Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part Three) Mini Event Is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Check your App Stores because the Who Shot Mr. Burns? mini-event is now live and available for download!

This is an APP STORE update, so you do need to download it to see the event.  If you don’t see it in your store try hard closing and/or restarting your device.  Also, it helps to search the App Store for Tapped Out.  Sometimes it shows up via search but not in your list of Apps available for update.

Things kick off with 6s tasks for Kids and Adults. After you complete two parts of 6s tasks the Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part Three) mini event will kick off!

I’ll be back with more as I go through it….

In the meantime, can anyone tell me what’s odd about the new Splash Screen?

The Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Three) mini-event ends May 23rd

Ok, so as mentioned above, things kick off with two sets of tasks for kids and adults.  Once you’ve completed those two parts you’ll trigger the event launch…

This is your typical mini-event in TSTO.  Follow a questline (mainly by collecting a particular item via character tasks) to unlock a series of prizes.

For this mini-event the item you collect is…

Burns Coins!  Like bitcoin, only uglier…

So what are the prizes with this event?  Let’s take a look:

Springfield Elementary Crypto-farm

Model of Springfield

Animation for Burns-Destroying Model of Springfield

Sunblocker Decoration

Animation for Burns- Stealing Candy from Maggie

Sundial Decoration + Get Shot Animation for Burns

They’re prizes…I wouldn’t necessarily call them good prizes.  3 animations (although from looking at the images they’re funny animations), 3 decorations & a Facade for Springfield Elementary. Prizes…but nothing to write home about.

I also want to mention, sending characters on tasks for this one is a bit different.  It’ll actually cost you in-game cash to send characters to earn Burnscoins:

So just be aware you are spending in-game cash to send characters to earn coins.  So if your cash totals go down, that’s why.

So how about what’s new in the store?  Everyone’s favorite premium offerings….

New Stuff

Springfield Shopper with Dave Shutton- 185 Donuts (yes you read that right).  Dave has a task to earn Burnscoins.  Sprinfield Shopper earns $150, 13xp/8hrs

Chez Guevara- 45 Donuts, will earn 20 Burnscoins every 4hrs.

Burns’ Chalk Outline- 10 donuts, .25% bonus on cash and XP

Returning Stuff

Jay G Bundle- Includes Jay G, his Mansion & his Goose.  225 Donuts, 100 Donut Rebate, NET 125 Donuts.

The Rich Texan- 85 Donuts, 30 donut Rebate, NET 55 Donuts.

Russ Cargill- 80 Donuts

Hank Scorpio and the Volcano Lair- 200 Donuts, 100 Donut Rebate, NET 100 Donuts.

Lampwick and the Rocket Car- 120 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate, NET 100 Donuts.


Also available are two NPCs from the Springfield Jobs Event..

Both the Secret Agent & Crook are available in the store as a combo for 50 Donuts….

And finally I’ll leave you with a parting though, the little teasers left for us in the new App Store Description…

Burtal Build on a Failing Park? A Murder Mystery? A preteen roadtrip?

Well I think we know A Murder Mystery relates to this mini event…but I want to highlight one part inparticular…

Anyone else think this could mean this…..

What are your thoughts on the Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Three) Mini-Event?  Any premium items you think you’ll pick up? Thoughts on the prizes?  Thoughts on what could be next in TSTO? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

177 responses to “Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part Three) Mini Event Is Live!

  1. I updated the game but the mini event isnt showing up for me, is there a certain thimg that triggers the event ?

  2. Off topic but did everyone get the pop up notice about now being able to “bundle” like items in inventory and I quote “even roads”? Most all of my inventory items are already bundled if i have more than one except for som Heights buildings. I would like to know what it means and how to do it if it’s something that would help compact my enormous inventory. Thanks!

    • OrdinarilyBob

      I remember reading that pop-up, too, but can’t seem to figure out what it means. I look forward to the Addicts explaining it to me. LOL

    • Try to move a building and you’ll also pick up roads, pavement, plants, etc.

      • This change is creating problems…now if you try to move a block of items, you must remember to remove any road, water, dirt or cement tiles underneath first. If you don’t , they will be also moved and they usually don’t fit in their new space. It’s great if you want to move a section to a completely empty area, but not so great for just moving an area over a few spaces or just re-locating a small group of items. I’ll have to try to remember to remove the “flooring” first when I’m changing things around.

