The Final Definitive Beginner’s Guide to KEM and Bonus % Farming

The topic of Donut Farming has always been divisive and contentious. But it can also seem frustratingly complex to newer players, or players trying to KEM farm for Free Donuts for the first time. And…I am saying that this is the FINAL time we are going to talk about it. At least I hope so. Either farm, or don’t farm. We’re fine either way!

And again…before we start the conversation, this is NOT the place to brag about your own percentages or giant amassed stockpiles of donuts and XP. There is nothing more boorish than talking about money/XP/Bonuses etc. in public.  If you do so…we will delete, shred, and blow out your comment.

This is to help those who are just starting out, and want to understand the “How/Why” of the basics.  Everyone plays the game differently…and has their own pace. There is no wrong way to play the game. However, there are ways to play for free…and still get what you want…if you are willing to grind.

As I have said many times…I was late to KEM farming (as in just the last 6 months).  I have been playing since Oct. 2012, so I already had a good jump on Bonus Percentage simply by buying Premium Items over the years. I am still hovering around 360%, which is on the “low side” for real KEM SUPER Farmers.  But, I have found that this level is more than adequate to bring in between 24-36 donuts a day, if I keep my “Kasual KEM Farming Cycle” going.  I am an advocate of Safi’s method…and will break it down even further in this post.

Safi’s EXTENSIVE  POST (as in HOLYFREAKINSHIRT…LOOK AT THOSE CHARTS!!!) can seem daunting at first. But, the simple…as in REALLY simple way of looking at this, is to start with these three basic steps.

1. Begin with a “Clear Town”…no characters doing tasks…all of your rents, and building rewards uncollected. Then…run a 4-hour cycle. Send all of your available characters on 4-hour tasks, and make note of the starting cash number before your start.
At the end of the cycle…clear/collect all of the character rewards, as well as all of your rents, and building rewards. Collect EVERYTHING. Make note of the ending number.
Subtract the ending number from the beginning number…that is the “Net Cash” you have available each 4-hour cycle, to buy KEMs.  This is important…as the “Safi Method” is all about keeping your expenses/income in a “parity” mode. You don’t want to spend more than you have…while still being free to farm KEMs.

Buying KEMs…what will your Net Cash Buy?
There is no reason to discuss the “good old days” before EA changed the prices of KEMs and made the XP bonus caps different after all of the “Level Up” bonuses changed.  It is…what it is.

Safi laid it all out pretty specifically…
Initially, you can level up from Level 61 to Level 100 each time you fill up an XP bar of 40k XP. You receive 1 donut for each time you level up, for a total of 40 donuts. — You can then continue to level up from Level 100 to Level 939 each time you fill up an XP bar of 500k XP. You receive 1 donut for each time you level up, for a total of 839 more donuts. —Beyond Level 939, your Level does not go any higher. However, each time you fill up an XP bar of 1 million XP, you have the opportunity to choose one of three boxes for a chance at 1, 2, or 3 free donuts.

I know. It sounds complicated. But, it really isn’t. KEM Farming just helps you Level Up Faster, and with the help of the XP Collider, to make every XP you collect count 5 times more.

So…Now that you have your Bright, New, Shiny “Net Profit Earnings” to spend…the first thing you want to do is take some of your donuts (did I mention you should START with at least 25 donuts? You can’t make money without spending money…right?), to turn the XP Collider on for 10 days.  You can do less…but, I just keep mine on all of the time now.


Here is How Much It is Going to Cost You for Blocks of KEMs (remember, they go up in price…so this is an Aggregate Chart).

In my case, I net just over 200K in game cash every 4-hour cycle.  This is WITHOUT house farming. Not a fan. They are ugly. But, again…lots of farmers swear by house farms.  For me…the trade off for loss of space, and ugliness, isn’t worth it.

