Secret Agents 101: Situation Room Basics and Days 1-9

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Wowsers is this new update something or what?  The Secret Agent update hit our games yesterday and not only is it full of spies, drones and men in tan suits, but it has it’s fair share of intrigue as well!

Loads of intrigue surrounding the Situation Room and Dossiers, what are they?  How do you unlock it? What can you win?  Who do you need to keep free?  Well let’s break all of that down and more (including the first 9 days of tasks)….

As always, let’s start with the basics…

How Do I Unlock the Situation Room?

The Situation Room unlocks via the Act 1 questline.  During the Man Who Knew Too Little Pt. 4 quest you’ll get a task to “Send Agents to Collect Intel on the Widowmaker”.   This is a task for 3 characters and lasts 4hrs.  Once that task is complete, and only when that 4hr task is complete, you’ll unlock the Situation Room.

Remember, you have to finish the 4hr task.  Your questline will move on prior to finishing that task, but you’ll only unlock the Situation Room when you’ve finished that task.

So What Exactly Am I Doing?

So, the Situation Room is where the dossiers are kept.  Complete the dossier objectives (tasks) to clear the day’s objective.

Basically (for those who’ve played events in the past), the Situation Room is this events Norbert’s Daily Tasks. Each day you’ll be assigned two new tasks to complete.  Finish those tasks (they’ll each take 4hrs) to clear the day’s objective.  Pretty simple.

How Long Are the Tasks?  Can I Complete More Than One Set? 

Each task is 4hrs long, and because two characters are involved for each day’s task you can complete both tasks simultaneously.

You cannot move ahead, each day’s Dossier will only unlock on that day. (so Day 1 unlocked on 3/28, Day 2 on 3/29 (today), Day 3 will unlock 3/30 and so on)  However, if you miss a day you’ll still be able to complete that Dossier the next day.  In otherwords, if you missed Day 1…on Day 2 you’ll be able to Complete Day 1 and once that’s completed you’ll be able to work on Day 2.

What Time Do The Dossiers Reset Each Day?

For me, in my Springfield, they reset each day at 3am EDT (which is GMT +4, so 7am GMT)

Who Goes On the Tasks?  Everyone In Springfield?

Nope.  Fortunately, there’s a core group of 7 Freemium Characters that need to be available for Dossier Tasks.  Those 7 characters are:

Homer, Apu, Cletus, Krusty, Skinner, Marge & Moe

Right Now It Only Shows 9 Dossiers (9 Days) What Happens After the 9 Days?

On Day 9, assuming you’ve finished the 9 Dossiers you’ll unlock a prize and the count will start all over again with another set of tasks and a new prize to unlock.  This will repeat itself a few times to unlock more prizes…

But If I Have Characters Tied Up With Dossiers Won’t That Take Away from my Intel Earning? 

Nope.  The characters will still earn 40 intel even when they’re on their Dossier task.

So If I Complete the Dossiers I’ll get a Prize, Is That It?

Nope.  Each day you complete the 2 (or 3 in some cases) dossier tasks you’ll earn 1,000 intel as a dossier bonus. So for the 9 days to unlock the first prize that’s a bonus 9,000 intel.  Not to shabby…

So What’s the First Prize?  What Do I Get At the End of the First 9 Days?

Is the Screamapillar Pond….

So let’s go on with what I’m sure most of you want to know…what are the first 9 days of tasks and who do you need to complete them.  Well here’s the list:

Day Task Character Needed
1 Study CCTV Footage Apu
Sleep With one Eye Open Cletus
2 Be So Boring Nobody Notices Him Skinner
Track Gossip Trends Marge
3 Smash Important Enemy Stuff Moe
Whistle While Sneaking Homer
4 Illegally Access Webcams Krusty
Borrow Enemy Information Marge
5 Bully His Way Into a Function Moe
Swallow Secret And Not Secret Info Homer
6 Transmit Codes Over the PA Skinner
Swipe Important Documents Moe
7 Sit On Important Enemy Stuff Homer
Make Moonshine Detonators Cletus
8 Fall Down Get Back Up Krusty
Change An Enemys Expiration Date Apu
9 Shoplift Enemy Information Apu
Hide Codes In Burgers Krusty

So for tomorrow, Day 3, you’ll need Moe and Homer for the dossier tasks.  If I remember (and you guys think it’s necessary) I’ll try to do a post each night of who you’ll need free for the next day’s Dossiers.

And that’s it my friends!  The basic details of the Situation Room, including tasks for Days 1 through 9.  The room is set to reset on April 6th, where April 5th would be day 9.  So I’ll be back on the 5th or 6th for a breakdown of the next set of tasks….

What are your thoughts on the situation room?  Pretty easy to figure out? Like the idea of another prize track? Thoughts on the day 9 prize? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


85 responses to “Secret Agents 101: Situation Room Basics and Days 1-9

  1. Your calendar says new Dossiers should have stated by now, but I got the screaming catapiller and haven’t seen any more Dossiers open up. Should I be worried is is everyone else finding the same thing?


  2. EA
    Keep it simple
    Make it fun
    No NPC’s 👍


  3. This one is pretty straight forward… What I’m really struggling with is getting schematics!!!! I still haven’t been able to level up once!!! Arrgghhh. Any ideas?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Relax. Everyone is in the same situation and we’re only on day 3 of a 40-day event. A lot can happen between now and then. Trust in EA.


  4. Hey everybody,
    Sorry if I am posting in the wrong place or if this has been discussed elsewhere but I can’t find agents in my town. The message comes up that I am lousy with them but then I go in and not a one to be found!


    • They may be stuck between houses buildings n rails. I have a housefarm n I’ve had this problem with all events since Halloween.


  5. If anybody is undecided on the Globex complex, here is a picture of mine…I added 2 modern mansion side buildings and 2 global housing pieces to complete it. Moved my fountains to make room for the shark ponds….
    The orange building that comes with the package is in the process of becoming wings to the SH Technical Institute…Will post a picture when it’s finished(24 hrs to generate a new wing)…

    Moved a couple ghost zappers over to the Headquarters area to provide a power source…figured they’d want to stay “off the grid”…

    Liked by 8 people

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