TGIF – When Is a Memory Issue Really More Than a Memory Issue?

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Well…when we last checked in with my Springfield, I was lamenting the fact that purchasing the Hellfish Bundle caused me to do all sorts of things that I don’t usually do. You can read that post here, if you missed it. And, as a true confession, I wasn’t even aware that the Hellfish bundle was actually a retread from a past update. Since the Hellfish episode is from Grandpa’s past as well, the whole past/present, and how it affects the future, gets murky at best.

The most interesting thing starts to happen when you start getting old in Springfield (as in too many items for your memory to handle), some of it predictable, and some of it downright random. But, it may ALL have to do with Grandpa and Mona leaving their posts at the black hole.

Let’s follow along the events in the last week, even though I am writing this almost a week early, due to it being “wedding week” at the Miller household. But, as we will see, time is indeed relative, and at the time you are reading this, our house will be FULL of relatives, old and new…so time, here and now, is indeed relative. Mostly. (yes…I need some sleep).

First of all…by now, I do indeed have the Damn Dam. It took me almost 12 days of dedicated 4 hour-cycles to get it. But I got it.  I don’t have time to place it right now, and EA’s weird new “you can only buy this chunk of land with tokens” bit, is messing with me. But, I got it. Patience won out. I am done with Cecil. I don’t care about the rest of the Cecil upgrades. The Dam is mine.

Now, back to my hole. Oops…that sounds horrible. Back to the black hole in my town!

This update, and having Grandpa off battling kids at the play structure has really caused some quantum mayhem in my town.  Most notably (if not ironically) around the area where my black hole resides.

As I have said, when things are “normal” in my town, it is because Grandpa and Mona are feeding pigeons to the black hole.  Yes…Charles...this should make it expand.  But, in fact, this hole is easily distracted by the prospect of eating, and pigeons, are small, light meals.  So, as long as the pigeons are coming, everything is fine.

But, when Grandpa and Mona aren’t around, it seems all hell breaks loose regarding the balance of my town.  The following screen shots are a testament to the weirdness that happens when you let average citizens try to help out in “iPhone square” (which you see is located between the Mapple store and the Collider, which should create it’s own mass of quantum messes).


While Grandpa and Mona are elsewhere, Don Vittorio “took over their territory.”  At first I thought the cat was a gonner…

But, when I pulled back, I could see that the mayhem was actually BEHIND the Subatomic Supercollider. All sorts of quantum parallel bits started showing up…some on fire, others not.

This isn’t all that surprising around these parts, and apparently, science is coming to the conclusion that the “many universe” theory is correct. If it’s in Forbes magazine, it must be true…right?

When I went back to zoom in on Don Vittorio…he was gone!  BOOM! 

But then, pulling back again, I saw that he had just jumped to another bench, and all was correct, including Shary Bobbins perpetually suspended in mid-air, as a punishment for what she put me through to get her during the now infamously hated, “Easter 2014 Event.”

But wait…when I zoom back into the black hole, SANTA is suddenly swimming toward danger…NO SANTA!!  Don’t look into the hole!!!

As a scream out a warning, Santa disappears, and is replaced by 2/3rds of a Kookie (with a full cookie wandering away on the left side of the screen…another parallel universe Doppleganger??

In a blink of an eye, Kookie is gone, and a “mostly intact” Lucille (criminal mind apparently not fully intact), looks like she is being sucked into the hole, or is trying to lasso the thing.

Only to be replaced a few seconds later by a cigar smoking, Roger Meyer Jr. who may have mistaken the hole for an ash tray, and is now paying the price.

The WEIRD THING about all of this…is that when Grandpa and Mona are doing their thing…none of this stuff happens.

Yes…it’s true that once in a while there is some other quantum weirdness that may or may not be brought about by the fact that I have well over 10,000 items in my Springfield. So…maybe I’m a tad bit over the limit…but, hey! I love my flowers and trees!!

Look…I believe that reality is a combination of what we know in traditional science, what we are discovering in quantum physics, and a whole mess of things that are yet to be conceived or discovered.  I believe strongly that consciousness is outside of this space/time, and that most of what is important about “what is,” in the here and now, is a mere perception, based on our own creation. But, then again…I’m old.  I’ve had an NDE.  My perception of what this life is about is a heck of a lot different than most believe.

