Us -vs- Them…Time to Get Over It!


For the first time in a long time, I am starting to see some fatigue, and frustration setting in for the players of this “Silly ‘Lil Game.” And, I think it is time for a bit of reflection, and a reality check.

First of all…when someone says that they may be taking a break, or slowing down, or are disillusioned with TSTO, it is important to understand that this is a personal choice…and not a slam on anyone else who chooses to continue to play or remain faithful to “Tapping as a way of life.”

That said, there are as many reasons for tapping, or taking a break, as there are players in the game. This is a personal choice, and there is simply no wrong or right answer to “why I tap” or choose not to.  M’Kay???

What I have seen, is that the majority of this community is fiercely loyal to one thing…This Community!  And for good reason…

What Alissa (and to a far lesser degree those of us who “work” here) have created, is something unique, amazing, and wonderful.  The community of TSTO Addicts is FAR more than just a bunch of disparate tappers spread across the globe, looking for tips and tricks to make the game EAsier and more fun. It is a community of individuals, who have come together to share their thoughts and feelings about the game, while agreeing to support one another in a broader sense in this life.

Case in point…over the past few weeks…we have once again proven that we are MORE than just tappers…and have accomplished some things that seem to be elusive to the world at large…especially in this fractious political climate.
But, this is even more than the work we have been able to do as a community, for our “adopted village” of Buyijja, Uganda. Because even these actions required us to “get over our differences” to become a solid, working unit.

I know this, because there have been a smattering of folks lamenting that they “miss TSTOFriends,” and miss the kind of kinship we had with a much smaller, insular group there.

But, I have a reply, that may (or may not) shock you… “GET OVER IT.” Things change. Things evolve.

And. without question, one of the most important decisions I made over the past year was to join forces with Alissa and Joe, and move forward.  It was painful to admit that most of the problem was with me…and that we would ultimately be a better final product if we got over our differences and came together.  But, the proof has been in the pudding, so to speak. And that pudding, is richer, with more flavors, and a lot more satisfying than anything I did before.

Not sure why the pudding analogy…but, for some reason, now I want pudding.

But, I think that it is important to note, that in both the case of the Water Tank project, and the most recent School Book project, it required donations and support from both my old “family at TSTOFriends” as well as my new family here at TSTOAddicts.  We have in a sense become a blended family that has learned that the things that make us similar, can easily outweigh any perceived differences.

And again…it would be pretty nice if the rest of the world could actually get over the “Tribal Walls” that seem to be keeping anyone from actually getting anything of importance accomplished.

In a weird way… by setting aside our differences..and coming together unconditionally, we have actually been able to do something that no other entity, government, or nation has done. Just do the right thing…because it is the right thing to do.

I am extremely proud of what we have done…but, mostly, I am proud of the fact that we have been able to bridge the gap between the past, and build a future together.

Make no mistake about it. In both the game of TSTO and the game of LIFE, solutions come most quickly when a community of like-minded people gather the strength of shared intention, to get something done.

So…for the love of all that is good in the world…don’t let a lull in the game, or displeasure with the programming or dialogue divert us from this simple truth; WE ARE A COMMUNITY OF TAPPERS. We won’t be divided…

Thanks to ALL who donated…but even more important…thanks to all of you who have allowed me and my “other family” to become part of your family.  We are stronger for your patience and understanding.

THANKS ALISSA…this place, and all that we can do together, wouldn’t exist without you.  Now…ENJOY YOUR VACATION!! 

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  1. I’m relatively new to both TSTO & this site,, but I must admit to being addicted to Both! I may have mentioned it before but the one thing that has driven me away from other sites/chats/bb’s etc. is flame wars, personal attacks, and needless bickering. I really enjoy the complete absence of that ‘baloney’ here. I may not always post, but I’m always reading, and often chuckling, the posts and replies here on tstoaddicts, and I’m sure there are others like me who never post a peep. So thank you to all that put so much o thier time and lives into this site, and I plan on being here for a long time to come for Everything that makes this a Good place.

  2. Through playing a game and needing help just over 3 years ago I found this site. I have become part of a community of people from all over the world. I do not actually know any of the people who post on this site but I read most of the comments made and feel like I have friends out there.
    TSTO has become part of my life but does not control it. I sometimes delay doing my shopping or doing my housework but my husband is very understanding and knows how important it is for me to get that last prize and waits patiently while I just quickly send everybody on a 4 your job!!!
    I miss the level ups but time moves on and things change as in real life and we have to learn to live with those changes. The events always seem to go on a bit to long and I look forward to them ending so I can tidy up the edges of my town. This is where there is a real life reversal and I do my shopping and housework on time which results in my town still having untidy edges!
    I am very pleased that we have been successful in reaching the goal in the Books for Buyijja campaign. Patric you may be cranky as we all are at times but you also have a heart of gold and I feel proud to have been part of your campaign.
    Have to go now as I have been notified ‘There’s a new race ready to start at Springfield Downs!’

