Springfield Jobs Prize Guide- Prize 3 – Old Cathedral

We are being sent round the world once again, in hopes of collecting art, buildings and artifacts relating to some of the finest artistic capitals in the world (sorry Australia).  There are a TON of items to be won and crafted, and we are here to cover some of the benefits for winning them, which can linger long after the event is over!

The 3rd Prize to be awarded is the Old Cathedral…
Let’s take a look!
There is a whole lot of churchin’ goin’ on is Springfield. At last count, I think we have something like 6 of them, as well as the Temple and a complete Holy Land, plus heaven and Jesus. Maybe the writers are trying to tell us something? 

In any case…Prize #3 is another church…or I should say, Cathedral (which is pretty much just a really big church).  People who go to cathedrals like to make this distinction, as it seems to make a point that you are higher up on the rung of piety. I know this first-hand, as my mother began going to the Episcopal cathedral in Portland (also known as Trinity Church), and constantly corrects me when I call it a church. OK. Sorry Mom. I’ve been to a lot of the world’s largest cathedrals, and Trinity is pretty…and big…but it really doesn’t hold up to the huge ones in Europe. But, I digress…

We are awarded the Cathedral when we hit 4120 paintings collected. This seems appropriate, as many of the great cathedrals also have loads of painting in them. Go figure.

After winning it, you are asked if you want to place it or store it. This really is an option, as it has little to do with earning during this event, and you may want to save the land for something else later. Your call…

The cathedral DOES come with a very short task…and does earn regular game currency, and DOES include a permanent task for Lovejoy…which I find pretty funny in theory.  There is something a tad hypocritical about being pious, while trying to remain humble.  The CS Lewis book, “The Screwtape Letters” is a great, entertaining read on the topic…but, I digress again.

Prize 3: Old Cathedral
Size: 8×9
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $150, 13xp/8hrs
Permanent Task: Rev. Lovejoy, Scoff at Outdated Setup. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Conform-O- Meter: Vanity +200
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt

Questline: Cathe-Dull
Auto starts
Lenny: I’m so excited! Now that we have a cathedral, the Pope will visit Springfield.
Carl: He’s the cool Pope. He waves his hands over you and suddenly you know how to salsa and free-climb Yosemite’s Half Dome.
Pope: That’s not true. I’m not a magician. I just bring you the good news about Jesus.
Lenny: Aww.
Pope: Oh fine. Hipsteronium Hairicum.
Lenny: He gave me a cool hipster beard! I love you, Super Pope!

Task: Make Springfielders Receive a Papal Blessing-x10. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp

Next Prize? PRIMO!  I know…we are skipping the 300 Plunders. But what’s there to say?  It’s 300 plunders.

49 responses to “Springfield Jobs Prize Guide- Prize 3 – Old Cathedral

  1. Speaking of churches /cathedrals/ places of worship: I drive past the church with the highest spire in the world twice a week (Ulmer Münster, 161,53 meters high). Climbed it once, but never visited a service. Any thoughts on where a “Münster” falls on the church – cathedral scale? 😉

  2. Old Cathedral – thanks for the Free Building (vs Building Skin) and Free Land Tokens 🦄😊

  3. IDK where this would ever be an appropriate comment, but I have to ask fellow players; do you find the gay representation of this game to be heteronormative? Like, what’s up with Patty taking a nap and dreaming of women? Is that…. funny? I love being able to play around with Simpsons characters, but the game feels like it caters to a cis white male gamer. Thoughts?

    • Gosh… really?? You are going there? I think the correct question would be “who doesn’t get lampooned in TSTO and the Simpsons.”

      But of course, someone who uses that term has an agenda…and we’re kinda vanilla in our agenda to be non-agenda here. So…not sure what you hoped for. They made fun of all of the primary religious figures…and the Pope is next…so any bias seems to be that of being unbiased about who they make fun of.

      • Go there? First of all, you (Patric) started it. You’re the one who said ”Another Place of Worship?” Then you go into a rant (or as you called it, a digression) about cathedrals, and make some broad generalization about “People who go to cathedrals …” Your rant was upsetting to some of us, and defiantly not vanilla or non-agenda as you claimed. Your agenda was to make us aware of the (petty?) differences in their places of worship.

