Turbo Tappin’ Winter 2016: The Wiccans

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s snowing in Springfield and that can only mean one thing…Winter has arrived!

As part of the 2016 Winter Event, the Wiccans were a premium trio of characters in our stores.  And they came with their own questline to work your way through.

Remember that the Wiccans can help earn event currency, so it’s ok to hold off on doing their questline until the event is over.  It’ll still be there to work on once the event is gone.  So hold off until you’re ready.

So let’s take a look at the Wiccan questline to see just what happens when they arrive in Springfield…


Out of the Broom Closet Pt. 1
Wiccans start

Make the Wiccans Build Wiccapedia- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp

Out of the Broom Closet Pt. 2
Wiccans start

Make the Wiccans Cast a Spell- 4hrs, Earns $260.70xp

Out of the Broom Closet Pt. 3
Wiccans start

Make the Wiccans Worship Nature- 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Out of the Broom Closet Pt. 4
Wiccans start

Make the Wiccans Look for the Fourth- 24hrs, Earns $1000, 225xp

Out of the Broom Closet Pt. 5
Wiccans start

Make the Wiccans Perform an Esbat- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp

And that concludes the Wiccans qusetline!

What are your thoughts on the Wiccans?  Have you started their questline, or waiting until the event is over?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

19 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Winter 2016: The Wiccans

  1. I still have them on bonut duty. Did EA ever fix the advertised % thing? Like they were supposed to be (I forgot the exact number) 300% premium or something? From these quest numbers, looks like they’re normal premium.
    PS, just finished upgrading Lisa’s tree. Kind of bummed that it didn’t make her super- premium, like Burns and the money pile.

  2. They fixed their payout, so now they earn like crazy.

  3. This is off topic but is the Dunk the Monk just a decoration? It appears I wont reach enough to craft it, and not sure if it would be worth spending donuts on or not.

  4. Im almost done with the questline. On part 5. Got 6 characters since the event started so lots of excitement

    • I got Ling, Babysitter Bandit and JUST got Sophie 1 in 4 chance of getting her, so, sooo pleased 😊 Completed all activities for this event so now trying to get in bonuts & last build items 😊 Then it will be onto the character questlines.

  5. Josephine Kick@$$

    I grabbed them right away 😊 No regrets😊

  6. It was fun while it lasted. Just finished Pt 5 so I am now done. I was using them for getting the book to get my crafting done. Made them do a quest here and there so it all worked out in the end. Got everything I needed and wanted for this event.

  7. I know this has nothing to do with the Wiccans but I have looked around about the ice palace I could not find is everyone suppose to buy it to finish the task can we continue the game without it will the task ever leave our task bar or do we have to put the skin in our inventory I would not know how to do that thank you so much for all the help you all do for us understanding and playing taped out. Love the game and love this site

  8. I purchased them day they came out, but did not use them for anything but the event items, yet. Been collecting major bonuts.🍩🍩🍩

  9. I’m waiting until the event is over. While the event is going on, I’m focused on bonuts. There will be plenty of time for tasks later.

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