From the Mouths of Addicts: Future TSTO Events

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  This week’s post comes to us from one of our frequent commenters, Happy Tapper!

Happy Tapper asked if he could write a post of his ideas for future Events in TSTO, and I said sure! 

Love em or hate em, Events seem to be popup rapid fire these days…and everyone has their own opinion about them.  And here’s Happy Tapper’s thoughts about what the future could bring for Events in TSTO…

Enjoy it my friends!  And don’t forget to give us your take in the comments below 🙂 -Alissa 

Hello fellow tappers and welcome to a post where I try and grab the attention of EA so I can deliver my unorganized wishlist of future content.  A few months ago, when Addicts started the Design an Update contest, I started getting very excited and started to plot some ideas. I entered the update I thought would be the easiest to complete – being in a busy schedule at that time – and was very fortunate to get 1st place. All the other finalists were AMAZING and reading through them all makes you realize how much more EA have got to go.

I LOVE designing updates (yep, I’m THAT) sad so it seems such a waste to keep them to myself so, here I am. There was no better way to organize this ramble then to go with bullet points with no connection with each other whatsoever. Enjoy …

Who Shot Mr Burns Mini-Event Idea 

I wanted to start this post off by saying that I love mini-events; they’re the perfect length and just seem to never get boring. They normally take an episode, take all its content and leave a very fruitful result. There are many many episodes that EA could take inspiration for mini-events but one of my favorite ideas is a Who Shot Mr Burns idea.

Who Shot Mr Burns Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 are very near my favorite episode and I think they could spark a very interesting and interactive mini-event. I’ll be honest, there isn’t much content in this episode but they could take the theme of crime and give us some police or prison related items and characters like Tito Puente (who featured in the episodes).  The story should be around someone getting shot, it could be Burns or it could be someone completely different, and the whole aim of the mini-event is to deduce who shot the victim.

How cool would it be to get a list of 20 suspects and get a daily clue to help narrow down the suspects leading up to the final day where players vote or bet on who they think shot the victim. Maybe it’s the inner Agatha Christie LOVER in me but that idea sounds amazing. It’s different to what EA normally do and I think that’s what I’d like to see more of over the next few months.

Lisa’s Idols Update

This is an update that I believe would be really popular due to the much requested characters it could introduce. Let me explain what it would be about …

Storyline … Lisa is upset about something (I’m sure EA could expand on that) so Marge decides to collect together some items or idols of Lisa to cheer her up.

Content… Mr Bergstrom (w/ The Happy Gypsy), Springfield Union Station (Mr Bergstrom has to get to Springfield somehow), The Adorable Lamb (from “Lisa the Vegetarian”), Hollis Hurlbut (w/ Springfield Historical Society) and many more items that Lisa would enjoy.

This update would probably better suit a mini-event but come-on … Mr Bergstrom AND Bleeding Gums Murphy with a heart-warming storyline.

“Lisa Substitute” is my number 1 favorite episode so I would love any excuse to get Mr Bergstrom in the game.

How else could they introduce Mr Bergstrom? Well…


Education Major Event idea

Now hear me about because I know how boring this idea sounds but I feel like this update could work and introduce some much-requested characters and ideas.

Storyline … Frink announces that the Floating Timeline machine has broken so Springfield citizens are going to have to age from now on. Lisa then frets that with the facilities provided children of today won’t be educated enough for the adult world so more children, teachers and schools are needed. I really liked this storyline idea that I had and I think it could be used to introduce …

(Content…  )

Children – There are so many background characters at Springfield Elementary that I feel should become characters in the game. Characters like Alisson Taylor, Wendell, Lewis Clark and Richard are children are feel are prominent in the show.

Teachers – We have the children to teach so now we need the teachers. Teachers could include Mr Bergstrom, Mrs Pommelhorse, Coach Flanagan, Carol Berrera and Dean Peterson

Schools– Because I don’t believe anymore Elementary Schools are needed in our games I think this event could mix with another popular event idea … Springfield University. “Homer Goes to Collage” is a great episode with many content suitable for the game, so why not mix it with other education ideas into one big major event? BOOM! Tappers can build their Springfield University while I enjoy watching Mr Bergstrom stroll round town in his cowboy outfit.

Krustyland Revival

I know a lot of you are groaning right now but C’MON …What a wasted opportunity. Krustyland has so much potential with many permanent changes that could be made like a button at the bottom of the screen to get there (instead of having to find the shuttle). I’m not going to go into massive details about what this could include but I would love to see Krustyland mix with Itchy & Scratchy Land (see images below) and receive characters like Krusty’s sidekicks and full Itchy and Scratchy Characters.

Wookie has done a lot of ideas for Krustyland and I really recommend going and reading them all …

I think I better stop now – I’ll leave those 3 ideas for EA to ponder about. I really hope I’m able to pop in again sometime because I have so many more ideas that I wish to share with you and EA.

