Destination Springfield Removal is Live in App Stores…

UPDATE: It appears that EA has released another update removing the tourists from the store. Not sure if it’s an attempt to fix the bug detailed below or if they weren’t intended to be in the store at all,  only time will tell. For now,  please don’t panic about not seeing them.  They’ve disappeared for everyone,  me included.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Destination Springfield/Around the World removal is live now in App Stores.  So if you’re looking to remove the event officially from your games download it now…otherwise you can keep collecting pins/sky credits until EA forces you to update (remember it’s borrowed time…).  Here’s what’s referenced in the app store:

What’s interesting about this (and we’ll have more breakdown on this) is the reference, once again, to Military.  This was also referenced when the Christmas Event was removed….

Beyond that, there are few changes.  One funny one is some incorrect wording in dialogue:

So yes, you can purchase Tourists (60 Donuts) BUT there’s something screwed up with the coding.  So hopefully EA will jump in a fix this shortly.

Another change is, if you’ve purchased Sailor Kumiko she’ll now have a Sailor Kumiko specific questline.

And that’s it my friends!

Final thoughts on Destination Springfield? Will you be grabbing the tourists? What do you think is coming next? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

113 responses to “Destination Springfield Removal is Live in App Stores…

  1. Great event, still a lot of designing to do, best prizes since the Winter event and Halloween. Lots of fun characters.
    The only things I didn’t care for was the airport and the planes. It’s just too big and all the double accessories will go into storage. Anyone want some extra runway pieces? The planes look awkward and hard to place.
    Plus my Springfield is under a strict no fly zone. Santa Homer, Arnie, Fairy Kodos and Norbert are grounded until EA makes it so you can go about yr normal business without getting zapped across town when you accidentally tap on them.

  2. Do you think we will be able to craft runway straights and curved pieces at any point?

  3. Any idea if the teaser is for another full event or just a mini?

  4. I also enjoyed the event. I kind of wish they would shake the mechanics of some up though. Not in the dreaded wheel way – I am sure EA can be creative with the donut money I helped to give. 🙂 The Brazilian part of the event WAS a disappointment. Samba School is fine, but not really last prize worthy.

  5. I loved this event, but admit that I am really disappointed that additional runway pieces are not available to purchase or at least craft (like monorail pieces). Hopefully EA will make them available at some point. It has kinda ruined my whole airport plan now 😡

  6. Thanks to your advice to not update game today, I’m still collecting pins! Just got more BONUTS! Woohoo!

  7. No tourists avail for purchase on my game. I really think this event was a grind; So updated ASAP after using all crafting currency. I did finish by working hard & waking every night to reset.

    My airports on both games never generated tickets consistently. Even when I did a daily task that said “You won 2 tickets” they never showed. This event IMHO is up there with the Easter wheel & whacking day events as worst ever! My A game has been tapping since the game started.

    • EA apparently quickly issued a patch after the initial update went live, removing the tourists and the broken dialog for the time being. I assume that they will return today or later this week.

  8. I can’t find the update to remove the event. I’ve been waiting for 12hours. Half of my neighbors have already removed it so I can’t visit them. I really want to stop tapping tourists an collecting pins. It’s time to move on.

    • It was not in the App Store, for me. Rather it was in my update five – where all mynApp Updates are located

  9. When the Superheroes 2 event ended, they gave us the option of flipping our Orphan Alley skins to be empty or to have a group fighting. I was toggling back and forth but now I can’t toggle anymore. The last option I selected was to keep Orphan Alley empty and now I can’t switch back to having the villains fight again. I’m fairly sure I paid donuts to select which villains to buy as well.

    Anyone else experience this problem??

    • I just tried, and I don’t have this issue in my game. Try contacting EA about this issue.

  10. Still wondering where the tourists are?????

  11. The Tourists were definitely meant to be in the store as I got a notification from the game advertising the fact that they were available. So it is definitely them removing it while trying to fix the bog with the dialogue

  12. Loved the event. Despite I couldn’t get any bonut I really liked the prizes but I think Brazilian prizes could have been better.
    Now I’m preparing for the show off post here 🙂 and I have to say that my neighbors have really amazing city designs.
    Hope we don’t get a new event too soon ’cause I really need to buy some land and perhaps expand the monorail track.

  13. Loved the event. Despite I couldn’t get any bonut I really liked the prizes but I think Brazilian prizes could have been better.
    Now I’m preparing for the show off post here 🙂 and I have to say that my neighbors have really amazing city designs.
    Hope we don’t get a new event too soon ’cause I really need to buy some land and perhaps expand the monorail track.

  14. I do wish that they release all the tourists. I like the samba theme and asian theme tourists

  15. Great event EA! You are finding the sweet spot between “fun” and “grind out”, a reason for neighbor visits (and we can see their names in our towns this time),cool prizes, and making us think a moment before making a decision. And I did not get a feel the event dragged on forever. Well done! Now put everything together and top it!

  16. This event (for me anyways) was pretty easy…not real glitchy(except that scrolling thru my town is slow and not as smooth, but could be my old iphone)
    Prizes overall were just OK(imho) – but coincidentally, based in where the new land opened up, I can now create a “Westworld” area of my springfield – which will include all parts(western, Asian, and dark ages themes!)

