Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part Three) Mini Event Is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Check your App Stores because the Who Shot Mr. Burns? mini-event is now live and available for download!

This is an APP STORE update, so you do need to download it to see the event.  If you don’t see it in your store try hard closing and/or restarting your device.  Also, it helps to search the App Store for Tapped Out.  Sometimes it shows up via search but not in your list of Apps available for update.

Things kick off with 6s tasks for Kids and Adults. After you complete two parts of 6s tasks the Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part Three) mini event will kick off!

I’ll be back with more as I go through it….

In the meantime, can anyone tell me what’s odd about the new Splash Screen?

The Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Three) mini-event ends May 23rd

Ok, so as mentioned above, things kick off with two sets of tasks for kids and adults.  Once you’ve completed those two parts you’ll trigger the event launch…

This is your typical mini-event in TSTO.  Follow a questline (mainly by collecting a particular item via character tasks) to unlock a series of prizes.

For this mini-event the item you collect is…

Burns Coins!  Like bitcoin, only uglier…

So what are the prizes with this event?  Let’s take a look:

Springfield Elementary Crypto-farm

Model of Springfield

Animation for Burns-Destroying Model of Springfield

Sunblocker Decoration

Animation for Burns- Stealing Candy from Maggie

Sundial Decoration + Get Shot Animation for Burns

They’re prizes…I wouldn’t necessarily call them good prizes.  3 animations (although from looking at the images they’re funny animations), 3 decorations & a Facade for Springfield Elementary. Prizes…but nothing to write home about.

I also want to mention, sending characters on tasks for this one is a bit different.  It’ll actually cost you in-game cash to send characters to earn Burnscoins:

So just be aware you are spending in-game cash to send characters to earn coins.  So if your cash totals go down, that’s why.

So how about what’s new in the store?  Everyone’s favorite premium offerings….

New Stuff

Springfield Shopper with Dave Shutton- 185 Donuts (yes you read that right).  Dave has a task to earn Burnscoins.  Sprinfield Shopper earns $150, 13xp/8hrs

Chez Guevara- 45 Donuts, will earn 20 Burnscoins every 4hrs.

Burns’ Chalk Outline- 10 donuts, .25% bonus on cash and XP

Returning Stuff

Jay G Bundle- Includes Jay G, his Mansion & his Goose.  225 Donuts, 100 Donut Rebate, NET 125 Donuts.

The Rich Texan- 85 Donuts, 30 donut Rebate, NET 55 Donuts.

Russ Cargill- 80 Donuts

Hank Scorpio and the Volcano Lair- 200 Donuts, 100 Donut Rebate, NET 100 Donuts.

Lampwick and the Rocket Car- 120 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate, NET 100 Donuts.


Also available are two NPCs from the Springfield Jobs Event..

Both the Secret Agent & Crook are available in the store as a combo for 50 Donuts….

And finally I’ll leave you with a parting though, the little teasers left for us in the new App Store Description…

Burtal Build on a Failing Park? A Murder Mystery? A preteen roadtrip?

Well I think we know A Murder Mystery relates to this mini event…but I want to highlight one part inparticular…

Anyone else think this could mean this…..

What are your thoughts on the Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Three) Mini-Event?  Any premium items you think you’ll pick up? Thoughts on the prizes?  Thoughts on what could be next in TSTO? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

177 responses to “Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part Three) Mini Event Is Live!

  1. Gonna pass on the newspaper/reporter bundle…too expensive, the building is pretty plain(and out of scale again) and Dave only earns 15 coins every 3 hrs. The Chez Guevara Cuban dance hall is much cooler…it’s now on my Squidport…and it earns 20 coins every 4 hrs.

  2. So in regards to the rollback glitch which I reported to EA ages ago I’ve just received another email update from them saying :

    We’re sorry to keep you waiting. We know this is inconvenient. The amount of time you’ve been waiting is longer than we’d like and we’re working to make this process better.
    What’s the status?
    Your issue is in the right hands and we’re working day and night to find a solution.
    How long until I hear from you?
    We’ll let you know as soon as we have an update. The best way to hear an update is to watch your My Cases page.

    Thank you for sticking with us while we continue to work on this,
    EA Customer Experience

    • It was nice of EA to add the group storage function, but really, that was a priority when roughly 20% of your user base can’t play the game in a reasonable fashion, because of a glitch that has apparently existed for over a year? And this same group isn’t going to spend any real cash on the game.

