Returning Content, Magic Monorail, Possible Halloween Teaser?!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So this morning saw a few things happen in our Springfield’s….

First, you may have noticed a few limited-time changes with our Monorails.  Second, there’s a new Magic Monorail Station in our stores.  Third, a bunch of mini-events you may have missed have relaunched and you have a chance to start them.  And fourth, it looks like we may have a little Halloween Teaser.

What do I mean?  How does it work?  Let’s take a look….

Let’s work in a mixed around order….starting with the return of mini events.

For those that are newer to TSTO and have asked for stuff to come back, now it has!  Yes, they may stack up with each other. And yes, you may have multiple things to work through at once.  Unfortunately, that’s the breaks of missing it the first time. EA brought the mini events back, but you’ll have to work through multiples at a time.  And it’s just because it’s all returning content.  They wouldn’t just bring back mini events without some level of new content for those who played through them all.  Otherwise, those players that already finished those events wouldn’t play…make sense?

Some of you may be missing some of the mini events, or don’t have any trigger.  Personally, in one of my games (lower level), I didn’t have any trigger this time around.  But in another lower level game, I had 2 events trigger (Homer the Heretic and Pin Pals).  I think the failure to trigger is a result of if the mini event was at all launched in that game at one point or another.

For example: in my first lower level game (where nothing triggered), I had at one point or another started all of the mini events.  While I didn’t complete them, I did start them.  And I think that’s why they didn’t trigger for me.

In my other lower level game (where Homer the Heretic and Pin Pals triggered), I triggered some mini events but not others.  Never completed them, but triggered a few.

So I think that’s what’s causing some to trigger and some not to trigger.  Of course, this is my speculation and I couldn’t be totally wrong.

For info on the mini events, including walkthroughs and SIBs, check out this page:

Now let’s jump to the Monorail itself….

It looks like between now and Monday you’ll be able to earn double Blueprints when completing the Rail Yard.  This is a good chance to earn some more track and bonuts!

Now onto the Magic Station and some returning content in our stores…

For 80 donuts you can pick up the Magic Station, another Monorail station for Springfield.

I will have a SIB post for this up later today breaking it 100% down like we always do, but for now know that while I think this may come into play for Halloween I don’t think it’s critical for Halloween.  You’ll survive just fine without it if you don’t need another Monorail Station.  EA wouldn’t release something critical for the next event as a premium item…keep that in mind.

There are also a TON of returning premium items in our stores from the past Monorail Event.  I’ll do my traditional SIB Returning stuff breakdown as well.  But you can find SIB posts on just about every returning item on this site by using the search box on this page.

And finally…a Halloween Teaser.  This popup box…

Preceded by the dialogue from the episode tie-in talking about Angelica Button makes me think (as well as some of you I’m sure) we’ll see a Magic-themed Halloween Event this year. (Sam, try not to pass out…)

So we shall see what happens next week…

Remember…I think Halloween will hit on October 3rd, next Tuesday.

And that’s it my friends…let your speculation hearts run wild! Sound off below with your thoughts on the new content, the old content and the future content…

174 responses to “Returning Content, Magic Monorail, Possible Halloween Teaser?!

  1. Jeff Jeffdy Jeff

    I got 3, almost 4 rounds of 5x donuts from finishing the monorail track several times last week. I was expecting it to go back to normal but it seems like you can still do more. I’m on my 2nd round this week and will keep going until it won’t let me anymore.

  2. Alexander Sanchez

    was hoping halloween was starting today. waited all this time for it. if not today then I really hope tomorrow. so excited.

  3. Hey!
    Can someone tell app or program which export elements from the game?

  4. I have a question about monorail characters that earn premium rate. I know Jesse can earn at all recycling plants because I have him and Brandine can recycle extra metal because I have her. I can also see that Uriah can earn at all recycling plants (like Jesse) and Üter can earn at one of them (plastic I think, although I don’t have him in my Springfield), but is there anyone else who can recycle metal, plastic, or glass?

    Thank you, Hive Mind of TSTO Addicts.

  5. Saw last night’s S episode and sososooooo hope that is the theme for this year’s halloween event!

    • I loved all the references in the show. Jamie Lannister as Marge’s twin was hilarious. I did not peg that as his guest appearance at all. I thought he would be a guard that slays the king.

  6. Oh he’ll no I hope to god it’s not a magic Halloween how lame
    Halloween is ghost zombies vampires ghouls and so on not Harry Potter

    • Meh as long as it’s entertaining

    • Witches and wizards are definitely part of the Halloween motif! In fact, I’d say, that I see more witches in decorations, costumes, etc. than I do zombies. So, actually, a Harry Potter theme (remember, HP has ghosts in those stories, too) would be a perfectly appropriate Halloween theme. Now, if you want to say you how they don’t have that as a theme because you’re not into HP, that’d be fine, but to say it’s not Halloween-y isn’t true.

  7. Not sure if this has been answered yet, but how long will we have to get Sebastian Cobb and the Railyard if we haven’t completed it already?

  8. Sorry if this has been covered… with the new update, my friend has gotten her monorail Bonuts for the week and is locked out until Tuesday… I got mine, too, but the game let me go through and get a second round, and now I’m working on my third… which one of us has the glitch?

    • I’ve been checking to see if anyone one answers the questions that have been put here about the monorail tasks resetting, I’m wondering how many times I’m going to be able to keep playing. I’m guessing it’s gonna end shorty/tonight. Have you figured it out? Are there any posts about it?

  9. Slightly off topic…does it make sense to stockpile daily tasks until Tuesday?

    • It won’t automatically convert the tasks to Halloween currency. You could store two tasks, and each day you would have to “x” one out and hope it’s replaced with Halloween currency. But really, I don’t think it will make any significant difference for you.

  10. I knew I’d find out what was going on if I stopped by here to catch up on my reading! I’m on about round 5 with the latest glitch – I couldn’t figure out what was going on at first. It’s such a grind though – guess I’ll keep it up as long as I can. I don’t know how you guys get so much info up so darn fast on this site while still managing your real jobs & stuff! Kudos to the Addicts Team!👍 👏 🤜 RachelS

  11. Could not believe I have picked up the Barney package , inc a skin for almost half price. Glad I waited for this kind of offer.

  12. From reading comments, it seems like the mini events coming back are those that gave us an opportunity to earn items from a “mini game”, i.e. the rocket ship, the chili event, pin pals, etc. Maybe I am completely wrong about this, though.

  13. Dear EA, if you’re reading here and I hope you do! I, too, have the problem that I already finished the weekly railyard quests before the update came and now it doesn’t reset. So I’m missing out on a lot of donuts (with the double payout it’s probably possible to get 5 donuts each day), jus because I was too fast. I think it’s unfair if players get punished for being too “good” and too fast. (On the other hand we get a lot of chances to earn free donuts, that’s really generous, but it’s just a matter of treating everyone the same and fair)

  14. Same with me. Hubby has a second chance but railroad still says wait until next week. Boo hoo. Missing out on donuts. Have tried hard and soft closing of game, logging in and out of EA games, but nothing seems to reset it.

    • I had the message to say ‘double blueprints’ after I had finished the railroad. And then nothing. What was the point of telling me that and then not giving me the chance to use them? I haven’t had any mini games at all, and I did wonder if it was all determined by what level you were at. Or maybe EA are trying to bring everyone to the same level. I have to admit though, that I feel let down by EA. Perhaps it is time to stop playing……….And maybe that was the point………☹️

  15. My monorail didn’t reset. I’m missing on rounds of donuts. Anyone else has the same problem?

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