Should I Buy Any of the Returning Cinco de Mayo Items?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s nearly Cinco de Mayo!  A new holiday in TSTO means EA has a chance to drop a bunch of holiday-themed returning premium items to our stores.  Lots of items to drop those sprinkles on…

As we all know, that limited-time label can tempt us to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add any of the returning Cinco de Mayo items to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these throwbacks to your town…

All items leave stores May 9th

Mexican Duffman is new, he’ll be covered in his own post a little later on.  

Item: Johnny Fiestas
Cost: $25,000
My Opinion On It Now: Nothing else matters.  It costs cash, not donuts, buy it.

Item: Zutroy
Cost: 115 Donuts
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What Does It Do: Full character for Springfield.  Was originally free. 
My Opinion On It Now:
 Not worth spending the donuts…pass.


Item: Senor Ding Dong and his Doorbell Fiesta
Cost: 140 Donuts
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Earns: $200, 20xp/12hrs AND 4% bonus on cash and XP
What Does It Do: Full premium character for Springfield and a building that will be used and earns cash AND Bonus %. 
My Opinion On It Now:
 A little pricey, but with the incoming earning AND bonus % well worth spending the donuts.

Item: Mexican Flag
Cost: 5 donuts
What Does It Do: It’s a flag, do you really need me to tell you what it does?
My Opinion On It Now:
 If you like it, get it.  If not pass.

Item: Bumblebee Man
Cost: 60 donuts, 50 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts
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What Does It Do: Full premium character for Springfield.  
My Opinion On It Now:
 Always a fun character, with the rebate it makes this a…you’re stupid if you don’t buy it offer.

Item: Bandit Fort
Cost: 200 Donuts
Previous Post: Should I Buy
What Does It Do: Comes with tasks and questline, permanent tasks for  Milhouse, Martin, Database and Skinner
My Opinion On It Now:
 Not worth spending the donuts…pass.

What are your thoughts on the returning items?  Will you be spending donuts to bring any of these throwbacks to your Springfield?  Why or why not?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

82 responses to “Should I Buy Any of the Returning Cinco de Mayo Items?

  1. Step one: Calcuate how many donuts you can spend while having enough left at the end of the event to buy ‘Last Chance’ It’s a Wonderful Knife and Italian VIlla when they reappear.
    Step two: Execute the plan perfectly through 6 weeks of the event, only to discover those two building combo rebates are *not* coming back at the end
    Step three: Sadness.

    • Theyre not :(?
      I was hoping they were i was 2 short to get its a wonderful knife before it left 🙁

  2. Am I missing something or did you miss something. Bought Senor Ding Ding when he first came around, one of my favorite episodes ever, but I thought the bonus was from his van, not his store. If the van doesn’t come with him and the shop, I don’t think you get the bonus.

  3. My brain somehow calculated the numbers wrong, so I thought Bumblebee man was for 50 donuts, I’m so glad I read this post as I really wanted him but wasn’t sure about the price. And then it turns out he costs 10! Yay!!😱😃😂

    • omnipotentwiz

      unfortunently, you still need 60 donuts…. ( i had 11, i got excited till i realized..)

  4. I had exactly 60 donuts on me, I would have been super disappointed if I had missed this offer for bumblebee man. I believe I also get the 24 hour channel 6 station, and he helps with Springfield Heights.

  5. Bumblebee Man for 10 donuts is a great offer and I immediately bought him. If any of you don’t have him in your Springfield, now is the time to add him. One of the best donut rebates in Tapped Out ever!

  6. Mexican Duffman is a stand alone character, not a skin. Lady Duff is a skin.

  7. omnipotentwiz


  8. Wanted Zutroy for a very long time, but not willing to spend that much for him. 🙁

  9. I got mexican duffman seems to be an ok character, but i refuse to pay for zutroy since i was supposed to get him years ago for free but EA never fixed that glitch and just closed the report/tickets i had with the comment that it was going to be fixed with a patch 🙁

  10. Bought Senor Ding Dong right away. 140 for a combo with 4% is imo a very good deal, especially when we see the usual new combo’s are mostly 150, without %. Bumblebee man for only 10? Immediately.
    Mexican duffman is a pass. Probably only a skin. I got the fort from some box, but i wouldn’t spend donuts on it.

