor.

What do YOU Think of the ratings?  What is YOUR favorite Mystery Gift? Let us know. You know we LOVE to hear from you.


88 responses to “Should I Obtain? Complete Gift Voucher Prize Guide

  1. TallSpiderCandy

    I’m bummed that I’ve been working for a while to earn enough vouchers for a chance…and was 50 away for gold with the event ending soon after I could collect…and accidentally hit the button for silver! Fort Sensible it is lol. 🙂

  2. I never saw gift vouchers??? Not sure how or why. I played the entire event, got all the prizes and crafted everything, but I never saw vouchers – any idea why?

  3. D’oh! I Got the Buckingham Pay-Less Motel. Not very satisfied, the worst prize of my list (6 items). I preferred Sophie or the North Pole Monorail Station.

  4. I did the silver box and received the Fetivus Comic Book Guy Skin, but it doesn’t show up anywhere that I have it. I scrolled through Comic Book Guy’s skins and it’s not there. And it’s gone from my silver options.
    Anyone have an idea on what I can do? Or has this happened to anyone else that’s gotten a skin from the gift boxes?
    Thank you!

  5. Got Sophie on my first try in the platinum gift box, had a 50/50 chance. It was exactly what i wanted. Yay!!!

  6. Interesting post. I did not expect a ‘SIO’ post, as these prizes are RANDOM, and can make one frustrated if the prize received is not the one they desired. Perhaps to be more appropriately named as ‘Should I Gamble (SIG)’?

    Very grateful for my prize though – North Pole Monorail! Its my one and only attempt, which I was saving for. One in 6 chances. Most important, I love all things Monorail! (Would be sweeter if I could ‘Ride My Monorail’ without the ridiculous sleep timer kicking in after a mere 15 sec). Got it on Christmas Day, so guess this is my Christmas Present then. Really lovely.

  7. Springfield Animal Shelter – I never got the Building , I have all the rest, next on the list is Victor’s Secret (never got this Building, too) and that’s about it ….. 😉

  8. Wanting to say hello to my good neighbour Sean; We recently adopted an ACD (Aussie Blue Heeler Cattle Dog) pup from an animal shelter. Apart from some mild fear aggression he is such a joyful addition to our home! I agree with you that it’s the best thing you can do for an unwanted animal!

  9. I saved up for a platinum gift hoping to get Costingtons. I ended up with the bear cave. Oh well. I guess I’ll be happy enough to have the bear in Springfield after I do the quest. Plus, there’s the bonus % and he was free 😊

    • Same here. Got my first platinum box this morning. Wanted anything but the bear cave (could have got it at discounted donuts a week ago and passed). 1/6 chance. Got the bear cave. Oh well. Like you said, it’s free so I can’t complain.

  10. I saved up for a Silver Box, I was really hoping for any of the buildings, I would have been happy with any of them!! Instead I received Mr Plow Skin for Homer. I have seen posts from others wanting this one, but not me, I have enough skins for Homer! Oh well, its free, I won’t grip! 🙂

  11. I spent 2000 vouchers and all I got was one poxy damned Bear Cave 🙁

    On the plus side, there’s a couple of cheap items with good bonus XP also paying vouchers in the event sale. I just upped my XP by 4.75% for a mere 20 bonuts by buying the totem pole and the ice sculpture.

  12. Slow going but maybe I can get one platinum shot!

  13. All I really wanted was Fort Sensible for my wooded area of Springfield, so I handed in my vouchers for the silver gift and……I got it. It was either that or the animal shelter. I can’t complain – it’s a free building for me regardless of which I won. Thanks, EA. I’m now going to save up for the platinum gift and hope I win Girl Krusty or the bear cave. You can never, and I repeat, NEVER, have enough caves.

  14. I was planning on not buying the 1,000 (Gold) one and saving up to go for Platinum… but ACCIDENTALLY clicked on 1,000 )-; Got the stupid Christmas Clams. Wish I could sell it because don’t even want it in my inventory. Will never place it and it is just a waste. Oh well. My fault for accidentally double-clicking it.

    • I feel your pain, I did the same thing last night. Shame on EA for not having a ‘confirm vouchers spent’ button…

    • In believe the sign with a does come bonus % , so you might want to at least hide it away somewhere in your town, behind a building or something.

    • Yep I had the same thing but with the Gold (was saving for a platinum), luckily I got Victors secret which I don’t mind, had I got the spruce caboose train thing I would have been gutted.

  15. Ok, thanks EA for the free box ( got the Plough ).
    However you could have made it a bit easier to collect the vouchers to open more boxes. We are not all donut rich.
    C’mon it’s Christmas.

  16. I’m saving for the platinum, 1 in 4 chance to get Sophie Krustofsky, and I need all the characters XD

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