Homerpalooza 101: Fan Tapping Tips

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Hope you’ve got your dancing shoes on and your cell phones ready to light up the night because Homerpalooza has arrived in Springfield!  That’s right the rock fest has begun!

Let’s face it, my friends, this event’s tappables (the fans) are a royal PITA (Pain In The Arse) to find and clear.  Maybe we’ve all just gotten used to some method to “clear all” in a matter of seconds, but for whatever reason, they’re hard to find this time around.   Whether it be in your own town or a neighbor’s town…it just sucks.   So here are a few tips to help you find and clear those rock fans…


As a friendly reminder, the fans look like this…

And they tend to walk quicker than the regular Springfield characters

Tip #1:

Fans gather around the Rock Stage or other venues that host “Jam Sessions”.  You’ll see them congregate in front of the stage, in front of Moe’s or the Kiwk-E-Mart when there’s a jam session in progress.

(And yes this applies to the Simpson house as well, which you’ll unlock as the second prize)

So if you check in front of those areas (or put all three near each other) you’ll clear out a bunch.

Tip #2:

This also works in a neighbor’s town…

Tap on Weird Al.  He’ll start playing the accordion and fans will flock towards him and you can tap away.  Of course, this also involves trying to find Weird Al.

Tip #3:

Via the crafting menu….

CAUTION: BEFORE DOING THIS MAKE SURE YOUR TICKET COUNT IS LESS THAN THE REQUIRED AMOUNT TO LEVEL UP!  If it is more it’ll take your tickets to level up….so watch your ticket count! (and please don’t yell at me if you screw it up…I warned you)

If you open up your crafting menu and tap the GREEN button next to your level up bar (as long as you have FEWER tickets on hand than what’s required to level up)

You’ll get a popup telling you that you do not have enough tickets to complete the action:

If you tap the BLUE Do It Button it’ll take you to where a fan is in Springfield and you can tap away!

Do this repeatedly to clear the last remaining fans in your town.


And that’s it my friends.  A few quick tips to make finding fans in Springfield suck a little less….

What are your thoughts on the tips?  Have any other tips you can share? Doing ok finding the fans?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. I found the easiest way (not necessarily the quickest) is to send one bunch of jammers on an open stage, the fans flock around that one performance instead of being spread between the other five-six…

  2. OMG, thank you for this post!! I’ve been behind for the first time on an event because of these suckers. Now I’m finally able to clear them all!! Catching up fast and hope to not have to spend donuts at the end of this round to get the last item. That sucked!!

  3. The crafting menu trick was the easiest way once you clear all the ones at the jam sessions. Sadly, it is no longer available once you hit the max crafting level. I use move mode now, but the last 1-2 days I haven’t been able to find that last one. I don’t like spending too much time looking for that fan, so I usually give up after a couple minutes without success.

    • The More Pop did it. For some reason I thought it had only the option to spend donuts so I hadn’t bother looking at it.

  4. You can also go into the move mode and hide buildings, decorations, e.g. to help you find them easier. Some fans can be in the mountain range.

  5. Another tip with more rock tapped on it then click do it

  6. Very useful tips – a benefit as EA isn’t making this Game App easier (it’s gotten more difficult over the years) – but don’t let this discourage you from having fun!😄

  7. I feel dumb asking this but what is meant by ‘bank’ in relation to the number of fans available? I’ve seen the term used in other events too for the tappables walking about but never understood quite what was meant.

    • Fans spawn every 10 minutes. So if you clear your town of all fans and go do something else, in 1 hour you’ll 6 fans roaming your city.

      If you go away for 5 hours, you’ll hit the maximum 30 fans roaming your city (5hrs * 6 fans/hr = 30 fans).

      Now if you stay away from the game for over 5 hours (let’s say you decide to sleep more than 5 hours straight), this is when the bank comes into play. While only 30 fans will stay roaming the streets of your town once 5 hours have elapsed, you’ll continue to spawn fans that will stay in your game’s memory (aka the bank). The bank of 30 means you can be away from the game for 10 hours and come back and not miss out on any fans.

      Using that same example of 10 hours, if you cleared your town at midnight and went to bed with 0 fans, by 5am your town would be completely full of the max 30 fans (5hrs * 6 fans/hr = 30 fans). Now let’s say you slept in and came back to the game at 10am. Between 5am and 10am, the game filled your bank with 30 more fans (5hrs * 6 fans/hr = 30 fans). So when you play at 10am, you’ll find 30 fans roaming your town. As you tap them, the next 30 that were banked will also be released. So you can tap 60 fans at 10am.

