Friday Filler- and the Math of Chillaxing in Act III

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!!

First…on a serious note…our continued prayers and thoughts go out to any of you getting pounded by Harvey. There isn’t much more to say, except for BE SAFE! There are loads of places that tappers can donate to help the cause. But, at the very least, take some time to give thanks for the brave souls who are fighting through this mess.

On a less serious note (and clearly less important in the big picture), we are now into Act III of this music-centric update. And, it should be evident to all of you that “getting it all” is pretty simple. I will explain why/how you can go about leading a life that is void of anxiety and worry (as it pertains to “getting it all”) in this final Act.  And I hope that it helps some of you who seemed panicked by the gaping holes on your performance stages.

Let’s dive into “Chillaxing” with a pragmatic look at the math…

First...let’s start with the required daily tapping cume for this update…which according to the calendar (which I did), is 10429 per day to stay on track.

Now…for all of you who are freaking out that you don’t have enough performers to fill your stage…CHILLAX!!!!!

I just ran a cycle, where to be contrary to Safi’s post (nothing personal Safi), I filled all of my main stages first…then filled the smaller stages as best I could. The result (after the random selection of who can play where by EA) was that NOBODY was on three of the remaining smaller stages…Springfield Elementary, Kwik E Mart, or the newly opened Krusty Burger (which became open when I earned the Free Land tile).  Panic????   Nope. I did the math…and even with the three empty stages, this 4 hour cycle earns me 2,571 backpacks.

And that doesn’t include what I earn from clearing fans, popping lawyers, or the 1,000 backpack bonus I got for the Daily Challenge.  After clearing my town once…and doing the challenge…I was already going to earn another 1900 (900 for the fan clearing/1,000 for the bonus)…meaning that after my FIRST log-in of the day, I was on track to earn 4,471 before I cleared any lawyers.

If that doesn’t make you CHILLAX then nothing will.  This last Act is about as EAsy as it comes. No doubt about it.

But…just because I am a bit of a numbers freak (admittedly nothing compared to Safi…apologies again), I decided to use his method this time….and fill up all of the small stages first…

The Result??

I ended up with a slightly higher return (2,6830- Safi was right), but all of my visual main stages were out of the “bonus zone” (less than full) and the Hip Hop stage only had one lone performer…Krusty. Sad. Very sad.  But still more than enough to insure that I only needed to log in one more time to hit my goal today. 

So why are there so many stages…with not enough performers to fill them?

Because EA wants you to panic…and spend money on Premium performers. Period. It’s a ruse. It is a guilt trip for having all of those lovely stages…with nobody on them.

Here’s a reality check about big multi-stage music festivals. In lots and lots of cases (especially during the mid-day sets) there are tons of empty stages…or stages with a single performer trying to win you over with an acoustic guitar. It’s sad…but it is the reality of music today. There just aren’t enough fans to fill up the venues (unless you use the ones you earned through crafting…but those are like “papering a show” with free tickets to make it look full).

The music industry has changed folks. REALLY changed. Even as short a time ago as 15 years (short in my life anyway), the primary way that most people found new bands was through radio and Mtv. It’s almost impossible to find music on Mtv anymore…and radio (as much as I hate to say it, as I work in the industry), hasn’t been responsible for actually breaking NEW music for years and years. It’s all tested, and formulaic, and homogenized before it hits the airwaves.

The labels are losing their hold, as more and more artists are turning to independent distribution through online sources like Apple Music (iTunes) and Amazon Music. And with the ability to create your own marketing and video production through social media, the need for huge budgets, and huge marketing advances are becoming a thing of the past. Plus.. more money goes directly to the artists.

Don’t get me wrong…there are still genres that rely on labels to keep the industry puttering along (Country and Pop are still predominately corporate label driven), but for the rest of the music world, owning and releasing your own music has become the answer…along with getting the word out through viral means.

Case in point…

My daughter Ali, sent me a “you gotta listen to this” text message yesterday.  It contained a link to an Irish soul/folk singer named Foy Vance. I loved it.  I asked her where she found out about him.

She replied, “I heard him when the guy who was leading our spin class was playing him while we were riding…he heard him open of someone in Austin, Texas. He tagged me in a group text.”

Radio? Mtv? Not so much.

So…stop worrying about having a single performer on your stage!  He may just be playing to the guy in the crowd, who will share it with his spin class, who includes a girl who will share it with her Dad, who will blog about it on a random TSTO blog…and the rest is history.

Oh…Here’s His LINK…

Music. It’s not just for the corporate elites anymore…

Have a great weekend!  Ironically, while Texas is flooding, we are on to another record breaking heat wave in Oregon, with temps expected to climb to 100 degrees…again.  Climate change?  That may be another conversation…

So no matter what your weather is like this weekend… STAY CHILLAXED! (and that includes all of you rabid Weird Al fans!).


