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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

No new Simpsons this week, in fact they’re not back until the end of the month.

Secret Agents Act 1 is set to end Tuesday and Act 2 will roll out.  Are you ready for Act 2?  How did you fare with Act 1?

Can you believe Easter is next Sunday already?  Have anything fun planned?  Any Easter related activities set for this week?  When do you think we’ll see some Easter items return to TSTO…

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

243 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. just a quick question for anyone out there that might have a solution. I have a A game and a B game and I have always been playing them on 2 different tablets. My old tablet is freezing and crashing a lot now and i am trying to play both on my new tablet. There is no way to log out (that i can find)
    I leave the game but it keeps me logged in then i have to close the program and when i switch from game to game it tells me that my game was not saved on my other device and i might loose data. it is kind of a pain lol
    if anyone has any thoughts i would love to hear them.
    Thank You

    • i have been switching between 3 games. Always get the message, never had any problems caused by the switch.

    • Two ways to log out. First off when you first start the game if it stops on the splash screen with the tap to continue you can hit your name in the lower left and switch but a lot of times it just loads you in to the game.

      You may find it easier to go in to your game and hit the friends menu. Look in the lower right corner. You will see the blue card, Real Estate Value, friends prizes, Friend List, and Your Springfield buttons. Hit the Blue Card and the top option is EA Account, Invite, and Logout. Hit the Logout and your good to go. Just make sure it actually saves your game before switching over to your other game. If it doesn’t sync you may lose some progress.

      • Thanks, that is so much easier than closing and restarting the game, it was driving me crazy lol

        • I hear ya. There have been times when I have been logged out of my game and accidentally went in to a new town. That took me awhile to figure out how to log back in to my real Springfield and that was driving me crazy at the time. 😛

  2. Bunch of Simpsons related bikes & bike accessories. Not affiliated in any way, just saw it on Velonews or someplace

  3. Act one was a close call for me! I slacked off plus started really late. I play for a the free characters. Yay! Happy!

  4. This is random but I just watched S3 Ep20 Colonel Homer. I was thinking how nice it would be to have a few more items from this episode.
    Flaming Pete’s. Plus a sign saying Next Exit.

    Royal King Trailer Court ( 14 days without a tornado).

    The Corpulant Cowboy store.

    That is all.

  5. Sweet I really didn’t think I would do it, but with 8 and a half hours left of act 1 I got Bont.

    To make things even more sweeter I have 1 of the 3 crafting prizes I want too. The Van is amusing.

    • Purchased Mastermind Hank Scorpio. I didn’t have him before so I figured that like the Crazy Cat/Iguana Halloween deal this was a good combo. As a freemium player I gladly would’ve grabbed Sailor Kimiko but I foolishly spent donuts on Valentines Day Mystery Boxes in the hopes of getting Shauna. Speaking of Mystery Boxes any idea what the Easter Mystery Box will have?

  6. 36 hours with out internet connection – oh my, I’m twitching.
    Week full of family obligations
    Thankfully I already have Bont
    Tomorrow will try to be more involved in tapping, today, ain’t gonna happen. Have a great week everyone!

  7. Noticed this was the first time the dossier task requires three separate jobs. Wonder if it will pay out more & can we save this for Act 2 ?

  8. I stopped playing Tapped Out a long time ago when the Monorail event came out and lost my interest. I just started playing again a couple weeks before this event and it’s definitely done the job of pulling me back into the game.

    My biggest gripe is Scorpio, it would have been nice if they gave him a currency earning job for those of us who already forked out the donuts for him and the mountain lair a long time ago. I’m not paying that many donuts again just for an outfit.

  9. I can’t find anywhere the Beer-n-Brawl building, back when it still was on rebate. Anyone has the same problem?

  10. I’m getting the warning that I have too many buildings. Should I ignore it, or do I have to put some in storage? What happens if I ignore it.. will the game stop working?

  11. They ought to make more airport stuff avaialable like runway sections when sending travellers on trips. You get unlimited Great Wall pieces buy a task so why not more runway?

    • Seconded. Maybe a week task for each section even, as otherwise it could get mega vast.
      I assume that we will be able to play the secret agent drone scan and build more globex pieces after the event ends too.