Now that I’ve managed to stop myself from rambling on, It’s YOUR turn. Get to the comment section and tell us what YOU want? You never know … EA might be rEAding your idea ;). I really enjoyed writing this post and really hoped you enjoyed it. Have a great day and Happy Tapping!…


Thanks again Happy Tapper for providing us your take on future events!  As always we love hearing from you guys…so if you have an opinion or take on something going on in the game (or something that should be going on in the game), please send it along to us…


60 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: Future TSTO Events

  1. A HellFishes event would be awesome, with grandpa Abe and Mr. Burns as the primary characters, giving you missions in WWII to collect treasures, something like that but giving those two, specially grandpa Abe all the spot lights of the event.


    • wonderpikachu

      As cool as this would be, we already JUST got a (very mini) HellFish event, with costumes for Abe and Burns, HellFish grave and treasure, and a questline following it. I can’t see them doing much more than that, but hey, they’re doing time travel a second time, so anything is possible, I’d think.


  2. I’d love a krustyland update , but I’d need more land , I made some dogums see pic , also a rubbish tip for the rubbish I’v never cleaned up , I’v filled every corner , so land would be great


  3. 🎵Why are we waiting … 🎵
    I’m ready for the next event already!! 😂


  4. BurningBlaze360

    All is a! The Time Traveling Toaster Event (Real Name!) items have hit the files!!!!!!!


  5. Here’s a idea a costume event where you can buy a costudent mystery box and if you have all the costumes you get 50 dounts. But that is just for mini event costumes (6 dounts). But you can buy a event costume mystery box and you get any costume from any main event (15 dounts) . And if you want you can buy costumes that cost dounts (comes with building or character that comes with it) in the event and that box cost 50 sof you pay less 👍. I only have Cadet Lisa, and Homer and Apu Pin Pals and I want some costumes because I want some more costumes


  6. Anyone know why certain quest chains just wont open up for me? I reallyneed artie ziff unlocked to help with my heights but here i am at lvl 56 and the quest chain still hasn’t popped up! Am i doing something wrong?? Is the game bugged?


  7. How about a summer of 4ft 2 mini event (couldn’t spell little pumsqar…port). This may have already been suggested but bring back some squidport items and maybe a skin for Homers car with shells all over, cool Lisa, the beach house, etc. Throw in annual 4th of July fireworks stuff like every year and model it similar to the Pin Pals event. And top it off with that hermit crab wearing a pop can.

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  8. I would love the idea of getting Springfield Union Station. I would even like a ground based train in general.

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  9. I’d like more effort to go to Krusty land. Also, I wish there was a way to get the bonus% up there, like if I were to buy a premium item. I seems to max out at 5%. I still go there because when I get enough tickets to trade in for $$, that’s when I’ll purchase a land expansion.


  10. LOVE each one of those ideas. If EA needs more ideas they are welcome to reread my old Throwback posts.

    What ever happened to the create an Event contest here (TSTOA), did we ever vote on the finalists? Did I miss it?

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  11. I would have fun with all of those.
    When I was younger, Mr. “Boogerstrom” was one of my favorite episodes.
    I can’t wait for the next event 🙂


  12. I missed the Stonecutters event and would love a reboot

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  13. I had an idea for an event, but it has no tie in to the show, so probably just dreaming.
    “The Malted Milk Falcon”…Bart is Sam Shovel with Milhouse as his partner, searching for the winning statue of a Springfield Crafts Contest. Lisa won the contest with a bird statue made entirely out of malted milk balls and the first night on display, it disappears.
    Suspicion falls on the 2nd place winner…an Egyptian exchange student (named Suez) that attends the Springfield School of Art Deco. Bart (now in his Sam Shovel trench coat) and Milhouse are coerced by Lisa to search for her winning statue…Milhouse disappears and is feared kidnapped by the bad guys (Suez’ gang) and mayhem ensues.
    Lots of possibilities for 40’s style buildings (the Art Deco school, grand hotels, seedy office buildings, deco theaters and five&dime drugstores with lunch counters. It might also be fun to have a skin for the police station or the radio station. Prizes could include classic wooden phone booths, jukeboxes, 40’s cars, steamships or cabin cruisers and some really cool skins for the whole Simpson family. The cops could have old New York uniforms and Grandpa could have a 40’s military uniform…maybe even a 40’s outfit and hairdo for Mona.
    So much cool stuff to work with…

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  14. I too have been thinking about the events events. Personally I feel like there has been an increase in events, both big and small. This surprised me at first. I thought EA might worry about running out of ideas/characters to include. Also, I thought Ea might worry about event fatigue. However, I soon thouht about how EA probably makes more money from events when people need more donoughts. So, it actually makes sense for them to constantly have event for people to spend money.

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  15. anything in the files about a new event starting today?


  16. Hi, I love your mini event idea’s. I agree these mini events are awesome, and keep the game fun & not boring. I would like to see some pop up opportunity to get free donuts, especially for the diehard players like me. It’s only fair! Loualty should count for something.

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  17. I just want Catfish Lake with General Sherman. A visible task for homer to be pulled around the lake in his boat. Accessory items could be the marriage retreat and the bait store.


  18. Hey i have been thinking about few things. Some of my ideas tie in to some of the comments below so anyway. I would like to see a event were we are in the dark and you have to get flashlights from jobs to look for clues with in your city i think a mystery or magical themes would go well with it.

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    • A Who Shot Mr Burns update could definitely incorporate nighttime due to Mr Burns blocking the sun in that episode 😁 – I would LOVE Nightime in our games 🌃


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