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  1. When does the bonut round start in act 3. I was able to collect bonuts early in act 1 and 2 but it has not seemed to activate in this round. Is there a trigger for it? Also can you post the link to KEM farming again as I have a big cash reserves and would like to maybe try it. Thanks for all you do.

    • Bonuts start after you unlock Rappin’ Bart and complete his Straight Outta Compton/Bartton quest part 6, as shown in the Turbo Tappin post here.

      KEM farming can be found here.

  2. I have been doing 5 performances a day and along side the daily challenge etc…im about 45000 up so as you said no need to panic or buy premium characters.

    I hope that the developers arent going the tinyco way with tqfs where challenges are impossible to do without cash

  3. Very interresting Story Patric. I was born in 75 and since a Baby, i always listened to music. In the beginning of course, I was influenced by my parent’s taste. Bee Gees, Abba, The shadows were my first introduction into this fantastic world. Becoming older (about twelve ;-)), I started to have my own taste: a-ha, Roxette, Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Pet Shop Boys and…. the original soundtrack of the Rocky IV Movie.
    When I was forteen (sic) a classmate gave me a tape (yes, I am talking about a cassette) with on side A a band called Accept (well, not fish nor meat) and on the B side……. IRON MAIDEN!!!

    My world was blown up since then. I listened to somewhere in time over 100 times…. wow. Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, soon followed. But becoming older (again) I started to get interrested on the influences of my Heroes. Soon I bought the whole back catalog of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Scorpions…

    The whole thing is… I had never been influenced neither by the radio nor by MTV. And about the music industry….. the labels just missed it. In the eighties they were the Big Bosses and took advantage (and profit) of the music artists. But with the apparition of internet and online plattforms (nope I am not talking about illegal download) they didn’t react. They thought that they were still in charge and that nothing could annihilate their dominance.

    i read quite a lot of biographies of music artists. Lemmy’s “White Line Fever”, Tony Iommi’s “Iron Man: From Black Sabbath to Heaven and Hell” and Dave Mustaine’s “Meet the real me” and do you wanna know what they ALL have in common?

    All of them say that the label Bosses screwed them!

    So I am not sad at all about the labels having some “issues”…. their own fault. What comes around goes around….

  4. As far as I’m concerned most “pop” has been garbage since I was a kid in the 80’s/90’s, so very little has changed. In the 90’s I was into the grunge music scene (Nirvana, Pearl Jam etc) as well as music like The Prodigy, Rammstein, Enigma etc. In the late 90’s and 2000’s I got into mainly techno, trance, d’n’b etc. And in the 2010’s until now I listen to mostly dubstep, d’n’b, vocal electronica, and basically anything EDM but leaning towards more relaxing electronica rather than the doof-doof stuff (e.g. Odesza, Rameses B, Purity Ring, Royksopp etc). If I listen to “pop” it’ll almost always be an electronic remix rather than the original. EDM is such a huge genre it’s literally impossible not to find something that people like. I don’t believe anyone that says “I don’t like EDM” when they’re only thinking of one type (e.g. techno). It would be like saying “I don’t like metal” and thinking only of Slipknot.

    • Can you sing along, or hum along, with it EDM?

      I’ve almost never been able to enjoy music that didn’t meet that criteria. For example, that frenetic, seemingly random kind of jazz is like fingernails on the blackboard to me….other kinds of music, like some of the stuff I see in dance club scenes on T.V. I can only appreciate as a soundtrack to something else, like a dance number or a scene in a movie or T.V.

      Of course, I guess part of it may be that I’m from another generation, but I’ve always been able to enjoy some new music from every decade so far…

      • Most definitely! You can find practically every genre of music in the EDM world. Like Mozart? There’s an EDM version of it. Like Jazz, Hip-Hop, acoustic guitar, or yodelling? There’s EDM versions of all of it. Pick any celebrity and there’s be EDM versions of their songs (even Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga etc). I used to like the real dance stuff, but when I’m sitting at work or at home I like more ambient and vocal stuff.

        I’ll make a small sample list of music to see if you like it. I’m stepping out for lunch now, but I’ll come back to you in a few hours 🙂

        • Thanks! I’m certainly open to giving it a try. I admit to being pretty ignorant when it comes to EDM…it was only a few months ago that I even first saw that acronym and went to look it up, lol!

          (My fear is that it will sound “soulless,” but I’m keeping an open mind, I promise.)