  3. I play 2 games.. my game and my son’s… every time I log into each account it wants my age and to accept privacy and terms. EVERY time. At first I thought it was a one time thing, but when I switch between accounts, this pops up for me. Is this happening to anyone else? I guess I can leave one game open on one device and another on another device and avoid the multiple log in with age and ‘I accept’ policy every time.

    • Seem to be a random thing…but, yes…once again…with almost every update…it is Bug Central for a while. Good ol’ EA. Testing is not their strong suit.

  4. Anybody else having performance issues with this update?
    I never had any issues on my Note 3 nor in Bluestacks but this update slowed the game down to nearly unplayable!

    • Yep. I play on an S7 phone and it’s unplayable right now.

    • I play on an iPhone and an iPad Pro and have not been able to even open the game. Every time I try to get on I end up on the screen saying that I cannot connect to the servers and try again. I’ve been trying for more than 24 hours with no help from EA. They say they are aware of it and will get back to me when it is fixed.

  5. Unfortunately, they didn’t fix the glitch. I couldn’t buy ANY of the items from Act 2 or 3 because the glitch had them locked out AFTER I already opened them. The glitch is affecting event gameplay I cannot, in good conscience, purchase ANYTHING from them when i am playing a game that glitches out current ACTIVE Events. 🙁

    • same here. its really frustrating you could think they would have fixed the glitch in the meantime but nooooo. 😫

    • I’m also affected by the glitch for three weeks now. Got a mail from our friends 🙄 of EA this morning:
      We’re sorry to keep you waiting. We know this is inconvenient. The amount of time you’ve been waiting is longer than we’d like and we’re working to make this process better.
      What’s the status?
      Your issue is in the right hands and we’re working day and night to find a solution.
      How long until I hear from you?
      We’ll let you know as soon as we have an update. The best way to hear an update is to watch your My Cases page.

      Thank you for sticking with us while we continue to work on this,
      EA Customer Experience

    • I’d also saved up to go buying towards the end of this event & had the same thing happen.
      Just had to buy items from Act 1 so my crafting didn’t go to waste before it ended & disappeared.
      Don’t know if you are also having these same issues too:
      I’ve leveled up my IRS to max power but this has reset to what seems like level 1.
      Character icon in top L/H corner now won’t take me to where the character is in Springfield when tapped.
      When recycling i now can’t see the totals of each of the items when crafting either.
      Very frustrating that this occurred at the end of this event & took the shine on getting Fit Tony.
      I’m currently sending most characters on 24hr tasks as it’s to much of a grind to be searching Springfield to find them when they’ve finished a task.
      Don’t know how much effort i’ll put in creating Burnscoin

  6. I’m in trouble. My donuts keep resetting back to 498. If I earn donuts and log out they vanish. I had the glitch which EA rolled back, maybe this is related but everything else is workung normally. Very frustrating. Ideas anyone?

  7. Umm, is everyone missing the beach ball and big sister ^^^ in the picture?
    Is there a lottery for the name. My bonuts are on “Lisa”.

  8. In other news… Group Storage is freaking awesome! I no longer need to find a spare patch of land to move items to when I’m rearranging my town. Awesomesauce!

    • Except we can’t rotate group selections anymore… aaaaarrrrrrrrghhhhhh

      • Note: it looks like you CAN still rotate group selections, but ONLY when you turn off the ground selection too (or if it’s already all on grass). It wasn’t previously required to do so as you couldn’t ever select the ground.

    • Agreed!!
      I was planning some major terraform and this will make it much faster and easier. This is the best thing EA has done in a long time. It’s already making me forget how LONG the last event was.

    • So you mean you can select say a building with all its extras ( trees, fences, whatever’s) and put in your inventory as a bundle? When you do that where do you look for it when you want to put it in its new spot? Sounds wonderful and sure would beat finding a bare patch to temporarily use!

      • There is a special section in the inventory that has all your groups. From there, you can either place it again as a group, or remove items from the group.

  9. I updated, got he empty screen. It wouldn’t load so I rebooted and the screen went back to normal but the event hasn’t started for me. Is there a bug?

  10. Seekeroftr848

    I would love for the Sunblocker decoration to turn on a night mode!!!

  11. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    7pm PDT, 11pm EDT
    Update is live as is log in update
    For iPad

  12. talon8770 // rick m.