  3. I just wish I’d found this site sooner. I believe I’ve been playing since the game first launched, it was really unstable back then but I stuck firm 😊 I’m sure I’d be further on in the game with the added help from this truly generous community, that said I’m not unhappy with my progress and happily tap-tap-tapping away. Love and peace to all not to mention a great deal of thanks 🌎🇬🇧

  4. Josephine Kick@$$

    Good timing for this post Patric. I’m having back surgery on the 26th, and as my neighbors might have already noticed, haven’t been playing like I normally do. I just can’t right now. There are many reasons for a player to take a break, or back off a little. There’s no way I’m quitting playing, I’m an Addict 😂 I love our community, and am so happy we have helped Buija, (AND each other) because of our selfless care for others. We have become a family here, no borders, agreeing to disagree at times, but still caring about each other. I attribute the majority of that to Alissa. We definitely needed Patric, he speaks his mind, (albeit a little gruff at times), but he balances us out. His life experience, (he IS old you know 😂🤗), gives us a reality check by seeing a problem coming, and addressing it. (I still think Mrs. M keeps him in check 😜). Anyways, I’d like to thank everyone for being there when I’ve needed you, and believe me, you all have 💞. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Wookiee, hopefully one day he’ll finish school and we’ll get to fully enjoy his vast knowledge of the Greatest.Show.Ever. ☺ Bunny, if you’re reading this, I’ll never forget your efforts with the PI event, and I do miss you and hope you are happy wherever you are 💋

    Before I space it off, in case it hasn’t been mentioned yet, you can now visit your neighbors from KL to KL. It really helps visiting speed up if you’re in a hurry since the load time is faster. (I’m still behind 😕)


  5. I originally came here for help with the stone cutters event the year I started playing. I think it was 2014 because I don’t recall playing on the road trip I took with my brothers when my father passed in 2013. I stayed because I found neighbors and I stuck around because I the community. We have great hosts and some very wonderful people in this community! I think even if I did quit playing the game (I can’t quit because I’m an addict) I would still come here and enjoy it!

  6. Well said Patric, I am not aware of the history of the site and actually do not want to know. I joined the blog in about winter of 15, after my game crashed when I was playing without friends till I found this site through the Apple Store. Their Rep told me about it.
    I stay on the blog because of the community, it is just that a game. Real life is the important one.
    Best to all……..

  7. OrdinarilyBob

    Well said, Patric! 🙂

  8. All things considered tsto is a game. It’s supposed to be fun. So make it fun. And if we can help out Patric with a super cause then so be it. I love the posts the feeling of community and belonging. I love seeing new posts and friends and addicts live. It keeps us engaged. A common interest. Embrace it addicts. Enjoy it addicts!! And most of all have fun!!! After all it’s all jus a game… a super addictive game…. make it fun… how it was meant to be.. Vaughn

  9. Always good to keep things in perspective, thanks for another nice post Patric.

  10. The fact that many players have stayed with this game since it began or at least for several years speaks volumes.
    I have played for just over a year & can assure you that is well longer than any other game I have tried.
    Sure there’s nothing wrong in taking a break or even trying something different but there is something about TSTO that will bring most of us back.

    • hassenpfeffer

      I would be mildly curious as to how many of us… proportionally… fall into the category of “I’ve been doing this so long that I no longer know how many years it’s been.”

      I myself am in that group, having tapped for many years, I’m not really sure that I could pinpoint what my first event was, to figure out how long it’s been.

      • Well..I know I started on September 28th…2012. Just before the first Halloween update. So…loooooooooooooong time tapper here!

  11. As an Addict, I say “welcome!” to all our new Friends. You rock, Cranky!

  12. Good post.

    Just to add some personal commentary on those first few paragraphs: Me’thinks, taking an occasional break from the activities which absorb all of your time is probably healthy… even in the cases where those activities are themselves generally considered to be healthy. Variety is the spice of life, and all that, right?

    That said: some activities can be more intrusive on the rest of your life than others. I generally play TSTO about four or five times a day, for between five and twenty minutes per session. It tends to fluctuate, depending upon circumstances, and most events allow for that flexing pretty easily, now that I have tons of characters. My wife isn’t in love with the amount of time that I put into TSTO — but she doesn’t generally complain too much, because I can easily put it away the very second she needs my attention.

    Contrast that with a game that one of my sons was trying to get me into… a real-time battle game. I played for a little while, and soon discovered that it was far more difficult to just put it aside at a moments notice, because I’d promptly lose the battle I was in at that particular moment. I quickly abandoned that game entirely, not because it wasn’t entertaining, but because it simply required far too much of my attention, for far too long. (Plus, my wife was on the verge of royally chewing me out!)

    There are different degrees of commitment to any given game. People change how much of themselves they are willing to commit to any given game over time, based upon different things. That’s to be expected. And it’s healthy.

    Games come and go. Enjoy them now and then… but don’t let them interfere with the important stuff.

  13. I do miss reading all the posts on here. I still check in to read new posts but since WordPress quit sending me notifications no matter how many time I sign up I don’t get the community aspect of it.

  14. I was really hoping this article would have been about why players are getting bored/frustrated with the game

    • It was… there are LOADS of reasons…and they are all correct.
      The fact is…even those of us who blog about it get bored/tired/frustrated. It is the community that keeps us coming back.

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