  17. This is pretty much the first time ever I end up an event on time so, I was excited to get the removal before being forced to! 😜

    But then I got the quest line error for the tourists too and I thought it was probably a translation error (since, sometimes I forget to put my game in English instead of using my mobile device language by default, which isn’t English, btw.) 🙄

    Anyways, I ended up uninstalling and installing the whole game all over again before I come here and realize it was a general bug and has nothing to do with my personal device! 😂

    So, thanks for always keeping us updated with what’s going on with the game! 😜

  18. I really enjoyed this event. The only one that I liked more was the Stonecutters. That was truly epic. As an aside, one improvement in the game I wish EA would make would be a way to post messages to your neighbors. I used to play Mystery Manor and loved that there was an area you could post messages. I became friends IRL with a few of my MM friends.

  19. Hi gang! Just curious if the free land square tickets are still there after removing the event…

  20. OrdinarilyBob

    Thanks for the article, Addicts.

    I’m aware they are out of the store now, but are they meant to be PCs or NPCs?

  21. Each time I visit my neighbors, my game crashes. Did EA mess something up? I read there is going to be new Friendship prizes added so if you’re at level 20 Friendship my guess would be we’ll see some more levels added soon. Probably rumors if anything but the message in the game does hint at it when you tap on your friendship meter.

  22. I updated and bought the tourists with the messed up coding and the first task is blank but i guessed it is send them on a 2 hour quest to the various countries.They are currently working thru the first quest.I havent seen a 2nd update yet and they are still in my game.

    • They are full characters with jobs and are 3 different tourists.I just sent them on 24 hour tasks

  23. I’ve opened the game 3 times in the past hour or so, and I’ve received 3 different updates, all of them fairly large (last one is over 700MB). Guess it’s related to whatever is going on.

    • It’s easy to misinterpret the info that’s displayed during downloading updates. The game goes through all of its data and downloads just the files that were added or changed. However, the download indicator always counts through all of the data and their cumulated sizes, even if large unmodified chunks were simply skipped.

  24. I would love to see the Osaka flu as a character (hopefully with tasks), the airport is paying out cash + xp but the info centre & reward centre do not (there is a short quest for marge and Mrs. Muntz at both buildings), it seems you can also still send characters on tasks at the airport and earn cash + xp. The only nitpick I have with this removal update is that Mrs. Muntz task should be 2 hours (like marge) instead of 1 hour because I would rather send her to ‘perform the dance of the bee’ for her 1 hour task then have ‘exchange welfare checks for sky credits’ for her 2 hour task instead.

  25. Hmmmm
    I don’t see the option to,purchase tourists
    I have the quests for:
    Kumiiko to pose for photos
    Marge to sell tourist maps
    Mrs. Muntz to trade Food Stamps for Sky Credits. ( ???????!!! )
    Everyone is 2 hours left on 4 hour quests, so it will be a while before I see the happening.
    Off to an MRI shortly, will find out this evening.

    • I think she had that task during her questline in the event itself, but it actually paid out cash instead of SkyCredits.

  26. I have to say that I am disappointed in my neighbors for this past event. Couldn’t even break 900 on the Osaka Flu level. Just not enough neighbors visiting my Springfield even though I visited theirs daily to help them. Time to cull the neighbor herd as barely half of my neighbors are actively playing anymore. And some are active but not really during events, so chopping block time.

    • i’m right around 700 on the flu level. it seemed to go fast initially but this last rung, for me, stalled tremendously. i’ve cut my neighbor list down (i try to only have enough that yields currency during events; i don’t like spending an extra 20-30 mins going thru my neighbors just for cash/xp) but still have around 20 or so neighboreenos but apparently not enough to finish this. i’m glad there wasn’t an item(s) tied to this part of the event.

    • Question is what do you cut them with? Do you go Act 1 French style and use a bayonet? Do you go Act 2 Japanese style and use a katana? Or do you go Act 3 Brazilian style and use a machete?

    • Zeros in the “pin tally” is a good indicator of which friends have dropped out. Works for any event that displays a running total of accumulated items.

    • Just my two cents but, since the friend list thing went nowhere once the flu count hit 100%, does it really matter how high the count went if you ended up with all the prizes anyway?

    • I stalled in the 400s, and don’t think I broke 500 total, and that was with visiting most of my neighbors at least every couple of days.
      Apparently i should have made my screen name start with numbers, or maybe Aaaaaaa….
      I don’t think a lot of my neighbors made it to the T’s regularly…
      Stupid alphabet.

  27. ack! hope i can get 4 more hours…trying to squeeze 3 more bonuts out!

    • Should not be a problem for you jocephus. We usually get an extra day or two of play before being forced to update. I just got my third (or forth) round of bonuts this morning. I may try to eek out one more round just for fun.

  28. I am missing the tourists as well and they are not showing up in the main character list as a grayed out addition that I have not yet purchased. I called EA and they are clueless about the issue, they keep telling me the store will update eventually. Doesn’t make sense to me – from all my years playing when new characters are added to be purchased (whether released or to be released in the future) EA adds the characters (be they playable or non-playable) to the character collections list that is next to the inventor box icon in the lower left of the iPad version of the game. In this case, no additional missing characters appear for me in the overall character collections listing and the characters are not in the store to purchase. I was hoping TSTO could help as EA support has been not very helpful after calling twice.

  29. I’m no expert but I think the tourists not showing up in the store is linked to the glitched text. I have all my characters on tasks, did the update, and even the glitched text didn’t show up. My guess is, those that don’t see it in shop, didn’t have the glitched text either, and it should show up when characters are freed maybe?

  30. I haven’t finished the event (missing 3k pins for the Samba School), so hopefully I get it before the forced update 😀

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