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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Don’t forget voting is open in the latest Bracket Battle!  Pick your favorite buildings to advance!

Homerpalooza Act 1 (Rock) is set to end on Tuesday, are you through the prize track yet?  Almost finished?

ICYMI we had another hilarious episode of Addicts Live yesterday, if you missed it you can check it out here.  Will you be joining us at our meetup next weekend?

How was the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

182 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Anyone with the ice cream van should place an angry mob or two around Homer’s 4hr job. 😂….Mayor Quimby’s surrounded by them too…don’t understand why😂X

  2. Next BIG question- Kamp Krusty
    200 less 50 for a net 150
    WAY Expensive, but I can place it by my Nature/ Parks Area.
    And it is a decent Discount.

    • It depends on how tight you are on donuts. I have it and like it and like that premium skin for Bart, but 150 is definitely a chunk of donuts and, if you don’t have many, there might be other stuff you want more.

      • Thank you. I took the plunge. Still need a little twinking, but I’m satisfied with the look.
        And I still have enough donuts for what is likely coming (while maintaining a reserve) on this Event. Guesstimating 2 more at 150. Possibly 3 more.
        Boy, back when I started playing and only had a few dozen characters, I could clear my boards and start everyone again in less than 5 minutes. Not anymore!

        I need to begin sending people on 8 hour tasks – except Musicians.
        After midnight tomorrow, Weird Al will be topped off, so I won’t be tempted to wake up at 3:30 in the Bloody Morning!


  3. Question for you how long is the vault deals going to continue? Thx.

  4. I recently got an alert about reaching the limit of 7200 items from EA. Does this include Krustyland? I turned it into a forest and can probably eliminate 400 trees.

  5. In my Vault is Jub Jub and Springfield Pet Store.
    90 donuts minus 25 for a net 65.
    Been on my B list for a while. Opens up some tasks. So I’m considering.
    Anybody want to nudge me, one way or ‘tother.?

    • I got it when my vault presented it to me last week. I’m enjoying Jub Jub. How can you not smile just saying that name?

      • Your Bluejays are in town for a three-game series at the friendly confines. Should be interesting.

        • Oh, I’m super looking forward to it. Wrigley is my favourite stadium. I just wish I could have seen the Jays at Wrigley. I saw the Cubbies vs Brew crew during my 2009 visit to the Windy City. I’m just about to leave work now, so I can get home in time to watch the game. My boss is really easy going and let’s me leave early whenever the Jays have a day game, because he knows how die-hard a fan I am.

    • A full character and a building for 65 donuts would be a “yes.” Plus, you get to see some nice cuddling. 🙂

  6. This event is right up my street. The prizes so far have been perfect for my Springfield Glastonbury. I’ve expanded it massively and it looks so authentic now😎. This event has also got me thinking how useful it would be to have an ‘optional’ flag that we could turn off/on by our username to show which country we are in (quite understand some wouldn’t want to). It would help a lot with dropping off lawyers in neighbour towns. I manage to pick up a lot in my town but I won’t leave any if it is in the middle of the night for the reciprocal town.
    At the end of the event I would like to see ‘Send X to perform on the Y stage. It would also payout a generous sum, to encourage us to send our premium characters (cf. poor Moneybags Burns. Destined to die on the money pile 😂). I’d also love the ability to send my SPs to watch a performance at the various stages. It would also be visible. I have Kearney dancing by the Rock stage, C.H.U.U.M dancing by the Pop stage. Roscoe is at Glasto too, with Maggie & her ghetto blaster, Thiago, M-Bart & Rockstar Maggie. It really gives the area a true Springfield vibe which I’m looking forward to expanding with Act 3. 🎶Thank you EA🎶🍾…….💜X

  7. Has anyone else lost the laser lights they’ve put into storage. I had 10 put them into storage to move them, and now they’ve disappeared!!

    • Ok so oddly my inventory options have changed. A gold disc is now displayed and behind it are my missing laser lights… spooky….

  8. Hey hey everybody, quick question about Springfield heights, the bonus multiplier you get for having certain SH buildings, does it go up for each building of that type or is it just a one off? Just wondering if I can store multiples of the same building without losing my bonus.

    • You have to place each main building, but no upgrades need to be out (private island is the exception, it needs to be at level 2 to get the bonus). All the pieces of the Hidden Hidaways count, so you’ll want to place them all…and they have the best bonus when completed.
      Alissa did a list of all XP bonus items last Sept…SH breakdown is at the bottom of the page…scroll aaaalllllll the way down (you’ll see what I mean😁). Here is the page link…

    • Each building (except the resort) counts (so, say, all 10 garages count), but you don’t need to have the “extra” pieces (like for the classic and modern mansions) out. Also, the private islands need to be at at least level 2.

