2016 Winter Event 101: Mystery Gifts

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The snow is falling in Springfield, which can only mean Winter has arrived in our pocket-sized towns!  And what better way to celebrate the Winter holidays than with presents?!!

This morning a Mystery Gift element was launched in our games, where you collect vouchers to earn returning Christmas/Holiday content.  And who doesn’t love presents?

I know a bunch of you have loads of questions about the ins and outs of how it all works, so let’s break it all down…


As we always do, let’s start with the basics…

What Are My Gift Box Options?


The options are:
Silver (1,000 ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg)
Gold (1,400 ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg)
Platinum (2,o00ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg)

What Are the Prizes In Each Box?

A variety of prizes are available from Christmas Events past.  So if there’s something you didn’t get, here’s your chance to get it.  Some were formerly premium items, others were event prizes.  Here’s a look at what’s in each box…
(if you click on the item name it’ll take you to the previous post about it)

Silver Gold Platnium
1,000 ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg 1,400 ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg 2,000 ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Christmas Clams $50 a Pound Spruce Caboose Bear Cave
Leftorium Express Sequel Stop Costington’s (and Mr. Costington)
Picture on a Rembrandt Chocolate Shoppe Springfield Orphanage
Tropical Island Victor’s Secret Buckingham Pay-Less Motel
Plow King’s Plow Springfield Skating Rink Wall E. Weasel’s
Virgil’s Cabin Springfield Mall Slide Factory
Abercrombie & Rich Plow King Skin North Pole Monorail Station
Springfield Animal Shelter Mr. Plow Skin Efcot Center
Wooly Bully Mrs. Sinclair Sophie Krustofsky
Helter Shelter The Yes Guy 
Fort Sensible
Ebenezer Burns Skin
Fetivus Comic Book Guy Skin
Christmas Raccoon

How Do I Earn Gift Vouchers? 


Gift Vouchers can be obtained two different ways.  The first is by playing the Gnome in Your Home game every 4hrs.  In addition to Chicken Fingers and Books, and guilt dust, the Gnome will also award Gift Vouchers.  The amount of vouchers you earn from the Gnome will increase as you level the Gnome up.  Here are the payouts at each level:

Level Reward
1 22ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
2 24ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
3 26ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
4 28ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
5 30ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
6 32ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
7 34ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
8 36ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
9 38ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
10 40ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
11 42ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
12 44ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
13 46ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
14 48ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
15 50ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg

You’ll also be able to earn Vouchers through various items purchased through the event.  Certain items will award a voucher rebate… 

And you’ll get Vouchers back.  Here’s the breakout of the Voucher Rebates and the items they’re offered on…

Click the links to be taken to detail posts or SIB posts if available

Item Rebate
Best Snowman Ever 240ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Gingerbread Mansion 420ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Murder Horn 1500ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Snow Monster 420ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Reindeer 120ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Fancy Igloo 120ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Duff Beer Tree 60ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Ice God 60ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Holiday Totem Pole 60ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Bonestorm Santa 270ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Frosty the Hitman 270ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Candy Kevin 270ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Kearneys Other Son 540ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Duff Center Arena 1200ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Giant Outdoor Fireplace 210ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Babysitting Service 720ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Elf Home 360ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Egg Nog Bar 360ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Festive Trashcan Fire 20ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Exotic Petting Zoo 205ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Pig of Paradise Pen 90ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Wooly Mammoth Pen 90ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Land Octopus Pen 105ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Nativity Scene 1050ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Marge Snowman 60ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Lisa Snowman 60ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Grampa Snowman 60ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Ice Sculpture Couch Gag 100ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
First Ever Christmas Tree 45ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Dancing Reindeer 135ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Xmas Trees Slightly Irregular 180ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Large Iceberg 150ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Medium Iceberg 90ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg
Dunking Device 480ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg

For returning items, you’ll notice a bunch are back in the stores now.  Some will be coming back in the coming days.

New items added to the store will also have rebates attached to them.  We’ll let you know what they are once those items hit.

Now here’s the part that’s a kick in the pants….if you already own those items (as in you got them for free as prizes during past events, or you paid donuts for them) you get nothing, as far as vouchers back.  You’d have to buy stuff over again, if you can.  (you’ll notice a bunch of stuff in your store now.

Incoming rant…

This kind of ticks me off.  It’s like EA is once again punishing loyal players who have played for years.  Not cool EA, and I hope you make an adjustment.  Even if it’s a partial voucher award for all the donut and sweat equity long time players have put into the game.  You should give us some kind of voucher bank to start with, as credit for all of the items we already have.  It’s just not cool.  So EA please make an adjustment to this.  It’s Christmas after all. 

Note: Listen I’ve got a few of you telling me EA has every right to do this, they’re a company they’re supposed to make money etc.  I get it.  And if you’ve followed this site you know that I always defend EA when it comes to reducing the price.  Or having you grind something out etc.  But you’ve got to understand, in the rant above I’m not talking about grinding out the vouchers. Please understand that. I’m talking about the fact that if I wanted more of the premium items in the store with the vouchers offered, I CAN’T BUY THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE UNIQUE.

Therefore I can’t take advantage of the same offer you can. Where you can spend 150 donuts for Murderhorn AND a Platinum box item. (or something similar), long time players are at a disadvantage with this one and it’s just not how you reward loyal players in my opinion.

