Homerpalooza Act III Calendar…the final numbers to “getting it all.”

So…as predicted…it was pretty EAsy to get everything in Act II…even with the higher daily numbers. I barely tapped that last few days, and still “got everything” with time to spare.

I am a bit confused as to why we are even doing an Act III in some regards…like the fact that I have capped the max in what I can craft…which pretty much makes my quest of Lawyers moot for Act III. How many speakers and gun turrets do you need? What is this, a Guns -N- Roses concert? And if so…where are the roses????  But, I digress…

Here we are… another Grind-Fest coming…in hopes of getting a Monster Truck and a Cletus Skin.  We do get “Rappin’ Bart” along the way, so some of the grinding may be worth it. I love his “EMINƎM” Marshall Mathers look.

The numbers are twice again what the originals were…but as we have now figured out…the key is simply log on at least 4 times a day…do the stage work…and you are good to go.

Let’s take a look at the dates and daily cume numbers…

First a little “Behind the Scenes” at Addicts peak… the ORIGINAL NUMBER that was in the file was MUCH higher…as in about 50K higher to reach the final goal. (Check out the main graphic above to see the original numbers).

So…yes…I had to do the calendars twice…CURSE YOU EA for your common sense benevolence!

But, the good news, is that the numbers are much lower, and even more manageable.

The Currency is Bling…
And the magic daily number is, 10,429

As Always… Click the Graphics to Enlarge

And once again, for the “Non-Gregorian” types…a linear calendar

I realize that I could have…perhaps should have added a few more performers to the stage…but, I got lazy…kind of like the EA programmers when they keep re-purposing old stuff from other updates. So…sue me.

We will keep tapping…and collecting… and working toward the “Golden Cletus”…or we may choose to just stop at Bart. We’ll see…

ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE...we are off to a very slow start on this fundraiser for the Fall Term… PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING!  I know that the world is complicated…and tempers are raw…but this is something you can do that actually helps give children hope, where this is none.  Education…the greatest tool toward changing the world…



56 responses to “Homerpalooza Act III Calendar…the final numbers to “getting it all.”

  1. I’m like 30k ahead at the moment… 133-something already where i should have 104k or something… Dont know how.. but hey, fine by me.


  2. DONE got Cletius skin today thanks for all the effort put into these


  3. I’m actually ahead for the first time in this event.


  4. I work hard to get donuts and the events being underwhelming, I would buy a premium item occasionally but I don’t really want to play the lottery hoping to get what I want if 4 of 6 are skins and or stuff I don’t want. They also should permit us to make more boardwalk with the additional land/water. Cars on roads would be good also.


  5. You guys do a great job with all the new content. FYI, I just noticed that this calendar isn’t showing up on the Homerpalooza event page yet. I refreshed a couple of times, so I don’t think it is an error on my end. Thanks for all your work.

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  6. Anyone recommend the best jam setup to achieve the best payout with the freenium characters (not bought any extras). Many thanks.


    • First start with 2 spot specific stages:
      Simpsons House (Rock): Rock only characters Homer and Rev Lovejoy
      Springfield Elementary (Pop): Pop only characters Ralph and Nelson
      Krusty Burger (Hip Hop): Hip Hop only character Krusty and Hip Hop and Rock character Apu

      Then second go to 2 spot multi-purpose venues:
      Moes and KEM (both Rock): Nick, Peter, Dr. Hibbert, Weird Al
      Moes and KEM (both Pop): Bart, Milhouse, Alaska Nebraska, Weird Al
      Moes and KEM (both Hip Hop): Dr. Hibbert, Milhouse, Maggie, Weird Al
      Moes and KEM (Rock and Pop): Nick and Peter on Rock, Bart and Milhouse on Pop
      Moes and KEM (Rock and Hip Hop): Nick and Peter on Rock, Dr. Hibbert and Milhouse on Hip Hop
      Moes and KEM (Pop and Hip Hop): Bart and Milhouse on Pop, Dr. Hibbert and Maggie on Hip Hop

      Then lastly fill your three main 4 spot main stages with whoever can play on them, as you’ll definitely have empty spots.

      This method will allow you to at least get an extra 1,000 bling in 5 bonuses for filling 5 stages.


  7. I am actually a little ahead on the calendar for a change and the only premium help I have for the event is from Rock star Maggie, so I might get the Vinyl store either tonight or tomorrow.


  8. I hope I don’t get crucified for saying this but I don’t think the prizes for Act 3 are any good. For all the tapping and actions you have to do (yes it’s easier for Act 3 than the previous Acts) but 2 skins as main prizes? Also, the Kwik E-Merch items are lame. It’s basically the same thing for every Event now. Spot lights, multi colored spot lights, fencing. Do you think this is how EA is going to move forward with Events? Basically the same prizes but different events? I’d spend more time tapping or buy the premium characters for these Events if the prizes were of value. Even the Concert Box you can buy for 65 donuts isn’t that great, still a few skins for characters. If this is how EA is moving forward, they’ll lose a 4 plus year tapper :/


  9. Volunteering / Donating to Texas (Red Cross and ASPCA) because it’s necessary

    Easily making the benchmarks towards getting everything in Act 3 – but I’m going to call out EA right now (1 Stage, 1 Building, 2 Character Skins, 1 Decor is not going to encourage a Tapper to tap away ! it’s going to make one choose not to bother playing TSTO until Halloween 2017!)

    Better off Kem Farming


  10. Agreed, don’t love that the big prizes are just skins, and not a new character. I wonder if Bart and Cletus’ skins will pay at a premium rate.

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    • They won’t, at least not by default. Sometimes prizes come back as premiums, and then they get an upgrade. E.g. Sacajawea Lisa was a prize during a thanksgiving event, and the next year was offered as a premium item, and the one I previously earned started paying premium. Several stonecutter skins also got an upgrade to premium, and tasks at the Lodge also became premium, a major upgrade for those of us who earned them previously. Any skins earned for free and never offered for donuts, though, pay at the regular rate.


    • Character or skins won from the prize track are usually paying out standart rate. However, if the return for donuts, they can get upgraded to premium at a later date.


  11. I basically don’t care about any of these prizes.

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