  12. Finished Act 1 in my A game last week, and furiously tapped in my B game over the weekend (at the expense of A game bonuts rounds), but still won’t make it to the finish line. Not all that bad, since I already have him in my A game, but it seems quite hard for freemium players to get all the way to Agent Bont. Especially if you are not willing to loose sleep over the game.
    But in my experience so far, first acts are the hardest, hopefully the coming acts will be a bit easier.

    • I dunno, I’m freemium and have found it extremely relaxing… I finished 2-3 days early and have just been raking in bonuts. I’m quite slack about checking in and make sure I get my 7 hours sleep a night 😛

      • Strange then that so many other freemium players are struggling don’t you think ?
        There is a huge difference between finishing 3 to 4 days early & not finishing at all, especially if playing roughly the same frequency.
        Are you a truly freemium player ?

        • Not wanting to jump into a convo…but here I go. I finished this Act without rushing or buying anything premium at all…two days ago.
          Yes…I have a number of the ‘bonus characters” from playing for years and years and years…but I even missed a couple of days of logging in, and still made it. So…not sure what the issue is. I am Freemium…just made sure to log in every 4 hours, 4-5 times a day.

          • I’m not a complete freemium player, but haven’t rushed anything or spent donuts on anything, I too finished two days ago. Best part is the bonuts I’ve been collecting. I check in on regular basis, but missed a couple of days because of real life. I never felt pressured or rushed. The event is doable if you play the game, remember “Tapped Out”, get those fingers a tapping. Tap your friends’ towns, it helps them, helps you when they tap you in return, plus I’m averaging 2-3 donuts a day for friend visits.
            I’m ready for act 2, bring it on. Tapping more lately during “back” breaks from packing, moving boxes, 4 dogs, making dog food, trips to say bye, doc appt., vet appointments.
            Thankfully in laws coming up for Easter and Ma is bringing dinner as she can’t help pack anymore says she can cook so I can rest back. They will leave next day, probably so will be our good-bye (hardest thing leaving FL)
            12 more Days, but who is counting 🐶🐶🐶woof!

          • Been playing for almost a year, log in 4 times a day, have a couple of ” extra ” characters & just finished Act 1 this morning, which I suppose is about what EA intends. In previous updates though iv’e managed several bonut rounds but not this time.
            I am surprised so many players are struggling. Maybe it is just for this particular event there are more characters available to help progression than in past ones & many simply do not have enough of them in their game ?

        • I think “so many” might be an exaggeration – I’ve only seen a couple of people complaining here. I started 8 hours after the event began, but I was a day ahead of the schedule after the first day. The one thing I did do was cancel any doughnut daily tasks which usually resulted in a 1000 intel prize instead. Quite often the daily task WAS that anyway, so I assume it was similar for other people. I also made sure to visit all of my neighbours, and my neighbours have been visiting me regularly – I get intel with every visitor, so perhaps that would explain the discrepancies?
          I admit I did buy the volcano with Scorpio BUT it was a few days after the event began and I had 5-6 different questlines for Scorpio popup – so he’s been practically unavailable until I’d almost finished the prize track.
          I bought Duffman two days ago, but I’d already finished everything. I didn’t buy Homers hat or the EPA guy or whatever. I am freemium as I’ve never spent a single cent on this game. I just collect my doughnuts and spend them on characters I like. I never use them to rush, or to buy event-specific helper object. I’m hoping to see a deal on Barney in the near future!

    • uh-oh – didn’t mean to open up a can of worms here, just trying to say that I always struggle with act 1 in my freemium game, and it usually gets easier from there. Maybe it is just me needing some time to adjust until everything runs smoothly. And I usually don’t have the time to log in 4 or 5 times a day (more like 2 or 3), so it is entirely my fault.

      That being said, my last round of tapping this morning, just before the switch over to act 2 at 9AM, got me Bont. Made it with seconds to spare 🙂

    • just a quick question, how do you log in between your a game and b game?

      • Not sure I understand your question? If you register a game you need an email adress and a password, and you use that to log in and out of your games. You can register as many games as you like, you just need a different email adress for each one. If you play anonymously, you only can play the one game on one device.

  13. Annadelioncourt

    Can you write a post about Ross Cargill premium characther?

  14. I have travelled this week so I haven’t been able to get the last prize of the first act but I will be going for the second act. I hope we will have something for Easter next weekend !! 2 donuts more and I will get Russ !!! So excited !!!

  15. Hi everybody! Happy Sunday! I’m really excited about baseball this year! Those Cubbies are looking pretty good again this year! So, I have a couple of baseball jokes!

