Solving Current Server Connectivity Issue

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Loads of you have been complaining you’re not able to get into TSTO, you get the server error message.  This is happening to some of you, but not all TSTO players. (I’m currently

Addicts Community Member Ebron has been dealing with this too & she’s been graciously communicating back and forth with EA about the issue.  So I’ve been posting her comments in various posts (you can find some info at the top of this post)

Yesterday, Ebron posted a solution to fixing the server issues & was gracious enough to grab a screenshot of the solution as well…for those who don’t read every comment.  Here’s the solution:

Now I know this isn’t feasible for everyone…as not everyone has a second device they can use but this should help a majority of you.  Even if you borrow a friend, parent, significant other’s device to do this quickly.

For those that can’t do this…your best bet is to contact EA or go to their forum and add your “Me Too” to their post.



72 responses to “Solving Current Server Connectivity Issue

  1. Victoria Brandt

    Hi Team, I’m having an issue and I hope I’m not the only one! Somehow, once every 2hs, when I want to play, I’m getting “Download updates” it’s always the same amount, I’ve to download 3 updates and re login my account! Do you know how to solve this? Should I send an email to EA?

    Thanks in advance,

    Vicky from Buenos Aires


  2. Worked a treat for me – thanks Ebron, much appreciated!


  3. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Occasionall, it hangs on loading the game – doesn’t get to “synchronizing “. If so, I close and restart – and it quickly loads.

    Awaiting th next week Event, although my 10 days just expired and I spent 25 donuts to restart my 10 days.


  4. My problem is it logs me out every time and I have to spend 20 min redownloading game every time I want to play!


  5. I was disconnected for a few days, tried all the resets, and finally contacted EA and got back on. I figured I wouldn’t be able to finish the quest line, but I got a message today that though the event is over, I can complete the current quest line and get the last building. Mighty decent of EA. Happy snow day to all those who are iced in today!


  6. I first tried the uninstall/reinstall method. Worked for a little bit, and then right back to the perpetual Bart screen.

    I then tried the two device method. It’s been working for three days now, knock on wood.

    Thanks to Ebron for figuring it out!!


  7. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

    Sent from my iPad



  8. I was wondering why a was losing money all of a sudden. Turns out that when I was using the Office of Unenployment, Cecil Terwilliger is automaticly doeing the Road to Riches jobs. Don’t know if anybody else has the same issues but pay attention to this if you suddenly see large amounts on your bank account dissapear.


    • For me, Cecil always earns if I use the OoU, and only need to be careful if sending him by tapping for his task list and only reading the time taken – then it’s too easy to make an expensive mistake.


  9. I finally connected in today. Had 202 out of 400 currency for the final prize. Sent everyone out on tasks. Logged in later to clear the tasks and the currency was still 202 after I collected everything. Sent them back out again figuring I won’t be able to collect the prize track because the game was still broke. Logged in later to collect and the game gave me the 198 more currency I needed and the final building. I should have only gotten around 65 or so.

    I’m wondering if EA is giving everyone the prizes because of the connectivity issues.

    Anyone else experience this ?

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  10. I can connect, but it’s so slow as to be almost unplayable.


  11. Yay, my game is working again now. 😉
    I tried to log in this morning, and it worked.
    (ios and I play Tapped Out on my ipad)
    I didn’t need to do anything, it just worked.
    I guess Bart thought he had kept me out of paying long enough. 😛
    Thank you to my neighbours for still visiting me 🙂
    I hope anyone/everyone else who is having trouble is able to log in soon.

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  12. Mine comes and goes. I went through the initial whole day about waiting for a fix. Finally I just uninstalled then reinstalled it. About a half a day later, again came the connection problems. I think I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it about 4 times. During the spots of playing I have been able to do, I’ve done a few neighbor visits and came back. I guess we’ll see what happens next time I try starting it up.


  13. If you don´t have an extra device opening EA Ticket is the solution!


    If you sell the old convention centre (not the capital city one) you will get $37000. Go to the store and the convention centre will be available for $150000 with a rebate of $150000. (i.e. FREE) If you keep buying and selling the convention centre you will make $37000 everytime without losing any money. You can sell the convention centre without waiting fo it to rebuild. I’ve been doing this for about 10 minutes and have made $5 Million dollars.
    The rebate for the convention centre is only available while this event is on so hurry and you can make millions.

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  15. Remember how bad the harp of death was all those years ago? That was bad. Hopefully EA has learnt from their mistakes and can sort this quickly. My game is working but feel for whos ever isnt . I couldnt do the harp of death again ever!


  16. Remember to force a sync before gameplay so you don’t get locked out, and to sync again before leaving so you don’t lose any progress if it glitches again or you swap devices anyway.

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  17. The problem is fixed… At least For me. I didnt do anything… Just tried to join.

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