But, I believe one thing for sure.  I need to get Grandpa and Mona back on the bench, doing their thing. Because time/space and a house full of relatives in beautiful wedding finery, waits for no man!

When you read this…I will be deep, deep, deep into the actual wedding weekend. It’s gonna be epic…

Keep your eye on your limitations…and then ignore them.  Life is SO much better when you don’t limit yourself by fear, too much faith in mythology, cling to a single “ism,”  and can realize that the world is never really what it seems.

Have fun. It’s really YOUR choice…

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  1. Funny. I like when visual glitches happen and love to see others.

  2. Patrick, happiness to the wedding couple, and all the family gathered. I’ve been reading books on quantum physics and I was wondering if I can get my black holes to do some of the things yours does. The Universe could be a video game….. and we are characters in that elaborate game.

    • There are actually some pretty interesting bits of research being done with the University of Washington on exactly that concept. I just hope we don’t hit the reset button soon.

      The wedding was amazing… Will be spending this week recuperating.

  3. May your Household enjoy a Wedded Bliss of a weekend 😊 …. and may EA just allow Tappers to sell off our Excess we choose to Store (because of limited space) 😉

  4. Josephine Kick@$$

    Thanks for the many chuckles Patric 😂 I really hope you & your family have a wonderfully happy day 😃😃😃 Congratulations to you and the Mrs COG 😘

  5. I’ve had these graphical artifacts for years… even when I had 5,000 items. I just assumed it was because I use an emulator, rather than a memory issue (It has 4GB RAM, I can increase as necessary). I’m well over 10,000 items now and keep having to store items to remain under the hard limit.

    • Even my light-weight Springfield of former times (now at ~8,200 items) has showed these annoying glitches. Annoying especially when you try to find Maggie in your house farm and the only thing you see is *sucking noise* weird patterns…

  6. I know Patric is too busy to answer this but if anyone can help I’d appreciate it.
    Patric says to ignore the too many items limit in game but when I get that message on my iPad I can’t continue with the game until I delete items. Is there a way to get around this? Also my limit is several thousand less then Patric’s. His is over ten thousand and mine is seven thousand.
    If it has anything to do with memory, that is not an issue. I have a new iPad with almost all its memory.

    • Never heard of that happening…next time you get the message, go to Krustyland and back, see if that helps. Hopefully you can continue to add items (try placing 10 fence pieces somewhere) after you get back.

  7. 10.000?! o.o And I thought I had too much items at 7.000+

  8. These screenshots are not in order.
    You can see it because of the beer bottles.


    Someone please reply if this dropbox link works…(I’m not sure I’m doing it right)This glitch cracks me up. I finally built my baseball area and look what happened…..”If you build it, they will come….”

    • I see duff stadium and a bunch of spooky mods

    • It worked…must be “Bring a ghost, get a t-shirt” night😁.

      (Ps…if you size it before you post the link, the picture will show up smaller)

      • Good advice! When pics this large are posted in these comment sections it messes with the layout making it very difficult to read. 🤪 RachelS

  10. Sorry nothing to do with tsto. Since you’re a wedding veteran, any advice for a first time groomsman. Have three weddings this spring and summer. Groomsman in all of them.

    • Yep!
      Don’t drink on wedding day… and be sure to make sure that you keep it under control the night before. When I used to do weddings as a singer…I saw loads of “face plants” where the groom or the groomsmen passed out at the alter.

      Do what the bride tells you to do…trust me on this. It’s her show.

  11. I love this post. I have a small collection of these anomilies.
    My Frink coumpound with one high security wall of Rabbis.

    The judge fishing on top of a piece of the monorail. Was a small pond.

    The Judge fishing on top of himself fishing.

  12. My Springfield is also subject to occasional “reality sidesteps” 🤪 and they usually bring a chuckle. Like Forrest says, “you never know what you’re gonna get”.

  13. How do you get a black hole?

  14. If you get near a black hole, make sure you fall in feet first. Then you can watch the history of the rest universe as you are stretch like a long string of spaghetti. You may die a horrible death, but everyone you knew will be long dead.

  15. Heh heh – he said “A Hole”

  16. Well Patric
    Have a hreat happy week end, congratulations to the newly weds. Have all a great time and good weather. All my best wishes from Australia!

  17. 👍🏼

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