    A Cubs fan, a Mets fan & a White Sox fan are climbing a mountain & arguing about who loves his team more. The Mets fan insists he is the most loyal. ”This is for the Mets” he yells, & jumps off the mountain. Not to be outdone, the Cubs fan is next to profess his love for his team. He yells “This is for the Cubs!!!” & pushes the White Sox fan off the mountain.

    A pitcher and a catcher are discussing the afterlife and the pitcher said, “I wonder if they play baseball in heaven.”
    The catcher says, “Whoever dies first should come back and let the other one know.”
    They both agree and the catcher is in a horrible accident and dies.
    He returns and tells the pitcher, “the good news is we do get to play baseball in heaven. The bad news is you’re scheduled to pitch on Tuesday.”

    A rookie pitcher was struggling at the mound, so the catcher walked out to have a talk with him. “I’ve figured out your problem,” he told the pitcher. “You always lose control at the same point in every game.”
    “When is that?”
    “Right after the national anthem.”

    Go Cubs, go!

  16. I have about 66,000/78,600 intel. If I do all the collections, etc, will I get Agent Bont? And if I have to shell out doughnuts to get him- how many doughnuts is too much guys?

    • If he returns to the store, you should expect to shell out at least 100 donuts for the Table/Bont package…maybe more…any chance to get him for less than that is a good deal. He may return at a discount sometime in the future, but not anytime soon. Keep in mind, you can go back anytime during the next month and pick him up for donuts…once Act 1 ends, his price will remain the same throughout the rest of the event. So…don’t stress over it…you have a month to decide if you want to spend a few donuts to get him…(I would).

  17. If I had to choose only one NPC that I’d want EA to make into a full character, it would be Casino Nessie. I was tired of him hanging out on the dirt roads in my western area so I stored then released him. He’s been looking pretty depressed wandering around the Heights. I want him to have casino jobs! And for additional awesome points he’d have a job swimming in the nearest body of water.

    • I’d be happy if they just fixed the dirt road bug. It seems to affect a number of other characters too such as the Street Cleaner and the Wiccans. I know dirt roads are the dirties, but give up already Street Cleaner!

  18. Josephine Kick@$$

    It’s been a long week, & it’s nice to catch my breath & reflect back on this week, settling back into what has been “normal” for the last few months. A family member passed away late Tuesday, & my best contribution was to take care of my granddaughter (she’ll be 6 Saturday), all week, & check on & feed both of my son’s dogs & get the mail.

    Sundays were family time, spent with my son, daughter in law (when she didn’t have to work), my granddaughter, my son’s aunt (about my age & she’d had no children), & 93 yr old grandmother. He is their only nephew & grandson & they’ve spoiled him his whole life 😂 I remember a story from when he was about 9, he & I met his grandmother at the mall, she wanted to buy him new tennis shoes. I was raising my daughter from my first marriage, & my son by myself, other than the child support his father paid. I had to be frugal with my money to say the least. We wandered through the mall, in & out of the expensive shoe stores that even to this day I won’t shop in even though I can. He didn’t like anything… until we came upon a pair of $100 (name the athlete), basketball shoes. Mind you this was almost 25 years ago! I’d never paid that much money for anything. As much as he wanted those shoes, I said no, I was not going to let her pay that much for a pair of shoes for him. She said oh, it’s ok, she wanted to buy them if that was what he wanted. I stood my ground, while my son proceeded to throw a tantrum. I also had in the back of my head that I didn’t want him getting beat up & the shoes stolen off his feet on his way to/from school. He settled for a less (still too), expensive pair. He was angry with me for 2 days 😂 Anyway, back to current day. We’d eat breakfast then play cards until late afternoon. Even though they were my ex’s mother & sister, they were still family. They were my son’s aunt & grandmother. She was a gracious lady, never treating me badly even through my rough divorce. We’d go over to their house for holidays, birthdays. My son was so close to them, & stayed at their house & took care of his grandmother when his aunt had to go out of town. She’s been in & out of the hospital & care centers frequently since the beginning of the year. It was evident that she wasn’t getting better. The beginning of last month I was having a particularly hard day with my own health problems, & had told my son the evening before I was not doing well & was going to stay home. He asked me to please go. I know my son, he’s one of those men that (don’t ask for anything). That’s why when he asks what I’m doing for a particular day/time, I’ve started just asking him if I can help with something. So I went. As I kissed her on the cheek & told her I loved her like I always do, she whispered in my ear & asked me to pray for her to die. I wanted to cry. I told her I could pray for her to have peace, but that was all I could do. That was the last time we ever played cards. I knew this week was going to be hard, & soon coming, I just didn’t realize how hard it would be to see my son cry & his aunt so upset. She’s taken care of her by herself for over 10 years. Well… now that I’ve had another good cry, I’ll simply say I’m happy she is finally at peace. I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason, & sometimes never knowing why. It’s really hard to do when you are in the middle of a crisis. Not once have I asked why I have to go through what is happening with my own pain & not being able to work for the last 2+ months. I would not have been able to take the responsibilities off of my son & daughter-in-law for the past week that enabled them to do what they needed to do if I had been working. It has been worth it.