  11. The Fort is still 200 donuts…with no bonus attached…are they kidding? 🤪 There’s no stand alone building in the game worth even 150 donuts. Now I remember why I never bought it before…😬

  12. I also did not hesitate and immediately bought Bumble Bee Man too! I’m so happy that they offered him at such a fantastic deal.

  13. Giving away my secondary account if anyone wants it zzz

  14. Just purchased Zutroy, so now I am only missing Barbarian, Dr. Terwilliger and the Rigellian manger for characters who have jobs. I really wish they would revert back to paying for land again, I have 310 million and nothing to use it on.

  15. I now have bumblebee man.. yessssssssss! What a deal.

  16. I’m mostly certain that this now makes Bumblebee Man the cheapest Premium character I’ve ever purchased. 😀

  17. On the subject of the Duffman bundle 150 donuts is a normal price for a building/character combo. You are getting 2 premium skins in this bundle but personally I’m not excited by the skins. Now if ladyduff was its own stand alone …..

  18. I unfortunately was hit with the rollback glitch 1st thing this morning. The old task I ended up with is “We didn’t start the fire PT 5”. I can still play but not easily. I have been reading up on the glitch and will be contacting EA. Sigh.

  19. Even though he’s overpriced, I’m going to have to get Zutroy just because he’s one of the few non-NPC characters I’m missing.

  20. I bought and passed items exactly as you recommended before I read your post. Great minds…..LOL

  21. I bought bumblebee man right away. I am debating over Mexican duff man as the female diff man was a disappointment

    • omnipotentwiz

      Mexican duff man is for sale?

      • omnipotentwiz

        how much? (not that i can afford it anyway, after BBM i will have 1 donut =). Oh well)

        • Mexican Duffman comes with Lady Duff costume (LD), Duffman (D) and the Duff Brewery (DB) for 150 donuts if you don’t have LD, D, and the DB. If you have D and the DB you get Mexican Duffman and LD for 150 donuts. If you have LD, D and DB you can get Mexican Duffman on his own for 100 donuts. P.S. Mexican Duffman is a separate character and not a skin for Duffman.

      • Yes it’s 100 donuts

  22. omnipotentwiz

    Was saving for my last hideaway, now i’m down 10 more donuts

  23. Does anyone know whether Mexican Duffman is a new character or an outfit for Duffman, like Lady Duffman was? I dd get Bumblebee Man, very excited about this!

    • Doh, I did read the article but still missed it. I saw it on the reread. I shall hold my horses. 😉

  24. omnipotentwiz

    wait, so what does the flag do?

  25. Been waiting to buy Bumblebee Man since the event started. So glad I put off buying him for so long. 10 donuts is a fabulous price to pay for him.

  26. AbraCadabra51M54

    That was so unexpected! I was holding off buying BBM for so many years because I always hoped that we could get him on a rebate one day. I am so so happy right now! 🐝

    I also got the flag and Señor Ding Dong. I owned the other items already. I’ll pass on Duffman though.

  27. Fantastic! I nearly bought Bumble Bee Man recently. Glad I didn’t now. I’ve been meaning to pick him up for ages.
    Duffman Bundle too, marvellous…

  28. Ay Ay Ay! Si me gusta!

    You’d have to be “muy loco en la churro!” to not get BBM at this price.

  29. Bumble Bee man…… Thought I was misreading that when I saw him this morning for 10 pink things. Instant buy. 🙂 I always wanted him when I saw him in other towns.

  30. Bumblebee Man for a net of TEN(!!) donuts further reinforces my personal rule to never (except maybe rarely) pay full donut price for any character (even an already affordable one.)

    …which means I’m still waiting for some event or special to put Herb and Belle on sale.

    • Sea captain also has a permanent job at the bandit fort.

    • My phylosophy entirely. If the deal is acceptable (2 premium + building for 175D (Springfield Jobs), 2 premium + bonus % item for 150D (Homerpalooza), …) I buy right away, otherwise I wait for rebate / mystery box / something else 😀
      In the last Stonecutters revival, Number 51 (premium character) was offered for 100D with a rebate of 90D (!). If this is not a reason to wait, I don’t know what is.

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