Happy Labor Day from the Addicts!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, here in the US today marks the unofficial end of Summer….Labor Day.  I think it’s funny how here in America we don’t bother using calendars to mark the start and end of our summers…we just know Memorial Day is the unofficial start and Labor Day is the unofficial end.  Sometimes I think we just like the excuse for a good Barbecue! 😉

Of course, Labor Day isn’t really about the end of summer…and it isn’t only celebrated in the US (our friends up in Canada are celebrating it today as well…). Labor Day (or Labour Day) is a celebration of the worker’s movement.  It’s meant to honor those who contribute to the strength and prosperity of their country.   (you can read more about it here)

Anywho… most Americans will spend today soaking up what’s left of their summer and we’re no exception here.

Don’t worry… we’ll still be popping in and out of the comments throughout the day to help you with all of your Homerpalooza Event questions.  Just keep in mind it might take us a little while to moderate through all the comments, so we thank you in advance for your patience!

We hope you all have a GREAT day!  Do you have any plans for today?  Did you enjoy your summer?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


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  1. Hi guys, I’m following the Addicts for almost 4 years now, always interesting and helpful, but so far I never felt inclined to contribute something myself. But now I’m a bit desperate and since the topic came up earlier, help !!!
    My game tells me I have reached 10.200 items and cannot add anything anymore. I’m playing on a quite new IPad and have all the land available. Had to store all my monorail tracks already, but seems I have reached the absolute limit now. Anything I can do except for storing more items ? I’ld hate to do this as I love my Springfield the way it is and only want to add, not rearrange 😥
    Keep up the good work, happy Labor Day.

    • Until they raise the limit, the only thing you can do is store stuff. You can look for fences or shrubs that are hidden behind buildings to store that won’t take away from your visible design

    • A couple of quick ideas…. First, if you put fencing around, say, a building, and some of the fencing is behind the building and not visible anyway, store it. Second, if you used the small hedges somewhere and you can swap pairs of them for one large hedge, that will decrease your count, too.

    • If you have lots of bridges in your SF they seem to count towards your item limit. The ‘bridges’ in the picture below added 3 items towards my limit – remove as many as you can!


  2. Had to get the Street Cleaner but wow you were right it is tiny compared to other “cars”!

  3. All done…Cletus is digging up dirt in his truck and Wierd Al is just cruising around. No more performers, the lights are out, and quests are being completed…so…I’ll just be taking a break for the rest of the event. I’m still lurking, but mainly I need to build up some cash to be ready for the next whatever(?). Just want to let my wonderful neighbors know that I won’t be visiting or dropping anymore lawyers (or tapping them in my town). See you in a bit.

  4. I haven’t been very dedicated to tapping over the last few days. I’m pretty disappointed in the prizes for this third act. No new characters, just skins? Kinda weak sauce. Feeling a little burned out I guess.

  5. Anyone at the 7200 item limit? I got a prompt stating not to go over this. Is there any way of getting rid of buildings in storage that you can’t sell? I will never use them so its just wasting space 🙁

    • The item limit doesn’t include the stuff that’s in storage, just the items placed out in your town. Also, if your device can handle it okay, you can go another couple of thousand above that “limit” (I forget what the real limit is, but I know it’s at least 19K). I just got a message today telling me I had over 18K items out in my town now.

    • Ignore the warning, if your game runs smoothly. You will get a warning at each 250 items you add the your Springfield.
      There is an absolute maximum for the game which is at 10,000+ and gets larger when EA adds land/sea to the game.

    • Yep, I’m at 9300 or so

  6. 12 hour shift, labouring away, can’t tell anymore in this country what season it is, the rain a bit Warmer in the summer, he he Scottish at its best

  7. Happy Labour Day to the US and Canada, that cake sure does looks delicious. Another new building (Jazzy Good times) and some monorail items have reappeared in the store (garbage truck, trash pile, recycling bin) so I will get a bunch of the bins and trash piles since they only cost cash and maybe the truck, the Jazzy Good times is a good price for a building at 50 donuts and it was in the building bracket battle, however, I will still wait for the SIB on it while it’s around for the rest of the event.

    • I really like the building. Finally something that complements the Jazz Hole in my concert area. I think it will get a thumbs up in the SIB.

      • Thanks for the reply. I don’t have the Jazz Hole (yet) so I thought it would look good with the Beer-N-Brawl or even Cletus’ Farm with the rustic wooden look on it. It looks very unlikely it will appear in a mystery box in the future since the cheapest one cost 60 donuts (not counting the permanent one and the Krustyland one) so it might get rebated in the future. This is the only con I can think of for it now, though, I do like the look of it.

  8. I saw a couple of new items pop up in our store today like the garbage pile, recycling bin and a new building. Some stuff I think is returning content. I first thought EA was bringing back the Trash of Titans content. I missed the last prize which was the Patterson character ( can’t remember his first name) from that event. I’ve never seen the Monorail content return to our stores ever. The street sweeper car is discounted but there was no discription as to what it does. I have seen it in other towns driving on the roads. Does it have a bonus % ? Seems overpriced whatever it does. I’m waiting to save up my doughnuts because I’m close to having BGM. After that I’m hoarding everything until Halloween. Hopefully EA doesn’t have a mini event in September to part me from my doughnut budget.

  9. Just another boring Monday over here. Labour Day is on the 1st of May.

  10. I hate barbecues where I not invited to. You get the stench and not the joy

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