I will buy and place 40 KEMs every 4 hours.  As I am currently over level 939, I will get 2-3 cycles (attempts to get 3 donuts) per 4-hour cycle. I never get fewer than 2, and usually get 3 with the overlap. So…between 6-9 (I always go until I get 3), per cycle.  I do 4-5 cycles a day, so that adds up pretty quickly. You may need to start out with far fewer, to keep your cash at a “parity” level.

**NOTE:  Picking the right box to get 3 donuts (once you are at level 939), is an inexact science.  It seems to be different for each player, at least a bit different.  What I have discovered, is that the “3 Donut box” moves from right to left, then left to right, but often pauses in the same place for a couple of hits, especially if you are cycling quickly.

The other rule of thumb that seems to stick, is that it is almost always to the Right of the Single Donut box, and to the Left of the Double Donut Box.  So, if you guess wrong the first time, tap accordingly. No matter what, it will cost you 50K in game cash to guess wrong and keep going.

Unless it isn’t… Like I said…this is an inexact science at best!!

Back to Farming…
Again…this is based on a large town…with approximately 360% bonus.  If you have less than 360%, your return is going to be less than that. If you have more (as in a LOT more), your return is going to be exponentially higher.

with Mystery Boxes

I have decided to start the grinding process of building my Bonus Percentage up.
The best way to Build Your Bonus Percentage Up, is by spending your donuts on Mystery Boxes. They are cheap…and have a  percentage of “smalls” that earn Bonus %. Adding them to your Springfield will increase your earning power…so, yes…as much as I hate to admit it, you need to consider doing this, if you want to increase your Bonus %.  But, also be warned, it is a grind-tastic way to do this. 

CLICK HERE for a pretty expansive List of Items that Earn Bonus %.  It is not up to date…but gives you a good idea of the best returns.  The trick is to find those items that offer the most percentage, at the lowest cost. Many Premium Items offer Bonus % earning…but fewer and fewer these days in each event do so. You need to watch the “Should I Buy” posts to know which ones do. You also need to check the Info on each item in the store, before you buy.  It will give tell you if there is a bonus % associated with the item or not.

The GOLDEN Return on your investment you are looking for on this chart, is something that has a cost that is below .025% or less per point…and has enough XP Bonus per single item, that it doesn’t take a zillion of them to get to 500%.  An example of this is a Jet Engine Bike…which adds 2% to your overall XP, and has a .0667% cost per XP.  You can buy one (when they are available) for 30 donuts.

So, by first appearance, there isn’t a better deal than Mystery Boxes. Period.  BUT it is a gamble…you aren’t guaranteed to “win” a bonus earner…and you may just end up with something else to store, so the “JUST 6 Donuts!” can actually be a lot like “Just a Quarter!” when playing the slots.  You might win a %Booster, and you might not.

Like I said…it is like pulling a slot machine handle. And, I seem to get more Itchy and Scratchy Signs, and TV Trucks than anything else.  The list is supposed to be random. But it is not...although they do flip the contents every once in a while. HERE is a list of the most current…(April 1st 2015). If anyone can find a newer one, let me know…

Object Chances
Lard Lad Donuts 2%
Blue Haired Lawyer/Donut Tapped Out.png90 14%
Kearney/Donut Tapped Out.png60 7%
Tire Fire/Donut Tapped Out.png40= 2% XP/$ Bonus 14%
Channel 6 News Van =2% XP /$ Bonus 7%
Itchy & Scratchy Billboard = 1% XP /$ Bonus 7%
Squeaky Voiced Teen/Donut Tapped Out.png30 14%
Donut Tapped Out.png30 1%
Donut Tapped Out.png10 2%
Chalmers’ 1979 _ONDA 7%
Bomb Shelter 7%
Minnow Pond 7%
Khlav Kalash Stand 7%
Lemon Tree/Cash.png250 6%

So…….Yes….You can get a GREAT Deal on a Bonus Multiplier Item…or you can get something that will likely go into your storage.  6 donuts per whack…how many will you earn in 10 tries?? Well…the chart above lays out a programmed algorithm. It’s not random. So,  if this chart is accurate, take ten pulls, and you have a less than 1 in ten shot that it will give you a multiplier item.  The percentages do go up a bit, once you get some of the “one only items” (Characters). But, you are playing the odds that it will end up being cheaper than just buying the 2% for 40 donuts (for the News Van).