  9. Put some crowds at the Air Stage.

  10. I’ve got all the prizes and it says keep tapping and collecting for donuts I’m on58000 and no sign of donuts or even a tally leading to it anybody tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    • Check out this post

      Basically once you’ve unlocked Nick (long before you got to Peter), you had to send Nick to jam on the main Rock Stage (not one of the other 3 stages). After this, you should trigger bonuts every 5,000 cuffs.

  11. Don’t waste time waiting 4 hours…….you can free rush the performers every 3hours 37 mins…… that for the whole two week act….and you can fit in 10 extra performances
    that’s like having an extra couple of days to complete it all

    Happy Monday morning ….


    • I’m already logging in every ~4 hours – even at 3:00am in the middle of the bloody night.
      Now you want me to wake up after 3 1/2 hours!!??
      I’m already a walking zombie, and it’s not yet October/ Halloween.
      Mean Lee, Lee the Meanie shall be your new name.

      • I started the event a day behind schedule and also logged in I the middle of the night twice. I’d never done that but being behind Pat’s calendar freaked me out. Guess I’m a real addict to this game

  12. Happy Sunday! I have to say I haven’t been playing or reading. I’ve had a long time coworker take off without notice right before the county fair across the street from work. So I’ve filled in some hours and been to the fair a couple times. I had a carnie recognize me and stop me to give me a stuffed animal. The guy at the corn booth gave me an extra, because they were small. My daughter and I got free wristbands because a girl I know is working there. But the best part was the last day I was there to eat and I thought I haven’t seen the piglets,( I haven’t not seen the piglets in 16 years) so I went to see them. A few of them were running around and playing together, I’ve never seen them so active. They were so cute and I lol’d!

  13. Hello,
    Is it likely that any new craftables will be added to the Kwik E Merch?

    • If wishes were flying pig balloons 🐷… or something like that…anyway, seems unlikely, but they might surprise us🤔.

  14. I just posted in my Springfield the times in which I am normally play TSTO. This will give you more confidence that I will clear your lawyers if you send them.

  15. Hello all, hope your Sunday was good and the week ahead goes well.
    I have enjoyed Act One and ended easily with time to spare after the final prize. particularly like Studio, have it on the waterfront next to Jay G’s house. Hopefully we will get some new land in the Heights at some point there are so many of the buildings I have I would like to put there.
    Thanks to all my great neighbors that visited my town during Act One. I will be back dropping lawyers as soon as Act 2 starts.

    • Hi Carie…just waitin like everybody else, holding my lawyers, too… Kumiko 😽 says “Hey” (sounds more like a squeak, tho). 😊

      • Hi Ebron, yes it seemed like a time to wait on those lawyers. I am sure they will be glad to wander around soon. 😊

  16. Happy Sunday love my neighbors

  17. Hey tsto addicts I have a suggestion for the game developers. I think it would be nice if they gave us a character that only went to neighbors and randomly selected buildings/ people/ objects etc.. I don’t know how you all feel about it but I personally think it takes more time than I can afford to put into everyday .. just a thought. Anyone agree?

  18. Gonna run an experiment here:

    How many of my neighbor-eenos also use this site?

  19. First day of vacation for me. Nothing too exciting, just doing a few local things.

    I haven’t been posting much, been in a real funk lately. Still tapping though. A few highlights if my summer so far:
    Daughter got her ears pierced and started gymnastics.
    Game of Thrones has been awesome.
    Went to Star Wars night at a local minor league team. Dressed as an Imperial Guard and won a prize (R2D2 popcorn maker) in a trivia contest.
    Been playing withmy Switch as much as possible. Loving Splatoon 2 and Breath of the Wild.

  20. ” Nobody Home ”


  21. Within the next couple days I’m finally going to complete my Monorail. Taken almost 2 years and well over 2000 track pieces. It’s finally going to connect end to end through entire town and all the stations. I must be an addict, completing it will give me more joy then finishing any event to date lol.

  22. Happy Sunday! Hey MAB!

  23. I was thinking of a good idea.. I think EA should have a like a little memo pad next to all the neigbours town’s so that each person if they want to write a note.. (example “I’m on vacation be back in 3 days” or their timezones which would tell people the best time to visit.) Just a little note to let their neighbors know what’s going on that’s all. Not like a personal letter or anything I’m not interested in the what they are doing that day or what the weather looks like that’s what this post is for but just a sentence or two. Just an idea.

    Also quick question to anybody wanting to help is the vault deals a permanent thing or will it expire after they offer they enough deals? Thx.

    • I’ve suggested something similar. I used to play Mystery Manor. They gave us a wall in our manor we could write notes to our game friends and our friends could leave us notes too. It was great because that led to a lot of friendships IRL.