        Second, what if instead, you had said “Another gay character?” and then counted off all the gay characters in the game. Followed by, “Maybe the writers are trying to tell us something?” And then made some broad generalizations about “People who are gay …” And then go into a rant about the differences in terms like gay, lesbian, or transgender. Would that be OK? Would that be considered vanilla or non-agenda writing? I think not.

        Sometimes people just can’t see how hypocritical they are.

        • OK. PLEASE re-read what I wrote. I was talking about my MOTHER’S habit of correcting me when I asked her if she went to church, and told me she went to the “cathedral.”

          What I meant by “maybe the writers are trying to tell us something,” was that we need MORE religion in our lives. Sheesh. But, I get it…

          NOW…tell me how you feel about the “young Pope,” vaping a cross while “being cool.” It think it is fascinating that some who are offended by the type of characters in our game, or any reference to them, can “give a pass” when the characters are “on their team.”

          This is exactly what I mean when I say that TSTO and The Simpsons writers are “equal opportunity offenders.” There is something offensive to EVERYONE in the game. It is futile, and a little bit silly to pick out any single reference, and try to make a case for bias. There is bias all over the game…loads, and loads, and loads. Having Jesus whine about not getting enough Christmas presents? Come on…did you miss that one too????????

          Hypocritical? Let’s be sure what color of silliness you are painting your picture with, before you start labeling.

          AND…FOR THE RECORD………. I don’t care where you worship. It is those who miss the point of Christ’s message of inclusiveness that have created the battle lines and exclusionary practice of “us-vs-them.” All of the “isms” are personal…and all correct, while all losing the initial message found in every religious text.

          • No, FIRST you generalized and grouped cathedral “people,” and THEN, you went on to give a specific example about your mom.

            Furthermore, I am not making a comment about being offended by game. (In fact, I agree that the game is an “equal opportunity offender.”) I am offended by YOUR comments about “people who go to cathedrals,” and I am commenting on your criticism of the OP, and how, if the OP’s comment was worded slightly differently, essentially if they had used your words, but with cathedral replaced with gay, then would that be an appropriate article for this site? Would that generally be considered a neutral article? And again, I insist that it would not, and I wish you would see that.

            The game can be as offensive as it wants. But I wish you were more careful. You would surely be careful not to offend gay people, why are you not as careful to offend church/cathedral people?

            • Honestly, y’all have your heads up your butts. So how about we stop it now?

              In today’s world, I can say the sky is blue and someone would be offended by it. So let’s all stop, get off our high horse, pull our heads out of our butts, take a breath and let it go. (be sure to pull your head out of your butt before you take a breath…otherwise, it may not be a pleasant situation 😉 )

              Kcmoia, in checking our comment history (unless you’re using a fake name and IP address), you’ve never commented on our site before this tit for tat with Patric. I have no issue with members voicing their opinions, but I have an issue with someone not participating in the community and only speaking up to create some form of outrage. You may be a legitimate reader of this site, but don’t make your first comments here antagonistic ones. Participate in the community, don’t be someone who makes a big deal out of a non-existent controversy.

    • I have commented before and I don’t think my question was antagonizing. It’s not like anyone on here developes the game. I just wondered if anyone else was weirded out by the stereotype humor. If you’re not, fine. If you are, I would like to hear your thoughts.

      • OK. Look…Alissa runs a “stricly no politics” policy on this site. You are delving into exactly that. Period. Religion, politics, etc. are to be left to the writers. We aren’t a political forum. Trust me…there are LOADS of things that I don’t write or say, even when the writers and programmers are clearly provoking us. We just play the game. You have made your point. I continue to defend my casual joke about my mother…because it was about my mother, not the church, or gays, or anything else political. So…no. We are done with this “discussion.” There are loads of sites and other social media outlets for you to explore this or any other question about political opinions. This is a TSTO site. If you have a gripe…write to EA. We don’t program the game.

      • Lol I didnt say you’ve never commented nor that your comments were antagonizing. I specifically said who I was talking to/ about when i said that 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  4. Question about crafting: After getting your bonus up to 20%, is it worth it to craft any more of the bonus items or should I just craft land tokens?

  5. Let’s call it a place of worship! Ok?!? That’s it! End of story.

  6. Hello everyone,
    Am I the only one who got sent to Act 2 tonight? It even gave me the 1st item and changed the “currency”.. Now my Homer is stuck on a mission for like 24 days even though my game is back to normal! I’ve sent an email to EA but i’m VERY confused..please tell me i’m not that special and others have had this bug! And i’m still 3 items away from the end for the main questline!