But…as you will see in the video below…these published odds are pretty much out the window…at least in my brief experience. They may be improved greatly, because I DO have all of the characters listed.  But, it was still an interesting first test…
Let’s do this in real time…

So…as I say in the video, this may or may NOT be indicative of a standard run of 70 donuts invested in the Mystery Box.  It is clear that the algorithms for this session were way off, compared to the published odds from above. Way more Free Donuts…but, around the same number of “Storage Unit” items (Non-Bonus Items), for the math.

In the final analysis…it cost me a net of 70 donuts, to earn 7% in additional bonus. But, that was by getting another 50 Free Donuts in the mix…for a total of 120 donuts spent for that 7% return. Still better than buying it outright from the store. But, hard to know if you can count on that return. I suspect not.

If you are essentially BUYING your Bonus XP Multipliers at 2% for 40 donuts as an example…You are going to have to lay out a TON of donuts to earn 500% Bonus.  How Much of a Ton??? Let’s see…that would be 250 TV Vans…at 40 donuts each…that’s 10,000 donuts.  So, if you earn 30 donuts a day, it will indeed take you almost a year to reach that level. But, it will go faster, as your bonus increases…right? Still…a LOT of grinding!

And then…you have to have somewhere to PUT all of the TV Vans. That is why some of these Super Farmer’s towns look awful. Or, they take their entire Springfield Heights section, and turn it into a huge parking lot.

Can you HAVE IT ALL???  Can you have a beautiful town…a high Bonus %…and still have room to design?

Well…again…I go to the TSTOAddicts “Gold Standard,” Ebron.  She gave me the details of her journey to “Max XP” this way…
I’m at 1355%…add in 15% hidden from 3 SH modern mansions in my town and I end up at around 1370% bonus. I also have around 150% stored from SH and other various items that I pull out for a day when I farm RTTrucks (and then turn the collider on for a day).  The funny thing is…it didn’t take any more time or effort to reach this multiplier. I just played the game like everybody else, but focused my purchases for a year on only characters and xp bonus items.  I bought mystery boxes (you’ll see there are quite a few news vans and billboards in my town) and multiples of “bonus % bargains” whenever I could find them. I think I have a total of 30 something mini-nukes hidden behind buildings somewhere.

OK then.  So…buying only items that earn a Bonus, and doing the RatTrap Trucks bit (that takes a ton of cash, but builds XP fast), and you have what you want.  The bottom line is, you have to decide just how much grinding you want to do. Because EARNING the 10,000 donuts is going to take a long, long time…but it will make it easier to get more donuts…free…when all is said and done. But, by then…after a year of grinding for news vans, you may never want to watch the news again. There are other reasons for this…but, I digress.

There just isn’t an EAsy way to do it. It takes time, commitment, and grinding every 4 hours, without fail…and buying loads and loads of items you may or may not want.

Now, if you are already nearing the 10,900 Hard Item Limit in your town, like I am, you may be in trouble.  Ebron sacrificed her monorail. I won’t do that. Others fill up the perimeters of their towns with huge farms, or turn their Springfield Heights into storage units.  I won’t do that either. But, you CAN have it all (except for a monorail) like Ebron, if you want to put in the time!

Or…you can earn enough donuts to buy what you want…not everything offered, but what you want…if you just keep playing “normally” while doing a bit of KEM farming on the side. It’s really your call! There is no right way or wrong way to play the game!

And remember…as I have said before, the advantage to all of this, is that you keep your “real money” in your pocket. You are buying, selling, collecting on “house money,” (EA’s dime, not yours). So you have nothing to lose and lots of donuts to gain.