    • As I reread this I just wanted to reiterate that when I said I wouldn’t be interested in “what people were doing or what the weather looks like” that sounds kinda cold I am interested in the people on this forum it’s one of my favorite parts of the site to chat on the Sunday thread and get idea’s and questions answered also I get to know people a little better it’s a great post. So anyways I don’t know if anybody took that out of context but when I reread it I didn’t like the way it sounded so I wanted to reiterate what I meant. And I just meant that with my memo idea it should be a quick little note to help your neighbors tapping, or to say “I love that idea, or I won’t be able to clear lawyers today, I’ll be busy from 4-8 pm” etc… things like that.

  24. A question for those folks who have A B and C games: do you play each town on a separate device, or is it possible to run two different Origin accounts on a single device?

    Happy tapping y’all.

    • You can play multiple towns on a single device, but have to keep logging in and out between accounts.

      • Which will inevitably cause the “Other device did not save” message to pop up, even though it’s the same device. Just be prepared for that and don’t let it rattle you.

    • I play three different account games on my iPad and sometimes on my iPhone,with no issues! My original game is actually under my daughters email since she had two. I started the second game in my own name,then many,many months later used her email so I could keep my game safe. The third game was to help my oldest daughter attend to her game…three years later I think it’s mine lol 😂

    • I can have an infinitive number of TSTO games on one device. You have to create an account for each game. You don’t need a valid email address, will work (as long nobody else have done that).
      Don’t forget you password. EA won’t be able to restore that.
      Switching to another Springfield is done by closing the one your playing and opening the scores the other.
      You will get a warning about that your other device hasn’t saved your progress twice. Just ignore that warning and tap “Play now”. Nothing will be lost. I have played up to 10 Springfields this way.

  25. Indiana Puck-Rowan Underwood

    Just unlocked Sungazer studio this morning: really fit nicely in my heights! I rewatched the Covercraft episode a few days ago and forgot how much I loved the “we’ll be like genesis after Peter Gabriel left” scene. Gabriel Genesis is my fave band.
    I had a wonderful, romantic weekend. I caught the bouquet at a wedding and slow danced with my soul mate. I was a blast!

  26. Last day of vacation and back to the real world tomorrow, womp! It was a hot & sunny day here and I spent some time walking around Asbury Park breathing in some ocean air. I swear I got more sun today than I did last week at OBX. We had a lot of clouds and rain! I stupidly spent donuts on the Otto skin…but I was falling behind and he helped me catch up. So it wasn’t that bad, I guess. Now I’m saving for BGM. I’m almost there!

    Thank you for all the friend requests, I have a full deck of really good neighbors but I’ll keep you all in the wings. Occasionally people drop out of the game and I have spots to fill.

    • Hey Kitty – Hope your spirits are good with your recent loss. Where did you go in OBX? I’ll be in Corolla last week of August and hoping for better weather than you got. Take care.

      • Hi JJ, I’m feeling a bit better. The beach is always healing. We go to South Nags Head which is an hour south of Corolla. My friend just got home from Corolla yesterday and she had nice weather all week with the exception of the first night. I hope you get lucky with your weather as well! Are you a beer drinker? I tried a really tasty saison that you should look out for. The brewery is Wicked Weed and it’s called Fille de Ferme. I should have picked up some to go!

  27. Two quick complaints. But mostly because it’d be awesome. Moving characters where you want in your town. Instead of storing them and getting them back out (wherever the game wants them), you could choose.

    Also, how cool would it have been for this event for Mooch Bart or Princess Penelope (or anyone else with a musical task) to attract fans to them. Would be a heck of a lot easier to find them.

    Ok. I’m done now.

    • One advantage to the majority of characters having a task in the brown house or kwik-e-mart is that those buildings can be used to relocate them to almost wherever you want. Just build an extra and keep them in storage, then pull one out near the character you want to relocate, task them appropriately, then move the building where you want them to go. Store the building and you’re good. I do stuff like that all the time to put certain visual tasks where I want them.

    • If you have the open air stage..maybe still available in the concert mystery box. You can have Mooch Bart among many others play the open air stage. Doesn’t attract fans but certainly fits this event well.

  28. The survey made me feel all nostalgic for the beginning of my Springfield. I started playing right before the Tap Ball event. I can remember thinking, “How am I going to get all the Tap Ball items AND do all the character missions?” The Addicts page calmed my panic and has served as my “guide,” for Tapped Out ever since
    Huge shout out for all hard work you put into this website. I have moved from a Tapped Out newbie, to a seasoned player. I learned how to pick out a good donut deal from Alyssa (40 donuts needs to equal at least a 2% increase), Patric’s calendars keep me on track, and Safi’s post on KEM farming moved me from freeium to farmium (love that term). I also love reading all the suggestions from fellow players. So many great ideas we all have to share with each other!
    Thank you from the bottom of my donut box!

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