The Buck Stops Here Mini Event is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Buck Stops Here mini-event is officially live.  But it’s 3am and I’m doing what most people should be doing at 3am….sleeping.

So I’ll update this post more in the morning once I get to work.  For now, use this post as an Open Thread to discuss the mini-event…

Back with more once I’ve had a cup or two of coffee… 😉

84 responses to “The Buck Stops Here Mini Event is Live!

  1. I’m 2nd with the “needs more sleep” 😴 … but I promise the sprinkles won’t stop here (’cause there are new Bargains in the Store)😀

  2. I got 51 for 10 !!

    Also there is a great cash rebate on a building that makes it free.

  3. techbearseattle

    I wish they would give us a few days to rearrange things, work in all the new content.

  4. So with the mystery box, the only thing I see (I’ve got everything else from the box) is “Mastermind bundle”… Does this mean it comes with the full character, not just the costume? From the looks of it it has Volcano Lair, and on the regular store Volcano Lair comes with the character. Or does Volcano Lair have a facade so that bundle means facade + costume?
    I really want Hank Scorpio and 60 donuts would be an excellent deal if the bundle comes with the character…

  5. ok, i’m already loving this mini-event 10xs more than christmas. i started in feb of 2014 and the stonecutter was my first major event, IIRC. i got hibbert and number 51 stonecutter robes/character and for just 20 donuts. that’s a steal! now i have all the stonecutters! then getting quimby and his, ahem, gardening skills animation? oh hell yeah.

  6. I bought the SC tunnel right away.

  7. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Alright, it’s almost lunchtime in the Frozen Wasteland Expanse of New Jersey. Y’all must have had a few cups ☕️ of coffee- if you have power.
    I’m sitting here in foggy, damp California, eagerly awaiting your insight into what I should buy.
    All Seeing Eye
    Ark of Stonecutter
    Guide me, ALI-1-kanI-SSA

    I’m retired and awaiting your words of wisdom

  8. You must really like your coffee, Alissa. 😂I just started the update today and unlocked the mini event and the episode tie in. I assume that it is better to play through the episode tie in questline first and then work on the mini event.

  9. Are the Stonecutters Character skins premium?

    • Yes, but unless EA has changed things with this update, some characters have Stonecutter skin tasks that do not earn at a premium rate, and so you have to check. For example, I’m pretty sure that Krusty’s Stonecutter skin’s 4hr task (Promote Cornsumerism maybe?) does not earn at a premium rate. Same with Number 1 I believe. However, other characters’ Stonecutter skins (Lenny, Carl, Quimby, and others but maybe not all) earn at a premium rate for all tasks. It’s kind of odd. I believe that all 1hr, 8hr, and 12hr tasks for all characters earn at a premium rate. Hope that helps.

  10. Don’t forget the 10 free donuts trick by sending stonecutter homer to sing at the table and tapping on him multiple times!

  11. You know there’s one thing which I really don’t get. At the start of events there’s usually a task in which you can send the Springfielders on that they can take part in, like send them to buy the latest thing. But I’ve noticed there are always a few characters who are left out. You have the 3 spies and Yakuza guy from the spies event, Lord Montymort, Slithers, and Unicorn Wizards from Halloween, the two rockers from Homerpalooza, and The Parson from the pagan Christmas event. What’s up with that?

    • Uh, a little help please? I didn’t really get a response to my question.

      • I have always thought they use the main characters for start tasks since everyone has these characters. Not everyone will have specialty characters. Just my thought anyway!

        • Well over time special characters do get incorporated so I don’t see why the ones I listed should be any different.

    • Yep some characters seem to be visitors to Springfield and not residents of Springfield.
      This would be a great post I think for Super-Safi talking about residents VS Visitors

  12. New…characters…..need….donuts….

  13. Krustyland appears to be more active with the attractions all working

  14. I spent donuts on all available Stonecutters skins, it’s a good deal.

    Now I am going to have to save up for Disco Stu to complete the final set.

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