  7. If I don’t use the things for the canal building can I save them for the British part of this one

  8. Patric, What is your faith background? Please forgive me if you’ve answered this already (and I think you probably will).

    • Forgive me that is

    • I was raised in the Episcopal church…full meal deal…in the choir, an acolyte (alter boy), our Boy Scout troop met there…and it was one of the first places I got drunk, thanks to our dear, dear, Priest. But, that is an entirely different story, for another time and place.

      I did continue in the church as an adult, teaching Sunday school, and serving on several vestries (like the church board of directors), until I had an NDE, and had a broader view of religion dropped on me. But, that is also another story, for another place and time. We’ll leave it at that.

      My daughter’s wedding took place in the church in which we raised our kids, and I did enjoy the service, and the new priest…and I didn’t burst into flames when I walked through the door. So there is hope yet. Plus…I admit to loving Anglican hymns. It was my first real taste of structured music…and shaped my music sensibilities for the rest of my life. There are similar structures in hymns, rock, blues, and African chants. All good stuff. Music is at the root of who I am…and who we all are…and ties us together in ways that transcends a specific “ism.”

      • Patric, when people ask me what religion I am, I just reply, “Spiritually Centered.” I look at religion as spokes on a wheel that all lead to the same place.. the hub… or God. Its my opinion that religion was made up by humans as a way to try to understand a pure energy force of love and intelligence that can’t be understood in human terms. Does God have a religion? I don’t think so. I’ve read a number of first hand accounts on NDE and am fascinated by it. The people who have had the experience no longer fear death and are transformed in a positive manner forever. Have you written about it? Is there anywhere I can read about your experiences? I would love to hear about it if you feel comfortable writing about it.

        • I will email you…as this all goes into a realm that isn’t exactly TSTO. But, I will say that we both share very similar views.

          Plus… rumor has it you have an amazing town… let’s be neighbors.

        • Ok…so the email you used here bounced. Drop me a line at tstopatric@gmail.com and I’ll hook you up with more info.

          • I would love that! Thank you. I’ll email you. What a nice thing to say about my town. I don’t know, I think Ebron has me beat, but thank you. One of the things I love the most about this game is designing. Yes, please send me a friend request and I’ll make room… I have to clean out some neigbors who are no longer playing and would love to add you. We’re both monorail fans!

  9. I know that no one visits Krustyland any more, so this idea will probably not be very popular, but I just find that a lot of the items from this event, and those from the previous World Tour event, just don’t fit all that well in the overall Springfield theme. (Sure, you can find places for some, but others stand out like sore thumbs.)

    Maybe to kill two birds with one stone, we solve both the item limit issue and the plethora of odd, clearly international items by maybe having another place to put them. What about a new area, linked from the airport? A place to put all the international-themed items?

    Just a thought…I got the Leaning Tower of Pisa today, and it got me thinking again about how these items are just out of place in a post-explosion Springfield.

    • “…no one visits Krustyland any more…”, probably a bad assumption on your part. I visit every time I visit my Springfield. Sometimes I visit my neighbors’ Krustlyland when they don’t seem to have any buildings to “touch” (when not in a special content like the current one). However, I really like your idea of another location for those international items (maybe via an airport connection). Do I believe it will ever happen? ROTFLMAO

  10. Hehe. At 200 years young, we Aussies don’t have heaps to show in terms of landmarks. Maybe Uluru?

    TSTO gave us the Sydney Opera House, that’s about all we offer. Enjoy 😀

    • Yes, definitely Uluru! We could also offer the Sydney Harbour Bridge – how cool would it be to be able to have a few bridges crossing the river? Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Tower Bridge (London), etc.

      • I would love to have large bridges…what a great idea! Could build a mini-Manhatten island with all my skyscrapers. Another wish (kinda bridge-centric) would be if the cobbled roads could have some form of matching bridge that would be more rustic than the current “road over water” design. Looks kinda wierd having a paved bridge connecting two cobblestone roads.

  11. Just realized this today, by the time I buy all the new land I need, reorganize quite a few areas of my town and then finish placing and designing all this new stuff, I should have it all done and set just in time for the next event to start so I’ll have to do it all over again.

  12. Thank you Patric, thank you for reminding me that I already got this price, now I need to remember where I put it 😧😋

  13. A cathedral is a type of church, where the Bishop’s chair (cathedra) is. One per diocese, so a bit different.

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