Freemium? Don’t even get me started on placing an actual monetary value on your time. We won’t go there. Instead, I’ll just say “Time to Get Yer Grind On!” 

FOR ALL OF YOU SUPER FARMERS out there… I’d like to see some screen shots of where in the heck you hide all of your Bonus Percentage Items. Do you have a Huge Dump?  Do you have clusters of signs behind buildings?   Send me your screen shots at

Happy Tappin’!

172 responses to “The Final Definitive Beginner’s Guide to KEM and Bonus % Farming

  1. Do you rEAlly think it will be the final post about farming?
    Btw thanks for the tip of the ‘rolling’ 3 donuts. As you said it’s no real math, but i have found out too that you have ( to my experience) a better chance to get the 3 donuts.

    • LOL…I’m actually doing a recap post…for a later date. They still throw you once in a while…but, for the most part, it’s back and forth, with the 3 always being to the right of the one, and the left of the two. Until it isn’t…

      • Out of a sample of 227, the 3 was found in the center box 37%, the left box 30% and the right box 33%. If the Center Box was 1, going Right found the 3 49% of the time. If the Center Box was 2, going left found the 3 43% of the time.

        C3 C2 L3 C2 R3 C1 L3 C1 R3 T L C R L vs R
        84 32 42 35 34 227 67 84 76
        43% 57% 51% 49% 30% 37% 33% 46.85% 53.15%

        • Lol. My system is easier… and more accurate. I hit it about 70% of the time the first time…and 90% the second.

          • It isn’t a system, just the results. Not sure from this thread what your system is. For example, is the previous, sample if I choose the same square as the same one the last 3 was found, that I would have been right 80 times (slightly less the just hitting the center square, 84).

            • For me,the three donut box pretty much moves right to left…then left to right…but if I guess wrong, it is almost always to th right of the One donut box, or to the left of the two donut box. So if the one donut box is on the far right, the three is on the far left. It mostly moves with each cycle…but sometimes wil linger in the same place as long as I am clearing KEMs. But…again…I mostly don’t care because I always farm more cash than I need.

          • “I mostly don’t care because I always farm more cash than I need.” I agree there.

            I am just curious. People sometimes “see” patterns that just are there. It is why so many people believe in ESP. Sometimes I imagined I could see something different in the display for the one with 3. Especially when I could select six or more in a row. Then I wouldn’t.

            Being this is a computer program, I imagine that is based on some random function. But random functions turn out not to be truly random.

            • If it is like any of the other algorithms that EA does, there are a few floating around. There were at least 4 during the wHell. Have seen the same with others. Not the same for everyone. But again…it doesn’t stress me one way or the other.

  2. Couple of points:

    1. For me mystery boxes (at least after you have the one off prizes) seem to follow a pattern:

    Which leads to a worst case of buying 8 boxes for 38 doughnuts net and getting 1% increase and a best case of buying 6 boxes for 6 doughnuts net and getting a 3% increase. On average I’ve found that I spend 24-30 doughnuts for a 2-3% bonus.

    2. Be careful about tapping lots of KEMs at once (or buying lots of RTs at once). If your game looses network connectivity, you accidentally tap buy on a golden scratch-r or you move to friends/krustyland when you return, all the XP will collect but it’ll only grant you 1 bonus level up and leave your XP counter sat at 0.

  3. Ack! I had all my SH buildings in storage since they didnt earn money….didnt realize they earned hidden XP. DOH!

  4. Ok I am trying to farm. But I am not sure if I am doing it right.
    I built 50 KEM then after 4 hours collect.
    Then I sold them all and rebuilt 50 more.
    Is that what I should do? Or not sell them and collect rent every 4 hours?


    The above is a pdf on my calculations.

    SD is the sum of donuts you want to earn over a year. B1 is the starting bonus level. Bi is the amount of increase. DK is the difference in the number of KEMs needed to harvest to generate SD Donuts.

