Turbo Tappin’ Homerpalooza Premium Stuff: Alcatraaaz

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Wowsa!  Homerpalooza has made a big ol’ splash in Springfield!  What better way to cap off the summer than with a huge music fest in Springfield?!  Complete with not only the character we’ve all been dying to get in our games but loads of musical guests joining the musicfest…

Throughout the event we’ll be introduced to numerous premium musical guests to jam and make the music fest a smashing success!  Let’s take a look at a few of those questlines for the newest premium character to hit our games, Alcatraaaz.

Remember, ALL of these questlines can wait until the event is over to complete.  You should focus on Jam Sessions for the characters, worry about questlines later. 

Alcatraaaz C.F.P. Pt. 1
Alcatraaaz starts

Make Alcatraaaz Enjoy His Financial Security- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp

Alcatraaaz C.F.P. Pt. 2
Alcatraaaz starts

Make Alcatraaaz Rap About a Rainy Day Fund- 2hrs, Earns $175, 40xp

Alcatraaaz C.F.P. Pt. 3
Alcatraaaz starts

Make Alcatraaaz Rap About Paying Off High-Interest Credit Cards- 2hrs, Earns $175, 40xp

Alcatraaaz C.F.P. Pt. 4
Alcatraaaz starts

Make Alcatraaaz Rap About Compound Interest- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp
Make Homer Shake His Fine Booty- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Alcatraaaz C.F.P. Pt. 5
Alcatraaaz starts

Make Alcatraaaz Rap About Deferred College Savings Plans- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp

And there you have it my friends, the Turbo Tappin’ version of the premium variety…the last premium character to be added for this event.

What are your thoughts on the questlines?  Did you buy Alcatraaaz? Thoughts on Homerpalooza now that we’re in the final act?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

13 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Homerpalooza Premium Stuff: Alcatraaaz

  1. Homerpalooza – Event started out fun, but is ending with a whimper by Act 3 (yawn, typical of EA now – right?). I’m thankful for all new Characters earned via Prizes (not many Premium Characters are worth purchasing with Halloween coming up – you know they’ll be back at discount (lol)!

    I just wish we earned more Buildings as Event Prizes (or could Craft them) vs 500 Event Tickets for crafting and / or Character Skins (yawn, whatever EA!) I’ll gladly not complain about a lack of voiced Characters if their visual Tasks are funny vs send to Brown House!

  2. Passed on Alcatraaaz, and not changing my mind after seeing his quest tasks. It may have been different if we weren’t coming up on Halloween, and if he had a visual 4-hour task.

    I was tempted, being a donut farmer…but, my farming will be better spent on Halloween. Thinking we’ll see him again at a discount. Maybe then I’ll snag him.

  3. Worst…event…ever!

    So boring, even though I ended up with 5-6 new characters, 2 of them cost me a combined 315 donuts and the rest is so so. The stages are somewhat fun, but why 3? It’s annoying to have to think about the different classes but it doesn’t really do anything. Already crafted everything during phase 2 and most of those items weren’t that interesting. Just weird al, even though he’s not a bad character, it doesn’t justify all of the grinding.

    And it’s a shame because of all those music episodes there could have been so much more. The barbershop quartet for example. Or that jazz festival Lisa keeps asking about. Or actual homerpaluuza stuff. Spinal tap, Metallica or other bands.

  4. Can we just talk about the last day of the vault for a minute please?

    I have reports not everyone had what was on the list.

    Some people had repeat items in fact.

    • I never had any repeat items. I’m guessing those who had repeat items had already purchased a lot of the unique stuff being offered by the vault and the vault items simply “ran out” of options to give them (thus, it repeated older ones). I’m not sure if I got offered “everything on the list,” although my guess again here is that EA probably averaged out amongst players how many items a standard player would probably have of the vault items and then put that many items in the vault (so *the* average player saw everything; an above-average player maybe had repeats; a below-average player didn’t get all options).

      These are total assumptions but would make sense based on the reports you’ve received.

    • I had repeat items. It took until last week to reveal the one I really wanted: Jub-Jub. I thought the vault would come and go without offering that.

      Pretty sure I had Lugash pop up three times. Funzos were there almost every offering.

    • I don’t remember if anything in my vault appeared twice.. but… I’m 100% sure it didn’t offer me Jub Jub and Pet shop… 😭 I was waiting for it from 1st week… nothing 🙁

    • Is the vault really ending? poop

    • I bought Jub Jub with the pet shop. Not really interested in Funzo.
      Happy to have another animal wandering around town. Only unlocked Snowball II a week or so ago. Still haven’t bought Santas Little Helper. Soo hard to justify 150 donuts for him. One day.

  5. This event has had its moments but on the whole too long for the little content that is out there.
    EA should have added more high price crafting items & the Weird Al section must have taken all of 5 minutes for EA to think up.
    Sorry to say but the ” other ” app has stopped me getting too bored while this event grinds on.

    • I got offered the observatory in the vault but it doesn’t have a bonus listed it just says it cost 75 donuts. Wierd right? Also is there a SIB for the new stuff from the event? And, did any one notice they brought everything back as a last chance thing?

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