And Now a Word From EA….Secure Registration

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some of you may have seen a notification in your game yesterday about a new secure login going into effect tomorrow.  Some of you (like me) may not have seen the notification.  So here it is again, straight from EA’s TSTO Facebook Page:

So basically tomorrow your game will log you out (as long as you play on an EA account).  When that happens, simply log back into your game.  You won’t need to do anything else.

If you play on an anonymous account you won’t need to do anything…but if you’re playing on an anonymous account I once again HIGHLY recommend creating an account for your game to save your progress.  It’s just a smart move.

Also, some are speculating this may help the Rollback glitch. Honestly, I have no idea if it will or won’t.  But it is becoming such a problem these days I really hope it gets fixed….

And based on the fact it appears the rollback glitch/bug is related to where your game is saved on the server, I’m really hoping this is their attempt to fix it.  But we shall see what happens tomorrow….


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  1. The game logged me out 2 days ago and won’t let me log back in! It says there was a problem with log in and to try again! I have changed my password 3 times but still not letting me in!

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