Where Did That Come From – County Fair Edition – Part I – Lisa The Beauty Queen

When Alissa asked me to write some of the “Where Did That Come From?” posts for this County Fair Mini-Event, I agreed to help, even though my favorite reply is always, “The SIMPSONS! All of this stuff is from THE SIMPSONS!!”

But then, Alissa, in her wisdom (and not willing to let me off of the hook that easily) pointed out that many of the TSTO Addicts Community actually likes to be reminded of where this stuff comes from…with a few more specifics.   So, after doing a bit of research, it occurred to me that almost all of the prizes/premium items and clutter that is being offered to us in this update is actually from just Four Episodes.

So, to make things easier to find if you are going back and looking for old episodes, I’m going to do the WDTCF posts by Episode, rather than the individual item.

PART I –  Little Miss Springfield Lisa, The Paralyzer, Turn Your Head and Coif, Ye Old Off-Ramp Inn and Amber Dempsey all come from one Episode…

Lisa the Beauty Queen (S4 E4), which like most of the classics from the “Golden Years” of the Simpsons, sets the stage for loads of character development and one of the most touching scenes between Homer and Lisa.

You can read the ENTIRE Episode synopsis HERE!

But, as my job is to make this post “Addicts Friendly” and I know because you play the game on your padular device so that you don’t have to read loads of dialogue, I’ll break this episode down into a shorter version.

Lisa The Beauty Queen- Annotated Version
Lisa has a dip in self-esteem when she is appalled at a caricature at the School Carnival.  Homer ends up winning a raffle at the same event, to ride on the Duff Blimp. Not knowing how to console Lisa, Homer finds out about the “Little Miss Springfield” contest (which is sponsored by Laramie cigarettes) and ends up selling his ticket for the Duff Blimp to be able to afford the entry fee for Lisa to enter the Little Miss Springfield Contest…

Lisa enters…and runs into Amber Dempsey (who Is rumored to have eyelash implants), who wins the competition, by batting her eyelashes…even in the talent competition.  Lisa is the runner-up…but then takes over as Little Miss Springfield, when Amber is struck by lightning (which is attracted to her scepter).

Lisa is appalled at the duties she must undertake, especially becoming a spokesperson for Laramie Cigarettes, and she begins fighting back. In the end, she is dethroned (through the efforts of Quimby and Laramie” because Homer wrote “Okay” on the entry form where it said, “Do Not Write Below This Line,”
In the end, “at home, Homer and Lisa discuss what they have learned, and Lisa thanks him for caring about her self-esteem. Homer requests that she remember it “the next time I wreck your life”, to which Lisa gladly agrees.”

So…to recap…

  • Little Miss Springfield Lisa, is clearly Lisa…right?

  • The Paralyzer is at the fair…with disastrous results…

  • Turn Your Head and Coif– Is Where Lisa Gets her Hair done before the big pageant

  • Ye Old Off-Ramp Inn – is where the original Little Miss Springfield pageant is held

(Side note from Alissa, this scene is also why having Tuxedo Krusty back in our stores is relevant to this update)

  • Amber Dempsey – is the very evil…very pampered…super child beauty pageant entrant.

So there you have it. Where did they come from? One episode…and now they’re in our games!

11 responses to “Where Did That Come From – County Fair Edition – Part I – Lisa The Beauty Queen

  1. I want the Laramie Slims sign for my town!

  2. Lol! :D:D:D
    When I first popped in to read this I saw Alissa The Beauty Queen!

  3. Am I the only one not being able to open the game? I get the synchronizing screen and that’s it. :-/ Been like this for at least 12 hours now.

  4. This is a good episode.

  5. KRUSTY: “L” the losers in her way,
    “I” the income she will make,
    “T” is for her tooth-filled mouth,
    “T” is for her tooth-filled mouth…

  6. Anyone know WHY tuxedo Krusty has his tasks removed?

    It was my favoured 12hr for him before.. ..

  7. I am just getting up to Lisa’s ‘Little Miss Springfield’ outfit but I got told that I got logged out from EA.

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