    For example SD =15,000, B1 = 300%, Bi =100%
    DK(B1,Bi)= DK(300,100)
    = (SD.B1/3)*(100/(1+B1)) – ((SD.B1+ 8*(100*Bi))*)/3) *(100(1+B1+Bi)
    = (15,000/3)*(100/(1+300%)) – ((15,000+(8*100*100%))/3) *(100/(1+300%+100%))
    =(5000)*(100/4)-(15,800/3) * (100/5)
    = 125,000 -105,334 =19,666
    Thus by spending the first 800 donuts to increase your bonus level from 300% to 400% you will need harvest 19,666 less KEMs to net 15000 donuts.

  6. My 2 cents. I’m in no way trying to show off, just telling you my experience. Everything I learned, I learned from this blog. I just hope there is something helpful in here. It’s been cross posted from an earlier thread and edited.

    I really only started KEM farming late last summer and have been playing since Thanksgiving 2013. Had maybe a 300% multiplier until then. Took full advantage of the tennis court glitch and crafted the heck out of the wailing walls that one Halloween. Plus the SH water house things. Bought all 5 of those.

    Before that I’d do the Rat Trap thing. Save up 100M and then turn on the XP multiplier for a day and get 500 or 700 donuts. I honestly didn’t “get” the KEM farming thing but then one day took the time to read Safi’s post, plus all the comments which were just as helpful.

    Two big things: When you get up to an extra 100 donuts, just buy the mystery boxes. You’ll average 10% bonus for every 100 NET spent which is a great deal. So let’s say you have 600 and want to spend 100. Just keep going even when you 10 or 30 donuts…it’s part of it. You’ll be tempted early on to keep the 30. But just press on and get from 600 down to 500 donuts and you’ll get a 10% bump on average

    Now this part is huge and not talked about enough. The other trick for more cash is: buy a premium building that requires one person to complete a job plus the “send 3 Springfielders to do whatever job.” So I have that weird walking Kwik e Mart where Apu has to finish a 4 hour job plus the send 3 Springfielders thing. So what I do is: never let Apu finish his job but then send everybody on a 4 hour task via the Unemployment Office. It automatically sends everyone (well about 80% of my characters) to that job and it earns at premium for every character. Way more cash every 4 hours.

    So that here is how I get the few hundred a day. Potentially. I really just KEM farm about once a day at this point. And now, not even that much. I have just discovered that Bloodmobiles are easier for me now. I’m not sure what the delta is but I think it’s 1500% bonus. I get 2M XP for a single bloodmobile, so 6 donuts. AT 1500% it would be 1M so 3 donuts. Sp plop down 10 or 20 whenever you can and get a chunk. You are probably making plenty a day to store up cash at that point to cover any costs.

    It should go without saying that you should always pay to get the 3 donuts and always have the XP multiplier on, To the dude who feels like it’s more work.stress for have the multiplier on: I seriously don’t get it. You make 5-6 a day without it on. But it would be 5x that with it on. So 25-30/day. Turn it on for 10 days at a time at 25 donuts. That’s 2.5 donuts a day to next an extra 20/day.

    Back to how I get/git a few hundred a day. I have a 3005% bonus and craft 120 KEMs. Each KEM pays out 310,000 XP points with the XP multiplier always on. So only about 3 KEMs are needed to get the level up. Around 40 levels up at 3 donuts each. (Always pay to get the 3 donuts). And if I do that 3-4 times a day…

    Also when stuff like that Snowball II snowman came up at Xmas I bought about 100 of them at 19 donuts each for another 200%. Plus a few weeks ago, I had the Jet Bikes in the Vault so I bought 200 of them at 20 donuts. I had saved up 4000 to that point and spent them all. The 400% extra was a huge deal.

    It sounds insane I know, but it’s exponential. Now that we’re in a long event and it’s kind of required to login 4 times a day, I’d suggest farming while you’re at it. Just whatever you can. And spend any extra beyond what characters/buildings you want on Mystery Boxes.

    Granted I have a big chunk of land in one corner that’s ugly but eh, whatever. A lot of stuff you can hide though.

