Where Did THAT Come From – L.T. Smash & Party Posse Stuff

Safi here, giving Wookiee a hand with these WDTCF. With WDTCF being a staple of TSTO Addicts, I’ll try to keep as true to the format as possible (by which I mean I’ll copy and paste one of Wookiee’s posts and just change the necessary info). Hope I make the Wookster proud. Enjoy:


In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?


To quote NSync and Backstreet Boys: ‘Here We Go’, ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ doing the WDTCF again with ‘No Strings Attached’. I’m going to give ‘All I Have to Give’ as ‘Everybody’ in this episode is ‘Larger than Life’.

It’s time for one of my favorite parts of being a reader here at this amazing site. That’s right… new stuff for us to talk about just WHERE it all comes from in the Best. Show. Ever. I’m always a fan of new things even though a lot of the coolest things cost precious sprinklies. The 2017 Homerpalooza Event started with a bang (literally with a free cannon) and then went full Rock, and then Pop. And when you think of Pop, you have to think of the King of Pop, none other than the late great Michael Jackson. It’s my privilege to get to writing about the origins for The Simpsons version of MJ on behalf of Wookiee. It’s always a pleasure to re-watch episodes of the Best. Show. Ever. For this round of origins, we’ll be taking a look at L.T. Smash, Classified Records, the Party Posse, the concert lights, and the Stage Turret:


New Kids on the Blecch” (S12, E14)

In the opening segue, hi-jinks and mischief ensue that lead to the towns people becoming angry at Bart (sounds like the start of many Simpsons episodes)/ With an angry mob gunning for him, he accepts a stranger’s offer to help him escape.

Bart: Who are you?
L. T. Smash: Oh, you’ll find out, in due time.
Bart: Well, it says here your name is L. T. Smash.
L. T. Smash: The time has come. I’m L. T. Smash.

The stranger reveals that his identity is L.T. Smash. L.T. offers Bart a job in a boy band known as “Party Posse”. Marge and Homer sign the contract. We then get  a quick look at the building L.T. comes with, Classified Records. Bart is introduced to the other 3 members of Party Posse Nelson, Ralph, and Milhouse.

The Part Posse’s first performance is at Springfield Elementary, where Principal Skinner asks the students if they are ready to rock. When the students cheer, he quickly demands silence. Party Posse’s rise to stardom begins in the school auditorium. They are then given some wise advise from the boy band NSync.

The band releases a single titled “Drop Da Bomb”, which contains a suspicious lyric; Yvan Eht Nioj. Lisa’s growing suspicion around Party Posse eventually results in her discovering the line is a subliminal recruiting message to join the Navy, as Yvan Eht Nioj is Join the Navy written backwards.

She then goes to confront L.T. Smassh and discovers that L.T. is actually a Lt (Lieutenant). His full name with designation is Lt. L.T. Smash. Not only does he have an anchor tattoo on his arm and an ‘I Heart The Navy’ tattoo on his torso, he also wears a wig.

Lisa points out her discoveries to Homer and Marge, but they dismiss her accusations as jealousy to Bart. When The Party Posse perform a concert on an aircraft carrier, Lisa’s suspicions are increased.It’s on the aircraft carrier that we see the craftable concert lights and stage turrets.


During the concert, L.T Smash is alerted by his superior officer that Mad Magazine‘s next issue will have The Party Posse on the cover, being lampooned as “The Potty Posse.” Smash’s superior officer attempts to shut down “Project Boy Band” by cutting off the band’s voice enhancer, but Smash refuses and starts to go insane. Smash soon carries the boat off the carrier, heading towards New York City. NSync arrives and attempts to stop Smash before he reaches New York, but the band’s attempt fails. Smash fires missiles at Mad Headquarters.

L.T. Smash is taken away in cuffs, but looks like his sentence was no more than 12 years as he makes another appearance in season 24.

Homer Goes to Prep School” (S24, E09)

Homer joins the “Springfield Preppers,” an off-the-grid survivalist group whose leader has set up a top-secret retreat outside of town to prepare for the end of the world, but Marge grows skeptical of the group’s alarmist shenanigans. While not mentioned by name, one of the preppers bears a striking resemblance and similar voice to L.T. Smash.

I’m not going to go into much detail about Homer Goes to Prep School, but do recommend everyone watch it.

So there you go… L.T. Smash, Classified Records, Party Posse, Concert Lights, and Stage Turrets. Did you remember the episodes? Splurge your donuts on the navy lieutenant? Got a random appearance you love that I didn’t bother mentioning? Happy Springfield got the Party Posse costumes? Sound off in the comments and happy classy tapping friends.

TTFN… Safi, in for Wookiee, out!

(or to quote NSync, ‘Bye Bye Bye’)

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  1. …and close with a Matrix

  2. There’s subliminal, liminal, and super liminal. HEY YOU! JOIN THE NAVY!

  3. L.T. Smash’s whole questline was doomsday prepping so, that makes sense for his second appearance actually being him.
    And hey you, join the navy!

  4. I passed on Smash during the event because he could be on discount in some form or even offered in a similar way to (RO) Rockin’ Otto (with Otto, the skin, the sign and the bus for those that didn’t have him) in which EA might decide to re-release him with just his navy outfit and the aircraft carrier to the players that got him and the ones that didn’t get him might have Smash, the records, the outfit and the carrier. At least the Party Posse can still perform on the stage after the event.

  5. Referring to MAD Magazine…
    Nelson: “Aww, they were going to call me ‘Smell-son’ “.
    Homer: “Hahaha, it’s funny because you smell!”

  6. The Statue of Liberty? Where are we?

  7. No one pouts going into a jiggy…
    Yea, that’s just stupid.

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