      I’m muddling through the mini-event, but just like the Heist event, it’s click the characters that provide event currency and then shut down the game. Sad really, but I guess I should be glad that I got 6 years of enjoyment out of the game, and I’ll try to stay optimistic that a fix is in our future.

    • I got the same email

  3. Loved the Who Shot Mr. Burns episode. Neat little mini-event that I wish started next week. Could really use some down time from the game. Since EA took away our ability to buy new land with in game cash, I’m guessing the cost of sending characters on tasks to earn the coins we need for prizes is their way of having us use that cash. I’d like to buy more stuff for my Springfield, however I don’t have the land to do it. Need more. Unfortunately a couple of sections have become plopped sections since I can’t expand and design. Sadly, I might have to start shrinkng and redesigning my completed parts of town.

    • I agree with you over downtime & more land needed to be bought with in game cash. I absolutely hate the locked land that I need to be unavailable. I’m in game cash & donut rich on both my games; But will not spend my donuts when I can’t place the purchase nicely. I didn’t buy Buckingham Palace for that very reason! As much as I’d have liked it.

      I was in the same position during the Terwilliger event some years ago. No land & no boardwalk space. So I just refused to buy premium items.

      As it is; I’ve no space to create a British main building section; So as you stated the items are all just jumbled into a corner to await space. I’d so hoped the locked land parcels would unlock after the last event ended – No deal! A slap in the face yet again from EA for longterm players!

  4. Brutal build on a failing park? Wonder if they’ll do something with Krustyland.

  5. omnipotentwiz

    what does the last picture refer to?

  6. Oddly, Homer and the skyfinger are now back when I tap to play.

  7. What is the level requirment to trigger?

  8. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Why is Wookie smiling and relaxing instead of sweating, buried in Text Books?

    BTW, tried multiple options, still waiting for the Mini Event Update.

  9. Hey hey — the in-game EA avatars are back for me and my Springfield neighbors!

  10. Mexican duff

    I’m sure this is just going to be me but somehow in the update I appear to have lost about 6 donuts??? No way I spent them. Had 504, now 498. Anyone else? 6 donuts doesn’t bother me as long as I don’t loose anymore.

  11. Curious Mark

    Jay-G and Goosius 225 doughnuts with 100 rebate. Oh yeah I did. Great deal.

  12. omnipotentwiz

    where’s homer?

  13. my game has become extremly slow after this update.
    Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?

    • Welcome to bloatware… shut down your device entirely…reboot

      • thannks
        I did delete apps to release space and did a restart – was helping for a bit, then back to slow. Seems space might be the problem

    • No, it’s running fairly normal on my devices. The lack of moving criminals and officers makes it run smoother, the money collection makes it slower. In the end I’m seeing mostly the same performance as before.

    • my game is working very slow still. my efforts last night didnt pay off

  14. No update for my kindle or iPhone. Is it possible update was pulled because of so many having issues after installing?

    • I have it on my I pad down loaded easy and on my Android but there have been times on my I pad I had to remove the app. Then go in and find it at the store good luck I hope you get in

  15. Homer & Skyfinger disappeared from my loading screeen too.

    Anyway, I was hoping for a breather (at least 1 week) as these recent mega-events are too long. As for the mini-event. Meh, there were better mini-events in the past.

    I already have Rich Texan and Hank Scorpio in my Springfield. Hank helps with this mini-event, but Rich doesn’t. I just bought Lampwick. Unfortunately, it appears that he doesn’t help with this event.

  16. loopywbrains

    I was going to write something about the event… but Just noticed the new art.
    Congratulations Alissa!!!
    I must have missed the announcement (I’ve been away for a bit though)

  17. No update in AppStore yet
    Behind already

  18. I bought the Jay G bundle but I did not get the goose. Looked in storage & searched my town for it. Is it earned through the quest line for Jay G?

    • Unlocked immediately after Jay-G. It’s a NPC, though.

    • I got Jay G when he first sold and the goose came right along with him and the mansion. Goosius is tiny so hard to spot but there is a task for Jay G to feed Goosius and they stay together for I believe 24 hours.

    • I finally found the goose when I moved the Sunsphere. Maybe the little guy had been hiding behind it all the time. I had tried to find him by making buildings and decorations transparent, but still missed him. I haven’t gone through Jay G’s questline since he is busy earning Burns cryptocurrency, so definitely he appears as soon as you place Jay G and his enormous assets.