    • Sorry to hear of your loss. Thoughts are with you and hope you feel better soon.

    • Sorry to hear about your loss.

    • Josephine, your life parallels with mine in many ways. I felt every word of your post as I’ve read and reread and know that there is a reason for everything and one day we will all be shown what those reasons are. I believe our life on earth is The Creator’s classroom for us to reach our ultimate enlightenment. I believe in karma and have the feeling that in time you, my friend, will be greatly rewarded. As with your lost of what sounds like a grand lady, we are awaiting the family’s 91 y.o. Nana’s homegoing where we know there is a party awaiting her. She is a “wee lass” and war bride from Northern Ireland. Never a discouraging word about anyone with a razor sharp wit that appeared for major impact and then tucked away with a glint in her eye knowing that next time you better be paying attention. Our older son, her first grandchild and the one whose always looked out for Nana, visited her a couple of days ago. Not expecting a reply he asked, ” Nana, do you love me?”. Eyes closed, body frozen unable to move, after her pause for maximum effect she replied “Well…I guess I have to.”! Ahhh, so Nana. Please know that your beloved family member is more than at peace, she’s free from pain probably in a “skin” from younger days watching over you all. When she feels her family is coping as well as can be expected she’ll then crossover and await her next calling. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Thank you GG 🙂 Your kind words are truly appreciated, and I had a good chuckle reading her response to your son, I could hear Ann saying that exact thing. She did have a wonderful sense of humor 😂 I’m going to miss her, probably more on Sundays when at the home she shared with my son’s aunt. Easter this year will be bittersweet, it was one of her favorite holidays 🙂 Thank you again 😊

    • I’m so sorry for your loss….sounds like you had a special relationship with her.

      And, yes…it seems that sometimes the pieces just fall together to make something positive out of something negative.

  19. Question. The heights building help exp bonus does it matter if level 1 to 5?
    Also do I need to put out all the accessories to gain the most exp possible or just the building itself?
    Thanks in advance!

  20. So if nothing else I can say that this even has a lot of characters I want, or at least on discount. Scorpio and DuffMan have been on my top want to buy list for forever but always got distracted by other event offering to get them. I was just going to get Scorpio and pass on Duffman but then Gills nerd deal came out and I needed those guys. So despite being a freemium player I dropped 20 big ones and picked up the nerds and Duffman because the Duffman deal was going to expire soon and then I should be able to get enough donuts for Scorpio before that expires. Everything was on track and then Russ Cargill came out. I am at 119 donuts so get 40 more in a mouth will be easy but there is noway I could get Russ Cargill and still get Scorpio. Sacrifices just be made, although I am not sure what one yet. O and I got Jubediah Springfield because that is the first time buying the donuts bundle so that is cool.

    • Pass on Cargill…I got him, he’s a snoozer.
      Scorpio is soooooo much better🙀💋😻.

      • Agreed. I got Cargill and really regret it and Scorpio comes with the mountain and way better visual tasks.

    • Sorry I’m confused by your math, how much is Russ for you? He was 80 doughnuts for me.

      • Russ is 80 donuts ending in 2 weeks but Scorpio is 160 donuts (with a 40 donut rebate) ending in a mouth. Yes I can buy Russ now but if I do that means I will need to make 120 in a mouth to get the Scorpio bundle, something I will not be able to do. So I can get Russ Cargill or the Scorpio bundle but I can’t get both.

  21. petshopboy1980s

    I really wish they’d change the game so that flying objects like the news copter and biplane wouldn’t move you across the map when you tap within 12 feet of them.