    Anyone get an e-mail from EA today. I got awarded badges one for each year I’ve been playing and one for giving xp way back in 2015. Also my splash screen shows normally homer with the finger. P.S. Congratulations to Alissa I noticed the beach ball, now you can start on your very own Tap Ball team. lol God Bless

  13. Has anyone else been having an issue logging in? Ever since I did the update I haven’t been able to log in. At first instead of logging in automatically it made me type in my username and password then when I couldn’t get in I decided to change my password and still nothing :/

    • Hi Andrew,
      I initially got logged in as “Anonymous” but then re-logged in with my Username/password. Hope you get back in, and when you do make sure to note your username and password for future reference 😉

      • Yeah I know my username and password, especially now that I changed my password. I only changed it because I thought the error message was popping up because I was entering the wrong password. I tried your method and it still didn’t work. I’m going to try contacting EA

  14. Burtal Build on a Failing Park, I wonder if that means they are finely going to do something in Krustyland . Myself I would like to see Krustyland dropped in Springfield by Springfield heights or at least for it to get a bunch of new rides and buildings.

  15. After a couple of attempts at force close/reboot on iOS, I entered my friend’s towns and the game synchronized. The update then finally showed up in the App Store.

  16. I keep getting an error when trying to log into EA

  17. The in cash currency to send my characters to collect burnscoin was much higher then what I see in the screen shot. For Marge it was 94 cash currency, for Moe 45, and Comic book Guy only 4. Has anyone else experienced this?

  18. I’m wondering how many people are having lagging issue within their town! I have hard started everything and it’s no help. Problem being, it is exclusive to my town and NOT krustyland or neighbour visits…those two space run smoothly and normally. So frustrated, so bored. Ready, almost willling, to give up on my addiction 🤔 I can not handle the extra time it is taking to move through, clear, and otherwise do stuff in my town.

  19. D’oh! I was entering 2 characters in my password in the wrong case. 🙄Once I corrected that I logged in without problems.

  20. This update has nearly broken my game. Its running at about 30% of the speed as it was before the update. A 2 min farm reset now takes far far longer. All my people do a 4 hour task at the Walking Kwik-E-Mart. One click and I can wait for over 2 min while it gathers cash. Thats just not right. The phone actually timed out while I was waiting for the game. Nor can I quickly click multiple times and places and have them register. Its now…….”click” “wait”… “click” “wait”…

    I hope this update is patched quickly. If not. I’m done.

    A bit frustrating when your iphone X is suddenly slower then when you played on an iphone 5. Its not the phone. Everything else is fine.

    I’ve hard closed the app and rebooted. I guess the last step is to reinstall the entire game.

  21. david tilley

    like the story ho hum prizes nothing i wanna buy i get to chill during this and save up cash and doughnuts.

  22. Does the splash screen in the App Store (iPad) look like what Alissa posted? The update I’m seeing is just the typical everyday one. I removed the app from my device, reinstalled (no new splash screen) and when I try to log in I get the error occurred please try again message. I know the EA password is correct. Any suggestions for a fix are much appreciated.

  23. Debbie Hayes

    Sorry.. texting about me he new update
    Who shot Mr Burns

  24. Debbie Hayes

    I have tried everything.. what else can I do
    Please help

  25. The finger is missing! Even God is taking a holiday from Tapped Out! I am not surprised! Even my finger is getting tired of tapping since the very beginning.

    • Or is the missing finger all the people with games still broken who have quit. I was hoping the update would fix it. My upper left button still won’t go to characters, can’t use railyard to make donuts. Irs, redwood tree, friend level etc reset to level1. Arg!

    • When i got the update, Homer was missing

  26. omnipotentwiz

    do we know if bonus percentages come with any of the decorations?

  27. Sean A Chaffman

    This is stupid…how can EA let this glitch continue…I’ve been infected since act 1 and its getting to be unbearable…I’m convinced there’s no fix and that EA is just letting the game die a slow death…someone should be fired over this, kicked out into the street, and get no Christmas presents for the rest of his life…but seriously, wtf is taking so long to fix this effing bug!!!

  28. They erased the event as soon as it finished. No time to buy the last character which i was unable to unlock. What a joke!

  29. Ugh. I’ve been so wanting the Shopper for so long, but 185 donuts? Ee Gad!

  30. No finger, just the shadow.

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