If this was about grinding it out, I wouldn’t say anything. Because everyone is at the same place, and those who’ve spent donuts already or who have played for years are at a slight advantage because they’ve got less stuff in their boxes.
But this case…it’s a direct kick in the crotch from EA to those who have played for a long period of time. Grinding things out for years (as most of these were prizes at one point) or spent donuts already.

Even if they offered half the amount of vouchers for the items we already own I’d appreciate that.  This way it just puts those of us who’ve played for a long time at a disadvantage and THAT is what’s frustrating.

End rant…

How Do I Get A Mystery Box?

When you launch your game today you’ll receive a few popups about the Mystery Box.

2016-12-21-03-00-47 2016-12-21-03-00-52

You’ll then receive a task to Open a Silver Mystery Box..


EVERYONE will get this task, even if you already own everything. (if you own everything you’ll default to an Island, and then the box will disappear)

You’ll then be given 1,000 ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg to open the Silver Box (basically for free). Tap on the Purple 1,000 ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg icon to start the box…

NOTE: Opening ANY of the 3 boxes will clear the task.  So if you want something in the other boxes save the vouchers and wait to open another box.  Again it does NOT have to be the Silver Box to you open to clear the task.  So save them if you’d like (Thanks to Gio and several readers for pointing it out…)

Let me also point out, that you can buy the boxes straight out without having Vouchers.  The Silver is 50 Donuts, Gold 70 Donuts and Platinum 100 donuts.  IF you’ve collected vouchers already, those prices will be reduced. It’s .05 donuts for every ticket you have. So if you have 20 vouchers, it’s 1 donut off the price.  

Oh and clearing the tasks rewards 25ico_cur_xmas2016_giftreceipt_lg


2016-12-21-03-01-27 2016-12-21-03-01-30

Once you’ve completed the initial Mystery Box you’ll find it again in your store…


Simply tap the View Button to bring up the Mystery Box Trio to select a box to open.

I Don’t See the Mystery Presents In My Store?

If the Mystery Presents Icon disappears from your store, than you’ve likely already obtained everything available in the boxes.

If you don’t think that’s the case, contact EA.


And that’s really it to the Mystery Boxes my Friends.  For fear of being yelled at…it’s basically the Wheel once again.  EXCEPT…there are no “filler” prizes.  Once you earn an item it disappears from the box, so it’s fair.  And every prize is a decent prize.  (in other words there are no pink fountains, or snowmen to fill up your inventory trying to get a good prize)

It’s not a bad addition to the games, and if EA makes that adjustment to award older players vouchers for items they already have it’ll be even better!

What are your thoughts on the Mystery Presents?  Do you already own most of the items, so are your boxes pretty small?  Do you think you’ll take a Mystery Present “plunge”? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

264 responses to “2016 Winter Event 101: Mystery Gifts

  1. This is sort of like the wheel. Don’t like it. Would have been nice if they let us pick the prize.

  2. I don’t see the mystery boxes at all =(

  3. i guess i already had most of the first two levels from Christmases past but missed out on tropical island in 2014. I’m aiming for the only one left to get in the middle tier right now: Victors secret cuz it at least puts out cash. The game runs out in 2 days so i don’t think i can get enough vouchers for a $2000 prize

  4. So i got Sophie, Yes Man, the raccoon, and a skin for Barney. Doubt ill gather enough to get anything else. So i think im through.

  5. When it ends? I mean, I wanna save up as many tickets possible and hand in last minuten to get Max redeem…

  6. NICE POST!!! Since that started I didnt have a clue what do with the vouchers and what the heck was the mistery gifts… ’cause i already have them all. EA should put at least ONE NEW PRIZE for the players whom play from the begining…

  7. Nooooooooo! I won Sophie and as soon as I started her questline the game crashed. When I rebooted, it went back to the prize screen and gave me the monorail station! D’oh! On hold with EA now to see if they’ll give her back to me.

  8. So I spent money to get the vouchers but I seem to have all off the gifts since I have no boxes. So why don’t they allow us to buy other things with the vouchers then? I have over 5K. Kinda pissed off tbh.

  9. It says the event ends in about a day and a half, but the mystery boxes end in five days. Any idea if there will be some other way for us to continue earning vouchers after the event ends?

  10. Is there any strategy how to open the boxes to get what you want? Like if it gives the most left or most right gift , you can tap the other giftbox than back to what you want to open, so the order of the presents changes?

    • Difficult to say. The fact that the prizes don’t display in the same order every time would suggest a correlation, but I’ve not seen enough data to say for sure.

  11. Argh. Out of the 6 items available to me in the Platinum box that I finally earned enough vouchers for just now, 3 were characters (Sophie, Yes Guy, Costington’s) — I would’ve been fine with any of them, though I definitely wanted Sophie the most…

    But of course I got the completely useless to me North Pole Station. Happy Hanukkah, indeed.

  12. Boxes are kind of small, and I’m not looking forward to getting another tropical island or whatever. I wish we could forgo the mystery and just pick.

  13. Found it!

  14. Not sure if I’m in the recommended thread for this question but I searched “guilt dust” and this is where I landed. Is the dust useful now that we’re at max gnome level?

  15. Sorry if this has been asked and answered. I scanned all the comments and didn’t see it. The Mystery Presents appear to be available 4 days after Act 2 ends. Does this mean the Gnome in your Home will continue for 4 days after Act 2 ends and therefore we will be able to continue to collect voucher rebates by catching the Gnome in my own town and in my neighbor’s town?

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