Around The World Event- Act I Calendar

Ah…every great world traveler needs a calendar to help you plan your next stop, stay on track, and keep earning your rewards! I know…Deb and I did a 9,600 mile, 23 state, cross-country driving trip this past summer…in just 30 days.  Staying on track allowed us to meander and enjoy the trip. And THAT is the goal of having a calendar for these huge events!

And…like trying to cover that much territory in 30 days, sometimes the numbers can be daunting. I’m not going to lie…this one seems a bit tough to hit all of the road-markers to collect all of the primary prizes. But, I suspect there will be some surprises, daily rewards, and all sorts of ways that EA will EAse the anxiety!

Let’s Take A Look!


As usual…I start on DAY ONE…because I don’t want you to relax for a minute (even though most of this still comes down to cycling every 4 hours). It is Do-Able…but you will have to be diligent to cover all of the miles required to get everything.

For those of you who are less Visual…and More LINEAR… Here is a quick and easy Graph Version of the info you need.


Buckle those seat belts…make sure to take your “rest stop breaks,” but you won’t have time for long, languishing meals or side trips to places not on the map. And keep you coffee cups full!

Have fun…seeing other places is the surest way to understand what makes us all similar, and breaks down misunderstanding between us. Right? And, if all else fails…just go to Epcot or Las Vegas…they have reasonable facsimiles of all of the good stuff. Have fun!

How are you doing after a full day…or two?  Panicking or confident?  You know we LOVE to hear from you.  


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  1. This is so, so useful! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. I was worried I was behind schedule and would miss the French abductor chaps at the end!


  2. Just unlocked Cesar and Ugolin. I don’t think I’ve ever been so far ahead on an event. Even with the ticket respawn timer upped, the airport exploit still lets you send way more characters than a traditional event would in a 4-ish hour span. Bring on the Bonuts!

  3. I have more than needed for the Bastille but I’m not receiving anything (it even says free and I click it and nothing by happens)

  4. According to the calendar I’m ahead of schedule. I’m at 22.8k pins so I’m a few thousand away from the Bastille but getting all the way to Cesar and Ugolin still steams daunting. Lots more grinding to do. Fingers crossed.

  5. Hopefully someone will see this but I am having an issue with receiving the third prize, the free land token. You’re supposed to need 13628 pins for it according to my game but I currently have 14106 pins but haven’t received it. Also it is saying I can get it now for -10 donuts (I tried clicking that thinking EA would give me 10 donuts but nothing happens lol). Has anyone had this issue or encountered it in previous events?

    • Is it sitting in your inventory? This happened to me. If you’re over the amount, you should be working towards the next prize already otherwise it’s an issue EA would need to fix.

    • I had the same problem with the previous price. What worked for me was hard closing the game and restart it. The price was awarded automatically.
      Going to Krustyland and back to Springfield might also work.
      In both cases the game is reloaded.

  6. Love your calendars! I always know to check here whenever an event rolls out.

    I was scared because I started the event pretty late, but I actually managed to catch up through normal play and I got my land token today.

    For those worrying: Catching up IS possible!

  7. The 4/5 plane ticket trick is really paying off! Send only 4/5 of your available characters on flights (making sure to complete your lost baggage tasks) then send the fifth on a random task… you get five new characters to send on flights (but only send four and repeat above)… ROCKING IT!

  8. I couldn’t find this being asked and/or answered, so if it has been I apologize. Are there bonuts for collecting extra pins?

  9. Uh oh. I didn’t start till 2/2. I really only want the Paris stuff in this event.

  10. Nice Calendar Patric 👍

    I’m having fun (even though an NPC Donkey doesn’t impress me and EA should know by now that non player characters are “no bueno”)😛

    Yes visiting Neighboreenos is a must (same with tapping Buildings) – but the time waiting for an international flight ticket to be available needs to change (are you listening EA?) 😊

  11. I’m not sure why but it’s been 24 hours and neither my a or b game has plane tickets.the timer resets but doesn’t pay out. Thus not allowing me to send characters to fight. I’m barely at around 1500 pins. At this rate ill be lucky to get half the items.I spent donuts on kukimo skin and can’t use her. I want my donuts back. Not happy EA

  12. The countdown timer for new plane tickets keeps resetting without giving me another ticket. Anyone else having this problem?