  19. THANK YOU!!!
    I had no idea this event hit. Sure enough, it was available in my Amazon AppStore! Generally EA has a day or two between events.

  20. I have the Powell Mansion available in the event store with a 50 donut rebate. I also like the Group Storage feature though I wish the radius was a bit bigger. I also love that EA finally released the crook as a character for the three years that he has been around for. 😀

  21. This is crazy, but… could the sunblocker decoration actually… block out the sun??

    • Briefly, for like 5 seconds when tapped

      • Well… it’s something

      • How did you know?? You already have the item?? Suspicious…

        • Well when you run a website about a game and put up walkthroughs and detailed posts about events and items you kinda spend a bit of money to rush ahead through events to get the details you need…
          So yes, I already have the sunblocker in my B game. In fact I’ve finished the mini event in my B game.

          • So you have a B game?? Okay… What about your A game, do you spend money on that as well?? If so, it doesn’t make any sense if you have both…I’m guessing your B game is hacked lol

            • I have 5 games.
              Not that it’s any of your business, but I put money in all 5 games for various reasons.
              My A game is my game and my town that I play at the same speed as everyone else. My B game I use donuts to rush questlines to get information for this site. And my other 3 games are all used for various reasons, are all mainly untouched and sit at low levels.
              No, none of my games are hacked. I physically spend real money in every single game. I’ve put thousands of dollars into TSTO over the course of 5 years. A game gets $100-200 in donuts every 4-6 months depending on what’s going on. B game gets $100-200 in donuts every 3-4 weeks depending on what’s going on in the game. The other 3 have had $100 infused once or twice over the lifetime of having those games, as they’re rarely played.
              Again, not that it’s any of your business.

          • Thanks for not moderating my comment where you got cornered 😉

            • I always thought that you guys used ****** to look up what was next in the game

              • Nope. For starters that would be really lazy of us.
                I have the exact same file access as they do, so if I want to see what’s coming up I look in the files.
                As far as the post we do on this site, that site wouldn’t really help. As it doesn’t give the breakdown details of each item, payouts etc as we do. So no, I physically go into the game pull all of the info I need by spending donuts. Anything else, as far as the intricate details of the game (dates, conform, etc) i go into the files and pull the info out. It’s been that way for the last (nearly) 5 years. Hasn’t changed.

              • Ok.

  22. UptonSinclair36

    Make sure you go and reenable congi donut spend. Accidentally bought the Jay G bundle which I don’t regret cause I was going to buy it any way 😂.

  23. First there was no Homer/Skyfinger, then they appeared! Very odd.

    I’m hoping the Brutal Build on a Failing Park means we’ll finally be doing something with Krustyland!

  24. The splash screen is missing Homer and Skyfinger.

  25. Under Returning Stuff, you missed the Powell Mansion – I think the donut rebate on it is 50. I got it, but was disappointed that it didn’t come with Herb (forgot he came with Powell Motors). Oh, well – when I finally get him, he will have his mansion waiting for him.

  26. A hidden fourth option that they haven’t created yet ….
    Sounds good but probably will not happen

  27. I think I’ll pass on this one, but Hank Scorpio and the Volcano Lair for 100 donuts is a nice consolation prize.

    • Yes, a character and building (for sure the liar) is a real good deal. And both come from a classic episode

  28. What was the weird update that said bundles can now bundle roads too? Also they changed the way xps and money are collected again. It used to be its would slide to the side, then they made it so it just disappeared, and now we’re back to its sliding to the money bar. It was so much faster when it disappeared.

    • It just means that when you store a group of items it will be moved to a new part of the inventory called Group Storage and when you place it back the group will still be the same as when you stored it in the first place. The way that money and xp being collected was actually added at the start of The Springfield Jobs event 7 weeks ago which I assume is to slow down lags and crashes in the game when collecting income so its useful if you like to send characters to the same location for a task.

      • Thanks! I would have loved them to keep that feature. It really helped a lot and just made it run more smoothly. Shame it was just during the event.

  29. Keith1Roon991

    Scorpio and lampwick a possibility, road trip and hidden forth option very interesting, burns coin not so much, will see tomorrow zzzzzzztime

  30. Rainsinger11

    Homer isn’t missing from my splash screen, but he appears to be on yours.

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