          • I tried posting YouTube links but my reply disappeared… so unfortunately I had to remove the links and you’ll need to copy-paste the title into YouTube or Spotify yourself 🙁

            All the songs are selected from my Spotify playlist that I listen to almost daily. I have several hundred songs in there, so I got a bit carried away with the selection – I’m sure I still missed some good ones! I tried to choose the more vocal stuff, though not always. Genres include electronic/dance, electropop, deep house, trance, drum ‘n bass, dubstep etc. Hopefully you can find something in there that you like! 🙂

            Purity Ring and Röyksopp some of my favourites and worth checking out more.

            * AURORA – Runaway
            * Purity Ring – Sea Castle
            * Röyksopp – I Had This Thing
            * ODESZA – Say My Name
            * Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars
            * Louis The Child – Fire
            * The Chainsmokers – Inside Out
            * Purity Ring – Push Pull
            * Major Lazer – Be Together
            * Klangkarussell – Symmetry
            * Muse – The 2nd Law: Isolated System
            * Calyx & TeeBee – Long Gone
            * Rameses B – We Love
            * Maduk – Avalon
            * Nova Heart – My Song 9
            * Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter
            * Pablo Nouvelle – You Don’t Understand (Calibre Remix)
            * Synthetic Epiphany & CoMa – Beauty In Errors
            * Jakwob – Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix)
            * Matrix & Futurebound – Magnetic Eyes
            * Adventure Club – Gold (ft. Yuna)
            * Bastille – Overjoyed (Distance Remix)
            * Nero – Wasted
            * Daft Punk – Get Lucky
            * The Knife – Silent Shout
            * Moby – Porcelain
            * ZHU – The One
            * The Presets – My People
            * Luke Million – Midnight
            * Maduk ft. Veela – Ghost Assassin
            * Lung – Afterlife
            * Air – All I need
            * The Irrepressibles – In This Shirt (Röyksopp Remix)

            • Wow, gotta admit, that’s a pretty daunting list! But I’ve taken screen captures of out and will at least make sure to check out the two you specifically recommended.

  5. When I saw the numbers needed, I was like, oof! But when I got over 22k bling the first day and have been averaging 21.5k daily (the daily high I’ve achieved was about 23.5k) and am currently looking at being 5.5 days ahead by the end of the day & will have reached the final prize by Monday, I was worried for nothing.

    Like you, I fill the stages first, then work my way through the other venues. The only venue I seem to not have anyone in is my KEM. Still, with that empty, I’m hauling in over 3k from the venues every 4 hours (I have 4 extra characters I picked up with the donuts I’m getting via KEM farming & didn’t bother buying the character available for round 3 as I’m saving my farmed donuts for Halloween & buying Frink (I’m hoping he’ll be available soon during a rebate offer) as he is used for a lot of Halloween stuff(my luck is he won’t this year – HA!)).

    So, I’m chillaxing as I breeze through (not bragging, just able to get ahead by coming in every 4 hours, 5x a day, which, thankfully I am able to do). My heart goes out to the players affected by Harvey, and I hope they have found shelter, have found the assistance they need, & are safe. The game is just a game, but food, shelter, dry clothes & living are far more important.

  6. Patric, I just wanted to say that I always enjoy your stories about the music industry and your many other professions. It’s fun getting an insiders view of these things I know nothing about. You have been blessed with such a varied lifetime of careers and experiences.
    And the practical tsto advice is always welcome too. 👍🏻

  7. I have a rather eclectic taste in music, there is a time and place for almost every kind of music, as long as it is made by talented people. My music collection is rather big; sad thing is that a lot of it is mostly just gathering dust because I don’t have the time to listen to it.
    New music I lately find mostly through films or TV, when something catches my ear.
    Right now I am listening to Otis Redding; and lately I dusted off my Clash LPs – blast from the past… Other frequent fliers at the moment are Amy Whinehouse, Green Day, Joni Mitchell, Keith Jarrett, Bloodhound Gang, Harry Connick Jr., Joe Jackson, Macy Gray and Donald Fagen.

    • NICE Range! You “listen wide!”

      • If I like something or not is dependent on context a lot more than on genre – where / with whom did I hear that first? The Clash for example is something I liked since high school. I must have been 15 or 16 at the time, and desperately tried to fit in with the ‘cool kids’, wearing a leather jacket, hanging out in the smokers’ corner, mainly because of a girl I had a kind of crush on at the time. She was a big fan, and got me to listen to it, too. No idea what happened to that girl, but still a fan of The Clash. 🙂
        Or the first piece of classical music was Mozart’s Magic Flute, and it is still a favourite. I own several different recordings, and like them all. Or the boyfriend at Uni who was into organ music, and introduced me to Bach, Pachelbel and Vierne. The people come and go, the music stays…

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