  13. I’m bored of this event already. A quest-line that is over in a day feels like EALPs have outdone themselves this time.

  14. How is it possible that I just receive the update announcement yesterday! Now base on the calendar digits I am behind. P.S. I am so confuse on the trick to send more characters on flights. I just send 2 flight and the 3rd one on a 60 minutes task, but I don’t see any more spot open for additional task. Can someone help, so I can retry again in 4 hrs.?

  15. I purchased the americatown building with the skin for the anime girl. It has a task for her to take a flight but she doesn’t show up in my list of characters at the airport who can take a flight. Help?

  16. o maaan, I just got yesterday at night and fall sleep even with my belt on after coming from work, already 2 days behind… I so not gonna make it

  17. I just unlocked Maurice but he is nowhere to be found. Anybody else missing him too? Help!

  18. I got the flu. The OSAKA FLU! 😃 🤢🤧😷🤒😃❗️

  19. I GOT THE FLU!!!!!!!
    (Just like in real life this week!)

    I added friends today who said they had it and either luck or coincidence or strategy paid off!


  20. I didn’t get it (or notice it) until today and I’m way behind!

  21. Anybody notice that the mountain range has been extended looks like we will be getting more land to the north later just hope they also expand more to the east soon! I know we just got load but could do with a couple more to the east. Looking forward to this update looks fun and as always thanks for the heads up patric!

  22. Hi is there the bonuts in this event?

  23. Is there anyone else out there that does NOT want to play these new events? I wish I could just construct my city without having to stop everything and mess with a new event. I don’t know about you, but the best times to play this game are the one to two weeks between these random updates that basically force you to play its content. I know, I know…there are many reasons why playing these events are important, and that I should give it a chance. I just don’t want to have random tasks on my task bar anymore. Please EA… create a button that allows you to NOT play a ranom event!!!!!

    signed, – an old fuddy duddy

    • if you don’t start the event, you only have to deal with the initial task in your task bar. I don’t play events in my B game because I only go there every few days to do daily tasks to earn donuts

    • Well, you don’t HAVE to play the events, but I completely understand your feelings! I too feel overwhelmed at the moment, but I’m still enjoying this event. It’s a lot of fun, with loads of great prizes IMO. But I agree with you that some downtime is welcome. I too have a lot of redesigning to do. Right now, my town is a collection of haphazardly thrown together areas that all have some great design elements but they don’t make sense together at all. I would nuke the town and start over if there were a few weeks of downtime.

      But in the end, EA is giving us a lot of fun stuff to do, and a lot of it is free. There aren’t many games that are updated so frequently, and with so much free content. So it’s a luxury problem from my point of view… #1stworldproblems 😄

    • I don’t find that event tasks take so much time that I can’t also design my town. In fact, I’m probably more productive during events because I’m in my game a lot more.

  24. Who is Pinky?

  25. anyone get the Osaka flu yet? just got it a few minutes ago in my game and not sure what to do with it.

    • Just play as you normally do. You’ll get an infected tourist once in a while and you get extra Pins and SkyCredits from tapping that tourist. Your Infection Severity bar will increase by 1 every time you tap an infected tourist, based on my observations so far. You’ll know if you have an infected tourist because the Osaka Flu tab in the event screen will alert you — just tap on the virus icon (which will have red spots instead of the normal all green) below the world map and you’ll be automatically moved to where the infected tourist is.

      Still unclear on how the infected tourist appears in my town — maybe from another infected neighbor tapping in my town? Totally guessing here.

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