In-Game Update: Stunt Cannon

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like we’ve got a new little questline (it’s only 5 parts) to work on in Springfield!  And this time we get a free (in-game cash, NOT it technically is free…)cannon!

So what’s going on?  What the heck happened to our down time?  Let’s take a look…

Note: This post includes the Turbo Tappin’ version of the questline… 

11:45am ET: Just updated this with some new info at the bottom, so take a second look if you haven’t seen it yet… 

So this morning when you start up you’ll pocket-sized Springfield you’ll get a little dialogue auto start for you…

Bart: Dad, Lisa, come quick!  I’ve found something amazing!  The closest where Mom hid all the things she doesn’t want us playing with.
Lisa: My old safety blanket!
Bart: The samurai sword Grampa gave me!
Homer: My cannon from when I was a stunt performer at the Hullabalooza Festival!
Marge: No.  Not the cannon.  Don’t you dare place that!

Because all good things come from Samurai Swords and Cannons…

And your first task will be to place/buy the Cannon…

Cannon- $1,400 and 2×7 in size

Then you’ll get this popup…

And here’s a look at the questline you’ll have to play through in order to unlock the task…

A Gut-Bustin’ Good Time Pt. 1
Auto start

Place Stunt Cannon- $1,400 (2×7)

A Gut-Bustin’ Good Time Pt. 2
Homer starts

Make Homer Polish the Cannon- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Lisa Suck Her Thumb and Hug Her Blanket- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

A Gut-Bustin’ Good Time Pt. 3
Homer starts

Make Homer Guzzle Beers- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp 

A Gut-Bustin’ Good Time Pt. 4
Homer starts

Make Homer Eat Many Pizzas- 3hrs, Earns $135, 35xp

A Gut-Bustin’ Good Time Pt. 5
Homer starts

Make Homer Do Stunt Cannon Performance- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

And from there on out you’ll have a 4hr task for Homer to do a Stunt Cannon Performance!

So now the question that I’m sure most of you are asking…what does this mean?!

Honestly, I think it’s just a fun little side quest to keep everyone tapping and give them something to do (plus bring a fun animation/decoration into the game).  I do not think this is a prelude to the next event (of course I could be wrong..wouldn’t be the first time), since there’s no indication of “Stay tuned for ….” etc.

Update: I just found something in the files labeled “Stunt Cannon Teaser” so this COULD be a prelude to the next event. (Homerpalooza perhaps?!

This little update ends July 31st, and puts us on that same path of a new event hitting August 1st that we speculated about here.  Honestly, I think it’s just something fun to keep you tapping, considering most people finished the Superhero questline already…this gives you a reason to login.

And that’s it my friends, the details on the latest little update to hit our pocket-size Springfields!

What are your thoughts on the cannon update? Looking forward to unlocking the task? Where have you placed the cannon in your Springfield? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

96 responses to “In-Game Update: Stunt Cannon

  1. Do you think we could ever get Troy McClure? 🎵”I can sing!!”🎵
    Really hoping that, even though a music festival event sounds good, we get some highly requested, music related characters like BGM, Leon K, Alison Taylor etc 😊

  2. I think August 1st when the New event starts if itshas to do with music August 1st is Jerry Garcia’s birthday 🤔🎸🎶🎼🎸there are billions of fans. I know he’s not in the series but JG is in the game why not think about it 😀😎

  3. So you want to go on tour with a traveling freak show…..

  4. I started the quest. sent lisa and homer to do their thing, placed the cannon, but when i logged back on it all disappeared. any thoughts?

  5. Just finished watching the Hullabalooza episode on the FXNow App… all the Simpsons episodes are on demand by season# and episode #. Pulled out my Freakshow tent and am putting the open air stage and the cannon with it…we’ll see what else developes…🤔🎶🕶

  6. Its think it called yardselling. I hope this homerpalooza is a mini event.

  7. Can you imagine the uproar if it IS a musical event without BGM? The Addicts would strike down with great vengeance and furious anger. Be forewarned EA.

    • We’ve had several Pride events without getting John, so it’s not without precedent.
      Also, Bleeding Gums Murphy died a season before the Homerpalooza episode, and a Gen X rock festival isn’t quite his genre, so while it would be awesome to get him, and they’ve shoehorned other classic characters into events before (WHY were the college nerds a brief offer in the spy event when “Homer Goes to College” could be a great event itself??), I wouldn’t go to the mattresses if BGM doesn’t show up next month.

