Where Did That Come From- County Fair Edition – Apocalypse Cow with Mary Spuckler

OK… so after talking with Alissa, it seems my first attempt at the WDTCF for this mini-event fell short.  Her words were, to this effect…”we need to show more pics from the actual episode…people like that…and if you don’t, they will scream.”

I’m not sure how many of you will actually scream…but, I’m not willing to take the chance.  Besides…I LOVE this episode (S19, E17 ).  It is absolutely loaded with great gags, and is the first time Bart meets Mary Wrestlemania Spuckler, who continues to be in his life for several more episodes.  Voiced by Zoey Deschanel, who is just cute beyond words in real life, Mary is the only really smart Spuckler (as we’ll see), and has a huge part in saving Bart’s cow (that’s right…Bart actually “has a cow”) in this episode.

Let’s take a look at the details…and figure out WHERE Mary Spuckler, The Chedderbarrel Farm and Chedderbarrel Combine (and maybe the County Fair sign) come from…

So…Not enough detail for you?  Not enough pictures??

Well…I was originally going to print THE ENTIRE SCRIPT from this episode…but, that seemed like overkill the other way (didn’t want you to scream!!).

But, I will post some of the best gags from this episode (which I will bold)…along with some pics that correlate to the update…which is what this is all about, right?  (no screaming, please).

The first great gag comes when Marge makes the kids watch something OTHER than cartoons, which she deems to be nothing but one big commercial for breakfast cereal… instead, they watch PGA golf, and come in screaming

Marge: I want you to watch a show that isn’t just one long commercial.
TV golf Accouncer: Justin Leonard lines up the putt. This is for par and a share of sixth place.
Bart and Lisa: Mom, we need a Callaway titanium – perimeter-weighted driver!  It adds yards to any swing.

Marge: You two have been bombarded with enough commercial images. Lisa, I’ve got a big bunch of black banas. You know what that means.
Lisa: Banana bread!
Marge: And Bart, you go with your father to Shelbyville to get the beanbag chairs re-beaned.

As Bart and Homer are driving to Shelbyville, Bart spots the combine in a field next to the highway.

Bart: Hey, check it out! I wouldn’t mind driving that over a prairie dog village.
Honk to the driver! Martin?! What’s a tool like you doing on something cool like that?
Martin: I’m operating a Combine Harvester. It’s part of my duties as a member of 4-H.
Bart: Is 4-H dangerous?
Martin: Indeed, it has the most finger loss of any youth organization.

After Bart Joins 4-H, (which meets at Chedderbarrel Farms). he immediately takes the huge combine on a drive, where he “bales” everything from laundry, to manure…with a hilarious result (let’s face it…Pirates 2-3-4 etc, is crap!) …at the end of the ride, he gets his first “farmer bonus.”

Bart: Raise articulator, set hydraulic brakes and endorse farm subsidy check for crops I didn’t grow.

Bart moves on through the ranks…and his project is to raise a cow.
4H Leader: Okay, 4-H-ers, here’s your summer project: pick a calf and raise him up big, strong and, of course, God-fearing.

A he begins the task of turning the “runt” into a winner, he meets Mary Spuckler, who ends up taking a shine to Bart, and helps him raise his cow.

Mary:  By the way, I’m Mary.
Bart:  I’m Bart. This is my calf, Lulubelle.
Mary: Uh, you know that’s a boy, right?
Bart: Oh, I thought she was peeing out of her nipple.

Bart continues to train, including a quick homage to the movie “Rocky” where his cow is shown “beefing up” by pounding a side of beef.

The Big Day Comes…and we see the The Springfield County Fair Sign (which as it turns out, IS NOT the Fair Sign we get in the game…which is from a different episode that we’ll cover in a different post…if you don’t scream…)

So…to CUT TO THE CHASE (literally), Bart’s cow wins…but he finds out that  as the winner, he is going to the feed lot, to be fattened up even more, and then turned into hamburger.

Bart and Lisa formulate a plot to help steal the cow back…which is helped by some of Lisa’s “Animal Activists” friends.

Lisa: Don’t worry; I called some animal activists who can help us get in. I’ll just give the signal. Milk is murder. Cheese is genocide.
Activist: Good to see you, Windsong.
Bart: Windsong? Yeah, it’s my code name.
Lisa: This is Compost and this is Solar Panel.
Bart: What’s my code name?
Lisa: Lisa’s Brother.
Activists: Forgive us for this violation, Mother Fence. We honor your chain-link spirit.

The Cow is sprung, but Bart is shocked that he is now even bigger. Lisa explains that this is because of steroids.
Bart: I still love you. The way Barry Bonds’ kids probably still love him.

He is sprung, and they decide to take “Lou” to Mary Spuckler’s house.  There is confusion when he shows up, and Cletus makes it clear that “offering a cow, is the same as a marriage proposal to the “hill folk.”  It is made clear that if he doesn’t go through with the marriage…the cow goes back to the feedlot.

Bart acquiesces. And as the father of a recent bride (with another coming in February), I laughed at this exchange with the wedding chef.

Chef: Okay, let’s set up the chitlin bar over here. Uh, start drizzling the crawdad reduction on the possum pouches. And excuse me, why are the spittoons so far from the chaw station? This is a wedding, people, not a funeral.

So…as this cow’s tail, er…uhm…tale progresses, Marge saves the day by stopping the wedding, and allowing “Lou” to be taken away to the slaughter house. But, it turns out the the cow in the truck is really Homer in a cow costume, and Lou is safely taken to the airport, where Appu is waiting to take him to a plane that is headed for India (after a brief hilarious exchange with Bart, in an homage to “Cassablanca”).

Appu: In India, your cow will be treated like a god and receive the food and medical care that in America would go to human beings.
Bart: Lou, if that plane leaves the ground and you’re not on it, you’ll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and definitely after they kill you and make you into Sloppy Joes.
Here’s looking at you, cud.

So…just so we are clear (so you don’t scream) I have covered all of the stuff that is supposed to be from this episode…as well as one thing (the County Fair Sign) that wasn’t supposed to be in this episode.

So this brings us to the end of a very long post. And as a way of finding out if you actually read the entire thing, I am going to actually go back an episode, and take the Hip Hop stage, and do what a lot of hip hop stars do when there is a lull in the song… I’m going to ask you to scream! This will make both me and Alissa happy…and let you guys “scream” after reading a very long post. Just type “scream” in to the comments below…and then, perhaps you won’t need to in real life. Works for me!

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