The Buck Stops Here Mini Event is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Buck Stops Here mini-event is officially live.  But it’s 3am and I’m doing what most people should be doing at 3am….sleeping.

So I’ll update this post more in the morning once I get to work.  For now, use this post as an Open Thread to discuss the mini-event…

Back with more once I’ve had a cup or two of coffee… 😉


84 responses to “The Buck Stops Here Mini Event is Live!

  1. I’m 2nd with the “needs more sleep” 😴 … but I promise the sprinkles won’t stop here (’cause there are new Bargains in the Store)😀


  2. I got 51 for 10 !!

    Also there is a great cash rebate on a building that makes it free.


  3. techbearseattle

    I wish they would give us a few days to rearrange things, work in all the new content.

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  4. So with the mystery box, the only thing I see (I’ve got everything else from the box) is “Mastermind bundle”… Does this mean it comes with the full character, not just the costume? From the looks of it it has Volcano Lair, and on the regular store Volcano Lair comes with the character. Or does Volcano Lair have a facade so that bundle means facade + costume?
    I really want Hank Scorpio and 60 donuts would be an excellent deal if the bundle comes with the character…


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