    • If I recall correctly, it originally didn’t behave that way. It was after an update some years ago that changed it and I have been hating it ever since. It is so frustrating.

    • Yeah. I stopped using my Fairy Kodos skin because his flying task was just too annoying to deal with.

  22. Sigh. For the first time since I started reading this site, I’m not going to get the final prize. I had surgery this week, which significantly impeded tapping. Oh well. Not the end of the world but disappointing.

  23. There is somebody on my friend list with 5000 points for act II. How does it happened?

    As with the last event I might get a bonus round but not more.

    I was stacking money since some weeks and I activated an xp collider multiplier yesterday gained from a daily mission. So I have gone from level 187 to level 218 in a day. I might have enough doughnut to buy Scorpio before the end of act II

  24. Hey!Hey! Lisa found a Minature Nuclear Warhead under the Eliminator today!
    Good job Lisa!

  25. I don’t know if somethings up with my Springfield but in the Springfield Heights area the mountain range looks different to me. There’s this black shade on the ground of where the mountains lie. I’ve this funny feeling that EA is planning something beyond the mountains. Could it be a Shelbyville expansion? To me it would make perfect sense. There have been a few small teases about Shelbyville in the past few months. It would make for the perfect spot to start a new town, new characters,maybe dare I say a new premium currency to rival Springfield doughnuts. What would Shelbyville’s premium currency be? I like to dream big😃

  26. Hi all, currently on level 5 of crafting. Just wondering how everyone else is gettng on?

  27. Do we know when the Rommelwood tasks will end? I didn’t really partake in this event but it’s asking me to finish the current task still. I don’t really have the time to.

  28. (caution this is me whining) So dang tired of this stupid bronchitis. I have had it going on two weeks now we have added a sinus infection and aches from coughing so f’ing much. Flingin flanging….somebody sing me Soft Kitty (whine over thank you for your kind indulgence I just feel like crying). Have a safe weekend and donate to a good cause!

    • 🎼🎹🎼
      Soft kitty, warm kitty
      Little ball of fur
      Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
      Purr, Purr, Purr

    • Persistent coughs are exhausting!

      Cuddle up with some hot tea and don’t watch any comedies, lol!

      Oh, and….

      🎵Soft kitty, warm kitty,
      Little ball of fur.
      Happy kitty, sleepy kitty,
      Purr, purr, purr.🎵

    • That’s awful, get lots of rest and stay hydrated! Like Sandra said, have some hot tea, but make it a hot toddy! Another hot beverage I like when I’m sick like that is rum, juice of one whole lime, honey and hot water. You get vitamin c from the lime, the honey soothes your throats and the rum helps calm your cough. My preference is Kraken but use any rum you love! 🐱🐱🐱

    • Get well soon . 🌷 🌸 🌹 🌺 🌻 🌼 🎈🎈🍕

      🐈 🐈
      🐈 🐈
      🐈 🐈
      🐈 🐈

      See ya bye . 🎥🎬🔫🐒 . 👽

    • It is a little weird but given all your coughing it might be worth trying…

      Put Vicks Vapour Rub on the soles of your feet and then put on socks. You can also rub it on your chest and throat. Seems to soothe coughs and helps release the phlegm.

      Hope you feel better soon!

    • Do you smoke? Bronchitis can be brought about through that.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I’d sing to you, but I’m sure Swissy & Sandra already did a much better job than I would 😂 I will say get well soon, & give you a big virtual hug 🤗 Plug the sink & fill it with hot water, then make a tent over your head with a towel, breathe in the steam from the sink (you might need to pull your hair back if it’s long). It might help your breathing a little 😊

    • I know my comment is a few days late but I’m pweety sure you’re still recuperating. 🐈🐇🐈🐇🐈🐇 (((hugs))) *warm blankies* and hot toddies for you. Feel better soon.

  29. Does anyone here have Russ Cargill? I am on the fence about getting him and wanted to see if it’s worth it!

    • petshopboy1980s

      I got him.
      Wanted the premium event currency boost and to round out the collection of villains.

    • I have him, but I know virtually nothing about him, since he’s been earning event currency non-stop.

    • He has an interesting conversation about internet security and “The Pitfalls of Social Media” with Bart. Right now, he is cruising my town, shooting a rifle into the air. Is he worth it? Meh….kinda a cross between Sgt. Skinner and regular Skinner…I would save your donuts for someone more interesting. The nerds, on the other hand…👍👍

    • I like him.

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