  7. I found this post about the hidden xp bonus from SH, it says all building with bonus xp must be placed and would amount to 153%, trouble is for me is cluttering up my town with buildings i don’t want.

  8. I have been playing for about 5 years and I only just started “farming”. I have 70 KEM that I keep in an area decorated like a construction site (thanks to the “unfinished houses from last event and the Rock and a Hard Place etc) to make it easier on the eye. Needless to say I have spent real cash for decorations, but I have a great bonus percentage without house farms or Lard Lad fields just from cool decorations that I have accumulated and are actually unique and interesting. It took a lot of time, but was worth it for me.

  9. I farm too. About 40 KEM at the time. With that my in game cash even slowly grows. Only when i’m low on donuts and I realy want something I double my farm for a couple of rounds. I hardly buy the boxes, but if there’s a good deal for a decoration i like with bonus % then i buy it (the ferris wheel eg, a real landmark in london).
    It’s nice to be able to buy the premium things like that. I spend a couple of 100’s of euros into the game too.

  10. Just to throw this out there, that it is possible to casually KEM farm without using the xp collider. Obviously you earn far fewer donuts, but it is less pressure than feeling like you need to grind grind grind to make up for what you spent on turning on the xp collider. My bonus % is around 220%, and my ‘break even’ point is building I think 35-36 KEM at a time, and doing maybe 3 cycles a day (I’m not an on-time grinder, I log in 2-4 times a day), I can earn an extra 2-3 donuts a day. I know that’s not much, but it’s also less stressful for me than grinding after having spent donuts on the collider. It really doesn’t add much time, maybe an extra 90 seconds, to my tapping time to build, sell, and buy them.

    And as for where I keep all my bonus percentage stuff, that’s what my Springfield Heights is for 😉 It’s my ‘dumping ground’ for any bonus % items or income earning items that I don’t want in Springfield.

    • Over the long run, is it really less a grind? On my test game I can earn donuts every 3.1 KEM. In my other games I can earn a few cycles just by harvesting as I move along (I don’t even have a farm of houses or KEMs now.) This is not to “boost” but as another familiar saying goes “You can pay me now or you can pay me later.” The sooner you increases you bonus the sooner you save time.

      • It’s not that it’s less of a grind, it’s the same amount of your time and effort whether your xp collider is on or not. But with it on, I felt pressure to play every four hours, and felt stress over that schedule, stressed if I was unable to play ‘on time’ or whatever (which I rarely am). With it off, it’s no big deal if you can’t get back to it for hours, you’re not out any donuts, you’re not on the xp collider’s schedule. Does that make sense at all?

        • Ok… I admit that I USED to feel that way too. Until I remembered that the donuts I spent to turn the collider on were free…just like the donuts I was winning from KEM framing. So…free takes a lot of the “stress” off of it for me!

        • My point was more to spend the time now to increase your bonus level. This will result in more cash and less KEMs need to earn donuts. And thus you will save more time in the long run to earn the donuts you want to buy the items you want.

          1,000,000 XP /2000 =500 KEMs. Turn on the Collider that is 100 KEMs. That is 5.4M if you did not have a bonus. Up you bonus to 100%, cuts the number of KEMS down to 50 and cash to 2.7M. Think of the time to collect that extra 2.7M per round. Up your bonus to 400% and that is 20 KEMS and 1.08M per round. Up your bonus to 900%, that is 10 KEMS and 540,000.

          Say you are lucky enough to hit 3 donuts per round every time. To earn 150 donuts for a new premium item, that is 50 rounds. That is generating 5000 KEMS with no bonus and 500 KEMS at 900%. That is 4500 more KEMS you have to place and harvest to get that item.

  11. I hear people keep talking about “hidden bonus %” what does that mean ?

    • SH buildings (the ones you upgrade to earn Real Estate Points) offer an XP bonus. It’s called hidden because it’s not visible in your Conform-O-Meter Bonus %

  12. I am sure I read a post that says that you can calculate you % plus hidden bonus for collecting from the gulp n blow, as it pays out 100 in game currency, not sure if that’s right as I can’t find the post i read???

