Bart Royale – Act III Calendar

Let’s just get this out of the way… “This Event Is Too Long!”

There. I’ve said what needs to be said. EA? Are you listening?  TWO ACTS PLEASE…Three feels drawn out, and the prizes seem like afterthoughts, that you are just throwing out there to extend the event into three acts. Grinding…and more grinding ahead. It is EALPish… (EA Lazyass Programming).

On a plus side…I finished Act II with days to spare. As in…4 days early…which made the weekend nice, if Deb didn’t get the flu, and we didn’t have to attend a funeral (not Deb’s). But, I digress…

There is no magic to Act III. It is simply a matter of logging in every 4 hours…doing the assault/defend shuffle…and coming back 4 hours later to do it all over again.

But, Here are the Numbers You Will Need to Get It ALL in Act III…whether you want it or not…
 Before we get to the numbers…I have to admit, that I don’t hate this update as much as many/most of you do!  I know!  Weird huh??  Somehow, with world events being what they are, building a Dystopian Corner in my Springfield just seems right.  I’m putting mine right next to my slice of heaven (where Jesus hangs out), so when “the end” comes, I have a short walk to the promised land.

OK…Back to “reality.”

The currency for Act III is Gas Can.png (which if you can’t figure it out, is supposed to be a gas can).

To GET IT ALL… in Act III, You will need to collect a total of 63,700 Gas Can.png to get the “Water Baron Burns” skin and building. Gas and water…not a good combo. But, hey…if you are going “Dystopian,” you might as well mix “Mad Max” and “Waterworld” together, right?  The former was far better than the latter…but, then again, I’m not a fan of Kevin Costner…especially when driving a souped up jet ski. But, I digress again…

Here are the Numbers! 

Click images to enlarge…

And for the “I Prefer a Spread Sheet Please” crowd (you know who you are, Safi)…

**If you are struggling to keep everyone doing what you think they are supposed to…don’t bother.  When it says, “Destroy Ruffian Fort Defenses”…send ALL of your peeps to do it. And if it asks you to attack or fortify, do so on the fort that has the highest multiplier.   It Does NOT matter if you have equal numbers of attackers and defenders.  I almost always have my people attacking, so I can see the animation, unless there is as specific task to do otherwise. I only defend when forced to do so with a task.

**Send your peeps to the fort with the highest % bonus. There is no reason to worry about balancing out the bonus…they all pay out the same. So use the one that is maxed out to 20%.

**Just keep clearing everyone, every 4 hours…and putting them back to work…and you will be fine. Trust me.

Like All of the TSTO 3-Act Events…Act III is pretty much just a grind-fest for some lackluster prizes. But, hey…it’s free…right? (as in don’t spend real money on this stuff, if you can be patient and donut farm, or just forget about it).  Chances are, this event will go down in the “meh” column for most by the end of the year. At least, let’s hope so.

I am personally looking forward to being done, so I can store the playground/forts, and just build a cool Dystopian corner with what’s left over.

How are you doing?  What do you think of the event so far?  What is your favorite prize in this event?



99 responses to “Bart Royale – Act III Calendar

  1. Looks like they added a day.


  2. lol, your Calendar is off, Moe should be on Tuesday not Wednesday


  3. I think Three acts are fine but the one thing that needs to change is skins should NEVER be the final prize. I think skins should maybe be act 1 though I assume adding a character as the final act 1 prize does help people get into an act. But for this event we had two acts where the big prizes were skins… Whats worse was the skins in act 2 don’t help at all with finishing the event. Now this event just going drag with no fun to be had.
    Sure everything is free and optional still would really like for events to be fun… It’s not fun after you’ve collected all the playable characters.


  4. Had anyone else noticed/have the same glitch that EA is working on the cheap side? As in they tell me I get collections and craftables for 30 action, but they pay out only the 29. I though I saw it happen in the previous acts, but just thought to check my counter and was able to verify.


  5. I love this event more then anything in my 5 years of playing. I wish it lasted longer then 3 acts!


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