      • It’s painful to me how EA just tossed the 3 Nerds into a Gil deal. As far as I know, Gil Deals never get repeated so I had to jump on it, but I would have given an arm and a leg for a Springfield University event.

  8. Right now the Cannon is in the backyard. Not sure where else to put it. Maybe with the cannons from the pirate stuff?? Dunno.

  9. I think this is a prelude to the next event, and I think you’re right that it’s going to be something like Homerpalooza. They offered up the freak show tent thing a month or two ago. I’m probably wrong.

  10. Spooky campfire popped up under superhero tap. Bit early for Halloween

    • It’s there because there is a one part quest for the superheroes return that requires it.

      • There is/was? I didn’t have anything require/request it?? I placed it, and then got a popup from Bart to go tell a story, but that’s all. Hrm.

        • That’s it, that’s all there is for the quest…(shrug)🤷‍♀️.

          • Oh, I thought you were implying the Spooky Campfire was required to finish the SH3 questline. I can’t recall exactly, but I thought I placed it after I finished the SH3 questline, so I was confused. 😀

            Weird how the campfire only has a 1 task questline. And that it seems you can no longer upgrade it. :-\

  11. Keith1Roon991

    Music festival, Murphy sounds good

  12. I think it’s an unrelated mini event. If we consider the clues…..Lisa has a security blanket……Homer has the canon……Bart got something from the closet as well wasn’t it a sword?

  13. Slightly off topic for the new event, but I was just going through my inventory and found some old items now offer bonus points!

    X-Ray Truck – originally listed as Just a decoration.
    Now, 2.25%!

    Super Jeb –
    Now 0.60%

    Pie Man Epic
    Now 0.75%
    I wonder if these were updated during the recent Mini-Event. I missed any post about them, so I thought I’d share in case this was new news :o)

    • Superjeb has been worth 0.60% for a few months now.

    • Must have. I noticed & re-placed the van, and had something increase my bonus, which I initially thought was my (old) hero clothesline but later realized must’ve been something else. As I already had both statues in my town, that makes sense of where the extra % came from…

  14. Sonic Youth please!!!! Easily my favorite band of all time. Since moving to NYC I only missed one show. Please, please, please!

  15. I really hope they do a music event next and not superheroes 3. Superheroes has been done, and there really isn’t much left that people really want.

    Music, however, is still fertile ground. They could include Bleeding Gums, Llewelyn Sinclair, The Be Sharps (and Nigel and Barneys Japanese girlfriend), Alison, the Singing Hobo, Rachel Jordan, and Homers Colonel Homer outfit. And that’s just off the top of my head.

  16. ughhhh, I JUST sent all the kids out on quests, now I gotta wait 4 hours before I can have Lisa do her thing for the first quest.

  17. If this is a precursor to a Homerpoolooza event then I, for one, welcome our new music overlords.


    • It allows us to store the Cannon, usually wouldn’t let us if it was for the next event. Could be wrong tho.

    • YAAAAAS! This will be so much fuuuunnn! I can set up a far off open field for the music festival!

  18. The canon, the canon, the canon!

  19. I remember this episode. It is a scary one as I am worried about Homer.

  20. Uh oh, got a Bart Screen and now EA just signed me out of my account…anyone else?

  21. The cannon scene is from a -70s movie Gizmo, where people shows their gadgets and weird skills. B&W movie. Funny as h! Could be also related to coming event!

  22. Hmmm I wonder if the musical event that has been teased might be a music festival? Gives lots of options, music, camping, artists / performers. 😀

  23. Being that this cannon is from the Homerpalooza episode, I’d be shocked if this isn’t a precursor to the music festival event! If it is in fact Hullabalooza I’ll be really happy, that was a great episode.

  24. Can’t wait to unlock Homer’s new task. Will there be more tie-ins from Homerpolooza?????

  25. Hoping this little questline will be the precursor to a Hullabalooza Festival event! But no “stay tuned” casts doubt. I guess we’ll see…

  26. In before. “The cannon isn’t free” posts.

  27. Ready to build my music festival area!

  28. That was a cool episode

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