  13. Thank you for this excellent post! 🙌

  14. If you have nothing better to do while playing this Game App? (as in you have sent your Characters on Tasks, you have collected from Buildings) Then you might as well Farm for free Donuts!👍🎉

  15. Thanks for the post.
    I have a large town and with just being more intentional about my percentage it increased to 500% this week. I do not do mystery boxes and have spent many dollars on this game. Now it seems that I can get many of my donuts back by this method. I appreciate the information. The best thing seems to get to 939 level once you have been playing for a long time. Many have other ideas and I like to just like to be able to get the the additions to my town I want.
    Cheers to all.

  16. If you get a little creative, you’ll be surprised how much of a bonus you can hide. My town is not the fanciest, there might be an extra news van or billboard around but, with the exception of the tip of a club here or an antenna there, I’ve hidden all of the extra vans/billboards (and I have a pretty healthy bonus).

    Here’s a couple of my hiding spots.

  17. Is KEM farming more effective in converting cash to donuts than Rat Traps? I’m wondering because I could just buy rat traps until I brought my savings down to a baseline level, sell them, and repeat on an irregular basis to generate donuts.

    • My math and experience says “No” until you have a large Bonus % Multiplier. I am writing about this in another post…But for me, it costs me 1.5M for a return at a chance of approximately 9 donuts. So…that is a pretty hefty expense. It takes me about 4 days to generate the 10M…I can get about 30-40 donuts a day through KEM farming, without depleting my cash at all.

      • Thanks. I look forward to your future post.

      • Thank you and a great tip when selecting Donut box – Right of the single and left of the double!

        • Granted it is a small sample, but I recorded 104 boxes. I chose the center box first, then right, then the left.
          3 donuts was found most often in the right box.
          T L C R
          104 25 35 44
          24% 34% 42%
          As for choosing left or right, raw data show going to right works not matter what – but that may be because 3 donuts showed most often in the right box for the sample

          C3 C2 L3 C2 R3 C1 L3 C1 R3
          35 13 26 12 18

          3 in the left box made 36.23% vs 3 in the right box 63.77% when you exclude the center box. So if the Center box is 2, going left or right had an equal chance of being right. If the center box was 1, going left had a slightly better odds IF the boxes were to be evenly distributed.

          Conclusion: based on this sample, one would chose Right First, then Center and Left last.

    • No, plus if you get too high a bonus RTT will lose the extra 1M XP sometimes (and thus up to 3 or more donuts).

  18. Thank you so much, I found it, and tried the mystery boxes. Now my stupid question is how can I find my total % that I have.

  19. Ya, but it clutters up your town.

  20. Need a mathlete to help here.
    661.6% COM also SH 153 %.
    1 Kwicky mart sale gives me 91465.
    Seems like it doesn’t add up, or does it?
    Thank you

  21. Sorry, I know this must sound dumb. But I’m new to the finer points of the game. Saw you post on mystery boxes, where can I find them in the game. I’ve been looking and I understand how there used but don’t know where/how to find them.

    • Click on Hammer and Saw icon (lower right). Click on right arrow next to the house icon. Click on the Homer Buddha icon. Slide until you find Burns Icon – Mystery Box – 6 Donuts. Click on the 6.

  22. I started farming for reals a while ago. I had done it before on and off, and often got bored with it, but I’m finally going all for it. So that XP collider is always on nowadays. I used to get bonus items only when I found them pretty as well, now I focus a lot more on the bonuspercentage itself. It’s a bit of a mix for me of getting the things I want still, but also keeping an eye on the bonuspercentage and buying a few mystery boxes on a regular basis.

