In-Game Update: Christmas 2017 Removal, Mini-Event Setup

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well there’s still snow in Springfield BUT the Christmas event has been officially removed from our games.  An in-game update hit our pocket-sized towns a short while ago, which officially pulled the event from your town.  No extra time this time around…

While no big changes to the game…nope no event just yet…there are a few “improvements” related to the Christmas Event that are live now.

So yes, you can change the look of the Christmas Spaceship to Destroyed or normal…

And yes, you can send the characters to battle each other.  You’ll have to select the character and pick on their 4hr task, however. There’s no master list to select from.  And you can only have 4 B.S.ers & 2 Aliens battling visually..but you can send as many as you want.

And here’s the list I had….

And that’s it for now!

HOWEVER…..there is a mini-event primed and ready to go in the files.  It looks like it’ll be hitting Springfield TOMORROW. (January 3rd) So be ready tomorrow for the next thing in Springfield!

I’ve got to go through the files…I’ll think about posting some spoilers later today.  And yes (if i do), I’ll mark the post SPOILERS. 

Thoughts on snow still in Springfield?  Which look will you give your Spaceship?  Excited to still be able to B.S. battle?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

For those looking for a little tease of what’s ahead tomorrow…you can see this character set in your game now:

Birch Barlow, Daisy Quimby & Lloyd…

84 responses to “In-Game Update: Christmas 2017 Removal, Mini-Event Setup

  1. Josephine Kick@$$

    I love the way they handled the battles, I use Rabbi, Santa, Jesus, & Shiva for battling, & Kodos & Kang in the spaceship, it quite makes me smile 😀 Also, it’s still winter, I would like to see the snow stay for at least a bit plEAse😁😁😁😁

  2. Looks like I’m not able to send Otto to battle Kang and Kodos 🙁

  3. deleting game can’t even see the map with the new update , totally pissed. im level 100 and now they’ve ruined it ✌

  4. Snow – keep the snow EA (it’s a good metaphor for what half the United States / Canada is dealing with) ❄️

    I’m keeping my Rigellian Spaceship intact so the B.S. Battles are epic (whatever generates $ and XP) 👍

  5. I always wondered, How come EA STO Game Developers don´t make it so that one can play the game at night?? Depending on one´s time zone. That would be so awesome! like in GTA ( Grand Theft Auto ).

  6. That’s weird. I still have Robo-Funzos in my town and get daily challenges to clear them. Also I can craft. Anyone else having the same problem?

  7. Last time we had Santa as a character, it taken off us.
    Do you know if this will this repeat??

  8. Guess I should have checked here before sending everyone on a 24 hour task just now doh!

  9. How do you check your character sets in the game? It’s been so many years I forgot you could.

  10. this was fun! got everything and then some! wish i could’ve gotten another reindeer/elf houses though. fun.

  11. Best event this year. It’s like EA read Alyssa’s “Make TSTO Great Again” post and went to town on most of it making it happen. Awesome.

  12. I am so glad the snow stayed!!! Flowers and green grass in January is jarring.
    Also, I am glad so many people were happy with this event. While I was glad to be rid of the 4 hour grind, this event missed the mark for me. Still had crafting (I just want to buy decorations with in-game cash). No community prizes. No way to drop off items for neighbors (presents!). No benefit to you or neighbors for visiting. No new buildings that can bs purchased in multiples (like spooky houses, retro townhomes, etc)
    So, for me, this event was ok. Not terrible, but certainly not top 5.

  13. I liked this event. It was not too long, it didn’t require the constant 4-hour grind every day. Honestly, I logged in most days 1x and was still able to get all the prizes. That’s what I loved the most about it. I did clear up my Springfield after the event ended, as I usually do after all events. I just can’t seem to find the school bus in the store to get Otto and use his skin.

  14. This may not be the place for this question, but… does anyone else still have the Enchant/Summon Bully-Vern, Lewd and Crawl on their task bars? No matter how many times I do them it won’t clear them from my to do list. Is that normal or is there something I need to do to get rid of them.

    • You have to do each of those several times – check the number on the right. Repeat them until it says 15/15 (or 4/4, or whatever number is attached to them).

  15. Christopher Rios

    So you can zoom in more but zoom out waaaay less? Everything is way more zoomed in. How has this not been mentioned?

  16. Fiendish Thingy

    This event was the easiest by far- got all prizes and crafting items by logging on twice a day!

  17. Thought the Winter event was great. Just the right length for a major event. It was interactive during the second act. I love all the new characters. I picked up a lot of skins from the Mystery Box. So many good decorations, I need to rearrange my town so I can expand my Christmas village. I did stop visiting neighbors because searching for robot funzos took way too long for very little reward. Overall, it was a great way to finish the year and start another.

    Not real excited about the next mini-event. Characters are not memorable. I won’t miss much while enjoying Thailand!

    I did secretly wish we could send the B.S. League to fight after the event. Score another for EA this season.

  18. Yes! Thank you EA for allowing us to continue to battle the aliens! So sad when the quest ended!

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