YOU Did This…The Amazing Work That TSTO Addicts Can Do!

When we talked about getting a water tank and rain collection system for our “adopted school,” in Buyijja, I was expecting some support, and a long haul to getting it done in the middle of a major TSTO event.

Silly me.

You guys ROCKED IT… and as promised, not only did the money get into the right hands quickly, but the immediacy of the situation (6-month drought conditions, with a dry well), got everyone into action.

By the time you read this, the tank should be fully installed. Yep. START TO FINISH in less than THREE WEEKS!

Take  a Look At The Progress!!

Tank being picked up at  supply store in Kampala

Arrived at the School Site…(you can see the bathroom facility we built in the background)

Rain Collection System is laid out and ready to install

Base Under Construction

THIS WATER TANK…the one that YOU helped build…will change lives, immediately.

This was a bit of a miracle, as it pertains to the way things “usually work.”

Case in point…

I am working with Rotary International to try and expand their work in this region. They do loads of projects in other areas of Uganda, but this region is completely ignored, because it is away from Kampala, and the borders.  I have attended three budget meetings…and finally got approval to move forward…for ONE Well, and ONE additional solar lighting setup…and only have to go through two more budget approval processes…and they will likely get us money by…November. That’s right…almost 7 months for a little more than $4,000. But, it’s a start.

So….you can imagine the shock (there were audible gasps in the room) when I showed them this project.  Funded and built in less than 3 weeks, by a group of players of a “silly ‘lil game” from around the world.

To all who jumped in to make this happen…You. Are. Amazing!!

I will post the “celebration pics” (a tradition at the school when they receive a  gift), when everything is complete, and cleaned up!

NOW…ON TO THE NEXT/Continuing ROUND of Support.

It’s time to do the next round of School Supplies for the school. This is the fundamental base of what we have been doing since June 2014.  By getting books, teaching supplies and teaching aids into the hands of the students and teachers, the test scores went from 24% to 93% passing…and have remained there with our support!  Education is the first step to Hope…which foments Peace and understanding in  a world that sadly needs all of these.

(every dollar helps…and we need to get this done by May 15th if possible).

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  1. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Congratulations on a job well done. Reminds me of the work done by the group Water For People
    I was a bit surprised at first to see the use of
    Galvanized pipe instead of less expensive PVC, then I realized PVC is less common third world and in the immediate time frame a better fit.

    Tracy “retired Water Department old guy” Wooda d

  2. Your cover a blown -you are not really cranky! If you were you would not be doing this for others. I watched the live episode and your eyes show your passion for this project. I have given what I can afford on this occasion. Keep up the good work and don’t be afraid to ask for more if you need it. I gave ‘because I could’ to quote your words. X

  3. Keep up the good work!

  4. Man Patric, when the zombie apocalypse gets here, I wanna be on your team. Sure, we’re chipping in, but you know YOU’RE the one getting the gears in motion, right? The best part about participating in your charitable activity is that I don’t have to worry about my donation being spent on “administrative” costs. Again, thank you.

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