    So far the TV vans are still visible in my town, but some of the billboards have been put behind buildings already as you only need so many visible. I was lucky enough to craft a bunch of those spooky walls back when they had the accidental bonus and most of them are stuck behind buildings as well (the same with the training walls.) I’m a farmer who does like to have pretty town as well. So the farming happens in the only free corner I have left.

  23. I try to incorporate most of my bonus% items into my game design. I would send you screenshots of my kang/kodos topiary garden and my nuclear arms areas as examples but, unfortunately, the only screenshots I’ve ever managed to take have been accidental! DOH!

    One thing that I would like to point out, if I may (or even if I may not 😛 ) is that if Lisa is kept on the eliminator task whenever she isn’t needed for an event, and if that rocket is kept going, eventually you will amass a stockpile of FREE mini nukes and kang/kodos topiary bushes for bonus%. I’ve had very little luck in getting free elder gods for bonus%, so I rarely do the turtle tapping mini game any more.

    As far as storage goes, the only things I store from mystery boxes are the Lard Lads. All the other “junk” can be sold for a small amount of game cash.

  24. Pat! Your theory on which donut to pick next after you’ve chosen the wrong one during the bonus was spot on. I’ve gotten 3 donuts after picking the lesser one every time. Thanks! You learn something new everyday 🙂

  25. Your sequence from the video
    kk nv 30 bs kk nv 10
    bs kk bb 10 mp LL bb co mp LL BB co mp

    if you go to the end of the second sequence, replace the MP for your KK and the second BS for your MP in the third sequence and you basically have the same sequence. If I am correct your next boxes should be: NV 30 CO KK NV 30 BS KK NV 10 {with minor replacements}

    Here is a copy of my sequence that I posted in the Mystery Box thread with modifications.

    BS: Bomb Shelter
    LL: Lard Lad Donuts
    CO: Chalmers’ 1979 _ONDA, KK: Khlav Kalash Stand
    MP: Minnow Pond
    BB: Itchy & Scratchy Billboard
    NV: Channel 6 New Van, 10: 10 Donuts, 30: 30 Donuts
    (n) repeats n times
    {} Patric’s sequence with [***] unimportant difference
    BS KK BB 10 BS KK BB CO MP LL BB CO {[***KK/MP] NV 30 CO MP NV 30 BS KK NV 10
    BS KK BB 10 [***MP/BS] LL BB CO MP LL BB CO MP } NV 30 CO KK NV 30 BS KK NV 10 (2)

    • Accidentally hit post on this one.

      Your seq
      kk nv 30 bs kk nv 10
      bs kk bb 10 mp LL bb co mp LL BB co mp
      actually matches the end of the fourth and the beginning of the fourth sequence.

      {BS KK BB 10 MP LL BB CO MP LL BB CO MP NV 30 BS} {KK NV 30 BS KK NV 10}
      It would be interesting to see if the next mystery boxes are: KK NV 30 BS KK NV 10. Or my original guess of: NV 30 CO KK NV 30 BS KK NV 10.

    • This looks like a knitting pattern haha

  26. Thanks, Patric, for the farming article. I would like a poll on farmer stats as suggested in an earlier reply. I find the farmer “boast posts” as informative, but sometimes the tones grate a bit. I would like to continue to see occasional articles about farming. It’s part of the game. Charles, Safi, et al have helped me on my farming journey. Your posts have helped me think, “Why do I play this game?”

  27. do stored items count towards max items?

  28. I am a little confused by this “Begin with a “Clear Town”…no characters doing tasks…all of your rents, and building rewards uncollected.” <<<< If it is uncollected, wouldn't this included buildings that pay out 6, 8 hours and up, so this wouldn't truly show how much you can make in 4 hours?

  29. it costs me 150k to guess again, not 50…

  30. How do I know how much bonus percentage I’ve got? Please don’t tell me I have to go through the complete list and add it all up myself :0

    • Click on the stars next to the level number on the bottom left…it brings up your Conform-o-meter…and lists the bonus % right below the stars.

    • The TV vans I hide behind houses and building to give the illusion the place has Dish network or Direct TV 😀

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