      However, your bank is capped at 30 fans. So let’s say you cleared your town at midnight and went to bed with 0 fans, by 5am your town would be completely full of the max 30 fans. By 10am, your bank would also be filled with 30 fans. So now let’s say you woke up late and went to work without tapping first and don’t get to the game until 4pm. In this case, between 5am and 10am, the game filled your bank with 30 more fans but stopped doing anything between 10am and 4pm. So when you play at 4pm, you’ll find 30 fans roaming your town. As you tap them, the next 30 that were banked will also be released. So you would tap the same 60 fans at 4pm had you gotten to the game at 10am.

      • Thank you very very much Safi for taking the time to reply so comprehensively to my question! You’re awesome! It’s all so clear now.

  8. for the lawyers, i placed a large square area of roads in the middle of nowhere and blocked them in with walls. whenever i check my acct, i go there first and find all my lawyers just standing around. … easy peasy. it’s the only roads i have and almost all of my characters including NPCs flock there.

  9. Is anyone else getting very little fans in their town? I have two accounts, the main one is level 130 and the other is level 10 and very little. After 4 hours of waiting i get a huge amount of fans in my little town but very few in my main town. help 🙁

    • I’m assuming it could be an appearance issue as well. 60 fans in a small level 10 town really fill it up. 60 fans scattered in a large level 130 fans are a) spaced out and seem fewer in number, and b) harder to find as there is more space for them to hide.

      Try positioning the 4 stages: Rock Stage, Moe’s, KEM, and Simpsons house in a row.

  10. Great tips as always!! Any tips for finding the lawyers left in your village by neighbors? They just don’t stand out!

    • Go into Move mode and hide everything except characters. Much easier to find that way!

    • Hit the “arrow X” in the lower right of your screen (the ‘move’ icon).
      You will see a pair of binoculars and lots of choices above it…tap all the choices except ‘Homer&Bart’…this causes everything but your characters to fade out, so the characters are much easier to see.
      Scroll thru your town…when you see a lawyer, tap the ‘back’ arrow (in the upper left corner) to return your screen to normal.
      Tap the lawyer…then fade everything out again to finish searching your town. Seems complicated at first, but after you do it a couple times, it’s pretty easy. Good luck snipe hunting😁.

  11. One thing I do to make this a little easier is assign all the characters who are not part of the event to “indoor” (non-animated) tasks, or at least stationary tasks. This completely clears the streets of character activity, so I know that any movement that catches my eye is from the (in this case) tappable rock fans. It makes it a lot easier to pick them out that way. I assign the characters to the longest possible task (12 or 24 hours, usually) so I don’t have to mess with them as much.

  12. All of my fans spawn then never walk or make their way to the Jam Session and often find them in buildings. Maybe 1 out of 30 will make it to the Jam Session is this happening to anyone else?

  13. Jeff Albertson

    These rock fans are so far the hardest ones to find, and tap. I just realized, that besides walking faster, they also walk in the middle of the street! As opposed to regular characters, who walk on the “sideways”. So now I scan the street for feet: works for me.

    • Jeff Albertson


    • Like other events, there always seems to be a single “tappable” within a screen’s width of where you land. They also seem to be more populous in the areas within 2 blocks of the ocean (as long as you have real roads there) so I generally scroll down the coast…and I almost always find one all alone in SH.

  14. Green button has been working in events for a long time.

    • Yes, I know. It’s not new information, I’m well aware of that. But…there are people who didn’t know that or this is their first event.

    • i suppose if there are any rehashed gameplay elements, alissa shouldn’t bother mentioning them, and just let you guys fend for yourselves huh?

  15. I thought that the lawyer reward(to drop in neighbor towns) rate was supposed to be 25% of the fans tapped. Yesterday morning when I opened my town I received 10 lawyers for my 60(?) fans tapped (30 in town and 30 banked)…today the same, 10 lawyers for all my overnight fans…perhaps the bank is only 10 fans?

  16. I like the Wierd Al tapping idea to attract fans but once we unlock him he will be rocking out on stage so that quick find fans tip won’t work with him.

    • What I do to find fans is go to the Kwik-E-Merch menu and then tap on the top right green button. Provided my tickets are lower than the amount it wants, tapping “do it” takes me right to the fans. Just note it has to be less than what you have i.e. mine says 195 right now and I only have 21. If you have enough it will just upgrade and possibly infuriate you.

    • I am listening to his music.Now I now where het get his nickname from. Weird music, but SO good!

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